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    A device which has two OneWire data channels on the same microcontroller. One channel will be a slave, which can send data as a normal OneWire slave. The other channel can act as a OneWire master. Ideally this will be run on an ATTINY microcontroller. The advantage of OneWire is that power and data are transmitted along a single wire, with only a ground return to complete the power and data circui...

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    We have a soil moisture sensor project which uses the open source device at [login to view URL] We are struggling to source enough ATTiny 441 chips and would like to know if the ATTINY44A-SSUR will be a directly compatible swap in for the ATTINY441-SSU The PCB and firmware we use is the same as the project on GitHub.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C or C++ using Arduino for AtTiny 13 IC chip.

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    i need to write code in C language for attiny communicate via rf

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    We need to control LEDs using remote using attiny13a. The project involves decoding the IR signal sent from the remote and describe exactly where and how they are used in the program. It also involves that what parameters need to be changed if we change/replace the remote The attiny 13a must be programmed using arduino uno.

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    I designed an electronic circuit, but I’m not a professional engineer, so I need my schematic and pcb layout being checked. It’s a battery powered device with attiny, gsm modem and gps ( and antenna with a lna). It has to be optimized for long life on battery, low power consumption and stability

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    Hi I need someone to write C or C++ program to a AT Tiny 406 MCU. The code has already been written in Arduino and Arduino prototype is working. Code needs to work to activate a sensor and run a DC motor for a given time period. There are different setting for different run times of the DC motor. A switch is pressed to toggles between the different settings . Code needs needs to be written direc...

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    i m looking for Atmel Programming expert in c for my projects, he should have sound knowledge in ATtiny serious to Atmel32 serious . he must be good knowledge in atmel registers and libraries ..

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    I am looking for someone to make a fork of the Arduino SD library that will work with AtTiny Series-1 microprocessors, like the 1614. Once it is complete, the new library will be released as open-source.

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    We're an EdTech company looking to develop an open-source project to get more people interested in the International Space Station - we've started the project already but are looking for an extra pair of hands to keep the momentum going. We'll be developing some electronics that the Raspberry Pi will control based on realtime data being published by the ISS - people will be able to ...

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    want a timer programme that can produce a 30 min, 1hr, 2hr,3hr delay when we ON the switch for the Respective one, timer should start when we push the Resat button for the ATTINY 85 microcontroller

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed. programming an attiny 13 for a dc fan speed controller with tactile button

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    In need a small program on the ATtiny 817 who can do I2C communiction to a SRC it needs only to programm 7 adresses with a 8 bit word. I am a hardware developper and have no programmingskils in C. It should be programmed directly on the ATtiny817. NO ARDUINO Please let me know if you interested

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    I have a very basic prototype built using two Arduinos. I need someone to optimize the design and add a few additional features before it moves to production. There will be a large focus on power reduction and size Overview: one processor listens for a signals with correct "key" and toggles the corresponding switch when the signal is received. 6 other individual processors send a sign...

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    Hi, Have an led light that needs a new attiny 85 chip programmed for the two led sets in this light. Hoping to find someone who can program the chip and send it to me or program it in a way that won’t take me long to figure out. Including pic of the light. The light pattern for the lamp was a slow fade with multicolors slowly moving from one of the circles in the wood to the next. Hope that...

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    Hi, i need a tiny sketch for an ATTiny85 Digistump. The ATTiny must switch an output (Pin5) to low state every 10 minutes with millis() (Pin5 is 'high' as default). After the 'low' state, the ATTiny has to wait for a 'high' signal at the input (Pin2). If Pin2 is 'high' -> Pin5 needs to be 'high' again. And that's the loop. The ATTiny must ...

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    I am working with an ATTINY chip that's new generation and requires us to work in the Amtel Studio. Your job will be to make five LEDs bring in various ways and provide support to ensure we can get a PCB programmed and working.

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    I am trying to develop a simple garage door sensor. The logic is simple but looks complex. Once you get the picture it becomes easy. You do not have to worry about the ESP part of code, Only I am requesting the PRE-LOGIC or Before logic, so the ESP8266 could get a high or low at the GPIO. If any doubts please ask me and will clarified. We can use PIC16F1503/PIC16F688/ or any chip like the ATtiny ...

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    Hello, We are looking for an engineer / team to complete a project for us. This is a power electronics system, already developed, in its last stage before production. We need to add a new feature and correct some issues. We need to develop an accelerometer system (based on part similar to MEMS sensor LIS2HH12 from ST), correct some bugs on the PCB (high level of noise) and finalize the firmwa...

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    Need a PCB with 2 relayes and an ATTINY85 and a Buck converter Link to Buck converter.: [login to view URL]:g:8pMAAOSwZrJbzFHP:rk:1:pf:0 Link to ATtiny.: [login to view URL]:g:ZxwAAOSwe0NZwh8I:rk:4:pf:0 Link to Relay.: [login to view URL]:g:l9oAAOSw-0xYUXyy:rk:18:pf:0 Input is going to ac 30v or 28vdc . the realys will switch the input power

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    I want a digital clock, where each digit is expressed as a binary number, displayed with LEDs. I want a design of the circuitry, including wiring diagram and names of chips. I want it designed to take AA batteries, and it should last as long possible. Please include a calculation of how long the batteries will last. Inputs: - a button to set the time by incrementing the hours. - a button to se...

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    I need code developed for use in the Arduino IDE (assembly language includes ok) specifically for the ATTiny10 that would turn two lights on and off at random intervals. Since the ATTiny does not have a random number generator, you will need to develop a way to create pseudorandom on/off times as part of this project. The Tiny10 has two PWM outputs, so you will use these to control two LEDs. Ea...

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    I need the code to realize an hygrometer/thermometer based on Atmel microcontroller (Attiny 85/ 84 or other avr microcontroller). I wish to read the values from the SHT 31-D sensor and proportionally rotate two stepper motors driven by DRV 8825. Each motor rotates a pointer on a dial to indicate humidity and temperature.

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    I need a programmer to write C code for an ATTiny10 microcontroller to flicker two LEDs in a random fashion that simulates a real-world candle flame. The code needs to treat each LED as its own "candle", so this is essentially two independent flickering routines. This is different from some implementations where one "candle" consists of two LEDs inside a single housing (where...

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    I need the Attiny10 firmware. I am going drive the tiny motor. We can discuss in details. I need someone who can finish in a short time and has long experience with Attiny programming.

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    I have modified a battery management project from Github. [login to view URL] The modification makes the cell monitors able to act independently of a host controller, and I have added a relay control board. I have completed the schematics and pcb layouts in KiCad, but need someone to review my work. Additionally I need some help with the code

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    Following the sample in the attachments: I need 24 images relative to my categories to put inside my navigation menu on my ecommerce. The categories topics are: 1: Microcontrolers, Modules 2: Arduino, Raspberry pi, Tensilica, STM32, ATTINY, FPGA 3: Breadboard, Power Source, Network, Sensors, Modules, Relay (actuators), LED, CNC, Motor, USB, Memory, Infra-RED, Radio Frequency, Temperature, ASIC ...

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    I need some design advice for my first electronics project: The goal is to control the power supply of the indidual bays of a hard drive backblane. [[ See attached image first ]] The MCU should control 15 identical switches. Communication between the MCU and the host PC should happen via USB. USB should also be be used for the power supply. The whole design should be optimized for minimum power...

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    We have a small prototype circuit (~30 components) based on the ATtiny85 designed in KiCAD and prototyped using a Digispark. Major functionality is incoming power conversion (75v -> 5v), incoming voltage measurement, and current dump into a resistor network controlled by the ATtiny. Project scope is development of a BOM of SMD components based on the schematic and layout of a two-layer PCB. Sco...

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    Hello ! I have developed a RPi Win 10 IoT core UWP app that connects to DHT22 sensors through wires in order to poll temperature and umidity. It works quite well. Now I need a wireless sensor option. I have researched and found out that such sensors would possibly be based on Arduino Pro Mini or ATtiny and would include a transceiver such as nRF24L01+ and the DHT22 or some low-power sensor. Pro...

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    A simple DAC communication with Attiny 841

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    I need to disable the scanner check or trick it into thinking the scanner is connected and operational. I believe the printer sends some initialization codes to the scanner bar and/or reads a preset binary pattern while it’s in the parked position or when it’s moving into the parked position. I would like to find the sequence to send to the main board which will trick the printer...

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    Require a circuit designed for existing code that drives a stepper motor when buttons are pushed. I'm looking for a schematic as well as assistance in selecting a proper stepper driver and likely a boost converter. I would breadboard the circuit and test, i expect the process will require multiple iterations. I'm OK with purchasing multiple components for testing. I expect the active ...

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    We want to build a simple color sensor with LDR and RGB led. For this system we want to use STM8S003 or STM8S103. Also should support I2C connection to STM32F1 I2C master device. I2C master is previously developed. So we just want to control and read this color sensor through I2C. System also should support RF module. If we connect RF module to stm8, STM8 will send and receive data through RF. If ...

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    We want to build a simple color sensor with LDR and RGB led. For this system we want to use STM8S003 or STM8S103. Also should support I2C connection to STM32F1 I2C master device. I2C master is previously developed. So we just want to control and read this color sensor through I2C. System also should support RF module. If we connect RF module to stm8, STM8 will send and receive data through RF. If ...

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    I have firmware for Attiny841 that provides a sensor/control network. Reliability is paramount. I'd like someone to evaluate our firmware and improve upon the reliability. There are 4 versions of the firmware for the attiny841. These 4 are all very similar but they provide slightly different functionality and respond to different commands (voltage, gpio, etc) And firmware for a master ...

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    We have a message waiting light that uses an Atmel Tiny 11 and need to re-wright the software to a ATtiny 25. Also need to add to detect the CLASS/FSK message waiting signal. Our company has been manufacturing message waiting light for twenty years. [login to view URL]

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    We are a startup project with goal of creating a LED Headlamp and we are searching for someone who is able to design us electronics based on this concept: MCU Atmega will control a stepdown voltage converter via PWM that will regulate brightness of 10W CREE XMLB LED light. Project milestones: 1. create a circuit schematics using parts list below 2. test this schematics on breadboard and...

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    we need a pcb designer who can work with arduino attiny 85 micro controller and design our required idea. we have the code, all he needs to do is make it " ready for pcb design"

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    Specification for RC controller board Overview The board is to be a 2 channel Radio receiver and speed controller to operate a small RC car. The board should be no bigger than 30mm x 20mm Details a) Flysky compatible receiver to work with FS-GT2B or FS-GT3C 2.4Ghz transmitters b) To work off a single cell 3.7v LiPo battery . c) Circuits to be reverse voltage protected. d) Atmel based proc...

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    I have one small work if you are interested. FIX C PROGRAM... CHANGE A BIT.... Its a custom software for attiny84a-mu.... need make some changes to menu structure and insert a function to fire metronome. You should be able to work with attiny microcontrollers. I think this line is a problem ... if ([login to view URL] && mode2.s > 1 && mode2.s <= 4 && [login ...

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    Its a custom times software fo attiny84a-mu.... need make some changes to menu structure and insert a function to fire metronome. are you able to work with attiny microcontrollers?

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    Its a custom times software fo attiny84a-mu.... need make some changes to menu structure and insert a function to fire metronome. are you able to work with attiny microcontrollers?

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    Converting a code originally for Arduino and port it to attiny chip

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    I need code, that would be some sort of similar to these: [login to view URL] So I need a code for AVR controller, for example: Amtel ATTINY 2313. The example of compiled files are in the link above. So, it need to send commands to AVR-controller from PS via usb port. And AVR controller should switch relays according to this command and show the position of the relay via LED. That's all. It...

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    Hardware already exists. It's a timer with mentioned above microcontroller. It's operated by the switch and has vibration motor.

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    Write simple code for microcontrollers like atmel attiny or microchip pic18.

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    need program written for ATTiny45 chip. The electronics has been built. Engineer to be based in Witwatersrand.

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    AVR I am looking for someone to write the code either assembler for AVR ATtiny85 micro-controller. The code is to do the following. On an event (input) to the Attiny 85 it is to give an output which is to light a LED and sound a buzzer for 1 minute. The LED is to stay on until the input is removed. The buzzer will be silenced when a button is pressed and then will sound again for 1 minute 1 hou...

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