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  • berzoran's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Tel aviv, Israel
    5 Reviews

    Biomedical engineering with great understanding of all the aspects related to this field, specialize in image and signal processing.

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  • IRStech's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Islamabad, Pakistan
    9 Reviews

    IRStech is a group of professionals ranging from different fields including computer science, engineering, graphic and art designing, content writing etc. We have over 15 years of web and application development experience with expertise starting from legacy technologies to the recent ones.

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  • dghq123's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Lahore, Pakistan
    78 Reviews

    We are team of experts Full Stack WEB | ANDROID | IOS | DESKTOP | SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT | DESIGNERS | GAMES. We also do: 1- Any kind of web scrapping and web automation projects. 2- Android | IOS Apps for Gaming, Business and personal use. 3- Any kind of Windows Desktop app using Kinect. We have expert level kno ...

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  • Abdul2rafe's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Lahore, Pakistan
    4 Reviews

    I am a Mechatronics Engineer, just coming back to Some of my recent works include: •Road position and direction estimation using openCV •Vehicle side slip and yaw rate estimation using Kalman filter •Estimation of required states using Image Based Visual Servoing •Designed of Model Predictive Contr ...

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  • amioc's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Jessore, Bangladesh
    26 Reviews

    Hi, I am a freelance writer and website content creator. Writing is my hobby. I have undertaken countless writing projects mostly due to personal interest. I ensure original, plagiarism free content with 100% correct grammar and spelling. I have advanced skills in internet research and computing in general; ...

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  • vinayakvvs's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in CHENNAI, India
    2 Reviews

    I am an experienced professional in Computer Vision and Machine Learning field. I have involved in projects related to OCR, facial analysis, cloth parsing, video processing etc.

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Finding Imaging Engineers on Freelancer

Imaging is the process of copying a snapshot of a computer and adding it to an imaging service. This process is used in environments that have multiple computers using the same operating systems and software.

The process is used to save time in a workplace environment and also to set up a streamlined system for your computer network. The imaging process is employed in corporate data retention processes and is a useful process to protect company data and protect hard drives.

Imaging experts can deploy their services remotely, which allows professional imaging experts to work from anywhere at anytime. Imaging experts provide remote support for customers to avoid call out fees and to ensure your business environment does not encounter any downtime.

Imaging services extract the exact image of any computer hard drive including details logs and password protected files, allowing for a safer and more secure computer system for your business needs. All information can be analyzed and examined if required and can be kept in a cloud environment should the organisation need a safe option for storing and retaining hand drive information.

Engaging a freelance imaging expert allows businesses to enjoy both time and cost savings during the imaging process. Imaging professionals can log in and do the work at a time that suits you, and can usually complete the work with little to no affect on your staff and team members.

  1. Log onto and view all of the freelancers available and view their personal pages to see their experience, feedback, and examples.
  2. Create your project brief and either share it directly to a freelancer or offer it out to bids or set up a contest to see what freelancers meet your requirements.
  3. Once you are happy with the amount of bids for your project, contact with your shortlisted freelancers via chat to determine if their experience fits your project requirements. Ask lots of questions and request examples of their imaging experience.
  4. Once you are happy with your selected freelancers, award your project, set up milestones and your project begins. Throughout the process, the freelancer will keep in contact with your to update you on the progress and ask any questions
  5. Your freelancer will complete your project and once you are happy you can release the funds. You can then leave feedback and rate their work.

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