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  • mitkoradev's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Varna, Bulgaria
    138 Reviews

    /* I have currently taken some more time consuming projects and check the things here less often , and when I do usually tons of messages have accumulated... I apologize if I do not reply to someone. thanks. */ I work full time as a Windows desktop/embedded C/C++ developer in Bulgaria for over 8 years. Heh, you ...

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  • freelancerLatino's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Caracas, Venezuela
    98 Reviews

    I love to program in c/c++. I am expert in visual studio c++, OpenGL, Glut/freeGlut, webGL, JOGL, DirectX, threeJS, audio processing, direct show, MFC, windows API, windows screen savers, digital tv, windows office. I can also work on Java, C#, visual basic, mysql, java script, borland c++ 6.0, fix bugs, review co ...

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  • xzan88's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Brno, Czech Republic
    73 Reviews

    Hi, I have about 10 years of experience in computer programming, mainly in C/C++/C# and in these areas: - computer graphics, 2D and 3D rendering, creating simple computer games (OpenGL, SDL) - image processing (OpenCV) - creating applications with graphical user interfaces (Microsoft Visual Studio, Qt) - network ...

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  • binhtruong19's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Trieu Phong, Vietnam
    35 Reviews

    Hello, I'm programmer from Vietnam, I have about 5 years of experience in programming, I can help you build this kind of projects: - Computer graphics application with C/C++ using OpenGL, SDL - Cross platform applications using Python, C/C++ and Qt, wxWidgets - Android or iOS Mobile applications - Computer Vision ...

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  • maksum1's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Львов, Ukraine
    27 Reviews

    C++/С Qt OpenGL Thread DATA base Network programming Javascript Webgl(tree and other) Game developer(2D 3D)

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  • Kopakc's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
    35 Reviews

    I'm Alex. I'm a general-purpose programmer with several years game development experience for game consoles and PC. I'm fluent in all relevant programming languages. I prefer projects involving computer graphics: OpenGL, WebGL, GLSL and such. I enjoy making games.

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Finding OpenGL Developers on Freelancer

Nobody likes playing a video game with low graphical quality. This is one of the reasons why OpenGL interface is ideal for everyone embarking on a game project. Open Graphics Library is a cross-platform, cross-language application interface of programming used for delivering 3D and 2D vector graphics.

An OpenGL developer is a professional that understands and possesses competence in the operation of the OpenGL interface. He or she has the ability to access all the necessary features, develop unique and standard objects and fix and edit all errors professionally on the OpenGL interface. He or she should be able to program or develop creative and perfect gaming objects using the OpenGl interface.

Without proper examination and assessment of a prospective OpenGL developer, one might end-up throwing their projects in the wrong hands. In order to avoid this predicament and get the best out of the time and money spent on your project, it is advised to validate the OpenGL developer before hiring. The best way to accomplish effective developer competence validation is by assessing the developer's qualifications. Here are some qualifications you should look out for before hiring an OpenGL developer:

  • Certifications on C++ programming language courses.
  • Certifications or experience in the use of graphics library interfaces.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of functions and objects on the OpenGL interface.

All the required certifications or qualifications listed above are essential in determining if you would be working with the right developer. Ensure you assess and validate each prospective developer according to the list above in order not to end up with poor quality job.

Hiring a freelance OpenGL expert via Freelancer offers a wide range of benefits to employers and can often be a lower rate than traditional experts who are employed on a full time basis.

If you’re looking for a solution for your OpenGL needs or if you are looking to trial a freelancer to see if they provide the levels of expertise you are looking for, using a platform such as Freelancer.com is a fantastic option.

Simply log onto the Freelancer.com website and search through a bank of talented freelancers who are willing and able to provide their services to you for your project.