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  • raybouvier's Profile Picture
    Conventional Romantic Fictional Writer
    12 Reviews

    Experienced writer on romance with usual themes of falling in love with a millionaire, or bad boy or member of a band and all others that readers usually love to read in books.

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  • robynwrites4you's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
    5 Reviews

    I am a native English speaker with a passion for literature and writing. I am currently enrolled in the demanding Editing and Proofreading Diploma program through the College of Media and Publishing in the UK. I specialize in the writing of fictional and non-fiction content. I am also available for ghost-writing ...

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  • dextrouswriter's Profile Picture
    Fiction Story Generator
    75 Reviews

    Fiction story lines that vary widely from historical stories, science fiction, romance, wars and battles. Ideas and creativity never drown out and submits work within the deadline.

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  • MarayaLK's Profile Picture
    Themed Fiction Story Writer
    18 Reviews

    Expert in the field of fiction story writing. Realistic story lines and characters which aim to urge the audience to act upon the theme of the stories written.

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  • sedoniaguillone's Profile Picture
    Creative Fiction Story Writer
    4 Reviews

    A long-time fiction ghostwriter. Writing stories with original story plots with twisted endings that will surely attract readers to read more stories from the same writer.

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  • marionsarah's Profile Picture
    Flexible Ghostwriting Skills
    26 Reviews

    Ready to write anytime about any topic. From romance to science fiction, there is always room to squeeze those creative juices to come up with stories to meet with the demands.

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