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    Access data from standard RESTful API and ingest to GCP Metered data from 3x electricity meters measuring three-phase circuit Each meter/device with ID Set-up GCP account Map metered data into GCP Make data available for user friendly download in .csv file format with data mapped to specific columns. I will provide .csv file template. Each device separate tab in .csv file.

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    Access data from standard RESTful API and save to Splunk for download. Will provide .csv file for mapping data to columns. Notes: - Data values (Joules) in API - .csv file for each electrical circuit being measured (4x .csv files total) - .csv file for each electrical circuit containing metered data at 30 min intervals for each calendar month - link to template (data mapping to columns) [login...

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    We are a global business UBT, dedicated to support other business and do consultancy. Many of our customers needs a solution for analyzing the time invested every X min. We haven't found any program in the market that solves our need. It's quite a simple App, a resume: -Every X minutes a pop up in your screen appears and askes you what has been done the last X in this time. as wel...

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    I need a full stack programmer who can do solve a lot of small items on our website. 1. h1 and h2 adjustable on our pages 2. Speed increase for desktop and mobile (pagespeed) I need both done asap. It is very urgent. I hope somebody can help fast. Best, Robert

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    Hey, I want someone to add HMI (Similar to scientific Calculator Display) data into a spreadsheet. HMI shows * Air temperature, Air pressure, * Motor power, Voltage * Loading unloading condition ... etc. I have 3 years of data with 2 minutes of video recordings. I want to put those data with 0.02S time frame into a spreadsheet. Please watch the same what I want. [login to view URL]; [login to vi...

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    I need a variable DC voltage at input 0-10V, to be transformed to the opposite 10-0V DC 1A output with the same polarity. entire device will be powered by 12V 1A constant power. So if you have for example 2V at input, at the output should be 8V, or i we have 7V at the input, at the output should be 3V.

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    I need an experienced designer to review my microphone array board. The board contains 4x PCM1802 chips, connected to 8x microphones, each with its biasing and amplifier circuit. I need help on the ground connections to the ground plane through vias. I will share the design files once agreed.

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    Goal: A working acoustic altimeter for paragliding (Called Variometer) My situation: I already have printed PCBs, Eagle files and all the necessary parts for it. I need someone who can solder the parts on the PCB and upload the code. So i can try it in the air. I tried soldering a prototype but it was too small for me. Not used to tiny SMD parts. The circuit is based on a Atmega328. It has aro...

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    Medical device electronics on a flexi PCB. Must be based in Dorset, Somerset or Bristol area of the UK as frequent on-site working and meetings will be essential, although this is primarily a remote working role.

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    I want a android app to classify sound between A and B in real time. Will open the app to listen a,b sound and counting as my condition such as reset A to zero if hear A sound 10 consecutive. Count number, Reset target is adjustable.

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    Hi, Your hourly rate is very low for your qualifications --- do you vet projects based on being interested in them? I have a project that involves Arduino and circuit design, if you would like to hear. Hope this finds you well Ahron, MIchigan, USA

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    Design an electronic thermometer in MultiSIM with the following specifications and constrains: 1. The thermometer will have two simultaneous outputs: Degrees Fahrenheit and Degrees Celsius. 2. A DMM will be connected to each output to produce a readout, with the output variable in volts. 3. Independently of the chosen variable, the decimal point in the readout must correspond to the decimal poi...

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    Hello, I'm looking for a good PineScript coder to code/build an personal indicator for me on TradingView charting. The indicator will will draw a box automatically around the high and low prices of two specific time periods and then also draw a modified Fibonacci to this box to project levels. On the attached picture, I have manually drawn the box and Fibonacci the way I want it to appear ...

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    Built a circuit for finding a sound source using TDOA system

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    Hi I’m looking to get a pcb layout from a schematic to build a prototype circuit board in the smallest size possible.

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    • It should cover most topics that have been covered during the lecture such as, Electricity Supply, Electrical Distribution, Reliability, Electric Shock, Transformer, Fault Protection, Overload and Voltage Drop. • It should contain some aspects of a comparative study analysis of Electrical Power, electrical inhalation and distribution in building between the UK and other part of the wor...

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    Adding your stops • One the mainscreen of Circuit, tap the Edit button. That will allow you to add all your stops. • Type in the address you're looking to add, and Circuit will provide auto-completed suggestions. Choose the correct address. • Repeat the above step until you've added every stop you need to visit. "Optimize route" button in the bottom right of ...

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    Looking for experienced data acquisition engineer/programmer to provide estimates and input for initial project budgeting. Project outline is as follows: Temperature Data Acquisition and Robot Control Temperature Data Logger Program Create a custom Thermistor Temperature Data logger program for recording multi-channel inputs. Program will be the property of Corporation. Program shall be written ...

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    We have a Bluetooth device that we need to connect to but absolutely no documentation about how to connect to it. The only thing we have is the JavaScript Code of an HybridApp (which uses [login to view URL] to compile) that can connect to this device. It is only a sensor which sends some info like temperature and voltage of a battery. We need some Cordova-Ionic expert that can deliver us a blan...

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    please edit "file a" neck and top of chest with circuit board wires like the ones in "circuit board file" please fill "file b" sunglass lenses and background with "matrix_green_numbers" file please edit the left arm on "file c" like a cyborg arm on "cyborg file"

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    Review circuit schematic changes and layout 2 sided board of 70 SMT components. Complete documentation and Kicad files supplied to selected freelancer.

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    Hi i'm saqib . I need a specific program for an volt+ammeter to run i already got a circuit but i need the inside program in controller that its running on. I m uploading the picture of the circuit. It's dimension 62×59mm. 7 segment display

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    Develop blootooth control RC car project. Bluetooth module HC-05. Also need a circuit diagram and schematic.

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    Hi, how are you? i hope fine. I have another small project for you, this is for DC voltage meter for motorcycle to check battery (water) capacity. Range battery 0v-50v you can see picture attachment for more clear. As usually component use arduino and OLED i2c 128X64 other need you can propose. Thanks

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    Hi Freelancer, Are you and expert in Excel sheet? You are the one i need then... I need a smart Excel sheet that can calculate my clients rental return. So it need to be able to be adjustable as my villas has different prices. I need this job done in 2 days max. Please see attach files to see how it need to look like! Looking forward to hear from you.

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    We need implementation of an analog filter circuit into an app. The app will be a music player and the filter is an effect that can be applied upon pressing a button or clicking a symbol. The app in the first iteration is for demo use only and it need to be able to play 44,1 kHz wav files with the filter bypassed and with the filter turned on. System overview: Each input channel (xr & xl) ...

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    Need a circuit that would run on 12V or less that will control 2 12V relays. First relay would energize as soon as power switch is engaged. Second relay would energize 3 minutes later. When power switch is turned off, second relay would de-energize immediately. First relay would de-energize 30 sec later. Timing intervals do not need to be hyper precise.

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    I would like to be able to build a myoware like device ([login to view URL]) I would like to receive the EAGLE BRD and SCH files plus the Bill of materials. I want it to be small I size and ready to be manufactured

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    >Robotic arm using Arduino Uno. >Waste product management. >Simple skills and circuit. >3 servo motors,3 pot,bread board,jumper wires and craftable materials. >Project demo video, check it on: [login to view URL]

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    We are looking for a logo fro the front of a T-shirt. It will be in the upper left part of the shirt (normal location) We want it to say Trak Joint with either a logo of the name Trak Joint with unusual design. This is for a concrete construction tool. Attached is a description of tool from a magazine and some photos. When pushed across a slab, the tool folds a strip of plastic tape and embeds i...

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    We need a circuit designed that will eliminate induced voltage on a sensor circuit. A square pulse 5 VDC signal from a sensor to an input on an Arduino Nano sometimes picks up extra pulses, usually when longer shielded cable runs are used. We need to design an effective way to deal with the noise.

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    Hi, I just wanted someone make a circuit board with the following features: Will be connected to the WiFi It can call It can be controlled by pressing a button or voice command It can record A speaker can be attached It can be connected to an app also A battery can also be attached

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    PCB Boards for instrumentation . Analog front end design and implementation.

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    Hello. I need a circuit design for a conceptual product (with simulation) for an electronics device that will be powered by car/motorcycle. Looking for full product life-cycle expertise and support. This project is in idea stage, need someone who has patience and technically sound to bring this concept to reality. Additional details will be shared once the project is awarded. NDA is a must. Exper...

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    I am interested in hiring someone to create a web scraping application. The application should scrape fighter data from theses websites: [login to view URL], [login to view URL], [login to view URL], [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] The data fighter statistics for upcoming events should be downloaded into Excel for main and preliminary events. [login to view URL] and [login to view URL...

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    Low cost and small in size is my concern. Please provide Schematics and BOM for design. Just Schematics is needed, no PCB drawing needed. Requirements 1. This SMPS take 95~265Vac and 23~25Vdc Battery input. 2. Low ripple isolated output : +80Vdc, Gnd, -80Vdc, 15Vdc(1A),-15Vdc(1A),12Vdc(1A) 3. Use AC input as default, once AC voltage input disconnected, 24Vdc input will be switched automatically.

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    We want to make a lock which will open with OTP that the user will get in the app. The The lock will have an API call and if the API call returns success the lock should Open. The communication will be over Wifi and the lock used is Electro Magnetic Lock. Attaching the lock images. The main hardware parts are :- 1. Arduino UNO 2. Wifi Module 3. H bridge Motor Controller 4. 3X4 Keypad 5. Ele...

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    We will provide the schematic in Eagle. The schematic with all the components and footprints is ready with us. Please design the PCB and provide us the Gerber file. We will get the PCB printed and soldered on our own. Please bid only if you can provide the PCB design by 9 am, 1st Aug. It is a very simple 3 phase inverter circuit.

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    I need a pcb circuit design with for Power Pack with Analog power supply of 12V and 0.2mAmp with ON delay and OFF delay timer. Relay of 12V and 2CO. Circuit should be Pulse protected with Capacitor based timing (0-60 seconds). Circuit should be Non-programmable.

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    Design, develop and assembled PCB is required for a Power Pack with Analog Power supply of 12V and 0.2mAmp with ON delay and OFF delay Timer. Relay of 12V and 2CO. Circuit should be Pulse protected. Timing capacitor based (0-60sec) Circuit should be non-programmable. Further details would be provided on personal call once project is being assigned.

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    Modify previous circuit for new dimensions and parts

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    INTRODUCTION The purpose of this document is to define the requirements for a new PCB development of a Control Interface for Air Curtains unit. Schematics & PCB design must be made in Protel DXP or Altium Designer software Now we have three different kind of Control Interface for Air Curtains: • BASIC CONTROL INTERFACE: Designed to control the two-speed fan motor. • WATER CONTROL IN...

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    HOME AUTOMATION OF LIGHTS & FANS USING MOBILE APP THROUGH INTERNET. I want complete solution schematics of the PCB, etc. Automation of 3 lights and 1 fan is required. The App should tell the number of hours lights and fan is used. I want the hardware as small as possible considering safety factor(high temperature, high voltage...).

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    You should be an experienced PHP and MySQL coder. Heres some help: Open Source Bitcoin Marketplace Software [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Something similar to how Silk Road and Alpha Bay are designed Since Alphabay has been shut down, it is recommended for the coder to visit another alternative Marketplace TR (TRADEROUTE) to get a look and feel to the recommended functionality. Thi...

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    I need a lithium ion circuit developed for a small wearable. the circuit should be as tiny as possible and should permit charging, discharging and temperature monitoring of the battery. Final files will be circuit diagram, Gerber files along with BOM of the parts along with all source files. Focus should be on keeping the cost as low as possible. I look forward to your quotes. Please note: this...

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    Hi Indir O., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. the idea is to build a circuit to check stationary presence using a thermal sensor ( as per my research D6t series Omron but maybe you have other solutions). the input will be an order to measure while The output will be temperature degree measured. The circuit will contain also wifi adapter in order to connect with a...

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    We have a simple IoT circuit and need to get a PCB design done so that we can manufacture the PCB. It has ESP32, relays, DCDC convertor and RTC modules.

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    I need a small program related with countdown timer on a website. That countdown tool is sensitive as milliseconds. e.g.: DD:HH:MM:[login to view URL] The program will be auto click the button when it reach to 00:00:00:00.001 and also it should be adjustable. This job is a cupcake for a smart programmer. Thanks.

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