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  • jazon's Profile Picture
    Experienced CAD Engineer
    49 Reviews

    An experienced AutoCAD Designer who has worked in the mechanical field; proficient in Computer-Aided design using SolidWorks, and AutoCAD; worked on 3D modeling and engineering

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  • rdnudalo's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Mandaluyong City, Philippines
    30 Reviews

    Dedicated and enthusiastic IT Support Engineer with over two years experience of providing exceptional user support and resolve critical operational issues. Experience includes security, remote connect, field support and after hour support for classified materials and communications. Also a self-motivated individu ...

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  • rpweng's Profile Picture
    Skilled Design Engineer
    221 Reviews

    Specializes on CAD/CAM jobs with years of working as a design engineer; displays intricate knowledge on computer-aided design; unrivaled expertise on design software

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  • sinisatherock's Profile Picture
    Expert Industrial Design Engineer
    83 Reviews

    With over 10 years of experience working with product, UI, and creative developers; specializes in computer-aided design; experienced in using SolidWorks 2D&3D, PhotoView 360, etc.

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  • mishineva's Profile Picture
    Experienced CAD Designer
    100 Reviews

    An architect with over 7 years of experience in architectural design, worked in planning, detailing, and designing projects; has experience working with AutoCAD, ARCHICAD, etc.

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  • ivangritsay's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
    193 Reviews

    The services I offer include 3D/ 2D CAD design, 3D modeling, 3D animation, 3D realistic visualization. I'm able provide services in CAD engineering and 3d graphics. - CAD manufacturing design (for most popular manufacturing technologies); - 3D modelling; 3D animation; 3D rendering; - concept design Please chec ...

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Finding CAD/CAM Designers on Freelancer

Design has been brought to another level with the various technological advances that the world is currently experiencing. No longer are we relying for drawings and sketches on paper to share ideas but they can now be created with computers in three-dimensional forms to translate the possibilities of the design. It has also helped the manufacturing industry in creating materials and gadgets that have made life easier for human beings.

Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing or CAD/CAM refers to computer software that is used for designing or for manufacturing. CAD is more likely used for design through computer technology while CAM software is used to turn the designs into actual parts. It is used to design products such as electronic circuit boards or electronic panels for gadgets. It transcends various fields and industries specially those that require more precise and meticulous practices in creating their products. With the increase growth of manufacturing and designing industry, grows the need for CAD/CAM Designers as well. Consumer Electronics, electronic components, and molded plastics have needed talented CAD/CAM Designers.

Traditional drafting methods are no longer viable as this can all be done through the use of computers. No more erasing or redrawing needed. Designs can be reviewed thoroughly on computer screens with the ability to zoom in and out of any design and speculate each aspect of it. Though CAD/CAM Designers are able to create three-dimensional designs, it will not be able to realistic review the materials that will be used for the creation of your product. This is why it is important to have a designer who knows the limitations of a CAD/CAM design and be able to offer alternatives or revisions for the designs.

Freelancer.com can give you access to CAD/CAM Designers who are experts in what they do. Not only is it free to post your project on Freelancer.com but expect bidders on your project upon minutes of posting it. There are various designers from all over the world who have completed projects in the field of CAD/CAM designing. The choice is completely up to you to choose the right designer for your specific needs and be ensured that they produce quality work from the available designer portfolio accessible to you. Hiring freelancers from Freelancer.com is affordable and payments are made only when you feel completely satisfied with the output of work.

Upon completion of designs, there will be a chance to test out and simulate the performance of a CAD/CAM design. It is important that you have an expert who will be able to adjust any miscalculations or mishaps during the simulation in order to produce a better quality design. Certain specifications and measurements must be into place for a better performing design and through Freelancer.com, you will be able to find the right designer to accomplish all these for you. Relieve yourself of looking for a CAD/CAM Designer when there are choices available for right at Freelancer.com. Share your project details today with CAD/CAM Designers and let them handle your project for you.