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    Freelancer in Udaipur, India
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    Recently worked on customized modules for Prestashop - Product Import (with Cron Job) - Payment module (eGHL, paypal ) - New Shipping method for Store Pickup - Product enable/disabled based on Supplier, Manufacturer -PHP (Prestashop) and MySql expert. -Professional IT experience of 11 years on Java/J2EE te ...

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    Freelancer in Zuarinagar, India
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    I am a Electronics & Instrumentation Engineer. My skills set include: i) Matlab/LabView/Logisim ii) Engineering Mathematics iii) Assembly (ARM, MIPS, x86 and pep/8) / Computer Architecture iv) Verilog/System Verilog/UVM v) Arduino/TMS320C5535 eZdsp/TM4C123 vi) PSpice vii) C/C++, Qt viii) Perl Happy to help! :-)

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  • pradipsinhchavda's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Ahmedabad, India
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    I am java developer.I have hands on experience in advance java technology like spring, hibernate.I have also explored Apache hadoop ,amazon cloud EC2, Machine learning, setting up cluster on EC2, Big data analysis.

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    Freelancer in Algiers, Algeria
    4 Reviews

    Works speak louder than words :) I am a PhD engineer in computer science / networking . I master several programming languages, Matlab, Python, JavaScript and C-like languages. I have also an expertise in writing /editing scientific and technical papers using Latex and MsWord . I speak french (fluent) and English ...

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    Freelancer in San Jose, United States
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    NGComp is a team of highly skilled people in a) Map Reduce using Hadoop, HBase, CouchDB, MongoDB. b) Cloud Computing across IAAS, PAAS and SAAS layers on Amazon EC2, Xen Platform including. Citrix Xenserver VMWare vSphere, vCloud Director. Auto-Scaling c) Super NOSQL expertise using ...

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    Freelancer in Alappuzha, India
    235 Reviews

    We are a group of experienced talented web developers from India delivering the best web solutions via for the last few months. All of our team members have around 7 years of experience in web development industry. Our team members are highly dedicated and working hard to deliver the projects on time to our clie ...

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Finding Map Reduce Developers on Freelancer

MapReduce is a programming process that processes and generates large data sets that include a distributed algorithm on a cluster. A program that uses MapReduce will have a filtering and sorting integration as well as a reduce method that will summarise the information.

The system of MapReduce arranges the marshalling of distributed servers and runs various tasks that are concurrent whilst data transfers and communication continue to take place.

MapReduce has been written into a range of programming languages and the process is particularly popular in open source implementations.

Steps that take place in the MapReduce process are outlined below:

  • Map step - each worker node applies the map function to data and writes the output to temporary storage.
  • Shuffle step - data belonging to one key is sent to the same worker node.
  • Reduce step - each group of data is processed in a parallel format.

The data is usually running in sequence in the MapReduce process and data can be shared among different servers throughout the process.

The main benefit of the MapReduce process is to exploit the optimized shuffle operation of the platform and reduce the data written to the disk. MapReduce is a fairly technical programming process and is managed by experienced developers with a deep understanding of technology.

Businesses or individuals may use the MapReduce process for a range of reasons including:

  • Distributed pattern-based searching
  • Distributed sorting
  • Web link-graph reversal
  • Web access log stats
  • Inverted index construction
  • Document clustering
  • Machine learning
  • Desktop grids
  • Volunteer computing environments
  • Mobile environments

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