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  • NikWB's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Almaty, Kazakhstan
    89 Reviews

    Illustrator and Graphic designer. Professional, hardworking, creative, skilled. All work is unique. Didn't use design copy. Have experience with: - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Illustrator - Corel Draw Specialize on Logo, Icons, banners, Brochures designs. Focus on Flat design. Work closely with anyone to come up with ...

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  • EvgeniyDenisov's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kiev, Ukraine
    33 Reviews

    Art education has been 9 years since 1998 began to study at the art vocational school for graphic designer, and in 1999 he continued his studies at the art College in the same specialty and in 2008 graduated from the correspondence Institute of art, as a specialist in computer graphics. Художественное образование ...

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  • zzzabc's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Bhaktapur, Nepal
    51 Reviews

    I have been designing flat icons in Illustrator from the past 2/3 years. The challenge of designing simple but 'iconic' symbol for an object is why I really enjoy this. Talking about my strengths: I am detail oriented, flexible and have willingness to go the extra mile to satisfy my clients. When I commit to doin ...

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  • PavelMors's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Moscow, Russian Federation
    47 Reviews

    Hi. It's about a couple years, since I've been working in web design and front-end development. The first aim in my work is to do fresh and user friendly design and combine it with modern technologies in front-end in the same time. My primary tools for these are HTML,CSS,JS,jQuery. I'm trying to improve myself ever ...

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  • KinanRod's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Amman, Jordan
    22 Reviews

    I always hated this space, I don't know what to say about myself.

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  • elenakalashnik's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Bezruki, Ukraine
    158 Reviews

    My name is Elena Kalashnik. I am professional freelancer based in Ukraine. I am specialised on Illustrations, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Icon Design, App Design, Web design, Digital Art, Line art, Fashion and Game design. I use in my work: - Adobe Photoshop; - Adobe Illustrator; - Adobe After Effects; - Cinema 4 ...

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Finding Icon Designers on Freelancer

Effective icon design can be the difference between great brand awareness and a brand fail.

Top-notch icons promote businesses in such a way that at a glance you know what they do or get a taste for the ‘feel’ of their brand. The key to a good icon is to ensure the design is simple and recognizable.

Tips for creating great icons:

  • Be aware of your audience and remember than some icons will be more obvious than others depending on the market and background you are targeting. If the icon is immediately recognized at a glance by your audience, then you have achieved your icon goal.
  • Research your icon and know what you are designing before you start sketching. Start by developing some keywords and develop a visual style mood board for your design before you put your pen to paper.
  • Avoid obsolete metaphors in your icons, sometimes icons aren’t relevant and will be lost to your audience.
  • Test your icon in a group setting and don’t be offended if you get feedback that you don't like. Testing icons in a group environment are essential and can be a little daunting however it is key to ensuring your design gets the cut through you’re looking for.
  • To create effective icon design you may look for a designer who focuses not only on the audience, size, perspective and style, but also works to create a design, which seamlessly fits your project.

Here are a few things that you should look for in a quality icon designer:

  • Find a designer that approaches icon design holistically - picture a square peg in a round hole, it doesn’t work does it? The same can be said for icon design. All the elements of an icon design need to work together in harmony. While a design could be brilliant, does it speak to your audience and work with the look and feel of the rest of your marketing adequately?
  • Always choose an icon designer that considers your audience – we’ve all worked with people who are focused on their own desired outcomes, regardless of what your target audience wants, a designer who takes into consideration all cultural differences, environments and gestures will provide an icon design that fits your market and resonates with your audience.
  • Your designer should create an icon that fits your space. Ensure your designer understands what you need and where you want to use it — every pixel makes a difference in an icon design.

When you’re in the market for an icon designer, choose a designer that keeps graphic design simple — over complicating the design of your icon can over illustrate an icon and lead to issues. Less is more in icon design.

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