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    Need Airtable developers for miscellaneous developing tasks. Must be familliar with Airtable and Script.

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    ...critical role in synthesizing data from diverse sources including QuickBooks, Airtable, BigQuery, and our CRM system Follow Up Boss. This position is crucial for monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on the effectiveness of our marketing efforts, particularly focusing on texting and voicemail campaigns. The ideal candidate will possess strong skills in SQL, experience with BigQuery and Dataform, and proficiency in data visualization tools. Familiarity with Airtable is a plus. This role demands a combination of technical expertise, analytical thinking, and a keen understanding of marketing dynamics to provide actionable insights that drive strategic decision-making. RESPONSIBILITIES: -Integrate data from QuickBooks, Airtable, BigQuery, and Follow Up Boss into a cohes...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to enhance my website with sophisticated Airtable integrations that cater to the general public. The goal is to display data in an engaging and interactive manner, requiring specific formatting features and capabilities. **Core Requirements:** - **Dynamic Filtering:** Create an interface where the displayed data can adapt to user input or selections, providing a highly interactive experience. - **Conditional Formatting:** Implement rules that change the appearance of the data (such as color coding) based on its content, making it easier for users to understand patterns and outliers at a glance. **Purpose & Audience:** - The primary aim is to display data to the general public. Hence, the solution needs to be intuitive, user-friendly...

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    Dynamic Airtable Logic Formula 8 hours left

    ...craft a sophisticated nested IF statement in Airtable, designed to navigate through multiple conditions to provide diverse outcomes. This formula is crucial for enhancing my project management workflow, and your expertise can make a significant difference in how efficiently we can process data. Here’s what you need to know: - **Formula Complexity**: The core task involves developing a nested IF statement which can: - Evaluate various conditions. - Output differing results based on those evaluations. - **Data Types**: The conditions to be evaluated in the nested IF statement are based on: - Text fields, such as names and statuses. - Numeric fields, including sales figures and quantities. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proficiency in Airtable, particularl...

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    I have created an ntegration between Airtable and Stripe to keep products, pricing, and sales transactions synchronized in real-time. This integration is critical and basic for maintaining up-to-date records across both platforms without manual intervention. I have one element that is not working and I need someone to jump in and fix it! **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Experience with Airtable and Stripe API integration. - This project requires a freelancer who is meticulous and experienced in automating processes, with a specific focus on Airtable and Stripe platforms. The goal is to eliminate manual data entry and ensure our products, pricing, and sales transactions are always synchronized and accurate across both systems.

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    I'm in need of a professional to structure an Airtable system for an occupational health operation involving two users. Key duties of the project involve tracking: I'm in need of assistance with restructuring my database in Airtable to better manage our occupational medicine services. Below is a summary of what we're looking to achieve: Clients: Organize client information including contact details, contract fees, and renewal types. Locations: Manage location-specific data linked to clients. Contracts: Track contract details, including renewal dates and fees, with clear indicators for invoicing and payment status. Tasks: Define job tasks with associated visit frequencies, costs, and exam types. Workers: Maintain worker details, including assigned tasks and li...

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    I'm currently in need of a solution to automate tasks between my Airtable and Microsoft Outlook interface. Required Automation Tasks: - Should be capable of creating new records in Airtable directly from my Outlook. - Must update existing records in Airtable based on the incoming emails in the Outlook. Criteria for New Record/Updates: - New records or updates to existing ones should be dependent on the email content received in Outlook. Ideal Skills and Experience: - In-depth knowledge about Airtable and its functionality - Previous work with Microsoft Outlook - Hands-on experience in automating tasks between multiple platforms - Proficiency in using platforms APIs for task automation - Exceptional attention to detail to ensure the accuracy of automate...

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    ...planned as part of this transition are carefully selected to address specific needs identified during our preliminary discussions, ensuring that the new platform fully supports your dynamic workflow requirements. Assessment of current state of Stacker integration with Airtable and what is needed to move to Glide Work with Illuminate team to design UX Stacker is currently a tool for: Sales Pipeline, Campaign Management, Billing, and Profile details for our exclusive roster of clients - this is an externally facing tool primarily Airtable houses all of our pipeline, campaigns, invoicing, and client data that is internally facing - we have specific fields that we'd like our clients to see via Glide Goal: launch Glide to our clients by end of March 2024 Possible support f...

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    ...monetary compensation instead of physical gifts.
 Detailed Requirements 
Shopify Integration*:* * Our wishlist feature is built on Shopify, utilizing a Multivendor app for diverse vendor management and custom code to tailor the storefronts into wishlists.
 * Your Task: Integrate Shopify transactions into Airtable, linking transactions with the corresponding user and wishlist using manual matching based on vendor names and URLs. 
Airtable Management: * Integrate Shopify transactions with Airtable. * Match the transactions to a user and a wishlist by using the vendor’s name and the username of the Wishlist (manual) base and the store URL and the Wishlist URL on the Wishlist (manual) base * Rename the current Orders base to "Orders (manual)". * ...

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    ...experience in Airtable to take the lead on a complex project with the following requirements: - **Data Entry and Organization:** Efficiently input and structure data across more than 7 tables, ensuring a logical, accessible setup. - **Custom Views and Filters Creation:** Tailor views and filters for enhanced data accessibility and analysis, enabling stakeholders to easily find and interpret the information they need. - **Automating Processes:** Implement Airtable automations to streamline workflows, eliminating manual data manipulation and fostering efficiency. - **Integration:** Seamlessly connect Airtable with 1-2 other applications, necessitating expertise in API usage and custom integration solutions. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in...

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    I need a proficient developer to custom code an AWS Lambda function. Let me enumerate the specifics: - The function's purpose is to generate URLs for .mp4 videos directly. This way, I can easily view the videos online. - The sizes of the .mp4 videos will vary. Therefore, your implementation should efficiently handle different video sizes. - I...mp4 videos will vary. Therefore, your implementation should efficiently handle different video sizes. - I prefer the AWS Lambda function to directly generate a URL without the requirement for an additional method or service. I am using zapier to send files .mp4 files to my s3. I need it to automatically create URLs in a predictable manner so we can store the URL with the corresponding record in Airtable. I am NOT an AWS expert. I ex...

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    I urgently need a skilled developer to fix a form validation issue on my WordPress website. The contact form is not properly validating fields, which is crucial for our operation. Our use of APIs, particularly for email services or CRM, does not directly involve Airtable for validation purposes. However, understanding of how these integrations might impact form behavior is necessary. **Key Requirements:** - **Expertise in WordPress:** Deep knowledge of WordPress architecture and plugins. - **Experience with Form Validation:** Proven track record of fixing form validation issues. - **API Integration Knowledge:** Especially understanding how external APIs could influence form operations. - **Immediate Availability:** Able to start working on the problem within the next 60 minutes. *...

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    ...seeking an expert in workflow automation, with a strong background in integrating BizConnect, Airtable, Zapier (or similar tools), and custom automation solutions. The goal is to streamline the process of managing business contacts and subsequent actions efficiently. Core Requirements: BizConnect to Airtable Integration: Automatically scan business cards using BizConnect. Extract and import data into Airtable, including first name, last name, email address, company name, phone number, and a photo of the business card. Airtable Configuration: Setup Airtable with Kanban features for manually moving entries through different stages of a process. Configure an external form to select individuals from the Airtable and update records using audio inputs...

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    I need someone to jump on a call, look at my Airtable setup and teach me some basic things (I don't understand bases) and warn me of any issues (too many data fields?). I'm making a lot of tables in Airtable and need to make sure easy for staff to work with as they fill in. There don't seem to be folders, but I don't understand if bases could be used as doing/done... Note: I'm great at Excel, I just haven't studied this. This is quick call so have perfect English and know how to explain things. In future may have need of you for something more complex.

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    I'm looking to develop a robust database system that will serve two primary functions -...architectures, preferably with a portfolio demonstrating past work on inventory and customer management systems. - Strong analytical skills to understand our data requirements and translate them into an efficient database structure. - Knowledge of data privacy regulations and best practices in securing customer information. We also would like to look into more Zapier integrations between thrivecart and Airtable to streamline the customer process. By undertaking this project, you'll be playing a crucial role in optimizing our business operations. Your expertise will not just contribute to the structuring of our data but will also lay down the foundation for incorporating advanced fea...

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    I am in need of an automation expert with a proficiency in Airtable, Make and Zapier. The primary focus will involve creating and improving workflows to enhance our productivity. Key tasks to perform: - Developing and refining automation projects in Airtable - Creating time-efficient workflow processes While the exact workflows to be automated have not been specifically outlined, an understanding and experience in various business processes will be beneficial. Potential workflow categories could range from administrative tasks, sales processes, to project management. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Airtable - Proficiency in Zapier or similar automation platforms - Experience in workflow creation and management - Strong understanding of various business processes On...

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    i am hoping you could tutor me a tiny bit i am having so many issues with my crm i am building for myself. I do not want you to build it. But just teach me a bt because im learning airtable myself. I am having trouble with relaitionships. my goal is that in my sales pipeline, whenever i win a lead it will go into the won lead page or if i do not win a lead it will go into the lost leads. this way my sales pipeline doesnt get all messy. im working on organizing my leads within the Kanban

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    I'm currently at an intermediate level of proficiency with Airtable and seeking personalized tutoring to master more complex aspects of the platform.

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    Looking for omeone who is good in english to help me with airtable. i have a few questions

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    I'm seeking an experienced Airtable expert to assist with organizing my data effectively. For a SALES CRM Pipeline. I am almost done but i am having serious issues with Data relaitionships. I need someone who can teach me really quick how to do it [Removed by Admin] Thanks

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    We're looking to streamline data management for a client of ours and as such, we're in need of an Airtable developer. Key Tasks: * Building a robust database structure to enhance data organization. * Creating automated workflows to improve operational efficiency. * Developing custom views for specific needs within the organization. Software Integration: We require our Airtable to be integrated with Make preferably Ideal Candidate: A freelancer with prior experience in Airtable automation and database creation will be the perfect fit for this project. Knowledge in integrating Make with Airtable will be a plus. Our ultimate goal is to streamline our data management, and the right developer with these skill sets will be instrumental to achieving it.

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $12 / hr Avg Bid
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    I own an agency and we are looking to launch a customer portal on retool. For this project, we would like our app to have: 1. A login page for clients 2. A form for clients to request projects (we have the details for what to include in the form) 3. A page that has the clients projects in kanban board, organized by the status of the project. Functionalities: 1. Integrate with airtable - When a client submits a project, it updates our board. - As we update the status of the project, it updates their board in retool 2. The clients can edit or delete their projects that they have requested

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    [Fee negotiable to your ability] I'm making many collections of resources which show on a faceted page on my WP site. Airtable powers them. You are to make and fill the Airtable sheets. Look at this quickly: See every text field, image, URL, title - it is populated in Airtable and syncs to my site. I have a lot of collections of resources to make. The base is to have a fully populated sheet for each collection, but there is a lot of extra work to do that. It involves having to make posts if a pdf resource is to be in the DB. Logos need to be found (Clearbit). Urls to the post, maybe using GPT to generate a description? There could be scraping work. YOU I want a developer who can do stuff themselves, or how to delegate and

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $12 / hr Avg Bid
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    I'm seeking development of an AI-driven chatbot for Facebook Marketplace to automate interactions for buying opportunities. The chatbot will initiate conversations regarding item availability, assess product quality, negotiate prices, and notify the user upon successful negotiation. Additionally, it will integrate with Airtable for data management. Core Features: 1. Availability Inquiry: • Automatically initiates conversation with sellers to inquire about the availability of items. • Utilizes predefined message templates adaptable to different product types. 2. Quality Assessment: • Engages in basic conversation to assess the condition and specifications of the product. • Uses AI to interpret seller responses and evaluate product quality. 3. Price Neg...

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    Transitioning a database of contacts from file Mekler to Airtable. Several custom screens need to be reproduced. File maker, database currently in file maker, pro 17. I have two databases, one product catalog and one contact database. Each has some custom screens for both computer, viewing and print. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Proficiency in FileMaker Pro 17 • Strong understanding of Airtable • Experience with various types of CRM

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    ...extraction and automation to develop a tool proficient in reading unstructured pdf and text files from an internal database, recognize/identify details such as name, address, phone, email, dates, employers, job titles, skills etc, and upload the parsed data, and the original file into an Airtable database. The main purposes for this data analysis tool will be: - Automation of processes, with a primary focus on document handling processes - Directly uploading the extracted data to our existing database in Airtable. For this role, a prior understanding of OCR, data analysis software, database management, and automation scripts will be highly advantageous. A proven track record with similar projects is also ideal. Please ensure your bid includes evidence of these skil...

    $133 (Avg Bid)
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    I'...automation. The ultimate goal is to develop a tool proficient in reading pdf and text files from an internal database, extracting and parsing key details such as name, address, phone, email, dates, employers, job titles, skills etc, and writing the extracted data with the original file into Airtable. The main purposes for this data analysis tool will be: - Automation of processes, with a primary focus on document handling processes - Directly uploading the extracted data to our existing database in Airtable. For this role, a prior understanding of data analysis software, database management, and automation scripts will be highly advantageous. A proven track record with similar projects is also ideal. Please ensure your bid includes evidence of these skills an...

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    Here's an opportunity for an experienced Airtable technician who has a knack for database configuration, customization, and software integration. Key tasks: - Database setup: Our project needs your skill to configure and customize our existing database. - Software integration: We're looking to seamlessly integrate .csv spreadsheets, moving data between our scheduling and payroll platforms. Key functionalities required: - Data movement: Importing and exporting of employee data should be a breeze with your effort. - Scheduling sync: We’ll rely on your technical expertise to make sure employee schedules and timesheets are accurately mirrored on both platforms. An ideal candidate will bring strong Airtable expertise, a solid understanding of database design ...

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    I use Xero Projects to record the time I spend on client projects. Xero calculates my 'unbilled time'. I want to get this data into a Kanban, with months as columns. So I drag my projects into the month that I intend to raise the invoice. The Kanban should say: -Account -Project Name -Unbilled Time I'm flexible about which Kanban system to use. Airtable, smartsheet etc? But it shouldn't be an expensive subscription. Xero API info can be found here: I'm bored of bots replying to my freelancer jobs in seconds, claiming they've read everything. Perhaps start your message with 'Yo Andy' so I know you're human ;) Thanks.

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    I'm looking for a savvy professional to assist with various tasks in Airtable and , focusing primarily on automated workflows. Your tasks will include, but not be limited to: - Building and maintaining workflow automation primarily for report generation - Assisting in effective data import and organization - Creating customizable views and filters to enhance collaboration and sharing within our team Ideally, you are someone who is highly proficient with Airtable and , with a firm grasp of automating processes for business efficiency. Experience with report generation automation is highly favored. Your ability to visualize and implement effective workflows is vital. Your analytical thinking, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills will be key for this p...

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    $7 / hr Avg Bid
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    I am seeking a skilled and detail-oriented YouTube Content Project Manager to oversee the seamless uploading and management of over 40 ready product unboxing videos across various categories, including food, beauty, and comedy (videos currently on Snapchat, downloadable from Frame IO and logged on Airtable) to an existing YouTube playlist. As the YouTube Content Project Manager, you will play a crucial role in ensuring expert-level attention to detail and timely execution of the content schedule. Responsibilities: Video Upload and Scheduling: - Manage the upload process for more than 40 pre-produced unboxing videos. - Implement a batch uploading/scheduling plan, releasing (2) 3-5min videos per week for a duration of 20 weeks. Captioning and Tag Strategy: - Craft compelling capt...

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    I'm seeking an expert who can seamlessly set up Airtable for project management purposes within our team, which consists of 6-10 members. The main task involves: - Implementing time tracking - Ensuring task allocation is functional - Enabling collaboration tools Experience in setting up Airtable for mid-sized teams and functionality knowledge of key features, including time tracking, task allocation, and collaboration tools, are crucial for the success of this project. Your expertise will dramatically improve our project management capabilities, enhancing standardization, communication, and productivity within our team. In addition to those generic items. We specifically need help clearing out old Inventory and then moving over our two Individual Master Franchise li...

    $50 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $50 / hr Avg Bid
    6 bids

    I'm on the lookout for a freelancer with a knack for integrating and automating digital tasks. Here are the core requiremen...customization and management. - Aptitude for connecting Wordpress with - Deep understanding of for service/app integration. - Ability to create streamlined workflows on that interact with other tools and services. - Ideally, experience integrating services like Google Sheets, Salesforce, and MailChimp (even though I skipped this question, familiarity is a plus). - Expertise in Airtable and Zapier would be beneficial for potential overlapping tasks. Candidates should be ready to demonstrate their experience in these areas and provide examples of previous complex integrations they have successfully implemented. Let's automate with efficie...

    $101 (Avg Bid)
    $101 Avg Bid
    18 bids

    I'm seeking help with my Airtable base. Specifically, I require assistance with: - Data organization: I need an expert who can efficiently sort and arrange my data to optimize the usage of Airtable. Currently, I have less than 5 tables which you will be working on. - Automations: Experience in setting up and implementing Airtable automations is crucial. The goal is to improve the workflow and minimize manual tasks. - Linking tables: Some of my tables still need to be linked to optimize the base. An understanding of relational databases and linking in Airtable will be beneficial. Overall, an ideal candidate would be someone who has vast experience in managing data, creating automations, and linking tables within Airtable. Your in-depth knowledge in ...

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $12 / hr Avg Bid
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    ...Recommend tools and methods for tracking and analyzing digital marketing efforts. Advertising and Promotional Campaigns: Advise on effective local advertising strategies, including Google Ads and traditional media. Develop promotional offers or discount schemes to attract new business clients. CRM and Email Marketing Implementation: Guide the setup and effective use of a CRM system (preferably Airtable) for lead management. Devise an email marketing strategy using Mailchimp, focusing on segmentation and personalized campaigns. Community Engagement and Brand Presence: Propose community engagement activities and CSR initiatives that would enhance our brand presence. KPIs and Performance Tracking: Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for measuring the success of implemented ...

    $123 (Avg Bid)
    $123 Avg Bid
    26 bids

    ONLY PEOPLE WITH EXTENSIVE AIRTABLE EXPERIENCE NEED TO APPLY PLEASE I'm seeking an experienced CRM developer capable of building a system tailored to event customers, memberships, and order tracking using airtable. While the key features have been left open-ended, contact management, membership management and order tracking are high possibilities. Consequently, a breadth of CRM development skills is invaluable. Successful applicants should include experience details, especially in CRM building and the mentioned potential features. Regarding the event management functionality of the CRM, it's not defined. However, a broad skill set from ticketing systems to attendee management will be favorable. Ideally: • CRM Development • Experience with ...

    $13 - $19 / hr
    Featured Urgent Sealed NDA
    $13 - $19 / hr
    34 bids

    I need someone to update a webportal as well as do some backend work to update an Airtable. Key functionalities for the update include: * Adding a button * Adding filters * Updating existing filter * Update existing data in Airtable * Synch existing Airtable data with webportal The ideal freelancer for this project would be an experienced web developer with a strong grasp of UI/UX design. Knowledge in building responsive designs and familiarity with Airtable data synchronization will be a definitive plus. Efficiency and precision are highly appreciated as we aim for a seamless upgrade of the web-portal. Here's a link to an overview of what's needed:

    $482 (Avg Bid)
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    171 bids

    I am looking for a developer to help me with a project that involves converting Airtable data into a custom post type on my website. The purpose of the custom post type is to showcase products in a grid layout with filtering options. Each airtable has a collection of images in attachment. I would like to incorporate a lightbox feature so clicking custom post type will display a lightbox with images to scroll and description below. Write how you will achieve this and include "wptable" in a sentence or you'll be ignored. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Experience with Airtable and custom post types - Proficiency in WordPress and PHP - Knowledge of frontend development and CSS - Familiarity with FacetWP for filtering functionality If...

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $10 / hr Avg Bid
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    I need an Airtable CRM setup for storing and managing clients, agents, sales data for a real estate company. This CRM will need 3 user roles - Super Admin, Admin and Agent. The exact project requirements will be given in a document where all the goals will be written in detail along with reference videos. In the document you'll be able to find two reference videos which will help you visualise how to data needs to be stored. Please go through the document before placing your Bid. The project time frame is preferably 7 days, maximum 10 days.

    $485 (Avg Bid)
    $485 Avg Bid
    10 bids

    I need a proficient freelancer to assist me with a project relating to data entry and management on Airtable. My goal is to fill out returns policy summaries, and your responsibility would be to collect such data from commercial websites. Core Tasks: - Scraping Returns Policy data from external commercial websites. - Sorting and organizing the scraped data. - Defining and inputting the data into Airtable. Skills and Experience Required: Proficiency in data scraping/ web scraping is a must. Prior experience with Airtable is also critical for this project, as you will need to input the data coherently to assist my workflow. Having worked on a returns policy or eCommerce data organization would be beneficial. In essence, the right candidate would primarily have solid ...

    $16 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $16 / hr Avg Bid
    26 bids

    ...looking for an experienced Airtable developer who can assist with the setup, customization, and integration of my database. Specific features that I require for my Airtable project include: - Database setup and configuration - Customization of views and fields - Integration with other tools and platforms I do not have any existing data that needs to be imported, as this project will be a fresh start. I would like the project to be completed within a month, so I am looking for someone who can work efficiently and meet deadlines. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Airtable and its various features - Knowledge of database setup and configuration - Experience in customizing views and fields in Airtable - Familiarity with int...

    $23 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $23 / hr Avg Bid
    41 bids

    We have clients who publish their car inventory data on their websites. We need to get that data from their website and feed it to our Airtable base. The data set consists of vehicles. Each vehicle will have a stock or ID number, VIN number, year, make, model, color, and location. The inventory data is available both on the dealership's own website and You will need to: - create a cloud based scraper to pull inventory data from either of the 2 sources - validate the data including check for duplicates and removing cars that have been sold/disposed - connect the data to Airtable

    $485 (Avg Bid)
    $485 Avg Bid
    52 bids

    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with an Airtable Script for an automated workflow. Specific tasks include: - Developing a script that automates workflow processes in Airtable - Ensuring that the script performs data manipulation and calculations accurately Preferred programming language: - No preference, the freelancer can choose the programming language that they are most comfortable with (JavaScript or Python) This project does not require ongoing maintenance or updates for the script. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in JavaScript or Python - Experience with Airtable and its scripting capabilities - Strong problem-solving skills to develop a reliable and efficient script for automated workflow processes.

    $541 (Avg Bid)
    $541 Avg Bid
    46 bids

    I'm looking for a developer skilled in script development, particularly in OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), to assist me with a project. I have around 3000 scanned survey images monthly that need to be read and the data integrated with Airtable via Key Tasks: - Develop a script for reading scanned survey images (checkboxes in multiple choice questions) - Process approximately 3000 paper surveys on a monthly basis - Integrate the extracted data with Airtable via The programming language for the script development is open since I haven't specified one. However, proficiency in common languages like Python, JavaScript, or PHP is beneficial. I aim to have this project completed within a 1-2 month timeline. Ideal candidates will have experience with image ...

    $1366 (Avg Bid)
    $1366 Avg Bid
    70 bids

    I'm seeking a proficient Virtual Assistant with a focus on data entry. The main responsibility will be updating and maintaining information in our Airtable databases. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Have a keen eye for detail - Excellent proficiency in Airtable management - Ability to handle sensitive data - Outstanding time management skills This job is pivotal in keeping our databases up-to-date and functional, so I am looking for someone that can take this task head on.

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $4 / hr Avg Bid
    156 bids

    Python code writer needed for a small project to automate data entry from retail SKU’s into airtable Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Python programming language - Experience with writing concise and efficient code

    $402 (Avg Bid)
    $402 Avg Bid
    122 bids

    ...with a WhatsApp bot for the primary purpose of improving customer support. The application ought to integrate with Airtable, Bubble, and an Israeli payment gateway utilizing an API, and should be orchestrated via Make. Key Features: - The client interface should incorporate a live chat support to facilitate real-time client interactions. - In addition to this, an internal dashboard should be developed to cater to the management team's needs, providing them with an overview of customer interactions and data. - the client will upload a csv which needs to be parsed and entered into airtable Ideal Candidate: Ideal candidates should be adept with the mentioned software (Airtable, Bubble, Make), and should have profound experience in developing web applications, W...

    $523 (Avg Bid)
    $523 Avg Bid
    14 bids

    I'm searching for an adept freelancer to create an AirTable base for content and editorial management. Detailed specifics regarding what type of content will be stored and how each piece of content will be organized and sorted isn't specified yet. Therefore, I'll need someone capable of adapting to changes and uncertainties. Skills and Experience required: - Proficiency in AirTable - Strong adaptability skills - Experience in project management or content organization - building upon basic AirTable with extensions - fast turnaround

    min $50 / hr
    Featured Urgent Sealed NDA
    min $50 / hr
    4 bids

    ...script is specifically required for QuickBooks Online. - Information Transfer: Details from the invoices that should be transferred to Airtable are: Invoice Number and Total, Customer Details, Items, Invoice Date, and Status. - Manual Operation: The script should be designed to execute manually each time, rather than running at specific intervals. -The script needs to have variables that i can edit to link to my own Quickbooks account and Airtable base/table - needs to be supplied. - Must run on Linux/Ubuntu Ideal candidates for this project are those with Python programming skills and experience in integrating QuickBooks Online and Airtable APIs. Your ability to accurately and efficiently transfer data between different systems will be crucial for this project&#...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    $20 Avg Bid
    4 bids

    I am looking for a freelancer to customize Airtable for my CRM and marketing needs. Specifically, I need assistance with lead tracking. Workflow: - I do not have a specific workflow in mind and would appreciate suggestions from the freelancer. Integrations: - I do not have any specific integrations in mind and would appreciate recommendations from the freelancer. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience customizing Airtable for CRM and marketing purposes - Strong knowledge of lead tracking strategies - Ability to suggest and implement effective workflows - Familiarity with various integrations that can enhance Airtable's functionality for CRM and marketing purposes. Hello, I'd like to use Airtable as a CRM for my mobile bar busines...

    $495 - $990
    $495 - $990
    54 bids

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