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    Freelancer in Nairobi, Kenya
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    I am an academic writer with 6 years of experience in offering quality and original paper within the specified time. For that time, I have been able to deliver more than 5000 papers quality papers to various clients from all over the world. I hold a Masters Degree in Strategic Marketing and a Bachelors Degree in E ...

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    Freelancer in lavrica, Slovenia
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    Dear future Client, my name is Janez and I would like to offer you my service as an English - German translator/proofreader. As a native German speaker with more than 6 years of translating/proofreading experience I would definitely be the right fit for the job. I have a Master of Arts degree in German Language ...

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    Freelancer in New York, United States
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    African-American, Reverend A. Victoria Montague, has been an ordained Interfaith minister for twenty-two years. She holds a Bachelor of Music from The Cleveland Institute of Music - Cleveland OH, and a Master of Divinity from New York Theological Seminary. She also holds a Minister of Spiritual Counseling Certifica ...

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    Freelancer in Derby, United Kingdom
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    I am new at this site but I have six years writing experience in various domains of writing. I write to live and I live to write so whatever your business or project area is, I can adapt and capture your message in a human but professional tone to help YOU impress.I believe in great customer service and high standa ...

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    Freelancer in Kansas City, United States
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    As a creative director and copywriter for over 20 years, I offer the experience and expertise needed to help solve marketing and sales challenges for a wide range of clients -- in virtually any medium. From advertising and promotion to websites, blogs and articles -- from sales shows and speeches to theme lines, e ...

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    Freelancer in Holt, Australia
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    I am a professional speechwriter and communications professional with years of experience. I am ready to produce excellent products for you on time and within your budget. I have strong skills and experience in all kinds of writing, including speeches, talking points, direct response marketing copy, long form copy ...

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Finding Speech Writers on Freelancer

There are plenty of occasions in the business world where you will have to make a speech -  whether you are preparing an acceptance speech for an awards ceremony or pitching your business to potential clients, you might be the CEO of an organisation or you might be looking for something more political, whatever your role and project, hiring a professional speech writer is essential to achieving your desired outcome. 

Depending on the nature of the speech, written speeches can take a lot of your time to prepare so they need to be prepared by somebody with high-level writing skills who has time to research the background of your speech. If you are considering writing a speech yourself or passing the task to an existing employee who doesn't have speech writing skills you could be missing out on a fantastic opportunity to make your speech as successful as possible.

Here are some watertight reasons that you should hire a professional speech writer to prepare for your upcoming speech.

Embrace the difference between the written and spoken word

A speech writer familiar with written speech knows that if something looks good on paper, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will sound good when spoken out loud. Different dialogue and colloquialisms may read better than they sound and someone with experience of written speeches will be able to identify key phrases that will make your speech a success.

Speech writers will conduct your research

You don't have to be an expert on a certain topic to write a speech on it, but it's far easier for someone to research a topic to get enough information to write a speech than it is for someone who knows about the topic to learn how to prepare a speech.  Someone with experience in developing speech content will already be aware of key phrases to include in speeches and will be up to date with any protocol surrounding greetings, acknowledgments and the order that speech must take.

Retain your credibility

You may be an excellent communicator on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting but if you have to deliver a formal speech which contains fundamental errors then your reputation is at risk. The content of your speech will be analyzed by a multitude of people and in today's internet age the chances of it being filmed and uploaded to the web are not unlikely meaning that your speech will be available for view for years to come. You have just one opportunity to make sure that the speech you deliver is second to none and a professional speech writer has those skills.

Remove the stress

Leading up to the speech can be an anxious time, which can be made more stressful if you are trying to write your speech. Hiring a professional speech writer from Freelancer.com will remove the stress from the situation, so you only need to concentrate on delivering the speech content to your audience.

On Freelancer.com, there are thousands of professional speech writers available all with extensive experience in speech writing and a portfolio of their work for you to review. Hiring a speech writer will allow you to concentrate on your daily tasks while they focus on the speech ideas you have given to them.

Often a freelance speechwriter will charge a flat fee to provide you with your speech so you are not faced with any hidden costs once the speech is complete, and they will almost always offer a fast turnaround time to allow a chance to review until you are happy with the speech you'll be delivering.