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    Freelancer in Lahore, Pakistan
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    A distinguished website development expert with 12+ years of experience in Web Programming, Designing and Project Management. Experience in website development from scratch on multiple programming languages, CMS (Content Management System) handling and Graphics Designing. Proficient working on WordPress, Drupal a ...

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    Affordable SEO Trainer
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    Search engine optimization expert, has helped several business and website owners to boost good traffic on their websites, well-updated in the latest SEO strategies and techniques.

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    Freelancer in lahore, Pakistan
    11 Reviews

    Professional developer having more than 7 years of experience in designing, developing and maintaining customized enterprise web/software applications Skillset includes; PHP, MySQL, ASP.net, SQL Server, XHTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, Photoshop, wordpress.

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    Freelancer in Lahore, Pakistan
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    ContentCreatorZ, Pakistan offers writing solutions to all who understand the power of outsourcing today. We offer assistance to our clients by producing quality articles, PRs, white papers, Research papers, marketing material and Web content. We believe in Quality and customer Satisfaction. With Media Marketing Ser ...

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    Reliable Photo Editing Trainer
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    Expert photo editor, uses advanced photo editing software. Delivers best-quality output that meets clients' expectation, works as a photo editor and has been a trainer for 4 years.

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    Freelancer in GAZIANTEP, Turkey
    345 Reviews

    and Facebook and other ffe8a4f693socialc1c6a257a9 ffe8a4f693mediac1c6a257a9 - Photo Edit - Email Signature Please look at my portfolio. I hope you like them.

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Finding Trainers on Freelancer

From large corporations to small businesses, initiating performance improvement plans for their employees is essential across both executive and non-executive levels. Majority of organisations consider this as a worthwhile investment. The primary aim behind providing training programmes to the employees is to improve and boost productivity. Training of employees equips them with new tools and techniques that are specific to the industry.

Management also has a major impact on the productivity of the organisation by influencing employee performance, satisfaction and turnover of any organisation. But good management seldom happens naturally.

Training for management prepares managers to handle the personal issues of employees and to motivate them. Manager should ensure their training and soft skills are updated according to company standard and workplace safety requirements.

Most training sessions are organised by companies by connecting with training consultants. Generally, the services proffered by training consultants include:

  • Performing needs and gap analysis

  • Designing a plan after analysing the objectives

  • Helping individuals and organisations achieve actual behavioural change

  • Training in specific area depending on the industry, that enables learning new techniques for improved performance.

Training provided can be:

  1. In-house training

  2. Training individuals

  3. Training of groups

  4. Training programs for overseas delegations

A training consultant is expected to develop a clear understanding of the audience, their motivation to learn new skills and their professional goals. Based on priority, these areas of need are addressed by the consultant through a combination of coaching, suggested policy/ role changes, tools and aids. The consultant will identify past loopholes and weaknesses in order to develop a success formula for the future.

At the end of the session the training consultant is expected to provide:

  • Documented conclusions from the session

  • Recommendations on the solutions to achieve business objectives


What are the qualifications and credentials required to be an accomplished training consultant?

  1. There are certificate courses in training and assessment, Diploma in Training Design and Development, and also Bachelors Degree in Training and Development. These are aimed at :

    1. Enhancing the ability to analyse training needs

    2. Evaluate effectiveness of training programs

    3. Building up instructional design expertise in developing training solutions to achieve individual business objectives

    4. Learning new technologies in delivery and assessment

It is exceedingly crucial to look for reviews, ratings and credentials while looking to hire a training consultant for your company. To acquire an experienced well qualified and capable training consultant who will lead you towards achieving your objectives, visit freelancer.com.

You will find several options to choose from, with verified identity and credentials too. The reviews and ratings too will be helpfully provided to assist you in making the right choice. To top it all, you can be confident about keeping the cost well within your budget.

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