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    ...right belongs to ObjectFactory **Source Code** Delivered with source code exclusive rights. Abstract The purpose of this build a new component to enable the user (technical and end-user) to build sophisticated SQL queries in an easy and intuitive way. PLEASE SE THE ATTACH DOCUMENT FOR THE TEC SPECIFICATIONS! ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    ...we need a webmail based front end (like outlook web access) that provides access to the Inbox, Sent Items and Deleted Items against Exchange4linux. GUI must be as similar to Outlook Web access for Exchange 2000 as possible with outlook like bar. I can grant access to OWA to bidders who do not have an idea of what user interface looks like. Exchange4linux

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    Objectives - Load data from one or many Comma Separated Value (CSV) Files into a VB6 array with user defined start and end dates, aggregate the data based on user defined parameters and export the results to Microsoft Excel. The tool may be required to process a considerable amount of data and must be written with every effort to make speed a top priority

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    • Write the code so that when the user presses one of the numeric buttons on the calculator, the value is appended to the label appearing at the top of the form. 'Start Declare Variables, they must be declared at the top of your code Private strPrevOperator As String Private sngFirstNumber As Single Private sngNextNumber As Single Private sngResult

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    ...exhibition, Past, Current and Forthcoming. The user will be able to select via a radio button whether an exhibition is past (there can be unlimited past exhibitions), Current (there can be only one current exhibition selected), or Forthcoming (there can be unlimited forthcoming exhibitions). If the user changes, for example, a current exhibition into

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    Creation of an advanced XML parser which can parse files such as the following: http://195.10.12...can be selected from the XML file. The aim of the project is to get the "Live Odds" data from these XML files, and be able to present them in a readable format to the end user, sorted by event and participant. ## Platform Unix running PHP.

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    ...second string. The search should be case-sensitive so Yes should not match yes. The program that calls the function will have two textboxes, a label and a button. So when the user enters a word in textbox1 and a sentence in textbox2 then click on the button, the count of how many times the text from textbox1 appears in the text from textbox2 will appear

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    12 bids a front end; the actual course creation is taken care of. I need a way for users to log in to a web page with a username and password and then be directed to a site containing the presentation of their choice. The program should keep a record of who accesses what material and when. The record-keeping aspect is the most critical; the user interface

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    ...browser to and from an FTP site. The program should include end-to-end encryption so that files are encrypted at all times and can only be decrypted by users with the same program and the correct encryption password. The program should be able to store multiple user profiles to allow the user to choose from among multiple saved encryption passwords and

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    ...downloaded some. Would like most of this project implemented by 2/14/04. 1. Incorporate "HTMLarea 3.0", a replacement for any TextArea field. Incorporate to both the front end, admin pages & modules. We have program. 2. As you drill down through the categories on the left hand "navigation", the items should appear in the "center" of the screen

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    ...presenting overall student performances as well as offer different search methods for say highest and lowest marks on tests. The graphs will show the median and [login to view URL] the end of each test, the student will be presented with their mark along with all the questions with the correct answers. They will be able to see which questions they have answered

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    I have an Intranet site that holds contacts, tasks, and Calendar items (among other things) for subscribers with a SQL back end. I need an easily self branded utility that will allow my users to synch their Outlook with my website in a secure manner with a minimal amount of fuss. This interaction should be two-way, accounting for changes on either side

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    ...there so the PHP front-end needs to be able to screen scrape the HTML output of It needs to have the following functionality: * Simple account adding script which can be run from existing Perl scripts for account creation. * Single user/domain, Multi-user/domain, Reseller and Admin authenticated accounts. * The user must be able to login

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    ...accounting program (Forob) and automating the process with a button that a user can click on. The steps involved are the following: 1. The files will be several comma delimited text files in a given directory that a user chooses. 2. The files will be moved to a new directory the user chooses. 3. The contents of all the files will be merged into a single

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    An agent app runs on the server to be monitored, and the server app runs on the recieving end. Both ends (server and agent) would use XML for configuration files. We dont care if the server/agent apps are written in VB6 or C++ (no .net). The application itself would not do any datacollection (agent) or uploading of data to the database (server). External

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    **Powerpoint screencam video tutorials with sound ** I need someone to make a series of Powerpoint tutorial videos that walk the end user through the basics of using Powerpoint. Essentially, this needs to be like a "Powerpoint For Morons" tutorial series which simply shows someone how to get up and running with Powerpoint. Topics such

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    ...follow. The applest should display a simple maze in the shape of a hollow letter N. The user must drag a blue disk from the bottom left to the top right, inside the N. If the disk touches the sides of the N then the disk must change colour, to red say. [login to view URL] the user manages to drag the disk to the top right of the N then the disk will change colour to

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    ...development and project management skills are required. The online system that will need to be developed will be an extension of This sytem in essance will be a user forum where people will be able to post and answer questions ~ the questions being asked may come from the Global110 or posted to the application directly. The application

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    ...attachments with results being ranked according to content relevance. System User Manager The facility to add new users to the system to allow varying levels of user rights. Includes consultant level login where consultant sees information relevant to their profile. Required for end february 2004. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working

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    The software should be similar to G...Platform Require Windows 95 to XP We will also consider integrated solution supporting more platforms (Linux, Mac and Windows) if this does not require anything from the end-user and we would pay extra for it. For instance, we do NOT want Java but we will accept Revolution ( [login to view URL] ) and pay extra for it.

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