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  • saiSoftIndia's Profile Picture
    Professional Oscommerce developer
    572 Reviews

    Freelance Oscommerce developer with over 9 years of experience in web development; also knowledgeable in other platforms such as Creloaded which helps in improving eCommerce

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  • fuzzoid's Profile Picture
    Professional OsCommerce Developer
    256 Reviews

    Offer services in OsCommerce project management and web development; specialties include PHP, Mysql, Perl, CSS, etc .; equipped with skills and knowledge for site development

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  • webmaestro2013's Profile Picture
    Experienced Freelance OsCommerce Developer
    77 Reviews

    8 years in the IT consultancy field, specializes in website design for online businesses and OsCommerce project management; key clients include those from US, UK, and India

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  • rosesmith93's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Delhi, India
    15 Reviews

    Hello, Thanks Reviewing my profile .I am new FREELANCER . Our Services:- Web development ,Web designing and App development Android and IOS. Technology :- CMS:- WordPress , Magneto , Joomla ,Open cart Frame work :- CI , laravel , IOS:- Objective C, Swift

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  • manoj13's Profile Picture
    Freelance OsCommerce Developer
    15 Reviews

    A Web developer as well as OsCommerce freelancer; has experience in various web development aspects such as Creloaded, Cakepho, HTML, etc. with a specialization in OsCommerce

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  • phpwebsoft's Profile Picture
    Freelance Oscommerce Specialist
    294 Reviews

    Has 8 years of experience in website design for online businesses and also development; expert in MySQL; also knowledgeable in Magento, Joomla and Wordpress; expert in OsCommerce.

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Finding OSCommerce Developers on Freelancer

OsCommerce is an open source eCommerce online store management program that is a free software program that assists in creating online stores for businesses across the globe.

The platform is free to use, and users are provided the tools to set up a completely self-hosted online store that sells products and services to consumers.

Almost 300,000 people use the program and the platform offers over 7,000 add-ons for page customizations. The software is committed to using Open Source programming to engage and interact with their community of followers and provide a free program which benefits business and commerce.

OsCommerce developers are experts in eCommerce and create eye catching website designs for online businesses looking to engage with customers and drive online sales. Developers can assist with the look, feel, and functionality of the website and can also seamlessly integrate payment gateways and secure shopping cart functionality.

OsCommerce features include:

  • Out of the box solution for business
  • Multi-lingual with English, German and Spanish by default
  • Supports dynamic images and adaptive templates
  • Supports unlimited products and categories
  • Easy backup and restoring of database
  • HTML based product descriptions
  • Shipping functionality
  • Payment functionality
  • All orders stored for efficient retrieval
  • Multi-currency support
  • Set tax rates based on country
  • Secure transactions using SSL
  • Real-time shipping quotes

Businesses use OsCommerce due to its extensive list of features and one of the most flexible shopping cart solutions on the market. Paired with over 7,000 add-ons and the affordability of the program, it is a fantastic option for businesses looking to set up a safe online shopping cart.

If you’re looking to engage a freelance OsCommerce expert for your website you can enjoy the benefits of hiring an individual who can take care of the installation, integration, template design, customization of modules, programming, setting up for the payment gateway, development and testing of the site.

Engage a freelancer from Freelancer.com is an exciting way to set your online shop up and running without the usual expense from a traditional web development company. Freelancer OsCommerce developers are affordable and available on an hourly or per project rate, and can set up your project in a time frame that suits you.

Save money on your business set up costs by engaging a freelancer to help with your OsCommerce project.

Finding your OsCommerce freelancer is simple. Log onto the Freelancer.com website and view the extensive range of freelancers experienced in OsCommerce programming. View feedback and explore similar projects freelancers have worked on to get a better understanding of the capabilities and experience.

Engaging a freelance expert for your next project is a simple and affordable way to do business. Save your business set up costs and engage an expert in OsCommerce today who can professional set up your online store and customize it to your exact requirements.

Visiting Freelancer.com to view millions of freelancers ready to start work on your project today.