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Top 6 Web Security Experts Hired This Month

  • arfharwinder's Profile Picture
    Professional Website Security Tester
    218 Reviews

    Professional services in website security, performance, mobile security, usability security, load security, cross-browser security and server security.

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  • danny0085's Profile Picture
    Versatile Website Security Expert
    21 Reviews

    Versatile with expert knowledge in PSD, HTML, photoshop, logo, CSS, website management, website Security and Google website optimizer. Delivers high quality work.

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  • jonirenoug's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam
    30 Reviews

    Dear Clients! I am RenougJoni, a web developer having 4+ years of experience, focused on success, high quality work and continued growth. Here are my skills: - Work in : + Webservices with Restful + PHP & MYSQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, JSON. + eCommerce, WordPress, Open Cart, Joomla, Drupal, Mag ...

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  • musashi42's Profile Picture
    Website Security Consultant Guru
    83 Reviews

    15 years experience in web development. Expert in software Security, software architecture, website Security, web hosting and PHP. Very reliable and recommendable to all.

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  • juhiravikant's Profile Picture
    Skilled Website Security Professional
    76 Reviews

    Talented provider of diverse services including website management, website hosting, website security, Wordpress, PHP, software architecture and usability Security.

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  • tuxadmin's Profile Picture
    Experienced Website Security Freelancer
    195 Reviews

    10 years experience in programming and more than 7 years in web development, website security, usability security and website management. Delivers high quality work.

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Finding Web Security Experts on Freelancer

In today’s digital age online hacking and fraud attempts are becoming much more sophisticated and web security is something that should never be taken lightly. Even if you think you are safe because you don’t enter credit card details online, anyone with even a basic social media presence and lack of appropriate security measures in place are opening themselves up to being the next target of online fraud.

If you have a business with complex programs and sophisticated servers it is essential that you engage the services of a specialized web security expert to secure your network. You can find a qualified professional with relevant skills and experience on Freelancer.com who will ensure that your web security is watertight without blowing your budget.

While you may be of the belief that a simple anti-virus program will be enough to protect your network you could be very much mistaken and the risks with holding this view are enormous; not only to your company but to each and every individual who accesses your network in any capacity.

A freelance internet security expert will be aware of the programs and methods available to ensure that your website is never exposed or left vulnerable to online fraud and that each and every application and user is always well protected, and their internet security is never compromised.

Online methods of ‘hacking’ are evolving faster than the average computer user can keep up with so it’s essential that somebody who has recent and relevant experience in web security is responsible for your company’s Internet security. Using a web security specialist found on Freelancer.com means you’re choosing from a pool of hundreds of experts who all have up to date experience and are proficient in fraud techniques and therefore the most effective way to thwart them. Even if faced with the most complex of network setups they will be proficient in security research and will know where to find the best web security system for you.

Hiring an internet security expert from Freelancer.com will save your company money in the short term because you won’t have to pay a permanent employee to carry out the work required to secure your network, you will simply pay them to complete the project and won’t be faced with any unexpected costs outside of this, in most cases you won’t even have to provide them a desk or office space as generally a freelancer has the capacity and facilities required to work from home. They will also save you money in the long term because your network will not be put under any unnecessary threats to security, the cost of leaving your company vulnerable and exposed to a security attack could run into the millions.

If you have a company network then leaving its security to anyone other than a web security expert will leave you open to a potentially threatening situation that could cost your company millions. To engage with someone who has the skills, expertise and experience necessary to keep your computer system safe and secure then contact Freelancer.com today.