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    I'm in need of a professional who can update config which utilized ESRI's cloud builder tool on Azure. Specifically, the role requires assisting in confi...server, transforming a site created in IIS to be public-facing. This includes making the site accessible from the internet with a basic level of security, such as HTTPS. Key Responsibilities: - Configure ESRI Cloud Builder tool on Azure - Make existing IIS site on ArcWeb server public-facing - Implement basic security measures (e.g., HTTPS) Required Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in ESRI/ArcGIS platform - Experience with ESRI's cloud builder tool - Familiarity with Azure cloud services - Strong knowledge of web server configurations, particularly IIS - Prior experience in setting up public-facing sites wit...

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    I'm in need of a talented ArcGIS specialist who can redraw my PDF map to an ArcGIS base map keeping scale. The purpose of this conversion is primarily for visual presentation. Key requirements for this job include: - Converting a PDF map into an ArcGIS base map - Implementing functionalities such as layer toggling and zoom in/out

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    ...GIS professional who can help me design and implement a detailed map for spatial analysis of exploration mining data. - The main goal of the map is Spatial Analysis. - The primary type of data that will be visualized is exploration Data. - The specific focus of the data will resource exploration analysis. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proficiency in GIS software, such as ArcGIS, QGIS, Google Earth, Illustrator or similar. - Experience in spatial analysis of environmental data. - A strong understanding of different types of data visualization techniques. - A keen attention to detail to ensure the map accurately represents the data. I'm looking for someone who can deliver a high-quality and visually appealing GIS map that effectively conveys the distri...

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    I'm seeking a proficient ArcGIS Python specialist to help me with a project that involves data analysis and geoprocessing. Key tasks: - **Data Analysis:** You will be responsible for analyzing medium-sized data (1 GB to 10 GB), using ArcGIS Python. Your ability to extract meaningful insights from this data is crucial. - **Geoprocessing:** I need assistance with efficiently processing this spatial data. Your geoprocessing tasks should be meticulous and well-documented. I'm specifically looking for an expert who can create custom GIS tools that can streamline these processes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in ArcGIS Python - Extensive experience in data analysis, particularly with medium-sized datasets - Proven track record in ...

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    I require, a professional with keen knowledge of Python and ArcGIS Pro, to create a script that can convert my ArcGIS Pro lyrx documents into the Geostyler format. The script must include the conversion of colors, labels, symbols, and fonts. Any individual with substantial experience and demonstrated skills in this field is strongly encouraged to bid. We are aware there are many libraries out there that can convert into many formats but not directly. We are ok with the document being converted several times as long as the end results are correct. We need this completed as soon as possible. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Python programming language - ArcGIS Pro expertise - Understanding of mapping elements including colors, labels, symbols, and fonts - General kno...

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    ...planners. Key Responsibilities: - Create thematic maps: These are maps that display a specific theme, such as population density or land use, using various colors or patterns. - Develop cartographic maps: These maps are tailored for effective and visually appealing presentation, including labeling, scale bars, and other features. Required Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in GIS software (e.g. ArcGIS, QGIS) to accurately analyze and map geospatial data. - Expertise in thematic and cartographic mapping techniques for effective communication with specialist users. - Strong understanding of data visualization and design principles for map making. The ideal candidate must have a strong portfolio of thematic and cartographic maps, particularly those used for specialist audience...

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    For my college assignment, I require assistance for both data analysis and geographic mapping through ArcGIS. Key project tasks include: - Conducting data analysis to reveal any underlying patterns within the dataset provided. - Generating a comprehensive geographic map based on the data analysis results. Ideal freelancer should have: - Solid expertise in ArcGIS - Experience in data analysis and geographic mapping - Excellent understanding of spatial modeling Notably, please observe that this project is an educational assignment thus necessitates dedication and precision.

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    ...a color legend associated with these data. I need the analysis to be done using ArcGIS PRO, due to its robust GIS capabilities and my data compatibility. In analyzing the suitability of a moon landing site, kindly consider: - Solar Angles: To ensure optimal lighting conditions for landing and ground operations; - Identifying Permanently Shadowed Areas: These may hold large amount of Ice necessary for colonization and supply; - Proximity to Lava Tubes: These can offer potential shelter and research opportunities; - Presence of Water Ice: For potential resource utilization. I require this analysis completed as soon as possible. The ideal candidate for this project will have extensive experience using ArcGIS PRO and a solid understanding of planetary geology or related fi...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who has experience in installing python libraries that are not included in their package manager. I am look...looking to install bridge-style library so that I can process the layer styles into a database in geostyler format. I have the script to do this I just need access to the library. I am looking for a step by step process to install the library globally or in the current project if it cant be done globally. Library link. This project requires: - Proficiency in ArcGIS Pro 2.8 - Knowledge of Windows operating system - Experience with Python libraries - Understanding installing 3rd party python libraries Please, hit me up if you hold practical experience in these areas; I would love to get your assistance on this.

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    Hello, I have a set of data of various roadways and their extents in excel each with the following primary fields (as well as other fields but not pertinent to this): Roadway Name, Roadway From, Roadway To (For example Name: Mission Avenue / From: Main Street / To: Broadway). I also have a larger polyine shapefile with the same fields as the excel however, the excel From and To extend beyond a single polyine in the shapefile. For Example in the excel the fields would say: Name: Mission Avenue / From: Main Street / To: Broadway In the Shapefile this would encompass multiple segments (ie multiple rows of data) for example: Name: Mission Avenue / From: Main Street / To: 1st Ave , Mission Avenue / From: 1st Ave / To: 2nd St, Name: Mission Avenue / From: 2nd St / To: Broadway. Im looki...

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    31 bids needs to be built using ArcGIS development and should feed from publicly available ESRI maps. Key requirements include: - Creation of a cross-platform app: The app must work seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices. - Utilization of ArcGIS development: The freelancer should be experienced in working with ArcGIS to ensure the app is developed with the necessary geospatial capabilities. - Integration with ESRI maps: The app must pull data from publicly available ESRI maps and display them in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. - Clean and intuitive UI/UX: While I don't have specific design requirements at this moment, the app should be easy to navigate and visually appealing for users. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in ...

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    I'm looking for a professional who is efficient in converting Shapefiles in ArcGIS. The tasks include: - The conversion of existing shapefiles to produce Garmin compatible export files. - Ensuring the outcome includes Infrastructure data attributes. - i need to be able to have map overlay on a garmin gps to make it offline capable as i work in remote areas and need to be able to find various sites on the move. Ideal Freelancer: Existing knowledge and experience with ArcGIS are paramount. You should understand how to adequately convert shapefiles while maintaining the integrity of Infrastructure data attributes. Familiarity with Garmin compatible formats is highly beneficial.

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer who is adept in .net SDK and C# to develop an add-in for ArcGIS on the Windows platform. - The key functionality required for this add-in includes data serialization, network communication and database interaction. - Specialized experience in .net SDK and ArcGIS is highly appreciated. - You'd be expected to make this add-in compatible with Windows. Incase you've developed for this platform in the past, kindly highlight so in your proposal. An ideal candidate would be quick to understand requirements and deliver a clean, efficient solution. Looking forward to your bid.

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    I'm in search of a talented developer who can create a feature-rich, cross-platform application. The app will integrate data from a variety of sources, with a particular emphasis on ESRI technologies and ArcGIS. This is a data collection app, so it's crucial that the data integration is seamless and reliable and constantly connected. Key Requirements: - Cross-Platform Development: The app should be compatible with both iOS and Android. - Data Integration: In addition to ESRI technologies and ArcGIS, the app should be able to pull data from various sources including emergency response and traffic updates. - Data Collection Functionality: The main purpose of the app is to collect data and send it back to the application. This process should be user-friendly and effic...

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    ...ESRI technologies and ArcGIS. The app's main function will be data collection and analysis, with potential for additional features in the future. Key requirements: - Cross-platform compatibility: The app should be designed to work flawlessly on both iOS, Android devices. - ESRI and ArcGIS integration: Experience with these technologies is crucial for the successful completion of the project as the sources have ungraded from html. - Scalability: The app must be designed in a way that allows for the easy addition of new features as our needs evolve. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in cross-platform app development, ideally with a portfolio demonstrating similar work. - Strong background in integrating third-party data sources and APIs, particularly ESRI an...

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    Identification of small water bodies, as well as their identification when it is covered by vegetation. Techniques to be used, either with QGIS, Arcgis, or Arcgis it is not possible, then convolutional neural networks (CNNs), recurrent neural networks (RNNs), and fully convolutional networks (FCN).

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    I'm in need of an ArcGIS developer who can help me with a specific GIS mapping task. We're currently working on a project focused on the agriculture sector. As an ArcGIS developer, your main responsibility will be to create GIS maps that are specifically tailored for this purpose. In particular, this project requires: - GIS Mapping: The main task is to create an interactive GIS map for agricultural purposes. This will involve not only mapping out relevant data but also ensuring that the map is user-friendly and allows for basic interactions like zooming. This project requires an intermediate level of interactivity in the GIS maps, meaning that while users can interact with the data, the interactions will be kept simple and not overly complex. I'm looking f...

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    I'm looking for an ArcGIS Pro developer with expertise in data visualization. You will be responsible for visualizing a .ncz NetCAD file directly - no conversion required. Key Responsibilities: - Utilize ArcGIS Pro for visualization purposes - Work with .ncz NetCAD file directly For example, arcgis pro can read DWG data directly, but cannot read NCZ data. I want it to only read Ncz data.

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    I'm searching for a knowledgeable ArcGIS Pro freelancer capable of various tasks. Key responsibilities include: - Data analysis - Map design - Geoprocessing You will be primarily using ArcGIS Pro for spatial analysis. Your main task will be to help in the management and interpretation of shapefile data. Ideal candidate should possess: - Expertise in ArcGIS Pro - Strong geoprocessing skills - Experience in data analysis and map design - Proficient knowledge in spatial analysis and managing shapefile data Your experience and skills will be vital to the success of this project. Looking forward to working together!

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    ...conservation bodies including UN, Pacific Regional Environment Programme or Convention on Biological Diversity in terms of marine boundaries. The boundaries are already present on raster paper charts for navigation but we need digital boundaries made with accurate coordinates. Ideal freelancers should have: Primary: - Proficient skills in working with Shape files (SHP) - Apps such as QGIS or ARCGIS. Secondary (optional): - Understanding of the maritime environment and submerged reefs - Experience or familiarity with international environmental conservation regulations particularly those stipulated by UN, Pacific Regional Environment Programme or Convention on Biological Diversity The design of these boundaries will contribute significantly to the conservation of marine li...

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    We are building the dashboard with Map. Required Skills: - Experience in ArcGIS and Mapbox - Experience in React, Html, Javascript - Available working full-time from now We will provide details in PM.

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    As someone passionate about geographical data, I'm seeking a specialist to provide a detailed analysis of specific features. This project calls for an inquisitive and knowledgeable analyst with a sound understanding of maps, particularly pertaining to: - Land use classifications - Water bodies Candidates with a background in geography, cartography or GIS will be best suited for this project. An eye for detail and the capacity to deliver a detailed analysis of both land use and water bodies are invaluable for success in this project. Proficiency in related software and tools, interpreting and drawing conclusions from complex data will also be beneficial. I look forward to your proposals and insights.

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    I need an experienced .NET C# developer to urgently create an ArcGIS plugin for GstarCAD. Aimed at enhancing the CAD software's capabilities, this .NET plugin should include: there is already ArcGis plugin that already works on AutoCAD , but i want one that can be created that can run on GstarCAD - Data Sharing - 3D Modeling - Import/Export Features - Other major functionalities related to CAD and GIS integration that is already in ArcGis that works on AutoCAD The timeline is crucial, I require this as soon as possible. Ideal Candidate: - Proficiency in .NET and C# programming languages - Demonstrable experience in ArcGIS platform, specifically plugin creation - Familiarity with CAD softwares, especially GstarCAD and AuTOCAD - Strong understanding of d...

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    I'm looking for a skilled native Android developer with a deep understanding of GIS technologies. This project involves creating a GIS app that targets GIS professionals and field...provide precise location information. - Mapping and data visualization: The app should be able to handle a large amount of spatial data and present it in an intuitive and useful way for users. - Routing and navigation: The app should be able to navigate users from one point to another, taking into account any specific constraints relevant to GIS professionals or field workers. Your experience with ArcGIS, QGIS, Google Maps, and Nmea will be essential for the successful completion of this project. Please bid if you're confident in your ability to meet these criteria. I'm looking forward ...

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    ...project, I'm seeking an expert in ArcGIS Pro, specifically with a focus on Geoprocessing. - Semi automated Seamount Identification: This project aims to identify seamounts using parameters such as curvature, slope, height, TPI. I have completed part of this project and are looking for someone to check it’s correct and put in the perfect bounds of the parameters for idealistic seamount identification. As well as formatting the map in the best way to show the data. I look forward to working with professionals who have a proficient grasp of using ArcGIS Pro for similar tasks. Your portfolio demonstrating previous work related to Spatial Analysis and Seamount identification will set you apart from others. A concise understanding of Data visualization with Ar...

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    I need an experienced .NET C# developer to urgently create an ArcGIS plugin for GstarCAD. Aimed at enhancing the CAD software's capabilities, this .NET plugin should include: - Data Sharing - 3D Modeling - Import/Export Features - Other major functionalities related to CAD and GIS integration. The timeline is crucial, I require this as soon as possible. Ideal Candidate: - Proficiency in .NET and C# programming languages - Demonstrable experience in ArcGIS platform, specifically plugin creation - Familiarity with CAD softwares, especially GstarCAD and AuTOCAD - Strong understanding of data sharing, 3D modeling, import/export functionalities in GIS environment - Able to work under tight deadlines.

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    As a dedicated company, we are looking to hire an experienced Geographic Information System (GIS) professional who is proficient in ArcGIS Pro. Key Tasks: - Perform spatial analysis. - Create maps for our project. Purpose of the Tasks: - Our main objective is to utilize these tasks for data exploration and decision-making. Type of Data: - We have several types of data you'll be working with, including geographic, demographic, and environmental data. Ideal candidates should have a firm understanding of Spatial Analysis theory and practices, skilled in data visualization, and have excellent skills in map creation. Proof of experience in similar projects and a passion for GIS data-driven decision making will be a plus. We look forward to your comprehensive bids.

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    ...police station, an administration building, and a fire station. This task requires proficiency in ArcGIS software as this will be the primary tool for undertaking the mapping activity. Moreover, excellent understanding of geo-spatial data is essential. Key responsibilities: - Use our provided data and templates to input data into GIS - Ensure accurate and efficient input of data Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in GIS and ArcGIS software - Excellent knowledge of geo-spatial data and mapping - Proven track record of meeting strict deadlines - Attention to detail and accuracy Please bid if you are able to commit to the tight turnaround time and are familiar with using ArcGIS software. You will be required to demonstrate your previous work experien...

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    I'm in need of a specialized mapping professional skilled in the use of ARCGIS PRO. The primary objective of this project is to create geocodes and buffers for an assignment involving a specific set of addresses which I will supply. Essential Responsibilities: - Proper utilization of ARCGIS PRO to visualize data - Developing accurate geocodes from the designated addresses - Configuring buffers on the map at a fixed distance Ideal Skills: - Familiarity with geocoding procedures - Experience with creating buffers in a map - Proficient in ARCGIS PRO software - Strong attention to detail Please place your bid if you believe you have the relevant skills to carry out this project efficiently.

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    We want to set up a back-end database for a large dataset on Amazon RDS using Postgres. This will store large amounts of geographical information systems (GIS) data and specific other large datasets, which will then be displayed using commercially available front-end GIS tools such as ArcGIS, QGIS, Google Maps etc. You will be required to fully set up this Postgres database for us on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and set up data pipelines from the AWS-stored Postgres server to the front-end GIS tools such as ArcGIS, Google Maps, or QGIS. I need a proficient developer to set up a back-end database for a large specific dataset on Amazon RDS using Postgres. This includes: - Data manipulation - Data reporting - Data retrieval The data will be updated or added to the datab...

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    I need a .net C# developer to create a GstarCAD 2024 installer with this ArcGIS plugin, I also need to make this plugin run in gstarcad documentation link

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    Supervised classification of satellite images from Planet Scope, either in Qgis or Arcgis Pro. I especially welcome ideas for the classification of waters (because in my area the river is covered by trees)

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    I'm seeking an experienced ArcGIS developer to create a dynamic mapping data visualization tool. The focus of this tool will be to visualize live weather data, offering real-time insights for the user. Key Responsibilities: - Develop and implement a mapping tool using ArcGIS JavaScript - Focus on displaying current weather data for various locations Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in ArcGIS JavaScript API - Proven experience in geo-mapping and data visualization - Ability to work with APIs providing real-time weather data - Understanding of data structures and algorithms for real-time data visualizing This project presents an exciting opportunity for professionals looking to leverage their ArcGIS skills in a meaningful and dynamic w...

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    I am in need of a freelancer who knows how to easily import a shapefile into the ArcGIS Pro 3.2 system. While I am attempting to import the file, I am not receiving a specific error message, but the file still fails to import successfully. Ideally, the candidate for this project would be someone who: - Has extensive experience with ArcGIS Pro, particularly version 3.2 - Can troubleshoot issues with file imports - Has worked with shapefiles before and understands common problems and solutions with file importation in this format. Ultimately, the goal of this task is to have the shapefile successfully imported into my ArcGIS system without issue. Fluency in English is also desirable for any potential troubleshooting communication.

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    For this task, I'm searching for an experienced GIS professional who is proficient in ArcGIS software. Job Details: - Your primary role will be conducting meticulous network analysis. - Anticipate input data to be delivered in the shapefile format. Ideal Candidate: - Should have extensive experience with ArcGIS. - Capable of handling shapefile data format. - Solid background in network data analysis. Bring your top-notch analytical skills and in-depth understanding of ArcGIS to this project. Your role will be pivotal to our success.

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    As an individual wi...comprehensive spatial analysis, I'm seeking a proficient freelancer with a strong background in Geospatial Data Processing and Spatial Pattern Analysis. For this project you'll be: - Handling and analyzing Geographic Information System (GIS) data. - Conducting advanced spatial pattern analyses. It's essential that you're experienced with ArcGIS software as all analysis must be ran and processed using this platform. Ideal Skills: - Proficient with ArcGIS Software - Expert in Geospatial Data Processing - Understand Spatial Pattern Analysis principles - Experience with Geographic Information System (GIS) data analysis Please bid if you match the skill set and experience we're seeking for this project, I’m looking forward...

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    I'm on the lookout for an experienced GIS specialist to produce a feature layer file using ArcGIS's Survey123. This task requires specialised expertise in ArcGIS mapping and spatial data analysis. Job Requirements: 1. Spatial Data Usage: - I have a list of unique spatial data features that need to be incorporated into the feature layer file. Comprehensive knowledge of using and manipulating spatial data is mandatory. 2. Data Relevance: - The spatial features will reflect water sampling information. I expect the candidate to be fully mindful of this when crafting the feature layer. Ideal candidate: 1. Proficient in using ArcGIS - specifically Survey123 for feature layer creation. 2. A keen eye for detail in identifying and using spatial data. 3. Deep u...

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    Hello, I'm currently in need of a proficient GIS and Python expert to assist me in automating certain raster editing tasks. I'm regularly involved with editing raster values based on polygon selection using ArcGIS Pro and I've come to realize that the manual process is rather time-consuming. Therefore, I'm seeking a resourceful freelancer who can develop a Python code that will enable automatic modification of raster cell values based on polygon attributes. In particular, it would be advantageous if the freelancer can incorporate the following tasks within the Python automation: - Workflow automation: This is the systematic, repeatable aspect of the job that primarily involves project management and oversight of tasks from beginning to end. - Task scheduling...

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    I need immediate help with ArcMap 10.8.1 for data visualization. The task involves converting a CSV file to a shapefile, and converting an ArcGIS portal item to a shapefile too. The theme of the map will depict crash data. The project requires: - Knowledge of data visualization in ArcMap 10.8.1 - Experience working with CSV and shapefile transformation - A refined ability to translate ArcGIS portal items to shapefile - Previous experience on mapping data related to crashes or similar themes Generally, you should possess a strong understanding of Geographical Information Systems, and more specifically, ArcMap software. If you are comfortable working with crash data, it would be highly regarded. Having relevant samples of previous GIS work to show would be a plus. I am looki...

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    As a city planner, I require an exhaustive Geographic Information System (GIS) map of the GTHA for an app. The map should present data layers for various features: - Roads and highways - Parks and rec...present data layers for various features: - Roads and highways - Parks and recreation areas - Public transportation routes - Municipal zoning I require the mapping to be accurate at the city level, voicing specifics about local neighborhoods. The ideal freelancer for this project would be experienced in GIS mapping and have knowledge in urban planning or engineering. Expertise in MapInfo Pro, ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine, or similar GIS software will be essential. Your meticulous attention to detail and comprehension of the city's infrastructure are of utmost importance for this pro...

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    Hello, I need and Android developer that knows how to implement Arcgis Android SDK in order to display three locally stored .tpk files. The application must run on Android above version 12, including Android 14. Please bid only if you know how to use Arcgis SDK for Android and if you developed in the past this kind of projects.

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    Develop a code using Arcgis API for JS where user will select date range and user will select a small region on map. On selection of that a python script will run at backend which will download data automatically from the planet api provided by client. Script will calculate water logging based on these two dates selected and create a vector out of it which will be loaded on map developing using arcgis api for js

    $1000 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bids

    I need a .net C# developer to create a GstarCAD 2024 installer with this ArcGIS plugin, I also need to make this plugin run in gstarcad documentation link

    $750 - $1500
    $750 - $1500
    9 bids