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WordPress is one of the internets most popular blogging platforms. Wordpress is the base for many sites, content management systems and blogs. In fact, this WordPress powers more than 18% of the entire Internet. It is a free resource downloadable from the WordPress website.

Freelancer has thousands of experience and talented WordPress developers and designers. Our Wordpress Developers have versatile knowledge in CSS, MYSQL, PHP and HTML.

Hiring a WordPress Developer and Expert through Freelancer is easy and our freelancers can provide:

  • Conversion of the existing HTML a WordPress site
  • WordPress installation, customization, installation of plug
  • ins and structured or customized themes as per the clients' requirements
  • Alter the current standard themes to a customized one
  • Install a customized theme from Illustrator or Photoshop
  • Problem fixing, enhancement of functionalities, fixing bugs and all other technical aspects
  • Construct an effective ecommerce store and a shopping cart using X cart or WP ecommerce
  • Develop plug
  • ins for blogs and websites to make it a highly customized and functional site

Hire a WordPress Professional through Freelancer to take your WordPress site or blog to the next level.