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Since its inception, Twitter has quickly become the most interactive marketing platform. If you have a business and you are not marketing it here, you are losing too much.

One thing with Twitter is that it requires one to be actively engaged, tweeting about their products and services as well as following others and being followed by others. As such, it is paramount that one sets enough time to manage their account, tweet regularly and monitor the response about their products and services. Remember today's customers are smart and if they have a complaint, they will tweet about it before calling your customer care department. Before you know it, the information goes viral and the damage is done.

You will need the services of a freelancer to do the tweeting for you, complete the follow up, as well as look into the other social media accounts that you are running for your business. While you may think that the 140-character tweets on Twitter is easy to take care of, try combining that with procurement, sales management or any other aspects of your business and you will see that is very difficult. Your Twitter account needs to be active all the time if customers are going to take you seriously. Thankfully, Freelancer has the right people, just a few clicks away.

Freelancer has thousands of Twitter Experts who are ready to start working with you to improve your effectiveness on Twitter.

Hire Twitter Experts from Freelancer and watch your Twitter reach grow and in turn your business grow from this new outreach.