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    Freelancer in Villa Rica, United States
    19 Reviews

    As a graduate from the University of West Georgia and experienced freelance writer, I cultivated my natural talent in writing, researching, and editing for numerous genres. I have skills in many different areas of writing and completed courses to further my abilities in certain areas, attaining my Bachelor of Arts ...

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    Freelancer in Dublin, Ireland
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    Screenwriting, Scriptwriting, Copywriting, Article writing, Content writing, Ghost writing, Academic Writing, Lifestyle writing, Proofreading, Editing, Academic Feedback.

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    Freelancer in Lahore, Pakistan
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    I am available 24*7, will response in less than 10 minutes, just try me! I have done Master in Business Administration from Lancaster university, UK. I have acquired excellent skills to tackle any academic related task providing excellent and A grade professional papers. My skills include: -Professional writer & ...

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    Freelancer in Pompton Lakes, United States
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    I'm an award winning filmmaker based in the New York/North Jersey area with experience writing, directing and editing feature films, commercials, music videos and film commentary. I hold an MFA from SUNY University at Buffalo's Department of Media Study. My freelancer client base includes writers seeking to adapt ...

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    Freelancer in Bucaramanga, Colombia
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    I'm a person committed to my job, committed to the art, responsible above all and open to the changes of the daily job. I like arts, all of them: music, movies, books, drawing, desing. Love everything that fits in the arts concept. I like to find strange ways to do the things, also, as a video producer, I love to ...

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    Freelancer in Gorakhpur, India
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    I am looking for a position that would recognize my talent and provide me an opportunity to put in my best for the benefit of the company. I am an experienced Article Rewriting Freelancer and Translation English Translator and feel my skills will greatly benefit your jobs. If hired, I will put in my best work.

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Finding Screenwriters on Freelancer

If you’ve ever been asked to write a script you’d be aware that quality screenwriting is an artform and something that should be left to the professionals.

Screenwriting refers to the process of writing screenplays, or scripts that are written specifically for movies. Some screenplays might also be written for television shows and video games as well.

A screenplay writer or movie script writer is a writer who practices the craft of screenwriting, on which popular and arthouse films, television programs, comics or videogames are based. Professionals in creating screenplays, movie scripts and script writing, the individual is well versed in a range of writing and is a storyteller at the very core of their being.

Screenwriting is usually a freelance profession where the core abilities are storytelling and imagination. There is a legion of would-be screenwriters who attempt to enter the film industry, but it often takes years of trial-and-error, failure, and gritty persistence to achieve success.

Professional screenwriters use creative ideas to write scripts, with the intention of selling them and having them produced. In some cases, the text is based on an existing property, such as a book or person's life story, which is adapted by the screenwriter or it can be a novel or material for would do well to be presented on screen.

Characteristics of a great screenwriter include:

A passion for movies

Be cautious of aspiring screenwriters that don’t know the history of the movies or have never seen the great classics. It’s in your best interest to find a screenwriter who loves all periods of films and someone that can use their experience and knowledge of the industry to create the perfect script for your needs.

Have the ability to sniff out the key story lines

A story written for the screen must be interesting enough to hold an audience’s attention for a number of hours, it should contain a suitable amount of action and also be able to be told in ways that are visual and engaging.

Good writing skills

Screenwriters should know the concepts of dramatic writing – things such as acts and conflict and inciting incidents and plot twists and reversals and climaxes and resolutions. Good writing is focused on engaging with your audience and entertaining them for the time they are viewing your film or show.

Be able to write for a mass audience

Screenwriters should write so that material is understandable to the people that you want to come to see your film. Writers are not writing for a niche circle, but for large numbers of people that are eager to experience your ideas.

Willing and able to rewrite until the content is 100% perfect

Quality screenwriters should be willing and able to make numerous edits until the script is perfect. In most cases the first draft of anything is really only useful for getting your ideas down on paper and because of this most first drafts are sloppy and unfocused and unwieldy.

Freelance screenwriting may include a variety of projects including comedy scripts, movie scripts, television services, drama script, animated web series and short films, no matter what you’re looking to create, freelancer.com has a wide variety of experienced and creative screenwriters available to create your next masterpiece.

If you’re looking for the perfect screenwriter for your next film, short film, animation, or pilot project, hire a screenwriter today via Freelancer.com.