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A virtual world is basically a computer generated world on the internet where a whole online community interacts in various ways.

The interaction between different online users can be through 3D, 2D, or textual avatars. In this virtual world, you can easily create and use objects as well as have interaction with other online members. It is now possible to outsource virtual worlds related projects to freelancers on Freelancer. Second Life, a popular virtual world, has recently chosen to outsource the open source VW to other companies. One example is a new and private orientation island that will be created by a different company for members looking for a niche environment to be in. Access to the island will of course be restricted, although the details are not exactly clear on the how and why.

This makes sense since there is such high demand for virtual worlds, that it is impossible for these companies to deliver. There are also upcoming companies that are creating niche online environments. These companies are also outsourcing their own servers. This will definitely bring down their cost of operations, as well as offer their clients and enthusiasts more variety on the kinds of environments that they can indulge in.

For those in the virtual world business, outsourcing is offering new opportunities for growth. Other things that can be outsourced include finding gold for WOW, for example, which is later sold for cash to users who are in need. This is opening up a whole new industry, and outsourcing some of these virtual worlds services to freelancers is proving to be a great move all around.