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    Hi, I wan't make application to connect with viber and WhatApp application in computer , I have a pos (point of sales system) when customer ask me about PI i will send him PI via via whatapp or viber some times we have a promotion on some items We want send this promotion to our customer via whatapp or viber app For info , the msg contain image or attachment or text

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    I want to draw pcb board that contains the arduino mega with ethernet shield , can shield , output relay shield in on board instead of 4 boards the user can use the same schematic drawings for these boards from internet the board will contain atmega processor , ethernet controller , 2 can bus controller , 8 solid state output relay , 12 isolated inputs with optocoupler , sockets i can help in d...

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    The carrier board will need to be small, have a pi camera connector, usb and power need to be done on kicad. I need all files sch, pcb, Gerber and BOM on the end of the contract.

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    All the requirement are in the word file. What I want is a simulation(proteus, matlab). It can be divided in to 3 part or more. 1: Solar energy is converted into electrical energy to supply large battery energy storage devices then supplying 230V AC 2: Substation's electrical energy converted to 230V AC 3: compile code by using a microcomputer like Arduino Programming software(MPPT me...

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    Arduino Uno/Mega or ESP32 w/ethernet (Olimex) sketch for monitoring up to 16 devices with relays on LAN using3 methods: 1- IP ping; 2- AJAX response URL; 3- MQTT subscribe to topiks. The status of each monitored device must be displayed by switching respective LED- Red- OFF/NO RESPONSE, GREEN LED- STATUS OK, The 8 bi-color leds are connected to 2 Shift Register 74HC-595, and the pins 14, 12, 11 ...

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    Hello sir/ma'am, Please find the details of the project on STM8 board as discussed on the call. We want to build a working prototype which has the following components, 1. STM8 Microcontroller 2. 4 * HLW8012 3. 4 * Dimmer (Triac based) Dimmer Module: The module should be able to control the 4 channel Dimmer via UART Commands from the ESP32. The commands will be like "D : 1,52" (*...

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    make a Arduino based tamprature control device

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    Please bid only if you are expert in arduino programming and designing PCBs

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    A codeigniter ecommerce backend to connect to Ionic framework 4 and also upgradeable in case of products update for Android/IOS/Windows/Raspberry

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    The project is based on arduino mega 2560, w5500 network adapter, rs232, rtc. I'm looking for someone who can do a quality program for this project. The project consists of several parts. The main parts of the project are the Arduino program, service on linux pc and mysql databases. Due to the large peripheral requirements, it is impossible to work on the entire project itself, so I am here t...

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    Dear Freelancers, I need Arduino sketch for reading Holding registers from Power meter via Modbus. I have 3 phase Power meter with Modbus communication (NOARK Ex9EMS 3P 4M CT MB 2T) which is connected via Modbus (A - B) on TTL To RS485 Adapter 485 Serial Port UART. RS485 adapter is connected to WEMOS D1 ESP8266 Mini Pro: Rx&Tx and 5V & GND. I would like to read modbus addresses on Serial ...

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    I have a project which I would like to know if it is possible, my idea is to have several orange pi as PRaOXaY servers (read the uppercase letters please, I can not write that word) my idea is that they have a different public IP each server which will be physically in the same place(it's possible?) what would be the minimum ram to be able to do it and how much would you charge for configurin...

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    Hey there! We need a way to process/read VGA Input with some kind of commercially available single-board computer that costs less than $150 per unit. Of course it would be best if you would know a way to read VGA Input with any Raspberry Pi, which atleast to our knowledge, is not possible. This is needed for a custom KVM-Over-IP solution. Please include KVM-Over-IP in the header to let us know y...

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    I'm looking for a sample project example that reads compass values on a ESP32 module. If you have that code, as simple as possible, you can send that to me with the necessary drivers. I need such code examples, many of them. I don't want extra coding. However if you believe that you are a good arduino coder, let me know so I can send you projects that require coding as well.

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    Offer = $450AUD Timeframe = 3 days The concept is to be able to put the btmon data into a tracking database for client counting, the wireless connection sign up page whcih will then present a voucher code and image from a folder this data will then track the IP address and the deal that was detected putting into the database. Please refer to Beacon Process Image for details. 1) [login to view ...

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    simple colour sense and change circuits written for the arduino MCU.

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    I am looking for a freelancer that can design and assemble a PCB. This PCB should have the configuration of a Arduino MEGA and should be compatible with ARDUINO IDE. This board should have provision to interface with the following modules 1. ADC that will get analog signals from Load cell 2. Rotary encoder - 4 PIN - Incremental encoder 3. Delta HMI through RS484 4. Couple of digital switches 5. C...

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    I want a proof of concept project. Implementation steps: writing codes in Java (mobile app) and Python (Micro controller), setting up circuits (arduino board) and experiments. See the attached picture.

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    Hi Oleg, We need following coding for our project: Arduino gives commands (I2C or SPI) to audio DSP (ADAU1701). Commands volume up/down and mute is needed. If you are interested, please estimate requirements for this project.

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    Context: Currently, I am working as an on site freelancer in Germany for two clients. I start lacking capacity and so looking for some help. Client authorized me to give a first 20-30h task and wants to see how this setup goes. If works out this might become a long term collaboration with 12-18h per week workload. Salary: 10-16 EUR per hour. (you'll have to sign an NDA) Requirements: pytho...

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    Hi, I’m the president of my fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi. Fall rush is coming up in August. My fraternity needs graphics that are outer space themed. Graphics should feature the fraternity’s name and get people excited for the upcoming rush. Can be totally up the creators imagination. Would be ideal if we could feature astronauts in some of the images. If possible a short video featuring t...

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    Hello, I need someone to help me develop a Arduino-based odometry for a differential drive robot

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    I am looking for weekly one hour support for my IoT hobby projects. (ESP8266 wifi, firebase google, Arduino)

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    need someone to make a custom raspberry pi image which should have features bellow for a poc. 1. lowest possible apps to optimise cpu and memory 2. auto lunch vlc on boot like kiosk mode 3. vlc web interface enabled 4. light weight ftp server this is for poc so budget is very low. final product will have much higher price

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    I am going to build virtual mic and speaker. So the mic and speaker are connected to the raspberry pi via usb. And rpi communicates with the linux machine using rtsp protocol. And I want to use mic and speaker connected to the raspberry pi just like mic/speaker connected to the linux machine. So I can find them as input and output device in linux machine. Hopefully ALSA is there to do this i think...

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    A screen will be installed on the wall above the snack box. The screen will show culture messages. A web camera, installed above the screen will be programmed to notice someone standing in front of it - if they stay still for around 10 seconds. Upon the time condition being met the sensor will interrupt the animation and electronically release the lock on the snack box. I need the software to be ...

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    build me a mores code using arduino

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    Using the ESP32-Gateway board (rev. E), by Olimex, write a client application in ESP32-Arduino SDK, able to communicate with a server, in https protocol - using a root certificate authority cert. The dialogue with the server will be made in standard JSON in order to write and/or read numerics and string values. Implement the possibility to do this from the WIFI or from the ethernet. Implement the...

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    Need supporting code for my hardware design. I have identified the product design (can be tweaked a bit) and need supporting functional code to make it work. Sample file attached (not final design but similar)

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    the second stage of IOS App. Created in X-Code, I need new and altered features to be added to my App which has already been partially developed. The app in it's current states records button presses to a CSV file with a time signature/ GPS data and other descriptors. CSV can then be emailed to user. I am now at the state where I need more features - 1)A connection to Arduino mega I/O&...

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    Need supporting code for my hardware design. I have identified the product design (can be tweaked a bit) and need supporting functional code to make it work. Sample file attached (not final design but similar)

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    I need a simple arduino script that will take a midi output note from my DAW and fire solenoids from the Arduino. Short example: 1) send out midi note C3 to Mac IAC midi driver, via hairless midi to serial bridge, to fire solenoid connected on pin 9. 2) send out midi note D3 the same way, and fire pin 10. Etc. Also open to other suggestions.

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    I want to make you a matlab project..It contains fuzzy logic and PI control a buck,boost and buck-boost converter ..Input voltage must be 48 and output voltage 24 for buck, input voltage must be 24 and output voltage 48 for boost and must be between 24-48 voltage for buck-boost converter..I'm from Turkey..The project must finish until this Friday at 10 a.m.

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    I want do deploy a Docker container on my local machine ( Mac OS but I think the operating system is not necessary ) which provides a Linux installation with PXEBoot. The idea is, to connect a Rasberry PI to an switch and provides network installation over the container.

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    This is a project to control Arduino and Camera.

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    We have to build a temperature measurement tool with an MCU, temperature sensors and speakers. This tool is used to measure the temperature of objects. For the following use case, I need someone who can change my c# code of the MCU and the unity file so that both can communicate. We have the Unity application and the code for the Arduino and need only help to merge it. USE CASE: 1. The user me...

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    We have to build a temperature measurement tool with an MCU, temperature sensors and speakers. This tool is used to measure the temperature of objects. For the following use case, I need someone who can change my c# code of the MCU and the unity file so that both can communicate. We have the Unity application and the code for the Arduino and need only help to merge it. USE CASE: 1. The user me...

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    Looking for an expert in Arduino having great experience in his field. I have some work related to Arduino, further details i will provide in chat. Fresh freelancers are highly encouraged.

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    IDE and C++ Coding. Need to interface data to GSM to transmit over cellular.

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    Hello. I have a device with built in LCD (T6963 240x64) and i want to replace it with modern OLED display( based on SSD1322 controller). Looks for engineer who can do it with Arduino or with another devices.

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    Hello, Second attempt: I'm looking for someone who can handle my project "Arduino PID Controller with Display for a Pellet Grill" finished or further developed. It would also be possible with a Rasperry Pi My current programmer is unfortunately a bit too slow and that takes me too long. The project is already very well developed. I am looking for someone who has experience with the ...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed. Arduino code

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    I have been looking for a while to get my prototype built. I have some CAD Models and schematics . Im hoping to get this built and tested in a timely matter, the product is in the fitness tech field access to 3d printers will be important but i will cover cost of materials and those who know a lot about arduino programming and "NFC". I might also need a app component made. More details...

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    Siamo uno studio tecnico di ingegneria ed in questo momento stiamo per lanciare un nuovo brand relativo ad alcuni servizi di progettazione/consulenza/verifiche su impianti. Abbiamo necessità di un logo (formato vettoriale) che dovrà essere necessariamente coordinato con gli altri loghi degli altri brand dello studio. Forniremo dei disegni del nuovo logo (in quanto lo abbiamo gi&agrav...

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    Have a nice day, In our project, I want the arduino and the health device we have to communicate with ANT +. After the arduino, I want the values ​​to be converted into a table with a matlab or similar program and to be displayed via smart glasses, smart phone. Details will be discussed with the person receiving the job. Thanks.

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    I need you to develop a Python script for Raspberry Pi camera and using AWS cloud storage. The script needs to send real-time camera recordings to AWS and should have another thread listening a message from client. When the message arrives, which is the time stamp and duration. The script should retrieve the corresponding recording from the AWS storage and copy it to web server. I have already dev...

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    Sample arduino sketch for attiny2313a that demonstrates the usage of Timer1 and writing to the serial port. The clock rate is 1mhz. The sketch should print to the serial port every 5ms. Should write to the serial port by manipulating the registers directly not by using [login to view URL]().

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    Arduino mpu6050 tracking algorithm

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed in arduino

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    I want someone to program 2 adruino's connected with lora shield V1.4. an Arduino uno and a mega. The uno is master and has 4 pressure sensors, giving values 0, soft pressure and hard pressure. There is a schedule they follow that gets translated into action on the Arduino mega: 24 leds and a stepper motor. I did outsource this project but the code that came back does not work, so this time...

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