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    Quick mechanical study and 3D design of an outboard motor for boats The main parts are : Supports : Existing 3D design (Can be changed or another design can be made) Main propulsion motors :(Existing 3D design) 2 mountable immersible motors The system once assembled have the two main prop motors on each side of the boats. And two motorised linear stage (with nema step motors) are used to independently move the motors from up to down. Not looking for precise high technicity design (just ideation level 3D design) Ideas and propositions are welcome.

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    46 bids, security, and integration with the booking system. Flights Booking and Scheduling System (FBSS): Implement role-based access control for SysAdmin, Staff, Instructor, Qualified Pilot, Student Pilot, and Guest. Authenticate and authorize users based on roles, with profile verification for qualified pilots. Enable booking of aircraft and instructors with role-based access and confirmation processes. Implement QR code confirmation, aircraft hours calculation, and modification logging with notifications. Ensure communication through email/SMS, reporting and monitoring, privacy and data security, and system maintenance. [Integration:] The two systems should be seamlessly integrated, allowing data sharing and cohesive functionality. APIs should be develope...

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    ...gleaming off the sleek body of the A320-inspired aircraft. But something's different — the open rotor engine stands out, intricate and remarkably detailed. This is the beauty and innovation of 3D printing brought to the skies. 2- Precision and Power Unified: Close-up of the open rotor engine from "". Each blade and component is meticulously crafted, showcasing the exactness that 3D printing provides. The engine isn't just a functional marvel, but an artwork of modern technology. 3- Building the Future: The expansive Relativity Space 3D printer, as seen in "", in action. Layers upon layers, as the aircraft is born from metal dust and innovation. Sparks

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    ...look like this: I need you to design the graphics. There needs to be 1 inch of white space on the Top and 3 inches of white space on the bottom. I would like you to use my logo – and the check mark One Banner Should Highlight the following services: • Aircraft Invoice Review • Owner Advocate Services The Other Banner Should Highlight: Aircraft Brokerage Aircraft Sales Aircraft Acquisiitons Please look at my website to get a sense of the branding and look and feel. I would like a private jet in the background or hangar with private jets in them. I like the color blue see website For photos please use any open source commercial photos- unsplash etc or if you would like I can give

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    wing spar up grade 1 day left

    I am looking for an experienced engineer to upgrade the wing spar of a light aircraft. The current wing spar is made of aluminum, and I need to increase the strength while maintaining a similar weight. This will require a deep understanding of materials and aircraft engineering principles. The successful applicant will need to assess the current state of the wing spar and devise a new design that can increase its strength. I am open to different solutions, provided the new design can meet the required strength requirements. This project requires creativity, technical skill, and knowledge of aerospace engineering.

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    I’m looking for a tee shirt design featuring a modern and edgy pin-up girl with a modern fighter jet. I would like it to have a black and white color scheme, and I want it to have a specific aircraft model included in the design. I want this to be a unique design, with an innovative approach to the classic pin-up girl image. This design should be bold and exciting, ready to stand out on a fabulously designed tee shirt!

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    I need a hyper realistic 3d animation done of an aircraft flying. I have all necessary 3d files of the aircraft. I need 6 clips that are 5-7 seconds each. each clip should be different angles.

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    I need help with matlab programming code regarding with RC aircraft getting the input we want

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    I'm in need of an aviation maintenance engineer training template. This template should cover intermediate maintenance procedures/regulations/human factors in a PowerPoint format. Specifically, I need a template that covers aircraft systems, maintenance procedures, and safety regulations in an easily understandable way for trainees who have some experience in the area. With this template, I will be able to easily set up training sessions for my maintenance engineers. This is for a Power Point Template only for use with Google and Microsoft.

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    I am looking for a skilled researcher and writer to help me with my project on advancements in hypersonic technology. The goal of this research paper is to provide an extensive analysis of the topic, including expert opinions and case studies. Skills and Experience: - Strong research skills in the field of aerospace engineering and hypersonic technology - Experience in writing research papers with expert opinions and case studies - Familiarity with MLA formatting style Key Requirements: - Conduct in-depth research on advancements in hypersonic technology, focusing on Mach 6 air crafts - Provide extensive analysis and insights, including expert opinions and case studies - Use MLA formatting style for the research paper If you have a strong background in aerospace engineering and a passio...

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    Fixed aviator gameCertainly! Here's a brief description for a game titled "Fixed Aviator": --- **Fixed Aviator**: **Genre:** Flight Simulator/Adventure **Platform:** PC, Consoles, Mobile **Overview:** Journey through time with "Fixed Aviator"! As a pilot in the early days of aviation, players navigate a series of historically accurate aircraft, facing challenges that real aviators once faced. As they progress, players experience the evolution of flight from the Wright brothers to the jet age. **Features:** 1. **Historical Planes:** Pilot

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    ...mechanical knowledge. Building Services Engineering: Be involved in the design and installation of electrical and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems in buildings. Robotics and Automation: Work on the design and development of robotic systems for various applications, from manufacturing to healthcare. Aerospace and Defense: Be part of the teams designing and maintaining complex aircraft and defense systems, which require a mix of mechanical and electrical engineering skills. Electronics and Circuit Design: Focus on circuit design, PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout, and electronic component selection. CAD and BIM (Building Information Modeling) Specialist: Specialize in CAD software and BIM tools for architectural and construction projects. Consulting:...

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    Project Title: Fighterplane Purpose: - Military defense Desired Speed: - Mach 2 Preferred Material: - Titanium Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing and building fighterplanes - Knowledge of aircraft materials and their properties, particularly titanium - Understanding of supersonic flight and aerodynamics - Familiarity with military defense requirements and regulations Additional Requirements: - Ability to optimize the design for high speed and maneuverability - Knowledge of advanced propulsion systems and engines - Strong problem-solving skills to address any challenges in the project - Attention to detail to ensure the fighterplane meets military specifications and safety standards

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    Our vision is to ease the transition from fossil fuel to alternative technologies in the trucking industry. We will develop semi-trailer electrification for multiple purposes; propulsion, battery regeneration and kinetic braking with the goal of decreasing fossil fuel usage and reducing the carbon footprint. Our system will save diesel driven trucks up to 48% in fuel usage. With a electric refrigerated trailer, the refrigeration unit will run 24/7 with our kinetic power and battery system. Product Strategy For mature industries such as trucking, change will take time for development and for new technology implementation. Currently there are over 3 million diesel trucks in our target sectors: refrigerated and dry van. Our first generation electrified trailer system will be prima...

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    I am Raju, the business manager of a DeepTech Startup called Chi SquareX Technologies. Most of our members are from one of the Indian Institute of Technology, so...Here are some of our previous works: Hair transplant startups require some image generation for their customers. Masters Thesis in Art Generation using GANs Head Gesture recognition using temporal signal data Hairstyle Classification Heartbeat recognition using Multilingual BERT for Document Ranking Algorithmic Trading on Indian Stock Market Yolov5 for Object Detection Kinetics 700 classification Aircraft Optimization Bio-BERT for Medical Dataset SciBERT for Explanation regeneration I have read your project details and I am confident that I can contribute towards it. Please message me so that we can talk further about you...

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    I am looking for an experienced engineer with expertise in the design of a ducted fan for an aerial vehicle. The main performance requirement is high efficiency. The engineer should have the necessary software proficiency to do a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation using a specific software, ANSYS, starCCM+, XFlow, .... The engineer should be able to de...efficiency. The engineer should have the necessary software proficiency to do a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation using a specific software, ANSYS, starCCM+, XFlow, .... The engineer should be able to design and simulate the fan, and provide detailed information about its performance in various scenarios. Experience in the fields of aerospace engineering, turbo machine, fluid mechanics, or propulsion will be b...

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    Hello, potential freelancers! I'm looking for a talented artist to create some custom cover art for me. Specifically, I'm looking to have a cartoon/comic style cover art using neutral colors (black, white, and grey) with the aircraft tail number "T38 Talon" incorporated into the graphic design. No additional text is needed, just a unique and creative artwork to display. If you think you have the skills to make this fantastic piece of art, please contact me with your proposal and portfolio. Thanks for your time!

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    I am looking to have a detailed analysis done on the characterization of non-symmetrical airfoil parameters at low Reynolds numbers. The goal of this analysis is to accurately determine the lift and drag coefficients of the airfoil. As such, a comprehensive study of the sha...numbers. The goal of this analysis is to accurately determine the lift and drag coefficients of the airfoil. As such, a comprehensive study of the shape, flow patterns, and general behavior of the airfoil at Reynolds numbers below 100,000 will be required. The analysis should yield a better understanding of how different parameters influence the airfoil and, ultimately, the performance of the aircraft. I am looking for someone who can investigate this topic with the utmost care and accuracy to produce meaningfu...

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    ...educational and challenging gameplay experience.. It will take inspiration from series such as Tower Simulator 3 and ATC 4 Requirements- Realistic aircraft behavior and physics simulation. Dynamic weather conditions affecting aircraft operations. Varied aircraft types, from small propeller planes to large commercial jets. A range of control towers and radar facilities to manage. Scoring and progression system to track and reward players' performance. In-game tutorials and training missions to help players learn air traffic control procedures. 3D modeling and animation for aircraft, airport environments, and control towers. Real-time physics simulation for aircraft movements and collisions. Multiplatform development capabilities (Unity, Unreal Eng...

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    I am looking for a freelance writer to create a scientific 8 pages article for European Journal of Applied Physics. The article should be the journal's guidelines compliant. This article is going to be about our recent discovery at the field of quantum physics and the new revolutionary aerospace propulsion systems that our organisation is developing at the moment, which based on these discovery. The article should focus on this specific topic. I do have a list of sources and references, but the freelancer can also choose the sources they believe are most relevant and credible. Any additional info and materials on the subject will be supplied. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong background in physics and scientific research - Ability to write in a clear ...

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    Project Description: Trance Jet - Public Transportation Solution I am seeking a skilled and experienced team to design and develop a Trance J...Experience: - Expertise in aerospace engineering and aviation technology. - Proficiency in designing and constructing small aircrafts or similar transportation systems. - Knowledge of safety regulations and certifications for public transportation vehicles. - Experience in developing user-friendly interfaces for transportation services. - Familiarity with sustainable and eco-friendly technologies for aircraft design. If you have the necessary skills and experience to meet these requirements and are excited about revolutionizing public transportation, please submit your proposal. We look forward to working with a talented team to bring the ...

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    My project requires an advanced flow modelling analysis focusing on a specific model at an extremely detailed level. For this purpose, I prefer using the ANSYS Fluent software, which offers powerful capabilities for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. By using the rich set of built-in physics models...specific model at an extremely detailed level. For this purpose, I prefer using the ANSYS Fluent software, which offers powerful capabilities for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. By using the rich set of built-in physics models of ANSYS Fluent, I will be able to accurately simulate flow, turbulence, heat transfer, and reactions for industrial applications ranging from air flow over an aircraft wing, to combustion in a furnace, to (in this case) detailed flow ...

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    ...used mainly for personal use, but I'm looking for a professional design that can make my friends and family "ooh" in awe. I'm drawn to the tiki style of design, but I'd like it to have a modern twist. As far as colors go, I'm looking for a bright and tropical palette. I am an aerospace engineer full time, so I would also like to tie in an image of a jet fighter or some other "fiery" aspects of an aircraft to the design. This also ties into the name of the bar, Afterburner, which is part of a jet fighter engine where fire comes out. I have attached an image to show what I am talking about. The logo will be used to identify this space and also reflected throughout any branding and marketing materials. If you think you're the designer to ...

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    Rocket in Space Exploration with a Payload Capacity of 100-500 kg Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing and building rockets for space exploration - Knowledge of various rocket propulsion systems and their capabilities - Ability to design a rocket with a payload capacity of 100-500 kg - Understanding of safety protocols and regulations for space launches - Proficiency in CAD software for designing rocket components - Familiarity with materials and technologies used in rocket construction - Strong problem-solving abilities to overcome challenges in rocket design and development

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    I want a two-dimensional war tank game, as it consists of 10 stages with different environments, the length of each stage is five minutes. There are several weapons that the tank takes, including a weapon that bombs aircraft. In the game, the tank climbs mountains, crosses bridges and enters tunnels. There is blood if the tank is hit by enemies. The enemies are also tanks themselves. I want the code If I want to develop the source code of the game, and if I do not like the design of the game, I have the right to modify it 3 times

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    My project requires converting PDF data to an Excel Spreadsheet. The PDF documents consist of text only, with no images required to be converted. In total, there are more than 20 documents that need to be converted. Experience with the task is a must and tackle this job, please place a bid. Thank you for considering my project. There is 50 Pages of data that needs to be extracted and put in the Spreadsheet. I am attaching a sample Spreadsheet using the data in the tables that is highlighted. I am attaching a separate spreadsheet of a complete solution from a different piece of equipment so that you can see the order of the data. This is aircraft performance data that we use in the calculation of optimized flight plans. My client has been unable to secure a digital set o...

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    Please write a consulting agreement with a statement of work - I will provide bullet points for the sow. There should be provisions for travel cost reimbursement and also a separate attachment for both the SOW and the Fees. This consulting agreement will be for helpin...write a consulting agreement with a statement of work - I will provide bullet points for the sow. There should be provisions for travel cost reimbursement and also a separate attachment for both the SOW and the Fees. This consulting agreement will be for helping in the selection of a new aviation vendor for the company or consulting for overseeing the management company in the management of the aircraft. No using Chat GPT 3.5 or 4.0 -- I tried the quality sucked. I need a legal expert to write this document...

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    I'd like to find a publicly available link to video and audio of a specific interview of Christopher Pyne, interviewed by Andrew B...eport-sky-news I need a valid accessible URL, and timestamp for the start and end following quote from Christopher Pyne, first response with these will be awarded. QUOTE: " CHRISTOPHER PYNE: No, he's completely wrong and the Naval Group and the Department of Defence have responded to the Economics Committee's report. The propulsion system which is unique to the Barracuda Shortfin will be the propulsion system for - which is the jet propulsion - will be the propulsion system for the Australian version of the Barracuda and it will be a diesel engine and there's absolutely no reason why that can't work...

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    21 entries looking for an expert to provide aircraft structural analysis on a private single engine experimental aircraft with the focus on proof of structure to FAA CAR 3 or part 23 requirements for cradle type engine mount and attachment points on air frame, as well as analysis required to meet same basis for increase in max weight limit for small baggage area. Should current structure not meet requirements, will additionally require input on modifications needed. Process can be FEA with detailed report demonstrating compliance per above basis. The primary goal of this analysis is to compare my experimental aircraft structural strength to FAA requirements for a standard certified aircraft of same category. This project requires knowledge about aircraft...

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    ...2D animation and be able to create engaging visuals that effectively communicate the message of the script. I need a presentation that will describe the benefits of implementing a government-wide mail-in take-back program using our proposed solution. Please provide examples of your work. Script is ready to go . Here is an example: [Opening shot: A panoramic view of an Air Force base with aircraft in the background] Narrator (V.O.): Attention, United States Air Force personnel – we present a pioneering solution designed exclusively for you. [Cut to a modern Air Force office setting] Narrator (V.O.): Introducing our groundbreaking Mail-In Take Back Program, meticulously designed to simplify the tech device retirement process for your remote employees. [Scene transit...

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    Project Description: We are an aircraft satellite antenna manufacturer called AerialComm in need of a company logo. We are looking for a modern and minimalist logo that is image-based. We are open to suggestions for colors and themes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Graphic design - Logo design - Experience in creating modern and minimalist logos - Creativity and ability to provide suggestions and options for colors and themes Please look at our webpage to get an idea of our product

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    I'm looking for a power point designer, creating professional presentations related to aircraft airframe and powerplant The successful candidate should have knowledge of power point design, topics will be provided in power point format

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    ...the design of a hydrostatic Vehicle. Skills and Experience: - Experience in hydrostatic vehicle design and engineering - Knowledge of automotive design principles and systems - Understanding of hydrostatic propulsion systems - Familiarity with performance requirements and optimization in vehicle design Requirements: - Provide consultancy guidance throughout the design process - Assist in selecting appropriate components and systems for the hydrostatic vehicle - Ensure the design meets our performance-related requirements - Collaborate with our team to integrate the hydrostatic propulsion system into the car design Please note that we already have a team of engineers and designers working on this project. We are specifically seeking a consultant to provide expertise an...

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    I'm looking for a modern and sleek logo for my stump grinding business, A-10 Stump Grinding. I envision an A-10 warthog aircraft coming down and shooting a stump, but am open to suggestions when it comes to the exact design. I don't have specific colors in mind, so I'm open to any suggestions there as well. For formats, I don't need a vector file, a jpeg will do just fine.

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    I am looking to sell a private aircraft and have some supporting documents available for the potential buyer. The expected cost for this purchase would come between $100,000 and $20.000.000 USD. I am looking for an experienced freelancer to help me complete the listing process on The ideal candidate will have a great understanding of the aircraft sales market and be able to help me create an effective listing that grabs the attention of potential buyers. This is an excellent opportunity for the right freelancer, so please submit your proposal if you think you have what it takes. Thank you for your interest in this project!

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    ...application that interfaces with Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d 5/6 simulators. This is a one-off project for a private individual. The application will play predefined URL-based audio streams according to the currently tuned COM1 radio frequency in the player's aircraft. When a COM1 frequency is selected in the player's aircraft, the application will search a list of user-uploaded URL/frequency pairs (stored in XML format) to determine what audio stream should play. It will also only play the selected frequency if the player's aircraft is within a specified range (since many airports can share the same frequencies). The application should have the ability to select the preferred audio output when the PC has multiple audio cards. There should...

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    $250 - $750
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    Rocketsewa Project - Developing a new rocket propulsion system using advanced robotics technology - Project completion expected within 6 weeks - Ideal skills and experience: - Strong background in robotics and automation - Proficiency in CAD software for designing and testing - Familiarity with 3D printing technology for rapid prototyping - Knowledge of rocket propulsion systems and space exploration vehicles - The main goal of this project is to develop a cutting-edge rocket propulsion system that will revolutionize space exploration. We are seeking a skilled professional who can harness the power of advanced robotics to design and build this system within a tight timeframe of 6 weeks. CAD software proficiency and experience with 3D printing technology are key...

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    I am looking for a graphic designer to make modifications to the back side of my flyer. I need both text and design modifications to be made. I need 8 changes made to this flyer and text/ Please write: We Offer Turnkey Solutions Including all Trades...building process. Our new building looks amazing. We'd use them again and wouls recommend them in a heartbeat! - Dana Kluthe 5. Write : Avoid Prolonged Building Projects That Hinder your Business Growth and Profit 6. Move everything up and condense. To make room underneath for review. 7. background dots. b. change text- Write : Business Expantions - Warehouses- Manufacturing Facilities -Aircraft Hangers- Sports Complexes - Machinery Storage - top of photo(sky area of the photo)- to make more room under it.

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    Hello Everyone! ***[I need the design within1-2 days] We need a cleaning product box design for our upcoming product. We have the label for the product so now we need the Box design. Our company name is AIRCRAFT COMPLETE CLEANING. we are going to launch a new product in the market which is a waterless cleaner. the product name is: Aircraft 593 waterless cleaner. The size of the box: Label Panel Dimensions 8.765" W x 3.69" H (100% wrap) What's in the box? - In the box of waterless cleaner has a microfiber towel, - 4.75 inches soft round drill brush, - 1.75 inches small drill brush, and - 6 inches long extension with release drill fitment. our product net size: 500ml (16.9 fl oz). it's a uv protectant product. this product is a environme...

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    ...traditional military aesthetic are requested. Version 3. Artwork that will be created into helicopter decal. The artwork needs to be in a format that will allow the decal to be black and/or grey and transparent. The size of the decal will be approx. 2 foot tall. Version 4. ‘Valkyrie’ callsign artwork in same font used in the artwork that will be created into a black/grey sticker and placed on aircraft. The size of the decal will be approx. 1 foot tall. Version 5. Artwork suitable for use on screen-printed shirts, stickers, challenge coins. Essentially, the same as Versions 1 and 2 with no restrictions of use of colour. If no additional colours are used in the design, we will use Versions 1 and 2 as version 5. I am available to answer questions and provide...

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    I am looking for a skilled writer to create a write-up about an aircraft compressor. The write-up should be authoritative and formal in tone, and it should include the following specific information: - Technical specifications of the aircraft compressor - The performance and efficiency of the compressor - Maintenance and troubleshooting tips for the compressor The writer should use specific sources provided by me. The sources should be reliable and accurately reflect the information about the aircraft compressor. The ideal candidate for this job should have: - Strong technical writing skills - Knowledge and understanding of aircraft compressors - Ability to write in an authoritative and formal tone Please include samples of your previous work or relevant exp...

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    Project Title: Coastal Hangar for Aircraft Storage Description: - I am looking for a skilled professional to design and construct a coastal hangar specifically for aircraft storage purposes. - The hangar will be made primarily of steel, ensuring durability and strength in the coastal environment. - It should have a size of more than 1000 sq ft to accommodate multiple aircraft. - The ideal candidate should have experience in designing and building hangars, with a focus on aircraft storage. - Knowledge of coastal construction requirements and materials is essential to ensure the hangar withstands the elements. - The selected professional should possess excellent project management skills to oversee the entire construction process. - Attention to detail and adhere...

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    ...Proficiency in internal combustion engine propulsion systems. -The required UAV must be a small tactical that can carry 50 kg -The flight duration is not less than 25 hours -The structure will be made of fiberglass -The chassis can be made of carbon fiber or aluminum -The engine will be a 150cc motorcycle engine Or you can suggest an engine -fuel tanks -It must be stable in flight, take-off and landing with or without payload -Suggest suitable landing gear and mechanical equipment Wingspan: 3 m Engine type: 150 cc to 250 cc (30-35 HP) Length: 2 m The design may be similar to the MQ-9 reaper -Considering that it is easy to disassemble and reassemble The ideal candidate will be able to create a drone that meets the specified range, speed, and propulsion system requirement...

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    17 bids in 4 good looking tables in Wordpress: today's arriving flight list tomorrow's arriving flight list today's DEPARTING flight list tomorrow's DEPARTING flight list Example Arrivals: Example Departures: Data to display: Flight Time Hour, Flight Number, FROM, Flight Company, Aircraft, Flight Status Conditions: Date = GMT + 3 If APICallDate was over 12 hours ago, delete old results and fetch again for current day + next day (GMT + 3) Suggestion: Insert each flight in separate row with flight day I cannot provide access or URL to my Wordpress, you need to test it on your own Wordpress. Any reply without " I have worked with API and with Wordpress and I can do this without

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    Feasibility Study on Hybrid Propulsion System for Small Vessels - Intended Purpose: Research - Propulsion System: Gas/Diesel - Data Needed for Feasibility Evaluation: Environmental Regulations, Fuel Prices, Operational Costs Skills and Experience: - Expertise in marine engineering and propulsion systems - In-depth knowledge of gas/diesel propulsion systems and hybrid technologies - Familiarity with environmental regulations and fuel market dynamics - Ability to analyze operational costs and provide cost-effective solutions - Experience in conducting feasibility studies for small vessels Project Overview: We are seeking a skilled professional to conduct a feasibility study on implementing a hybrid propulsion system for our small vessels that are primari...

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    ...research on hybrid propulsion systems for small vessels. The main purpose of the research is to evaluate the feasibility of implementing a hybrid propulsion system. The ideal candidate should have a background in mechanical engineering or a related field, with experience in conducting feasibility studies for propulsion systems. Key Requirements: - Conduct field experiments to gather data on the performance of hybrid propulsion systems in various conditions. - Compare different hybrid propulsion systems and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages. - Analyze existing research on hybrid propulsion systems to gather additional insights. - Use modeling and simulations to enhance the accuracy of the research findings. Skills and Experience: - St...

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    Hello! I am looking for someone to create realistic illustrations of a concept airplane that was drawn in Corel Draw with elementary detail. We require realistic Illustrations of the exterior and interior in detail, some with and some without passengers. 15 - 20 illustrations in all. Artist must know the fundamentals of aircraft design and components such as cockpit and EFIS instrument panel layout, passenger seats, lavatories, wings, ailerons, flaps, flight control surfaces, wheels, struts and fixed landing gear configurations etc. Available material to work with includes .cdr Corel Draw files, a 3D video and photos of 2 wood models that were made from the Corel Files.

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    As per the written brief notes to the winning applicant. See attached JPG.

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    I need a simple animation at 1920x1080 and 1080x1080, as per this storyboard. I have all the necessary AI files with layers.

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