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  • pongku7's Profile Picture
    Product Sourcing Expert
    76 Reviews

    Experienced in all Sourcing,Social compliance, Product Development and Quality Control for a multi-faceted industry with concentration on International work force and vendor base.

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  • abdmughl32's Profile Picture
    Product Sourcing Expert
    34 Reviews

    Expert in Global Sourcing, Product Development, Production, Brand Marketing and International Logisitics, aslo in handling the start-to-end process of products.

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  • drichie75's Profile Picture
    Product Sourcing Expert
    25 Reviews

    Handled managerial posts that direct apparel sourcing, development and production in 9 countries to ensure on time deliveries, margin expectations and quality standards.

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  • wwiisshhyy's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Quezon city, Philippines
    4 Reviews

    I've been a Customer Service Representative who worked for a BPO company (SiTEL-handled PayPal). I was trained at a large Call Center in the Philippine. I handled inbound customer service complaints and questions from a variety of customer regarding their PayPal account. (billing and payment transfer...

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  • dangueeds's Profile Picture
    Product Sourcing Freelancer
    10 Reviews

    Experienced manager with skills and expertise in managing a product line and global; fabric, trim, and garment sourcing. Recommended by several clients for effective strategies.

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  • edwarddilva's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Guangzhou, Malaysia
    5 Reviews

    I am certified in virtual media by training, having produced numerous audio visual presentations since my time in college. I am also proficient in both English and Chinese languages having spent time in China since 2007. I have experience developing websites using HTML5, CSS, PHP and JAVA scripts.

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Finding Product Sourcing Experts on Freelancer

Product Sourcing is the process of finding products to re-sell and is the cornerstone of any online or physical retail business. Product sourcing can also involve finding sources for products for your business to buy or import.

Products which are sourced will be bought at a wholesale price and sold on to the consumer for retail value which will in turn make the business owner a profit. Products are sourced through a rigorous and time-consuming process of making enquiries, online and face to face research and requesting quotes and conditions of sale for various retailers across the globe.

If you have a business which relies on the sale of existing products for survival and profitability, it is essential that you engage with an experienced product sourcing professional such as one whose profile is registered on Freelancer.com. Freelance product sourcing experts will provide you with exceptional results providing nothing but benefits to you and your business.

Ways a freelance product sourcing specialist will benefit your business:  

Save valuable time.

Product sourcing is an extremely time-consuming exercise, but it is essential to the success of your retail business. If an existing employee sources products on an ongoing basis it will take up their valuable time and take their attention away from their existing day-to-day tasks. For a business owner, their time is better spent directing business operations will also be consumed rather than product sourcing.

A freelancer will be able to source quality products for you based on your requirements and their existing knowledge and experience within the industry. They will provide results using their specialized knowledge in a fraction of the time an inexperienced staff member could; this will leave your time free for operational matters that better suit your skills.

Save money.

A product sourcing specialist whose services are registered on Freelancer.com will save you money on an ongoing basis. Not only will they source the best value products for your business they will also charge you a very reasonable rate for doing so.

A freelance product sourcing expert will work remotely and keep their overheads low, this means that they can pass those savings onto you. You will only pay a sourcing expert based on their output so you will avoid any costs associated with permanent employment with no obligation to rehire once your sourcing project is complete.  

Achieve Results.

Above all else, a product sourcing specialist chosen from the Freelancer.com community will achieve results and therefore increase your profitability. Their proven experience in sourcing products from all over the world will mean that you have access to someone who knows the best route to take to source the highest quality product for your target market.

If you you’re a business looking to find an individual with quality product sourcing experience and skills, log onto Freelancer.com and view hundreds of freelancers who are ready to work on your project.  

Sign up to Freelancer.com today to list your product sourcing project and gain access to a world of quality freelancers ready to help with your business product sourcing requirements.