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    I have an html page with google maps showing. I need it to show a different icon on my server and also get the gps coords from a different location on my server. Will be a fast quick fix for someone who knows how to do it.

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    ...built. I need a working skeleton andeoid app to finish out myself possibly We need to post a form to a webpage (mine) and receive back (xml ot json) a set of tasks and gps coords Then we invoke google maps or navigon and start a turn-by-turn to guide to next location When we are there the tasks are displayed and when all checked off we repeat process

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    I need a mobile phone app that is device independent (Xamarian) that takes pictures (with GPS coords) saves them on device, has a 1 page form with about 8 data fields, then submits this data to a backend. Sample application - you send a friend to shop for something - they find it - take pictures of it, fill out description data and submits it for saving

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    ...have 3 values. ••• Name of Point ••• Coords ••• Pin Color (Type) •••••• RED: Fixed and can not move. •••••• BLUE: Fixed and can not move. •••••• GREEN: Can drag and drop. Should have a tool bar like the mini tool window that is currently used. Each...

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    I have a visual basics project I need help with. It involves showing X, Y coords of buttons into an OptionTable and also inserting a custom image to a panel that allows drag and drop and a few more. Will discuss more over chat.

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    Hi, on my website you can see a banner of InstaPremium, is has been made in a code block so it could have a...style="width:100%;" usemap="#myimage-map"/> <map name="myimage-map"> <area target="_blank" alt="InstaPremium" title="InstaPremium" href="[url removed, login to view]" coords="1825,7...

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    ...registered and georeferenced fls file if required. The RCS point cloud is georeferenced to GPS coordinates and the REVIT model would also need to be aligned to the same GPS coords. There are also some engineering construction drawings from when the facility was first built. Here is a link to download the point cloud and files and an accompanying report

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    Read in a large csv file from resources folder consisting of x,y coordinates and available directions with location names and location descriptions Use the x,y coords to generate a map using unity generated sprites made up of boxes with visualizations of available connections between each box (n,s,w,e) - essentially shaded boxes with lines running

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    ...missing required attribute alt. From line 146, column 5; to line 146, column 55 Map">↩ <area shape="rect" coords="426,25,568,73" href="#">↩ </m Attributes for element area: Global attributes alt - Replacement text for use when images are not available coords - Coordinates for the shape to be created in an image map download - Whether ...

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    This is mobile app for employee time tracking (time, gps coords) offline & database sync to server

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    I want the code to do the following, tested and complete: After user presses hit the prt scn button on the keyboard: [url removed, login to view] a CF_BITMAP out of the clipboard. [url removed, login to view] GlobalLock(),GlobalUnlock(), and GlobalFree() respectively for clipboard. [url removed, login to view] the DDB CF_BITMAP INTO A DIB BITMAPINFO struct with the following values tak...

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    I need help with some data entry. I don't care whether it is manual or via a web scrap...putting into this excel document. The winning freelancer will have a lot more work. [url removed, login to view],-0.12775829999998223&housing=&commercial=&oversea=&service=&size=

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    ...page that provided additional relevant information was revolutionary. 2) Working with images- img, src, width, height, alt, title (image attribute), href, map, area, shape, coords, figure, figcaption, border, float, margin, .gif, .jpg, .png 3) Multimedia- href, audio, source, controls, width, video/iframe 4) To the point - Lists: li, ol, ul, dl

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    The idea of the project is to code an app that comunicates with an hc-05 module of an arduino. The arduino send coordinate...where the received coordinates should be added a polyline with a width in meters specified by the int with the coordinates, Feel free to choose the best "protocol" to send the coords and the int, eg: lt12.34567ln12.346432int6

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    1. Upload GPS coords in CSV format to dropbox based on user defined interval. 2. Format of CSV : <Name>, <Lat>, <Long>, <Time> 3. User inputs : (a) Name (b) Dropbox id (c) Dropbox pwd (d) Time Interval (in seconds) 4. File to be created in dropbox by Name. 5. File once created, will be UPDATE when fresh GPS coords uploaded. No NEW FILE TO BE CREATED

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    Application for st... Activat/Deactivate any camera Ping function with return current IP with port for connection with any net-player (like VLC player) and GPS(WiFi) coords 3) After install APK must starting automatically if device reboot 4) Will have settings, with remote changing 5) Details after accept.

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    Send Lat Long (GPS Coords) as DEGREE MINUTE SECOND to a saved number at periodic interval saved by user Format of SMS Latitude = 29 00 43.83N Longitude = 077 41 31.90E,05:13

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    ...build_board(coords,size): Given a list of coordinates for the locations of queens and a non- negative int size, build a board (a list of lists of Booleans) of that size, and mark cells with a queen True. A valid coordinate must be a pair of non-negative integers within range. If any coordinate is invalid, None should be returned. o Assume: coords is a list

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    Simple 2 screen SMS sending app. First screen to save Mobile number and time interval...number and time interval (in seconds) Second screen to have START , STOP and EDIT Buttons When app launched,GPS shud be invoked. When START clicked, the app shud send GPS coords to saved mobile number at the time interval, and app minimise to run in back ground

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