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    I Need help to develope THIS attached project for my school simply it quiz maker two sides teacher interface and student interface i face problem with doing the following: 1- i want this works in network (MICROSOFT) 2- after the students finished there exams all will be collected in the server which is the teacher pc(scorRed) 3-the student interface must be with image box linked with the question,...

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    [login to view URL] is a new project site which needs upgrading for a new project. The work will be unpaid but your company logo and web-site (if you have one) will be displayed on every page of our web-site and stationery. The work will require HTML, Javascript and some WYSIWYG skills using Front Page 4.0 or Front Page Express 2.0! If you are interested as we say this is a non profit web-site fo...

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    I teach for living at a high school Check out [login to view URL] anybody able to make such a website ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done

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    Program should be coded in C++. Your program should act as an assistant to a teacher at the end of the school year. Initially your program should output to the screen your student ID and name. These should be hard-coded in the program. For each student, the teacher will enter the marks obtained by the student in each subject, and the program will report the student's average mark and total ma...

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    I need help in designing an application which uses word and vb i need to design a link from word so when a user clicks to view the pages it shows it in visual basic i need a coder to work with me to create this ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done

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    Project A. Create a project for obtaining student information. startup form controls are as follows: * Text boxes for entering the name and units completed. * Option buttons for Freshman, Sophmore, Junior, and Senior * Check box for Dean's list * Use a list box for the following majors: Accounting, Business, CIS, Marketing * A simple combo for name of high school-initially loaded with Frankli...

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    I have a C++ program due. I really need a 100% on my final. My program is about a travel agency converting currencies and providing stay and food. Hopefully it will make sense when you read the code. Here are the requirements: *Visual Table of Contents (VTOC) *inline commentation where appropriate to clarify the program and aid in readability (ex: // used to...) *Appropriate compiler directives fo...

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    Greetings, I have little experience with ms visual c++ and I would like to learn more. I need someone who can challenge me with beginner code challenges and assist me along when I need help. This would not be helping me with programming homework but more like giving me homework and helping me progress thru it if I have questions. I am very computer literate but I have little or no programming skil...

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    I am looking for an ASP/SQL Server 7 developer to work on a fixed price project. The project is to build a Time Tracking application in ASP and SQL Server 7 for an Intranet. You must have 2 years experience with ASP on SQL Server and you must also have Intranet apllication development experience. Expected project length is 2 Months +, please e-mail CV's and approx fee for a two month projec...

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    $200 - $300
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    we have 3 domain names at school that they are going to one web site, how can we redirect them to different pages. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done ## Deadline information We have been working hard on this

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    I had a go at making my own Customer Management System for a school project but found it alot more difficult than anticipated. All I require is a basic skeleton application which I can fiddle with later on and adjust accordingly. I just need someone to make one for me then I'll be able to understand the programming concepts involved better. I figured many of you professional programmers have ...

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    i need an messaging program that can send sms to mobile phones in usa, japan, and korea) ,fax and email. Details will be given to selected bidders. If you can do this task, send me an email about what you are goning to do. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done

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    I had a go at making my own Customer Management System for a school project but found it alot more difficult than anticipated. All I require is a basic skeleton application which I can fiddle with later on and adjust accordingly. I just need someone to make one for me then I'll be able to understand the programming concepts involved better. The system must be able to store Names, Addresses an...

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    We need professional coders familiarized with Timetabling problems (Genetic Algorithms, Graph Colouring, Paralell programming) to finalize a project started for schools in Romania. ## Deliverables We can share the rights. But we must talk the terms.

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    This project includes creating the client and server. What I need the server to do is wait for clients to connect (server must be able to have at least 10 clients) when client connects the server will wait for identification from client. After recieving indentification the server will wait for client to send a 10 digit number. After recieving the 10 digit number the server will save the number und...

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    A website intended to allow students of various schools to post their used textbooks for auction (regular and reverse). Buyers will be able to mange their posted auctions, while sellers will be able to monitor their bids. Both buyers and sellers will indicate which book they are selling by searching via title and author keywords or ISBN. And then for Sellers, through a multi-step screen scrapping ...

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    Complete a 3/4 management system in less than 3 days. ## Deliverables From the attachment, Please run the VB6.0 and go to the following forms: 1)AccountFile This file is supposed to tabulate daily expenses and accumulate Monthly Earning, Annual Earning and Total Profit/Loss. Income will be taken from Invoice file. Function of this File: Add Daily Expenses. Daily Income will be calculated from I...

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    This project involves a simulated teller machine for my school here in Michigan. 3/4 of it has already been programmed ## Deliverables Forms for withdrawal, transfer, bill payment, deposit, system administrator-printing, ## Deadline information Must be completed within a week.

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    Documentation Plus All the form are done. Coding are done for all forms except 3. Invoice,Account and Stock. Basically, This is a management System as a term project. ## Deliverables From the attachment, Please run the VB6.0 and go to the following forms: 1)AccountFile This file is supposed to tabulate daily expenses and accumulate Monthly Earning, Annual Earning and Total Profit/Loss. Income w...

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    Looking to create a web based "Weather related closings" system. THis system will display schools, businesses and events that are being closed, delayed etc... This system will have 2 security levels. One is for the main admin and the other would be for the organization. Only the administrator will be able to add organizations and their passwords. However, the organization can log in and ...

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    Documentation Plus All the form are done. Coding are done for all forms except 3. Invoice,Account and Stock. Basically, This is a management System for a company(Term project)not for a Real Company... ## Deliverables I need all forms to be coded with no bugs and link up with database which i have attached in the zip. Anything unaware please refer to documentation in Zip. DeadLine: As soon as [l...

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    This should be a very simple project for any c/c++ programmer who knows pointers well. I have a complex structure that i want to pack into a buffer and send it to a function. The catch is that the receiving function cant access the address space of the sending function so the pointers are all invalid. So we pack the structur to be sent into a char buffer and send it. The reciving function should b...

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    A Visual Basic program that allows the user to enter an area code to search for the state and to enter the state and obtain all the area codes in that state ## Deliverables This is a school project with very simple coding. Due to lack of time and other deadlines I'm not able to do it myself. Basically I need a simple program which allows a user to enter any given area code, once the comman...

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    [login to view URL] a electronic catalogue of products containing 10 items. each product to comprise title, description, image and price. user can enter the catalogue throught a front page containing an overall description. user can view the catalogue item by item or opt to view presentaation of the products for sale. the user can select items by draging and dropping into a shopping basket. a chec...

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    I have a previous version of VB (no source code though) and require a newer, fully-featured version of a standalone program which presents users with a series of multiple choice questions. The user selects the correct answer and moves on. Login & reports required for individual students. Plenty more features required. If all goes well this will be expanded to be networked throughout a school. ...

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    This is a school project on VB 6.0 (David I. Schneider 4th edition, Page 397)Using a two dimensional array to build an airline reservation program consisting of 10 rows and 4 columns. ## Deliverables Greetings: How would you go about designing a VB program(nothing complex)to simulate an airline reservation. Assume the airplane has 10 rows with 4 seats in each row. Use a two dimensional array of...

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    Update: I have made a deal with a contractor outside of Thank-you to everyone who posted although quite a few people do not seem to read everything properly, because after I stated that the maximum should be a few hundred dollars, people posted in the thousands once again. Just a note for the ones that did, because its not very professional to quote without reading all the messages...

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    Dear Sir My self is BCS (bachelor of compuetr science) and MCM(Masters in computer mgnt.) based in India. I have also passed one year diploma course in Web designing and marketing from ZAP. I have also won many prizes in rangoli and fre hand in my school and college days. My self is having 8 months experince in web desiging. I am working on large three health related portals in India. Here I am r...

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    $200 - $300
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    Коррекции, которые необходимо внести в сайт [login to view URL] Надо убрать телефон- +371 20562020 На главной странице ( и на страницах где указаны дома по отдельности) надо изменить цены Дом на одну семью – от 560 тысяч Дом на две семьи от 320 тысяч Таунхаус – от 290 тысяч Из раздела контакты надо убрать информацию: Нелли Осе - отдел продаж. +37120562020 nelli@[login to view ...

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    requiero un logo tipo grafiti para una barberia, abajo dejo un ejemplo, el nombre de la barberia sera: "WEREBER" Barbershop, y despues de eso me gustaria que me trabajara la pagina de facebook creando diseños, etc..

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    Per conto di un importatne cliente, cerco esperta/o per la stesura di uno studio di fattibilità di una talent school in Ticino (Svizzera). L'idea, ancora da sviluppare, è quella di fondare una scuola molto innovativa e non convenzionale per giovani che, dopo una dura e severa selezione, intraprenderanno un percorso che li accompagnerà a diventare imprenditori/manager di ...

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    Estamos buscando freelance en MADRID (SPAIN) para lanzar un nuevo producto formativo online, y necesitamos graficos, copy, community manger y expertos en UX e UI

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    Bonjour je m'appelle Franck, je recherche un freelance pour la création d'une application smartphone & tablette Android/ IOS pour de l'enregistrement ( vidéo ou photo ) en direct ( streaming ) enregistré sur un serveur pour stockage, avec la possibilité d'utiliser aussi une camera externe usb/uvc , de visionner les fichiers et de les supprimer. ...

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    Szkoła języka polskiego Accent School of Polish organizuje szkolenie adaptacyjne w najbliższą sobotę (18.05), potrzebujemy pomocy w promocji wydarzenia na Facebooku, jednorazowo.

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    Argentine tango School Club Dance

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    Necesitamos, una locucion Jovial, amable institucional con acento latino americano NEUTRO para escuchar demo y referencia de como tiene que ser la locucion valla a este link: [login to view URL] TEXTO: Decroly Christian School Siempre a la vanguardia, con lo ultimo en tecnología, Dele la oportunidad a sus hijos de aprender a crear mientras juegan, entrenándose para manipular ob...

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    Hola Al no ser preparado para diseñar,programar y crear una app me gustaría que alguien me pasará presupuesto sobre cuanto me costaría crear un juego para ambos mercados Android y Apple ,un juego simple (sin 3D ,pixdlado,old school ) sobre el juego de mi infancia Tamagochi. Hay muchos por ahí pero son "renovados" .Yo busco el mismo que tenía d...

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    Hola soy adiestrador canino acabo de empezar un proyecto nuevo llamado the puppy school lo podeis ver en [login to view URL] necesito alguien para ayudarme con seo, sem y redes sociales

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    I need a webdesign for a Cardriving school. The logo is attached. Colors: Black and Yellow (cmyk: 100% yellow) The subpages for the Menu are: Startseite Über uns Unternehmen Autos/Anhänger Motorräder Leistungen Führerschein aller Klassen Seminare Fahrbeobachtung nach Krankheit Auffrischungsfahrstunden Unsere Mitarbeiter...

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    Trung tâm Thời Đại Mới IDC, một đơn vị đào tạo thiết kế đồ họa, họa viên kiến trúc hoạt động hơn 20 năm trong lĩnh vực. Được kiểm định chất lượng bởi Sở Giáo dục và Đào tạo TP.HCM. Chúng tôi tìm kiếm một designer chuyên nghiệp và tự tin, có thể đứng lớp để truyền đạt kiến thức cho các bạn trẻ muốn theo đu...

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    The internet & social media have allowed people to interact beyond national & international boundaries, but people have forgotten how to interact with the social environment surrounding them. We are fundamentally social creatures shaped by our relationships. We naturally seek deeper connections with other individuals as a way of identifying and better understanding others and ourselves. Bu...

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    (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) We're looking for an illustrator for our little book which helps teach Vietnamese to foreign kids. The first book will have 5 short conversations as the one below. --- In a school playground Girl: Hi! Boy: (plays on phone) Girl: Hi! Boy: (plays on phone) Girl: What’s your name? Boy: (plays on phone) Girl (yells): What’s your name? Boy (startled, dr...

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    AGGIORNAMENTO 10/01/19 Salve, grazie per le proposte ma credo che nessuna abbia centrato il tema del logo e della mia attività. Nel mio logo vorrei fossero presenti elementi similari a quelli che vi elenco di seguito, sotto forma di rappresentazioni grafiche o similari (ripeto, io sono una fotografa analogica, ossia utilizzo strumenti fotografici analogici (a rullino) e NON digitali) Hello...

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    We are a little family-run driving school in Germany and we need a new driving instructor and an apprentice. To find someone, we want to have two job advertisemts in the same style with different text. It would be great to get a file that we can use to print as a poster and for our homepage and the social-media networks. The project result should show our company logo on a black background and m...

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    Estoy buscando alguna persona para la creación de una app iOS para una emisora de radios online.

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    We are a new Elementary school that opened in Kuwait in September 2018 We need to be listed in online directories and listings. Some instances are editing online sites e.g. Wikipedia Others would involve contacting the company website/owner and submitting the details for inclusion to directories. The company details will be shared with you upon acceptance of the job. The task should be completed w...

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    This position is for [login to view URL] Title:Senior Sales Executive Job Description: What will I be doing? As a T.O. Sales Closer you would be responsible for executing your position's responsibilities in alignment with our Spirit of Service culture and driving company success through performing the following tasks to the highest standards: Assisting the sales management team in clos...

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    Copy the; School name School address Barrio/District Phone Number Email for 393 schools from the website into an excel sheet; [login to view URL] I have attached an excel with the first two schools completed. 391 more :)

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    Input: 1- A 3dm file of a handheld device. 2- Not a perfect model, some parts volume, some parts shell 3- Image and the actual model is attached Expected Output: 1- STL file for 3D printing 2- The model should be unified & hollow with shell thickness 1.5 mm or so 3- This is a school project therefore 100% accuracy is not a must.

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