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    Freelancer in Bucharest, Romania
    55 Reviews

    I have good experience with all the skills selected and can deliver quality software that will meet your specific requirements.

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    Freelancer in CHENNAI, India
    11 Reviews

    We are a team of developers with extensive experience in the below fields - * Linux Servers * PHP Full Stack * NoSQL Couchbase * Raspberry Pi embedded images * Javascript stack * Biometric Sign-In * Java / Android Development * C++ Windows x32/x64 desktop applications * C/C++ server software for Linux & Windows

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    Freelancer in Tbilisi, Georgia
    7 Reviews

    I have great skills in the areas of Android and C++ Programming due to my past experience working as a Android Developer and C++ Programming Programmer. I am looking to be outsourced by you for your jobs so I can bring my skills and experience to you. I am also highly proficient in Java. If given a chance to be part...

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    Freelancer in KOLKATA, India
    13 Reviews

    Freelancing for last 6years MEAN Developer Full stack Web Developer Full stack Android Developer UI/UX Developer

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    Freelancer in Antalya, Turkey
    10 Reviews

    Hi I'm Sean. Born in Tehran, graduate of Imperial College London and currently living in Antalya, Turkey. I love making hand-crafted custom websites. My areas of expertise include Amazon Web Services, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript ES6, React, Node, Redis, MySQL, single-page web apps and server-side rendering. I take a...

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    Freelancer in Beijing, China
    24 Reviews

    Thanks for your interesting about me. I've developing web projects for about 7 years. I've full time for you and your project. I like and have high skill for (MEAN, SEAN stack and so on..) specially. If you choose me, I'll do my best.

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Finding Socket IO Developers on Freelancer

Do you like being able to view when someone is typing a reply in instant chat? Or do you like to physically visualize when an object is downloading? Socket.io is a JavaScript library which is commonly used as a tool for creating real-time web-based applications.

Socket.io keeps the lines of communication open between two or more users where previously the result would have to be processed before it could be identified. Socket.io was officially released in May 2014 with the first part consisting of a transport handling framework and the second a framework-agnostic project.  

A Socket.io professional is instrumental in developing and enhancing real-time mobile applications, and if you are developing a real-time app, it is vital that you engage with someone with particular Socket.io skills.

Benefits of using Socket.io include:

  • Lightweight, simple to use structure – it is lower maintenance than a standard HTTP request
  • It enhances key websocket performance
  • It broadcasts to more than once linked socket
  • It stores information for every user
  • It can be used in many languages
  • It’s easy to install
  • It’s compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.    

While it may be tempting to try and carry out the Socket.io requirements yourself, there are many reasons not to. Socket.io is a complex and intricate script which makes it hard to learn. Plowing through detailed manuals will take up your precious time which will be better spent carrying out other tasks.

Rather than employing a permanent Socket.io expert you can hire through Freelancer.com. You will avoid having to try and navigate the minefield of Socket.io protocol; you will escape the costs associated with permanent and ongoing recruitment, and you will have your real-time app developed within a timeframe and budget that is beneficial to you.

Someone with industry specific skills in Socket.io found on Freelancer.com will have the facility available to work remotely which means you can set them the task and simply wait for its completion. There will be no need to integrate them into your current team or pay costs associated with finding them an office space.

A freelance Socket.io expert will also work around your needs. If your project requires work outside of office hours to bring it to completion, a Socket.io professional has the freedom to work within your timeframe as they aren’t bound by the terms of working in an office.

Freelancer.com will give you access to some of the most skilled and experienced Socket.io specialists in the world.  To list your socket project and have it delivered in a professional and quality manner, fitting in with your budget and timeframe, sign up today.