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    I want a report about a mechanical design project. Report format is provided as: • Free body diagrams • Static calculations • Stress analysis • Fatigue analysis for rotational components • Machine components design/selection • CAD drawings of whole assembly • Technical drawings • Parts list • FEM analysis of the whole structure

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    I'm currently preparing for a Microprocessor exam focused predominantly on Assembly Language. I need an expert who can help me resolve issues, especially with the following key topics: - Data Types and Literals - Procedures and Macros - Assembly Language - Arithmetic and Logic Instructions - Memory Interface So, if you possess a good understanding of these areas, along with proficiency in diagnosing microprocessor issues, I would like to hear from you. Your role will not only be to help me understand these topics better but also aid me in applying them appropriately in an exam setting. Looking forward to your informed bids. Ideal skills and experience: - In-depth knowledge of Microprocessors - Expertise in Assembly Language - Teaching or tutoring experience is...

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    I'm in need of a skilled draftsman with experience in AutoCAD for the creation of detailed mechanical drawings. Key Requirements: - Pro...Proficiency in AutoCAD: Your ability to efficiently work with this software is crucial for the completion of this project. - Expertise in Mechanical Drafting: You should have experience drafting different kind of machinery parts. Deliverables: - Detailed Mechanical Drawings: The drafts should be comprehensive and precise, covering all aspects of the machinery parts needed. - Assembly Instructions: I require detailed step-by-step assembly instructions for the machinery parts that you draft. Please include samples of your previous work in your proposal. I'm looking forward to finding a talented professional who can deliver quali...

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    I am declaring this...basically as an analog to digital. Bro. I'm seeking an expert in robotics programming to build a program that can automate simple, repetitive tasks on an assembly line. Key Requirements: - The primary goal of this project is to automate our assembly line operations. The program should be able to handle simple, repetitive tasks currently being performed manually. - The tasks are very straightforward, so the level of complexity is relatively low. No decision-making or high-precision tasks are involved. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in robotics programming and automation systems. - Experience in developing programs for assembly line operations will be a big plus. - Ability to create efficient, user-friendly, and reliable robotic...

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    The old Pic Configuration file needs updating. If this is the sort of project you can undertake, please let me know. I have an old configuration file that specifies a Pic12508. As it's an old file I have no idea as to the assembly language used. You can configure it on MPLAB 8.92 or MPLAB 6.20 I need this configuration file to be updated to run on a PIC12F508 preferred or 8-pin pic of your choosing. I will need from you: 1: Text file of the new configuration. 2: ASM file of the new configuration. 3: C file of the new configuration if so required. 3: Hex file for testing of this new configuration. 4: Full documentation on what IDE is used as to how this is configured.

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    As the project leader, I am in need of an experienced SolidWorks expert based in Pakistan. Although I have failed to mention a specific task, I am seeking someone who can assist with a variety of responsibilities, including: - 3D modeling - Assembly design - Simulation analysis Don't worry if you're unsure of my specific project needs. I'm more interested in your overall SolidWorks capabilities! Therefore, when applying, please include the following: - Samples of past work - Details on your level of experience - A comprehensive project proposal Although I have not specified any certain design requirements or preferences, I do value innovative thinking and the ability to work independently. Therefore, if you're a motivated, creative thinker who enjoys taking...

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    It is necessary to develop and a...that you can turn off the converter without disconnecting the wires. 8. Connectors. At the input, you can use contact pads for soldering 4 sq. wires. mm, at the output - for soldering wire 1.5 sq. mm. Any CAD can be used. If desired, you can use MCUs of easily accessible series: AVR, STM, PIC. This will not be done at the factory, so you can do simple tracing - to check errors and for ease of assembly. Let me remind you that I will need the assembled device. This means it will have to be sent to me using the UkrPoshta or NovaPoshta. Meest is acceptable, but I am far from it. If you do not understand the abbreviations, then you will not be able to submit the device and are not suitable for the project. We can discuss the price. Thank you for your ...

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    I need a machine designed to streamline the assembly process of electronic components. The machine should help with: - Assembling medium complexity electronic components - Handling several parts that require specific order Ideal skills and experience: - Engineering/CAD/CAM - Electronics - Robotics - Design of automated assembly processes - Previous experience in similar projects The resulting machine should increase efficiency by reducing time and potential errors in the assembly process. I look forward to seeing your creative solutions.

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    I'm looking for an expert in Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printing with experience in designing and producing print in place 3d animal fidget models. Key requirements: - The project involves making a print-in-place fidget toy, so the design must incorporate moving parts that function seamlessly without assembly and without supports. - The focus is on achieving a high level of detail and precision in the overall look and operation of the toy while keeping a cartoon aesthetic. - Experience in creating similar print in place models is highly desirable. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in FDM 3D printing technology - Strong understanding of designing for print-in-place models - Experience in creating detailed models - Ability to ensure smooth mechanical movement in a 3D print...

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    need you to do some coding for me.

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    ...well-suited for the assembly process of different objects, providing step-by-step instructions. My research is about AR assisted assembly process, and I want to use the deep learning model like pvnet or pvn3d or others that provide 6 dof to detect and track the object to provide guidance to the work to complete the assembly. The guidance like to be an arrow marker or message show virtually in real time pose estimation or using the Hololense. This is not a commercial work, it’s for my study and my background is mechanical, that’s why I face some difficulties to make a modification on the models. My objective is to study the Augmented Reality AR to assist the workers in the assembly process. So, the model can provide the guidance to the user on th...

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    I'm seeking a proficient Mechanics Expert to divide assembly STP file into individual component's STP File. Key tasks this project will involve: - The creation of a dll and library. - Integration into an existing software framework. - Enhancing current software performance. The principal feature of this STP File Analyzer must include: - An assembly structure analysis functionality that can effectively map the part-tree structure of an STP file. Ideal skills necessary for this project: - Proven experience in C#/C++ with a strong emphasis on dll and library building. - Understanding and hands-on experience with STP files and structure analysis. - Knowledge of software integration and performance enhancement. Please only bid on this project if you are confident in y...

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    Adding this one the restictor assemly is pretty simple. There are step file and we just need to make it assemblies with drawings and step files. The sliding lid is to modify the hotbox so there are sliding lids rather than the hinged lids we have now.

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    ...high-power circuits, by minimizing impedance mismatches and signal distortion. Collaboration: Work closely with cross-functional teams including electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and firmware/software developers to integrate PCB designs into the overall system architecture. Documentation: Create comprehensive documentation including PCB layout drawings, simulation results, Gerber files, assembly instructions, and design validation reports to support manufacturing and testing processes. Qualifications: Experience: Proven experience in PCB layout design and simulation of power electronics circuits, particularly in high-power applications (20kW to 40kW). Proficiency: Proficient in PCB design software (e.g., Altium Designer, Cadence Allegro), simulation tools (e.g., LTspice...

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    I require a skilled designer to create a tech pack for hair accessories, specifically hair clips and headbands. This tech pack will play a crucial role in the product development process of my new line. Key Tasks: - Draft design specifications for hair clips and headbands - Establish material and colorway details - Provide manufacturing and assembly instructions Ideal Skills: - Expertise in hair accessories design - Strong technical skills in the creation of tech packs - Understanding of the whole product development process - Detail-oriented with an eye for aesthetics By tapping into your expertise, I envisage to create high-quality and fashionable hair accessories that will make a mark in the industry. Prior experience in similar projects would be highly valued. Please feel ...

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    Design and production of 3D animation for product assembly training

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    I'm seeking a proficient C#/C++ expert to build a dll and library with a specific purpose - to integrate into an STP File Analyzer. Key tasks this project will involve: - The creation of a dll and library. - Integration into an existing software framework. - Enhancing current software performance. The principal feature of this STP File Analyzer must include: - An assembly structure analysis functionality that can effectively map the part-tree structure of an STP file. Ideal skills necessary for this project: - Proven experience in C#/C++ with a strong emphasis on dll and library building. - Understanding and hands-on experience with STP files and structure analysis. - Knowledge of software integration and performance enhancement. Please only bid on this project if you are ...

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    I'm seeking a talented 8086 Assembly programmer to assist with writing a new piece of code that essentially focuses on implementing simple operations for my project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Profound experience with 8086 Assembly language. - Specific experience with writing new code. - Proven capability in dealing with basic simple operations like addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The task specifically involves: - Crafting a simple operation code using 8086 Assembly. - Ensuring the code is well-structured and efficient. If you're a seasoned 8086 Assembly programmer with a knack for writing new code and are comfortable with basic arithmetic operations, this project is for you. Your expertise will be instrumental in shaping this pro...

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    ...enable slow-trickle, long-term charging without overcharging or damaging batteries. - Draft detailed documentation on the design, including technical specifications (voltage, current, etc.) and assembly instructions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Solid understanding of lead-acid battery charging dynamics. - Demonstrated experience in industrial circuit design. - Knowledge in handling charging circuits for backup power systems. - Proficiency in using circuit simulation software. The final deliverable will include the circuit design diagram, a list of components needed, and comprehensive assembly instructions. I'm looking for someone who can provide a safe, reliable, and efficient charging solution for an industrial backup battery system. 18 numbers 12v Lead acid...

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    I need to develop a non-pseudoinstruccions code of the riscv rv32i model of the Hanoi Towers program in a recursive iteration. NOTE, this code should work for n number of discs

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    I am currently seeking an experienced drafter with proficiency in Fusion360 to provide assembly and exploded view drawings for an orbital stretch film wrapping machine. The ideal candidate should also have solid background in architectural and mechanical drawings. The project will include the following tasks: - Creating detailed assembly drawings: This will involve precise representation of the machine’s length, width, and height. - Providing exploded view drawings: These should aid in understanding the interconnections between different components of the machine. In addition, special annotations detailing the material specifications for each part of the machine needs to be provided in the drawings. Familiarity with different engineering materials is therefore necess...

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    1311 Pneumatic unroll stands: Started on the the 19th of February and Finished on the 26th of February. On the 20th of March 2024, changes were made to the assembly. If any errors were made or any additional changes are need please contact me. We can renegotiate if the proposed charges are too high.

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    ...modular design, ease of manufacturing, and material optimization. - Conduct simulations and stress analysis within Fusion 360 to predict and improve product performance. - Employ precision and expertise in adapting designs for a variety of 3D printing technologies, including FDM, SLA, and SLS. - Iterate designs based on prototype testing feedback, with an eye toward design for manufacturability and assembly (DFMA) principles. - Manage design documentation, including detailed drawings and specifications for manufacturing. - Work within established timelines, contributing to our reputation for reliability and rapid turnaround on prototyping projects. Required Experience and Skills: - Proven track record with Fusion 360 or similar CAD software in a professional setting. - Solid und...

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    ...mechanical design engineer. We are planning to design and develop a special purpose machine for industrial automation. This machine's primary role would be to support assembly operations, which will streamline our processes and increase efficiency. The Project Will Involve: - Full design and plan of the machine - Considering how the machine working principles align with assembly operations - Ensuring the machine is efficient and sustainable for consumer goods industry Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience as a mechanical design engineer - Knowledge in machine design for industrial automation - Familiarity with assembly operations, and consumer goods production environment - Proficient in CAD software - Excellent troubleshooting skills. We e...

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    I'm seeking a proficient programmer for personal use. The tasks revolve around software programming for a printed circuit board (PCB). The language or framework doesn't matter as long as it suits the needs of PCB software development. Ideal skills and experience include: - Familiarity with tools used in PCB design and software programming. - Robust understanding of PCB manufacturing and assembly processes. - Proficiency in Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, or other comparable languages. - Previous experience with PCB software development will be advantageous. Your responsibility would be to create functional code tailored to the system's specific requirements. The ideal candidate is a problem solver, detail-oriented, and able to offer suggestions for improvement. F...

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    ...translations during onsite meetings between my company Direxa Engineering and Noritake Co., Limited. The trip is scheduled for April 16th through May (i.e. for approx. three to six weeks). We would likely need an interpreter 8 hours per day, Mon. – Fri., 8:00a – 4:00p to accompany Direxa engineers to the client’s manufacturing facility located in Komaki-shi, Aichi-ken 485-0075 for equipment assembly and commissioning. If interested, please provide your all-inclusive daily rate and I can offer further details. - **Key Responsibilities:** - Translate spoken and written communication between English and Japanese. - Possess an understanding of business terminology to aid relevant translations. - Engage in pre-meeting briefings to grasp the context and purp...

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    As a campsite operator, I am seeking the expertise of a competent structural engineer, specifically experienced in the design and construction of steel frames for high-endurance conditions. Key aspects of this project include: - Design and constr... ensuring it can withstand heavy rains and wind loads. Prior experience developing reliable structures for harsh environments will be essential. - Base Requirements: -Dimensions: The base should measure 6ft x 10ft -Elevation: Raised 3 feet above the ground -Materials: Primarily steel Deliverables: - Detailed design plans and specifications - Comprehensive materials list - Connection and assembly details In conclusion, an experienced structural engineer with familiarity in steel fabrication and bespoke design is ideal for this a...

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    I'm looking for a proficient Arduino expert who can guide me on how to create a simple LED flashing sequence that can be controlled through an Android app. This will be used for signaling purposes. Key tasks for this project include:...electronics would be beneficial. - Assisting me on how to assemble these components and set them up. - Demonstrating how to program the Arduino so it can receive diverse LED flashing sequences from an andriod app - Ensuring the setup is ready to receive and execute light sequencing commands from an Android app. The ideal candidate would have extensive experience in Arduino programming, hardware assembly and software interfacing. Familiarity with Android applications would be a bonus. Knowledge on LED electronics and signaling mechanism is a st...

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    I'm currently seeking ...Engineer with deep understanding of manufacturing processes and equipment design. This project is centered around the design of manufacturing equipment specifically tailored for assembly functions. Experience with CAD software and a solid understanding of assembly processes in manufacturing will be key for successful completion of this project. Responsibilities include: - Conceptualizing, designing, and testing the manufacturing equipment - Ensuring the equipment is designed for optimized assembly processes Ideal Skill & Experience: - Proven experience in manufacturing equipment design - Profound understanding of assembly processes - Expertise in CAD software - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills - Detail-oriented wit...

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    ...involves both product design – the machine itself – and a supplemental video demonstrating the machine’s functionality and features. Key requisites for this project include: - An understanding of retail consumer electronics, specifically in the area of makeup and fashion accessories - A strong background in industrial design, particularly automated machines for retail applications - Proficiency in assembly manufacturing processes - Ability to create a clear, professional-quality video showcasing the designed machine Your task will revolve around designing a machine that can efficiently and effectively produce nail paints for a retail setting. Given your expertise in this field, I will count on you to recommend and implement the best techniques and materials...

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    Need a seasoned Blazor (C#) front-end developer to integrate Microsoft Clarity Session Recordings with a Blazor WebAssembly project. ## Key Operations: 1. Create a simple lightweight demo Blazor Web Assembly website with a couple pages. 2. Integrate Microsoft Clarity Session Records to start video recording when a user interacts with the page. 3. Demonstrate how to mask sensitive operations. ## Output: Show me where screen recordings are stored and different types of data gathered in the Readme file. ## Technologies: - Blazor WebAssembly - Microsoft Clarity Session Recordings () ## Type of Authentication: Whatever is required of Clarity. ## Time: We are looking for a simple demonstration app that takes no more than 10 hours spread over 3

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    I need an experienced 3D designer to create a basic-detailed model of a factory internal sections. The purpose of this model is for marketing promotion. The design must be printable as a whole, without the need for assembly, and should ideally fit within the 20 cm to 35cm size range. the design is easy but the chalenging part is to make it ready to print in the most convenient way possible, it should include two colors only. the model will be fixed on a wooden base. Key skills for this task include: - Proficiency in 3D design and modeling - Expertise in designing for 3D printing - proficiency in 3D slicing The satellite model doesn't need to include detailed internal components. It should be structurally accurate and aesthetically pleasing, adding value to our marke...

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    I'm in need of an Autodesk Inventor 2024 expert, proficient in 3D modeling, assembly design, and drawing creation. This role specifically involves: - Building 3D models - Creating assembly designs - Drawing and detailing designs Further, experience in the following Inventor features is highly desirable: - Automotive design - Product simulation To succeed in this role, you should have substantial experience with Autodesk Inventor, ideally within the 2024 version, and a strong understanding of automotive design and product simulation.

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    I have a unique requirement - I want to create a machine capable of removing both plastic and scratches from various types of cards including lottery cards, telecom vouchers and so on. The machine's output capacity has to be high, ideally able to process more than 1000 cards per hour. ...components and a guide to assemble it all. The solution can come from a supplier ready to build the machine or someone who can guide me to do it. Ideal candidates would: - Have had previous experience designing and building card processing machines - Have the ability to source or guide me to source necessary parts from reliable suppliers - Possess excellent communication skills to explain the assembly process concisely. An understanding of plastic types and scratch-removal techniques would...

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    I'm seeking a well-versed web application developer, proficient in developing BOM/ERP systems. The core function of this application is to assist in Planning and Manufacturing Management, thereby modernising the workplace experience. The application should ideally be equipped with well-developed inventory management features, Production Manager monitoring and Assembly line management. Due to some specific personal project requirements, the production scheduling, resource allocation and work order management functionalities have been skipped for now. My project deadline is within a month from hire, hence imminent turnaround time is essential. Relevant skills include BOM/ERP development, proficiency in web development, as well as strong inventory and manufacturing tracking abilit...

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    ...tent frame design for a Medium-sized (3-4 person) tent. The important aspects to look into include: - Stability: It is crucial for the tent to remain upright under different climate conditions as it will be used for general camping in various territories. - Durability: We need to ensure the frame can withstand elements and regular use over time, taking into consideration wear and tear. - Ease of assembly: The tent frame must be user-friendly Key skills and experience: - Mechanical engineering - Solid understanding of materials and design - Prior experience in product testing and evaluation is preferred. Make sure to provide examples of similar work in your proposal. The 3 tents all have a 12ftx12ft base and range from 10ft-12ft in height. I also have SolidWorks files of each t...

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    I'm seeking a professional experienced in PCB design and firmware development to construct a metal detector circuit board. Skills and experience required: • PCB Design and Assembly • Embedded Systems Programming • Power Efficiency Optimization • API Integration Project Details: • The detector must primarily target ferrous metals such as iron and steel. • The detection range should be in the vicinity of 1-3 meters. • The PCB must be energy efficient and should have a minimum battery life span of 3 months. • Upon detecting metal, the device should transmit a binary signal (present or not-present) to my API. If you have the relevant skills and experience, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I require an expert in mechanical engineering to assist with the full-spectrum design of an internal combustion engine for an automotive application. Your responsibilities will include, but not be limited to: - Piston assembly design - Fuel injection system design - Exhaust system design Your focus throughout the design process should be on creating an engine with moderate power output and medium displacement. Although I am particularly interested in candidates who have automotive engine design experience, any proficient mechanical design engineer is welcome to bid. Your ability to combine performance with efficiency would be a crucial asset for the role. I'm looking forward to discussing your approach and working with you.

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    I require an AutoCAD designer who can create a 2D design of a conveyor system to be utilized for material handling, product transportation, and for assembly line processes. - Key Skills: AutoCAD, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Design, 2D Design - Tasks: Your main task is to design conveyors for my project which is integral to overall system flow. - Experience: Proven experience in designing conveyor systems crucial. Prior work with manufacturing or assembly line processes is ideal. If you have hands-on experience and are ready to take up this challenging project, I welcome you to bid.

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    26 bids with considerable experience in designing double wishbone suspension systems for off-road vehicles. The initial project would lead to a full time job offer. Your Role: - The key element of this project is to design a double wishbone suspension system specifically for an off-road vehicle. - The system to be engineered using steel. - Take in consideration production capabilities and assembly Ideal Candidate: - A detailed understanding of vehicle dynamics, particularly in relation to off-road vehicles. - Hands-on experience in designing suspension components, especially double wishbone suspension systems. - Strong knowledge of materials engineering. - Knowledge on production procedures and quality control - Able to make CAD suspension simulation to test the...

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    I am looking for a proficient solidworks designer to create an assembly model of a collector - container for me. Key Requirements: - The product to be modeled is a container. - As for the specific components, we will need it to comprise of an intricate assembly, involving various machine parts. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience using Solidworks for mechanical assembly design. - Understanding of machine components and functions. - Background in designing industrial machinery, specifically container and machines would be a huge plus. This will require a fine balance of technical know-how and creative thinking. Looking forward to your proposals.

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    96 bids

    I need a code in assembly for pic16f877 using mplab to build A "model" of a 4-bit microprocessor that includes the following units: ALU, I/O - LCD display, button matrix and memory . Operation description of the units: Data capture - the 2 4-bit operands and the 4-bit CODE OP operation are received through a matrix of buttons (in binary). Only buttons 0,1 and A,B,C can be used. C --- 011, B --- 111, A--- 001: for example The first number will be recorded in the address 30x,0 the second in 40x0 and the type of operation in 50x.0 In case of entering an incorrect operation code, "ERROR" will be shown on the display The received numbers should be displayed on the LCD in the top row According to the CODE OP, the ALU unit recognizes ...

    $45 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $45 / hr Avg Bid
    13 bids

    I'm looking to commission a Rust Web Assembly project, specifically a data-driven application aimed at processing numeric data for statistical analysis. The primary purpose of this project is to create a proficient web application focused on data visualization. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Rust Web Assembly - Experience with creating data-driven applications - Familiarity with handling numeric data for statistical analysis - Relevant portfolio demonstrating similar work.

    $208 (Avg Bid)
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    9 bids

    I'm looking for an experienced BIOS programmer, specifically adept in Assembly. The project involves the permanent removal of the autopilot feature from a system. This task calls for someone adept in: - Assembly language - Detailed understanding of BIOS programming - Proficiency in hardware initialization The successful applicant must demonstrate expertise in BIOS programming and be able to tackle challenges with critical and innovative reasoning. Previous work on similar tasks will be a huge plus. Please provide your previous projects and experiences in your proposal.

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    44 bids

    I am in need of an expert in Solidworks to fix my model. The specific issue I am experiencing with my model includes dimensional accuracy, assembly errors, and surface imperfections. Skills and experience required for this project: - Extensive knowledge and experience in using Solidworks - Strong understanding of dimensional accuracy and how to ensure a fully functional and error-free model - Ability to identify and fix assembly errors - Proficiency in working with surface imperfections and improving aesthetic appearance The desired outcome for fixing the model is to have a fully functional and error-free model, with improved dimensional accuracy and improved aesthetic appearance.

    $88 (Avg Bid)
    $88 Avg Bid
    18 bids

    I'm looking for a skilled SOLIDWORKS designer who can assist me with the 3D modeling of a Foam Slipper/Sandal Key Requirements: - Proficient in SOLIDWORKS especially in 3D modeling of mechanical parts. - Experience with drafting, detailing, and assembly design. - Specific knowledge in mechanical design, focusing on mechanical parts assembly. - Ability to interpret and implement mechanical design guidelines and industry standards. Your role will be to bring my design idea to life by creating a 3D model of a mechanical parts assembly. The ideal candidate should have a solid understanding of mechanical design and a portfolio of previous work in this area to show their capabilities.

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    I am in need of a freelancer who can proficiently handle my project. This project involves piecing together mixed PDFs (text and image-based) into a coherent, single scalable vector image. Since I have not requested any specific image enhancement features like color correction, sharpening or retouching services, the ideal fre...features like color correction, sharpening or retouching services, the ideal freelancer for this work should be well-versed in handling mixed format PDFs and vector imaging. Furthermore, the timeline is pretty flexible with no tight deadlines. Your innate understanding of image composition will be a significant advantage throughout this task. Remember, your primary role will be the alignment and assembly of different PDF elements to deliver a high-quality vec...

    $22 (Avg Bid)
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    44 bids

    In need of a qualified Solidworks tutor that can help enhance my skills in 3D modeling, assembly design, and drafting and documentation. - Required Skills and Experience: While an intermediate level of proficiency in Solidworks is expected, it's preferred if you also have prior experience in teaching or tutoring the software, particularly in the areas mentioned. - What to Include in Your Application: Please center your application around your experience with Solidworks, with particular emphasis on any tutoring or teaching roles you've played in the past. Looking forward to learning and growing with your help.

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    35 bids

    I'm seeking a skilled designer to help me create two A3 evacuation diagrams for my workplace, adhering to the Australian Standard AS 3745-2010. I already have floor plans and necessary information. Here's what I need to ensure: * Fire exits, Assembly areas, Fire extinguishers, "You are here" symbols, Evacuation paths, Designated exit points, Fire Blankets included * A validity date section incorporated * A clear symbol legend * Clear site details (address & facility) * An "Evacuation Diagram" heading * Validated assembly point location (text and/or picture) * First Aid Kits shown on the map The diagrams should be Simplified in style, ensuring easy comprehension in potential emergency scenarios. Ideal candidates will have relevant past w...

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    15 bids

    I'm in need of an experienced product manager and supplier sourcing agent who can help us with sourcing cable assemblies from certified Suppliers in APAC and creating a product catalog for Medical Cable Assemblies that we will sell to our Distibutors in the USA. Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge in sourcing cable assembly or electronic products from suppliers in APAC, particularly medical cable assemblies. - Proven experience in product management and supplier sourcing. - Knowledge of industry standards for medical cable assemblies. - Ability to source custom-made cable assemblies as per requirements. Tasks: - Secure reliable suppliers for custom medical cable assemblies. - Manage the product catalog to create the product list with pictures, and catalog the cross r...

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    27 bids

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