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    Graphic Design Apps Expert
    418 Reviews

    Quick and professional multi designer. 12 years experience in graphic design apps, illustrations, photo retouching and printed graphics. Efficiently provides unlimited revisions.

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    Versatile Graphic Design Expert
    134 Reviews

    Highly experienced graphic designer specializing in logo design, brochure design, t-shirt design and poster design. Also offers services as qualified sound designer and composer.

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    Professional Graphic Design Consultant
    2044 Reviews

    Quick and professional graphic design services with a diverse portfolio. Offers all types of logo design, business card design, flyer design and banner design.

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    Graphic Design Logo Specialist
    418 Reviews

    Graphic Designer with an impressive portfolio. Creates stunning logos and banners for all businesses. Unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied.

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    Personalized Digital Graphic Designer
    872 Reviews

    Offers personalized graphic design services in logo design, brochure design, stationery design and catalogue designs. Experience working with leading multinational IT businesses.

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    Freelancer in Karachi, Pakistan
    432 Reviews

    The Lion Studios is an independent and well integrated creative provide a number of services under one provide solutions to your advertisements that will help your brand grown and stand tall in the market. As an agency, we provide many services and we have sample experience in each field but the challenge of ea ...

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Finding Graphic Designers on Freelancer

Graphic design refers to the planning and projection of visual communication through the use of imagery, words, space, typography and color. Graphic design is a critical element in the process of communication or product design and creation. While technically graphic design is a subset of communication design, strong synergies exist between the skills required for each discipline. Hence the terminology is often used interchangeably.

Frequently a company is critiqued based on its visual presence, often in advance of any business interaction. Graphic designers play a pivotal role in engendering respect and driving key business outcomes as they conceptualize and produce artwork or designs to enhance the transfer of visual messages and information.  

The application of Graphic design is extensive and can encompass the following areas:

  • Simple logos or complex brand identities;
  • Publications both printed and digitalized;
  • Promotional advertising such as posters, billboards or digital banners;
  • Entire website designs or individual graphical elements;
  • Product design, packaging and more.

In order to deliver a quality visual impact, and to exceed the brief of a client, a wide range of techniques are employed. If you are looking to translate your business idea into a logo, brand or other graphic design output then searching the global talent pool at is a great place to start. is home to highly talented designers with a wide range of skills, located throughout the world.

Skills that are central to a successful graphic designer include:

  • First class knowledge of design technology
  • Creativity
  • Judgement
  • Analytical thinking
  • Industry experience
  • The ability to effectively interpret and deliver against a brief.   

An operator simply following given instructions to implement a visual outcome is not considered a designer. A quality graphical expert should add incremental value to the creative process and production of effective visual communications, through increased sales, enhanced visual storytelling or eye-catching and memorable branding.

Many graphic designers readily use traditional design methods such as sketches to explore creative territories or to garner client approval whilst minimizing time investment. Nevertheless, modern design experts are accomplished in a range of software applications, most of which hail from the Adobe Systems suite of products. Adobe Photoshop is a popular choice of photo editing software leveraged by a vast segment of designers. For the creation of vector-based drawings, Adobe Illustrator is a favored choice, and during the final stages of graphic production, Adobe InDesign is one of a number of page layout programs available. It is essential any graphic designer you employ is well versed in several of these design technologies.

Engaging a high-caliber graphic designer that is smart, creative and responsive is hands-down one of the most important decisions your business will make. A top class designer will ensure your brand, communications or products stand out from the crowd, clearly articulating messaging and imploring your audience to take action.  

The market is flooded with graphic designers. Some are highly talented. Many are not. The challenge is sourcing top design talent. At we make it easy for you. With a community of thousands of experienced designers highly proficient in the popular Adobe product suite, alongside hundreds of other specialist design technologies, finding an expert couldn't be simpler. has curated the best designers, all in one place. Not only can you save valuable time searching for the perfect designer by browsing their design portfolio online, but you can also avoid any financial surprises by agreeing on pricing for your project upfront. Alternatively, post a project for free and sit back and relax as scores of interested freelancers bid to be involved in your project.

If you need a graphic designer to take your business or visual communications to the next level, then hire them through the community at Kickstart your net Graphic Design project today!    

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