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    I have a Visual Studio Desktop Client using a SQLLite database. I need this database to exchange data with an Azure SQL Database. Pull data down from Azure SQL and insert into local SQLite database Push data up from SQLite and insert into Azure SQL Clients are anonymous and will not authenticate. I can handle the local functionality and all the data structures/integrity I need a good Azure App bu...

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    I need a program of Excel that can connect to the API v.2 of Should be able get all quotations in real time and send orders purchase, sale, cancellation, etc. offering system. The program must be done in vba modules and macros with clarification of the functions so that I can add my own macros. More information about the API v.2 found in [login to view URL]

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    The website application is already created and need to create user session for that application so users can access only when they have username and password and to have signup option which will be authorized by the admin

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    Excel VBA alterations were done to my code. Currently, I have code that looks at two different spreadsheets with the same headers and basically the same data and imports the account and row information that doesn't match the other spreadsheet. I need help adding code that removes all the data that import but still matches the other spreadsheet or only shows the data that's different bet...

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    Develop vba macro that creates a transportation report based on workbooks data provided by users - contains 7 sheets (7 weekdays) with the following data: route#, ref#, and two columns with pallet counts. The macro should do the following: 1. Prompt users to select workbook with the source data. 2. Prepare data – prompt user to select workbook type. Based on the selection filter/use ...

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    Need someone to help choosing dates on webpage using internet explorer from Excel/VBA [login to view URL] its 2 minutes job anyone who can help will be appreciated Thanks

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    we are looking for an MS Access or Excel expert that can assist with ongoing work requests including charts, databases and general excel queries. nothing too complicated but someone that can assist with a very quick turn around. looking at a week or monthly flat amount. must be able to chat on line at very quick notice. There are 4 important parts of the project that needs completing as follows: ...

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    I have a lot of email id in excel. I want to send them email through my outlook automatic. Need to complete the project next 1 hours.

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    Via Teamviewer, I need someone to work on my computer to fix my database.

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    Data Mining and Access. I need who can work with me on Email collection

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    I am getting an Access denied ROLES on my wordpress site. This is urgent, should be a quick fix for a wordpress expert. Developer MUST HAVE A VPN otherwise you will not be able to access the server.

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    WE want to migrate and existing MS Access 2010 database with a MS SQL server 2008 to a MS Acces 2016 and MS SQL server 2017 need to be fully functional and installed onto server and client pc must be full time freelancer

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    I have a number of projects, and each project contains has key milestones. Following the completion of each milestone a % of the project is complete. The number of milestones, the % of completion and the time planned per milestone needs to be added interactively (see attached power point). for each milestone a sheet is generated that is (a) interactive; (b) contains conditional formatting (c) fee...

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    I have sound working experience on VBA SQL Excel. intermediate skill of R and pyhond

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    Hello Freelancers, I have a requirement to create an excel sheet with VBA coding for plant maintenance scheduling (mechanical). Please see the link below. [login to view URL] Our plant scheduling spreadsheet contains roughly 100 rows and 10 columns. I would like to have an excel sheet with 1st tab as shown in the video and 2nd tab with all the data. Main function is to sort the maintenance task...

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    I wish to export details from sheet 1 to various sheet 2, 3 ,4 by instering sheet2,3,4 in sheet 1

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    I have an excel macros. I want to protect the code so that users cannot have access to the code. The default lock project vba protection is not sufficient. I need better protection mechanism that cannot be intruded. Full stack programmers (any lang) may be able to do this.

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    direct human access to my site. I need to direct 100,000 (one hundred thousand) human access to my site. ideal people that involve with double click. preferably south america. It can not be published by china or india. may be made public by: WhatsApp Facebook Menseger Telegram Blogs Sites

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    Our website is established [login to view URL] Built via Wordpress. Currently for Australian customers. However, we also have a presence in Bali. We would like separate website/pages for our Bali customers, that only they can access and see. As we have different pricing for our Bali customers, and also offer a delivery surface. We would like advice around this? As I'm not sure if we need...

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    Our website is established [login to view URL] Built via Wordpress. Currently for Australian customers. However, we also have a presence in Bali. We would like separate website/pages for our Bali customers, that only they can access and see. As we have different pricing for our Bali customers, and also offer a delivery surface. We would like advice around this? As I'm not sure if we need...

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    We are a dive liveaboard operator. We sell diving trips. We are looking to build an effective database for trip bookings, invoicing and payment tracking. When guest book a trip, we record the booking and issue a booking confirmation. We demand a deposit at booking confirmation and collect schedule payments (deposit, 270, 180 & final 90 days before departure). At final payment due (90 days) we ...

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    Need resume access details for Naukri/ Monster to search for candidates. Budget is $10.

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    Need a VBA developer for Power Point who can automate a task for me. I have a slide deck that comprises of 4 slides. I need to update the text, pictures, voice-overs and background music in that slide deck automatically, while keeping all the transition effects, timings and formatting untouched. Slide deck can be shared with people who are serious about the gig. Cheers. Ankit

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    Scrape [login to view URL] using VBA excel or any other league from the site (e.g. [login to view URL]). Paste results into an excel sheet

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    I need the VBA password and sheet passwords removed from an Excel file. If it's easier, you can simply replace the VBA password with "PASSWORD" and provide me with the sheet passwords rather than remove them. I need the VBA password so can edit the macros in the sheet and add new macros. I've done this myself but don't have time to do it again. Here is an article on how to...

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    I want to hire someone that would watch amateur sport games and with the help of our software, they will input data while watching the games. So you need to know the rules of basketball.

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    I need a VBA program for word, which will create a word file from a template, and copy text from other word files into this file depending on field values in an Excel file.

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    $20 / hr Avg Bid
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    I need to create a solution to break the following table up into multiple, 2 part sections A&B. The total quantity of each section must be divisible by 15. Neither section can exceed 45,270 and the sum of the two sections cannot exceed 75,450. The remainder can go in the final section however again cannot exceed 75450 A 2515 B 5030 C 10060 D 5030 E 15090 F 2515 G 5030 H 5030 I 2515...

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    I'm getting an "Object variable or with block variable not set" error when I try to run Access. Need help from someone who understands Microsoft Access Database.

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    1 - when I generate the facebook access token, I want to get the actual ip of the user that he is accessing at the moment and not the server ip see this example ( [login to view URL] ) 2 - when login I want it to take the current city, and the real ip of it, because if facebook picks up the server from another place when generating the access token the facebook will disconnect the user. 3 - when...

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    I have an excel with all the logic, but stuck with an issue executing the logic. Need somehelp asap to get the issues fixed. Someone with good excel with macros and vba can easily fix this issue .

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    Hi, I have two spreadsheets: (1) 2019ASCO and (2) 2019 ASCO US. I need to add the data in Column Y (URL) from the 2019ASCO document and match it to the appropriate names in the 2019 ASCO US document, putting the Website URL in Column L. This will require knowledge of pivot tables or VBA.

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    Auto Schedule Excel Workbook with Macros to run in Windows update code to scrape product POA items I am currently opening an excel workbook each day and manually clicking the Macros VBA button to run a data scrapping process. I would like to set up an auto schedule to run this work book each day. There a few other steps in the workbook and process which I want to automate the process. Summary o...

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    -Existing is an MS Access Program that using its forms and UI to get user input -Need to migrate the forms and UI to a new exe system without depending on Microsoft Access -Existing database have been migrated to local SQL server -New exe system should able to communicate with SQL server -Table structures of database will be given to freelancer, but without the data.

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    I need a website app. This website should have login and password for users to access each their own sqlite database. Each user has their own database. The database (sqlite) stores cards to study languages ​​as a quiz. Each card is an issue that is repeated over a specific number of days, according to an algorithm, according to the user's response. So. The web app should show the card du...

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    I would like to gain access to a phone's WhatsApp account via the web browser. Thank you

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    I have a large Access DB that includes many VBA modules and links to a SQL Server back end. This db needs migrated from it's current version to 2013 or 2016, not sure which yet.

    $2055 (Avg Bid)
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    45 bids

    I have a single Access Table and require assistance in writing some queries to interrogate the data and ultimately produce reports. The table has 17 fields. Typical reports required are: Duplicate Records, Count of ID numbers linked to Bank Account Numbers, Multiple payments for the same payment date Etc

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, I have a project to design a distillation column using. binary mixture of ethanol and water. It is recommended that the it is designed using EXCEL VBA.

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    Hello dear all , this should be done with visual basic 6 only not I need vb6 forms to manipulate employees informations the A file has 2 columns ( Name , govno - no duplicates - ) 1st form will import the excel (A) which has ( 2 ) columns into the access database , this database is online , after importing is done, a pop-up will ask for 3 informations ( number , date , branch ) ea...

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    Our company is involved in an integration project that requires us to interact with LENEL's Onguard access control platform, create users and badges, define areas and configure panels and devices, establish access profiles, receive events, etc. We tried to contact LENEL asking for help but they are not much help. To get started we need to install and evaluation version of Onguard software (we...

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    I need some VBA code to be written and explained to me so I can understand it too. I need you to be able to retrieve some reports from an online reporting system apply filters to the data that meets my criterion and paste the data into excel. You also will need to make this automated with a click of a button. I potentially have some code you can work off.

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    I need someone to setup a Mercari account so that I can access Mercari (and sell in the USA) from Australia. I need it to be a phone verified account and fully operational Mercari account with a bank account I can draw money out of from Australia. Job must be done in 48 hours. Ideally, you should setup a remote login access for me that I can use from my computer to do all my Mercari work and withd...

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    I need to connect my office server by RDP and Also can access my application to sql database over the internet without using static IP. My Router is dynamic IP.

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    I need an Excel VBA script that does a login + some scraping

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $20 / hr Avg Bid
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    Hi We have started a new organisation and we need people for multiple Skills. We need people for long term projects. We have projects related to different skills sets. 1) Grahic Design 2) Web Design 3) VBA 4) PHP 5) Javascript and Jquery 6) Software Architecture 7) Transalation 8) Woocommerce 9) .NET 10) Android Development 11) Iphone Development 12) Academic Writing, Technical Wri...

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    I am looking for VBA, JS developer.

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    I am looking for someone who knows VBA coding in Excel. I have a worksheet with two formulas that need to be tweaked. Here are the details: This excel sheet is designed to post sponsor’s payments and keep a running total of the amount due for the year. 1. On the Weekly Payment Tab, I will post the payments each week 2. On the Main Tab, the Payment Name and Amount will populate next to Spo...

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    1- PRODUCTS UPLOAD. Create a command to upload some 22.000 products. Data must be extracted (from a FTP access using a script) as CSV and then uploaded to the PrestaShop site. 2- PRODUCTS UPDATE. a) Keep products updated (setting a cron accessing the wholesaler server via FTP) b) keep the storage quantity of those products up to date (setting a cron accessing the wholesaler server via FTP) Desc...

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