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  • natmussi's Profile Picture
    Hire Product Design Freelancer
    19 Reviews

    An architect and designer offering services as a product designer; an expert product designer with skills in technical detailing, prototyping, visualization, and more

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  • gane32810's Profile Picture
    Freelance Product Designer
    51 Reviews

    An industrial designer and freelance photographer since 2004; has a variety of experience in the field; accepts any designing project as a product design freelancer

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  • gonzalezbosque's Profile Picture
    Professional Product Designer
    48 Reviews

    An industrial designer from Argentina; offers freelance work on any designing project; more than 12 years of experience in the field; offers services related to product designing

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  • mi1en's Profile Picture
    Product Design Freelancer Online
    27 Reviews

    Equipped with over 27 years of experience in design and manufacturing of parts, assemblies, and machines in a variety of fields; offers to work on any designing project

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  • abdmughl32's Profile Picture
    Hire a Product Designer
    33 Reviews

    A design and manufacturing engineer; an expert product designer; good command on software like Pro E, NX, SolidWorks, ANSYS, and MATLAB Simulink; can work on any designing project

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  • nadejdastudio's Profile Picture
    Product Design Freelancer Services
    27 Reviews

    An expert product designer with experience in 3D modeling, 3D rendering, SolidWorks, Photoshop, and CorelDraw for over 12 years; services offered in any designing project

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Finding Product Designers on Freelancer

Why hire a freelance product designer? Taking a concept and developing it into a real life product is no small task. A product designer must be able to simultaneously create both an aesthetically appealing and fully functional product that will accomplish the needs of the consumer.

Recognizing these needs, a product designer must be skilled in a number of different disciplines. Art and graphic design are very important to develop the visual aspect of the product, while engineering and knowledge of CAD software are important to develop the functional aspect of the product.

Each of these phases can be very cumbersome and lead to delays if the product designer is unfamiliar with the process or lacking in some of the necessary skill sets. In industry, the product development life cycle follows a number of steps to ensure maximum efficiency while minimizing setbacks.

As an industry outsider unfamiliar with this product design process, the learning curve may seem steep and lead to significant frustration as well as setbacks preventing the final release of the desired product. The simple solution to this issue: hire a product designer.

Freelancer.com is the perfect place to crowdsource your product design. Posting a contest is a great way to receive hundreds of potential designs for your product. Simply let the Freelancer community of product designers what you have in mind and then let their creativity work for you!

A public project is another great way to get your project started on Freelancer. Write a detailed description of your project outlining your objectives and expectations and wait for the competitive bids to roll in! Posting a public project on Freelancer is free and a great way to get your feet wet in the world of freelance product designers. A public project would be a great way to request product design consulting as well.

If you have a specific set of skills or experience in a freelancer, give the Freelancer Directory a try. Using the directory, you can search for a freelancer using a number of criteria to filter through the thousands of talented product designers available for hire on Freelancer. Once you find a freelancer that you are interested in, take a look at their profile. Take a look through their portfolios and reviews to help you make your final decision. Once you decide, you can even make the freelancer an offer directly from their profile!

Still having trouble deciding on the perfect freelancer for your product design task? We understand. There’s a lot of great freelancers out there! Thankfully, the Preferred Freelancer Program has identified the top product design freelancers on the site and made them available to you via our Talent Recruiters. These recruiters will contact the site’s top talent and ask them to consider placing a bid on your project. Instantly gain access to competitive bids from the site’s top talent and get advice from our helpful recruiters. They’re sure to make your next project a huge success!

Freelancer.com has made finding a product designer easier than ever, so don’t wait! Hire a product designer on Freelancer today!