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    Freelance CodeIgniter Developer Help
    38 Reviews

    A versatile, self-motivated full-stack engineer with over 10 years of experience in various programming languages and frameworks including CodeIgniter. Enjoys new challenges.

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    Expert CodeIgniter For Hire
    203 Reviews

    A certified web developer and software architect. Masters multiple frameworks: CodeIgniter, Laravel, ExpressionEngine, Slim, Django, Twitter Bootstrap, Flask, and AngularJS

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    Reliable Web Application Builder
    24 Reviews

    Built an online reservation system for airlines and hotels. Uses advanced frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Guzzle, Symfony2 Bundles, and Doctrine. Highly reliable service provider.

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    Affordable CodeIgniter Programmer
    45 Reviews

    Adept in improving the functionality and graphics of application. Uses advanced technologies: Codeigniter, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, datatable and highchart. Always on-time delivery.

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    Top CodeIgnitor Specialist
    9 Reviews

    A software web and CodeIgniter developer and architect with over a decade of experience in advanced programming-crafting sophisticated solutions to complex problems.

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    Affordable CodeIgniter Developer
    8 Reviews

    A full-stack programmer who specializes in CodeIgniter, Laravel, and MySQL. Has over 5 year- experience in web development and web design. Meets timeframes sharp.

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Finding Codeigniter Developers on Freelancer

CodeIgniter is a robust and versatile PHP open source program that is specially built for developers who are looking for a simple but powerful toolkit that will allow them to create full-featured web applications.  

This PHP framework was originally created in 2006 by Rick Ellis and is now owned by  British Columbia Institute of Technology. It was designed to be simple but at the same time capable of building full-fledged websites and applications. This made the program immensely popular amongst PHP developers. By 2008, it was considered to be one of the industry leaders, with a number of critics praising its speed and simplicity.

CodeIgniter is still known for its speed as well as other flexibilities that it offers to developers. While it is an easy framework to learn, like anything else to do with systems development, it does have a huge learning curve. However, there are a lot of advantages to using this framework so hiring an expert in CodeIgniter may just give you an advantage since it will allow you to make use of this framework without you wasting precious time trying to understand it.

Take a look at some of the reasons why CodeIgniter’s is growing in popularity and why you too may want to consider using it:

  • It is known to consistently outperform most of its competitors and has excellent performance.

  • It is very versatile with configuration options that are available if required.

  • It has a very small footprint and CodeIgniter 3 has a total download size of only 2MB.

  • It has a very lean MVC framework along with a number of third party plug-ins to improve functionality.

  • CodeIgniter 3 plays very well with most hosting platforms, including some of the most common ones like MySQL.

  • While this framework does encourage MVC, it is not forced upon the developer, making it very flexible.

If you want to benefit from the features of this open source program, finding an expert in CodeIgniter is now easier than ever. No longer do you need to worry about looking to hire someone full time or going through a number of interviews and putting out ads all over the place to find someone who is familiar with CodeIgniter just for a single project.

By using, you will find hundreds of people who are already listed on the site with extensive knowledge of this framework. All you need to do is choose the best person for you and you can have your work done with ease.

Hiring a freelancer is not just easy and convenient, it is also cost effective as you only need to pay them for the single project.

If you are looking for an expert in this framework, head to, post an ad or simply browse through the experts in this field.  When you find a CodeIgniter expert who meets your requirement or expectations for the project, you can simply hire them right away using the ‘hire me’ button on their profile page. So what are you waiting for? Post a project on today.

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