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    I need a trading system coded onto pine script so that I can backtest this strategy on Tradingview. Indicators: 5 EMA, 21 EMA, 50 EMA & 100 Bollinger bands. 1. I need an option to switch "short strategy" off. I may not want to short a particular market, so I would like the toggle option to switch the "short the market" on or off. So that it is

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    Hi Iyad A., I have been using Amibroker to backtest trading ideas and have been trading thru IB fora couple of years. Do you have any experience automating/linking Amibroker with IB to auto trade? There is the IBController addin provided by Amibroker. Do you have experience using it to connect trading? If positive, how much do you charge for this

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    -------------------------------------------------------- Web Interface[Laravel-Mobile Friendly] ------------------...Money Disbursement (Date, Amount) 3. Admin Account, Email, Platform/Email Table[List/Add/Edit/Deactivate, Delete] Transfer Money Request Approval Create User Create Manager Backtest Strategy Amount Setup-Real and Backtes Pair Selection

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    ...goes through as years go by. This will allow for a realistic way for the bot to trade like a human, and not rely on indicators to enter and or exit trades. We would need to backtest it of course with previous market history to ensure that it is ready for current market conditions. It would, of course, need to be dynamic and fluid within the market and

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    We´re looking for a custom indicator/ signal to be used in [login to view URL] 11.xx. For the moment this would be used to backtest a strategy, however we might decide to also autotrade this strategy later. Hence it should be set up to be used as indicator as well as a signal. The following description of this strategy is for the LONG and the SHORT works

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    Hi Chunyan Y., I would like to discuss with you regarding several cryptocurrency related pr...regarding several cryptocurrency related projects. How long/much do you need for: 1. a cross-exchange arbitrage system; 2. a trading system including data pulling/saving, backtest, execution, (No GUI/Visualization); 3. build a exchange for a particular token?

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    Hi Li Qun, I need a cryptocurrency trading system coded in Python 3, including the following modules: 1. pull data from exchanges, and save them into a database; 2. backtest; 3. automatic trading. How long it may take? Thanks, Rob.

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    1 bids software using Interactive Brokers API. Requirements will include: - Deployment to the cloud - Coding the calculation of indicators - Coding strategies - Ability to backtest strategies and create reports - Ability to access via phone - maybe Android app. Not part of first phase. Key Qualifications: - Understanding of Trading concepts - reading

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    ...(1) Demonstrate accurate 50+ year backtest of 'All-Seasons' mix within Australian Market; (2) Recommend, with evidence, AUD exchange-traded securities to mirror All Seasons mix. Deliverables: (1) Short-form presentation (up to 3 pages) of summary findings and recommendations; (2) Financial model - portfolio backtest, citing sources and assumptions;

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    Strategy rules as following: 1. 20 years stock data adj_close (can collect with yahoo and copy & paste by manual) ...Not limit to DJI 4. Update frequency (select daily or weekly or monthly function) 5. Compare with VTI or SPY or sth ETF (buy and hold), and use this Strategy to conduct backtest (ETF could be changed after test) Example is attached

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    Part 1: Data Collection • Technical historical (price, volume, OHLC changed percentage) • Technical Indicators (MA, MACD, Momentum, CCI, RSI, …)...2. Evaluation Part 4: Portfolio Construction/Optimization • Strategies • Portfolio Combination and permutation • Portfolio Allocation • Portfolio Optimization Part 5: Backtest Quantopian Zipline

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    Hello I would like someone to build a ninja trader 8 strategy for me (Using Ninja Script or Strategy Builder) and then backtest it. Details to be discussed by phone. Best regards, Sebastian

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    I need a trading strategy to be programmed on Pine Script Editor on [login to view URL] to backtest on Commodities, Forex and Stocks. Indicators to be used EMA, PSAR, SuperTrend alongwith criteria for MACD Values, MACD Divergence, ADX, RSI & CCI. For someone with adequate experience on Pine Script could do it in an hour or so. Pls quote for enblock assignment

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    My strategy for which I require an EA is bit complex, as it has many rules for entry criteria in market, plus it has many variations and I need to backtest as well as forward test my strategy using the EA.

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    Your task is to run some backtests using an existing Python based trading strategy (the strategy will needs adjustment on several levels): The Strategy is run in Python and makes use of common modules: Numpy SkLearn incl. SVM/SVC Pandas etc. Your task is to extend the trading strategy as per the instruction that I will provide in chat and measure the following: - accuracy of prediction (long/s...

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    i need a way to backtest binary option strategy

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    i want to get a option strategy to be coded in Amibroker, so that i can backtest it

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    ...Formula Language (AFL) to code a backtest script of a simple trading system (trading Stocks) for use within the Amibroker software platform. - The rules of the system will be expressed in plain English - Backtest will be at a portfolio level using historical data - The programmer should be able to code using the Custom backtest procedure - The Buy/Sell rules

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    Your task is to run some backtests using an existing Python based trading strategy (the strategy will needs adjustment on several levels): The Strategy is run in Python and makes use of common modules: Numpy SkLearn incl. SVM/SVC Pandas etc. Your task is to extend the trading strategy as per the instruction that I will provide in chat and measure the following: - accuracy of prediction (long/s...

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    ...easy to code but I don't know how to use QuantConnect's API. The language can be either C#, Python or F#. I want to pay you to produce and deliver the code, which I will backtest in QuantConnect in order to prove it's working. Here are some examples of code using the Renko indicators : [login to view URL]

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    ... Finally ... once the 3 indicators are combined ... and once I define the conditions required for a buy, or a sell signal ... Could you create a TradingView strategy, to backtest the newly indicator combined script? Please note - I will be providing the final indicator script to my trading students. So I would require exclusive ownership of the final

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    I need to simulate a backtest for stock trading on .CSV data. You will be provided with 4 .CSV files and 1 file that explains the model. Based on the model, which is quite simple we need to write a python script that will backtest the trading simulation. Strong Python skills are required for this project.

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    Build Quantitative trading strategies based on...from S&P 500. Build up training model to predict the stock performance. Based on the predicted/ probability create some strategies to verify the performance through using Backtest in Zipline. Basic strategy (MACD, RSI/ Moving Average/ ....) Machine learning (KNN/Random Forest/ ANN, SVM, Deep learning)

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    Hi, I’m looking for a basic options strategy to be coded in python on Quantconnect so I can backtest and automate trading. It needs to be coded with comments so I can adjust the parameters when I run back tests. If this is possible I will give you the rules for the strategy.

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    ...integration&market data, logic core, order execution, charts, trading monitor (simple trading panel with trade blotter) and optimizier. It should be run in live, paper and backtest modes and optimized then. It must be suitable for both exchange and margin trading at different markets (forex, crypto, derivatives, stocks). It must work with multiple connections

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    ...the hour. Please be careful as other functions may use the time settings, including the “DynamicClossLoss” and “DynamicTakeProfit” Can you backtest the EA? It would be a major selling point if you can backtest the EA when it is fixed to make sure it works when you return it. Thank you so much!!! If you do a good job I will return to you to revise

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    I need a option strategy afl which will allow me to backtest my options strategy in amibroker. The options data will come from [login to view URL] I need you to provide me a solution for keeping the option data (as it will be many script strike-month combination) and also write the following

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    We would prefer the project to be coded in python , the System is backtest using R , it’s an intra day system , will trade across various commodities , but the system is similar across all relevant commodities with minor tweaks . we want to automate the system execution and connect it to Zerodha using their python Api or Sharekhan or interactive or

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    I'd like to set up and backtest (with the help of a programmer with access to good software - I have a bloomberg terminal and can download a lot of data for backtesting, but don't have trading analytics software that allows for easy backtesting - I'd like to go back about 20 years daily if possible) a couple of the methods outlined in the book 30-minute

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    Hi, I have a simple strategy I want to back test on Trading View for the US markets. For this i need my strategy written in pine code. This is very quick and easy job for someone with experience in Pine and Trading View. If you have experience with TradingView that will be very helpful.

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    ...spreadsheets and is designed for one product. In the converted code, I need this changed to work on a basket of securities, rather than just one. - the workbook is written as a backtest. In the converted code, I need to be able to perform backtests and run it live within the OANDA practice and live trading environments. - As a reference, the entire workbook

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    hi there, looking a developer who can write a strategy on my 3 indicator and do a backtest on bitmex. thanking you

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    ... Weight the five assets according to minimum variance optimization, using a “weighted” covariance matrix calculated based on 126-day correlation and 20-day volatility. Backtest: Hold positions until the final trading day of the following month. Rebalance the entire portfolio monthly, regardless of whether there is a change in position. 1st :Google

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    Compile BackTrader package and IB (Interactive Brokers) Insync package such that users are able to run applications on a website. Applications - 1. Backtest ideas - 2. Place orders on Interactive Brokers Code files for the program already exist in jupyter notebook format.

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    Landing Page Ended

    ...project. Domain and hosting are in place. CPanel access active. The layout. Fonts. Images. Text. The video. Fully wire framed and ready to be coded and uploaded. We can backtest with Indesign, Mock Up, Google Web Designer or collaborative platform of your choice. Time: 1-week max. If you can meet the deadline and follow the client's specs this

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    I would like you to code a trading system on QuantConnect, using Python. So that I can run a backtest on it. I have all of the parameters of the system clearly established. The details of the system will be provided to the programmer who is selected. Having spoken to an experienced programmer, it should take about 200 lines to complete.

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    ...assets etf and mutual funds. some guys here are implementing it. I've already some strategies in R but i need a professional who can help me more: build more strategies and backtest connect strategies in my new platform in collaboration with guys here implementing mifid compliant questionnaire market and financial risk modelling other studies during

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    Ciao Shivam P., i've an r code about financial portfolio allocation to do backtest on. thanks

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    I've been digging in cryptocurrency market data...feeds of market data for a few exchanges, and I'm willing to write orders executors for those exchanges. I need an experienced quant person to check out the market data and to backtest and write a strategy. I'm looking for someone who would be interested in being a partner, and not just a freelancer.

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    ...and in backtesting mode, so not sure how the extraction of historical data needs to be done so that there is no bias/look into the future bars. Very important to be able to backtest the script obviously. there should be some debugging dialog appearing on the chart window to see what the cBot is doing at every step. The c# code will have to be provided

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    Hi Igor S., I am interested in building a strategy for trading options on futures. I would like the ability to modify and backtest the strategy. I liked the interface at [login to view URL] Is it possibly to create an interface like this to create strategies? I would like to add more options and variables to the interface

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    $150 - $150
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    The task is to backtest the last 3 months of a telegram group [login to view URL] . They will post which coin to buy eg LGD on Jan 10 2018. You will record the post, the date and time, the coin, the price at time of post 0.00015. Then you will check the chart on [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] for the next few days after the post. If

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