Startups love Freelancer

Some of the most promising tech startups are using Freelancer every day to build their products and help run their operations. But don't take our word for it, here is what some of our customers had to say:

"With a lot of the larger design and media projects we have that don't want to weigh our in-house developers with, Freelancer came through in the clutch! Getting any project you need finished is extremely simple and worry-free with Freelancer, as they provide every form of insurance that you'll find exactly who or what you're looking for to get the job done. Thanks Freelancer!"

Paul Iliya
iCracked (YC '12)
"Freelancer has been a life saver. Their strong pool of outsourced talent has helped us increase productivity and focus solely on building a great product."

Neil Joglekar
Reelsurfer (YC '13)
"Freelancer gives amazing access to amazing talent amazingly quickly. The quality of proposals I received blew me away. Within a few hours of posting my project it was already underway, with clear, professional communication at every step."

Jeff Reynolds
wevorce (YC '13)
"We posted several jobs on Freelancer, and they immediately had tens and sometimes hundreds of bids. While the freelancers varied in skill level, the Freelancer rating system made it easy to identify those who had successfully completed similar jobs. Freelancer is great for saving our time on quick jobs. And it's incredibly cheap too."

Jeff Widman
Page Lever (YC)
"Freelancer is great when I need a little extra bandwidth to complete something!"

Matthew Deiters
Coderwall (YC)
"Freelancer contests made it easy and fun to choose a corporate logo. We ended up with so many quality designs it was hard to choose a winner. We especially liked the voting feature as it gave us valuable feedback."

Garth Goodson
" was crucial in our lean early stage startup strategy, and allowed us access to top quality talent that we couldn't have hired at the time. Now that we're a little further along I still find myself constantly looking to to fill talent gaps and to get reliable results from projects. Highly recommended."

John Sun
Debt Eye (YC)
"I am amazed by the number of quality freelancers we found on the site. It took us very little time to find the right people that we are looking for. I am also very impressed by the professionalism expressed in communication and project planning. This will be my go-to place for any outsourcing needs."

Dafeng Guo
Strikingly (YC '13)
"Freelancer provided us the opportunity to outsource design tasks to very well-qualified and talented providers. Our experience as "contest holder" was outstanding: all contest participants were courteous, knowledgable and professional. There is just some great talent on this site ready to help at amazing rates with rapid turnaround."

Balazs Moldovanyi
Terascore (YC '13)
" allowed us to find a high quality firm to make our 'explainer video.' We loved seeing numerous talented options on the Freelancer marketplace, and were able to get a great video for the right price. Highly recommended."

Chris Kelly
" is the best outsourcing experience I have ever had. The users are extremely proficient and professional. Freelancer has plenty of very smart features that can help protect the business in all situations, eg NDA's! That feature was perfect for what we needed done, and a pleasure to use. All in All is the go to solution for outsourcing needs."

Jeremy Poteck (YC '12)
" helped us meet all our design needs fast and on budget!"

Abbas Mehdi
CEO, Medmonk (YC '12)
"Freelancer allows me to have a virtual assistant on the cheap, which frees up my time to focus on building an awesome product. What's not to love?"

Nikki Durkin
99dresses (YC '12)

Average Bear Software

"Freelancer has been great for our business. We always get several bids from high quality candidates who can get the job done. It allows us to worry about the pressing issues and have help with the little things we otherwise would not get to.We especially liked the voting feature as it gave us valuable feedback."

Zach Bruhnke
Average Bear Software
"Freelancer has been great to work with. We've used for a number of tasks at FundersClub. They are able to move fast and get the job done quickly and get it done well."

Felicia Curcuru
FundersClub (YC '12)
"We used to build a website in 3 days with 100 views per day. The available workforce at our fingertips was immensely useful in making it happen. The guys and gals behind give great support too. I posted 4 jobs and got more than enough replies to shop around my project and find the workers with the best 'fit.'"

H. Kumar Thangudu
LevelRF (YC '12)