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    First released in November 2007, the Amazon Kindle is an eReader designed and marketed by global giant

    The device enables users to browse, buy, download and read a range of media including eBooks, newspapers, magazines and digital media all wirelessly.

    Kindle devices integrate with the Kindle Store which houses millions of books under every topic and genre. The name Kindle was chosen due to its meaning ‘to light a fire’, which perfectly matches the eReader due to its ability to enhance intellectual excitement through reading.

    Kindle devices are available on a range of platforms including Windows, iOS, BlackBerry, Mac OS X, Android and Windows Phone.

    Content for Amazon Kindle store is encoded in the Kindle format however content can be shared by USB or wirelessly and can be viewed on a Kindle device easily.

    Features of the Amazon Kindle include:

    •    Email conversion

    •    Multiple device download

    •    User-created annotations - including highlighting, bookmarking and searching through content

    •    Collection of user reading data

    If you’re looking to create an eBook for an Amazon Kindle, there are a range of publishing tools that can help create an electronic book.

    Kindle writers use programs such as CreateSpace, Kindle Direct Pulishing, Barne & Noble Publt and to create eBooks that sell on Kindle.

    Files can be written in Microsoft Word and include a cover page or cover art including credit for the author, as well as this the eBook should include an engaging title.

    Using a freelance Kindle expert to create your cover page, write your eBook or publish your eBook is an effective way of getting your publication out onto the world market. There are a range of talented writers who are available to write eBooks on your behalf, they just need your topic and a little guidance and they are off and away.

    Freelance Kindle experts can assist with editing, formatting and design for your eBook and are also experience in understanding what gets noticed on Kindle.

    Log onto today to view the extensive range of Amazon Kindle writers who are ready to work on your project. Freelancers provide eBook examples and can even write an example piece of text ahead of being awarded your project.

    View the extensive range of freelancers ready to work on your project by logging onto today.