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    Quality Legal Services Firm
    636 Reviews

    Law firm recognized as a quality legal services provider providing legal research and consultations. Provides legal research and expertise for contracts, patents, and TOS.

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  • legalwriting1234's Profile Picture
    Legal and Academic Writers
    170 Reviews

    High-quality legal research and writing content. Services include document and contract drafting, legal research for appropriate forms and procedures, and 24/7 customer support.

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  • steveg625's Profile Picture
    Highly Experienced Former Attorney
    35 Reviews

    Former attorney with 30 years experience offering legal research to practicing attorneys. Expertise in family, civil, and criminal law with excellent legal research methodologies.

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  • LexProtector's Profile Picture
    Law Firm and Legal Research Service
    41 Reviews

    Law firm and legal research service specializing in patent, trademark, and copyright laws. Offers legal reasearch for clients needing contract review or procedural laws and more.

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  • Adjuva's Profile Picture
    Full Service Law Firm
    16 Reviews

    Full service law firm with a team of expert legal researchers and paralegals. Offers legal research services for individuals and institutions and legal advice on several topics.

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  • Smartwriter89's Profile Picture
    Legal Research and Drafting Service
    149 Reviews

    Legal research and drafting service with experience in legal document preparation. Service states that legal research is personalized to ensure that documents are without fault.

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Finding Legal Researchers on Freelancer

Legal research can be tremendously time-consuming. You have to go through copious amounts of information, past case files and precedents looking for the information that is most relevant to the case you are working on.

Some of the more experienced lawyers who find themselves working on back to back cases for several clients hire full-time legal researchers to dig up pertinent information that they can use to strengthen their case. However, not everyone can afford the luxury of paying a full-time legal researcher so they end up doing all of their research.

Any lawyer knows that doing their legal research can take up a whole chunk of their time. The good news is, even if you cannot afford a full-time assistant to help you with doing legal research you can still get the research done at a fraction of the cost by hiring a freelancer to do this for you.

Worried that a freelance legal researcher may not do justice to the job at hand? You have nothing to worry about. When you visit Freelancer.com, you will see that every professional has their profile page. On that page you can read feedback that previous clients have provided.

All legal researchers who have registered on freelancer.com strive to perform to the best of their ability because they know that the only way to get further orders is to earn 5-star feedback. When you hire a legal research assistant with 5-star feedback and rave reviews, you can rest assured that your research will be thorough.

Here are some of the things you can expect a freelance legal researcher to help you with:

  • Conduct thorough research based on the brief provided
  • Prepare and file discovery requests
  • Support your case preparation by preparing case summaries and pleadings when and if required
  • Prepare responses to opposing counsel if required
  • Input information into file databases or case management software
  • Document actions, monitor calendars and send reminders regarding deadlines
  • Generate status reports and communicate case progress

This is just a general bare-bones list of what a legal assistant can help you with. If you need more help, you can do a custom search on Freelancer.com and look for more experienced individuals who offer more extensive service in this field.

When searching for a legal assistant on Freelancer.com, the most important part is to make sure that you provide as many details as possible. This will help you attract the right individuals instead of sifting through hundreds of applicants who may not fit the job you are looking for.

Once you have a few qualified bidders, you can then interview them to narrow down the list and make sure that they have the skills to do the necessary research that you require.

You shouldn’t have to spend hours and hours every day conducting legal research for every case you are working on. Hire a legal research expert on Freelancer.com today and get the help you need at a fraction of the rate of hiring a full-time research assistant.