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    Graphics Design Team
    122 Reviews

    Graphics design team skilled in professional presentation designs. Offers detailed logistics and shipping brochures. Logistics and shipping models and professional presentations.

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  • academicintegrit's Profile Picture
    Certified Academic Wrtier
    610 Reviews

    Ceritifed academic writer specializing in research papers. Offers academic writing on logistics and shipping either for web copy or academic, training, or onboarding purposes.

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  • pongku7's Profile Picture
    Manufacturing and Supplier Sourcing Expert
    65 Reviews

    Manufacturing and supplier sourcing expert offering logistics and shipping methods. Provides web research, data entry for logistics and shipping recordkeeping and sourcing.

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    Freelancer in GATUNDU, Kenya
    521 Reviews

    Am offering the best quality available services according to your budget with 24/7 customer support. Looking for an Urgent project? Always Ready! Looking for a steady one? Most welcome! Here you will get services just as you prefer! With over 5 years of Research experience and project writing, and handling of over ...

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  • venku1typper's Profile Picture
    Expert Data Entry Service
    373 Reviews

    Data entry service knowledgeable in databases for logistics and shipping. Able to create databases for logistics and shipping infomation. Skilled at data entry for recordkeeping.

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  • benekes's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Shanghai, China
    3 Reviews

    Fluent in English, Chinese and Polish Over 5 years of sourcing experience A solid network of local and international contacts Experience: +Product Sourcing +Supplier Sourcing +Manufacturing +Product Design +Shipping & Logistics +General Marketing

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Finding Logistics & Shipping Experts on Freelancer

Logistics and Shipping refers to the management and transfer of products from the place of manufacture to the location where they will either be consumed or sold in retail. It is a crucial component of the supply and value chain in almost all industries. Once your products are ready for consumption, you will require logistics and shipping activities for distribution.

It is a complex process that involves several stages. Depending on the product that you are manufacturing and where you are marketing it, the shipping process may also involve several transportation networks such as road, rail, air or water transport.

Looking for an expert to cater to your logistics and shipping needs? Why not hire a professional? On you will find several freelance logistic and shipping experts who will handle all of these tasks and more for you!

Some of these tasks include:

  • Material handling and packaging

  • Inventory management

  • Procurement

  • Warehousing

  • Transportation

  • Supply chain management

  • Shipping security

  • Customs service

Sounds like the perfect solution but you have a few concerns about finding someone you can rely on to do a good job? You have nothing to worry about! provides an open platform where prospective clients can check a freelancer’s credentials to ensure that they can deliver on their promise. You can also check the testimonials left by other clients, which will give you a good idea of the quality of work that the freelancer delivers.

When you post a project for a logistics shipping expert on, you have total control over all aspects of the job. You can scrutinize all bids that you receive and have further discussions with a few shortlisted freelancers to ensure that they understand what is involved.

Once you get the first assignment completed and if you are impressed with the job done, you can re-hire the freelancer for your next project.

Why get bogged down in the logistics and shipping process when it is easier and more efficient to outsource it? Hire an experienced logistics and shipping expert from today.

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