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Article rewriting is an integral part of SEO and it is best done by freelancers.

For great SEO, everyone knows that the search engines thrive on fresh content. The content that is on your web pages must be updated as frequently as possible. In many cases, writing fresh content is not an option and that is where article rewriting comes in. This is where the already existing articles from your website or from other sites are rewritten word for word and then you post them on your website as fresh content. While all this sounds so easy, it is not and it may take time. That is why you will need a person to do it for you.

Article rewriting is best done by freelance writers available on the biggest marketplace in the world, Freelancer. With Freelancer, you can find the best in the business. But why hire a freelance writer? Because that is the most cost friendly option that you have, unless you want to write yourself.

When you hire freelancers to do your article rewriting job, you can actually be assured of getting better work, than even when hire an office-based person. In addition, the writer will not use your resources and you do not have to scrounge around looking for that extra space at the office or extra computer. You can hire freelance writers from Asia and Africa where they charge lower rates, since the cost of living in their countries is not so high. No matter how advanced SEO will be, article rewriting will still play an integral part in the whole picture.

Hire an Article Rewriter today on Freelancer and experience the highest quality of work delivered on time and at a fraction of the cost.