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    ...(Win NT TSE or 2K) it is not easy to give the terminal session access to a local (terminal client) disk drive, especially when client and server are separated by a packet filtering device. The task is to develop a virtual shell folder using the techniques to extent the explorer namespace (implementing the IShellFolder interface etc.) and thereby adding

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    8 bids active demonstration to familarize potential buyers. The product will also enable the client to receive almost up to the minute quotes from airlines. it will also have automatic e-mail built in in case a client makes a reservation and the flight is canceled or overbooked. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    Programm must intelligent extract eMail-Adresses from Web-Forums and Newsgroups. It must work automatic, with recognition of "NEXT/BEFORE"-Buttons etc. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased.

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    ...system. The easy-to-use Administration Control Panel includes integrated "Help Files" Easily brand the system to your new or existing company's look and feel Supports "Automatic Account Set-up" ...or administrator can set-up accounts manually Administrator is notified when an account is set-up "Full Personalization" in all administrative e-mail...

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    ...Viewer- View all cached and stored passwords on the machine - ranging from dialup passwords to stored website passwords! Security 1) Applications Filtering- Control what programs users cannot run! 2) Website Filtering- Allows you to control what websites users cannot visit! 3) Stealth mode- Run totally stealth; that is, it is virtually undetectable to the

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    ...the votingpage[mainpage] or Toplist ) if a user not login since the last xx days (days shut be change in admin area) -after the next login of the user the picture shut be automatic set to aktiv(and then shown like other pictures on the votingpage[mainpage]) 11) Next to the picture shut be the days he was not login 12) Public Comments on pictures, at

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    ocx Ended images, also from other platforms Burn options Track-at-Once and Disc-at-Once performance test multiple copies automated process of performance testing followed by automatic selection of maximum speed, simulation and burning dynamically disables auto-insert-notification 80 min CD-Rs overburning BurnPROOF Multi-functional user interface Explorer

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    ...restricted localization, otherwise national and international as well handle uploaded pictures. This site will provide ad placement in a multi-level market topology, with automatic removal dependent on a time/date criteria. Sales history will be tabulated and itemized. Also should allow for showcased ad and higher profile ad with different price controls

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    ...into START menu and adds an icon to desktop. There also needs to be an uninstaller. Needs to be some sort of registration (a good one where only one user:pass is possible). Automatic updater prompt (they don't need to update if they don't want to). Updates should be small files hosted on my website whereas they don't need to download a new application

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    Here is the scenerior: We send out survey forms to our users. Most of the questions are objective(Yes/NO). However, we have one field called Other Comments where people can type their comments. We need to analyze this with best results. If you have developed a similar solutions, I would be interested in doing business with you for this. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional wo...

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    1.)I would like to completly brand my search engine with my companies logos and names etc. 2.)43. I also want to beable do a quick books exp...skipjack as my credit card processor and they have a backoffice feature in which you can give the url to a script that will update the database to differnt programs when a automatic payment has gone through.

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    ...cached and stored passwords on the machine - ranging from dialup passwords to stored website passwords! **Security** 1) **Applications Filtering-** Control what programs users cannot run! 2) **Website Filtering-** Allows you to control what websites users cannot visit! 3) **Stealth mode-** Run totally stealth; that is, it is virtually undetectable

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    I was wondering if anyone would be able to design me a website similar to this one with,User Accounts, Automatic Emails, A place where people can contact each other to offer their services etc, and pay by credit card. for example a Auction Site???? ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    Write a C++ program, vt, that will enable the user to simultaneously execute two interactive sessions. The vt program should support the two sessions by "filtering" all keyboard input before passing it to the subject programs and by keeping a virtual screen for each program to be written to the physical screen whenever the user is interacting with a

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    Write a C++ program, vt, that will enable the user to simultaneously execute two interactive sessions. The vt program should support the two sessions by "filtering" all keyboard input before passing it to the subject programs and by keeping a virtual screen for each program to be written to the physical screen whenever the user is interacting with a

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    $30 - $5000
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    ...several flash presentatios for websites I'm owning. Each should be about 30 seconds in length and contain static image as well as animated text and music/sound schemes. An automatic redirection to a static html page is always part of the project. This is my first request. I will accept up to 10 bids. Project descriptions by storyboard or just a business

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    ...Specific tools Campaign tool *allow client to direct simple marketing campaign *mail merge function *have a count feature detailing the number of mail contacts made and an automatic "maximum times mail/contacted" feature which would eliminate the prospect from future mailings *print to labels or envelopes *user can select to use various types and sizes

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    I need a C++ program that will do a remote update from an FTP server by comparing files in an inf or text file with one local to the machine. Required program needs to display a progress bar with % along with file name being updated, and a small window telling them what the update is about. Once completed the program will auto exit and start the application. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-f...

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    21 bids website and integrate unique id's for each copy into specific parts of the site. These are the features i'm looking for: Self Replicating Web Pages, Automatic Emailer (when someone joins),Automatic Downline Management, Administration Control Panel as well a a separate member's area. If you need a sample you can go here: [login to view URL]

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    I have textboxs on a userform that are linked to cells that will or will not have a number in it. I would like to also have a check box that will be checked if there is a number in the cell and will not if there is not. also the userform is set as model false so i can edit the number from the textbox on the userform or in the coresponding cell. This code works for one textbox and checkbox on the w...

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    I would like a clone of the program Credit Power. If not familiar go to [login to view URL] . It only has to have one slot, not all 5. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. ## Deadline information I would love to have this program by 11/01/01

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    I have developed a new concept in computer games. I have applied for a patent. I have developed a new concept in sales letters in which an attachment contains a program that helps the user create immediate sales. I have applied for a patent for this sales technique. Both the game and the sales letter with attachment have been completed. I need to have someone design a high volume internet site tha...

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    Here's exactly what I need to know how to do. I will state it as clearly as I can and you can tell me how much it will cost me for you to tell me how to do it. First, some background: I have the webbrowser control on a VB form and can get to a website by navigating to the URL. The website home page is now displayed with several hyperlinks. If I manually "tab" to the desired link and...

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    ...Ethel have gone to work for the Mizzo candy factory. Mizzo produces two types of candy: crunchy frog bites and everlasting escargot suckers. Unlike their last job, Mizzo has automatic flow control on their assembly line. No more than 10 candies are on the conveyer belt at any given time. Crunchy frog bites tend to be more expensive than escargot suckers

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    ...labels. On-line Product Database Management and Inventory Management Detailed purchase order and other Reports built-in. Automatic Sales Tax calculations customizable on a product-by-product basis or for tax-exempt customers. Automatic shipping calculations by value, by weight, by volume, by product, by real-time UPS and USPS shipping. Multiple Product

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    ...underbanner text link for each banner. Optional alt text for each banner. Login page for each user to check their banner's statistics. Admin ability to E-mail advertisers. Automatic notification of Low credits and dormant accounts. Use templates to allow customization of e-mail message. Admin should be able to add / delete categories, add / edit / delete

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    Initially your program should output to the screen your student ID and name. These should be hard-coded in the program. The user should be asked whether they wish to (1) deposit money, (2) withdraw money, or (3) find their account balance. If the user chooses option (1), then the program should request from the user the amount of money (in dollars and cents) to be deposited, should issue a confirm...

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    ...different folder, and download a simple text file to that same NT server. This program should run on it's own, once it's set to do that on the NT server, so it must be totally automatic. Lastly, the login process is NOT an hta access one, but is a true form entered database login system. ADDITIONALLY... The best way to explain this is to offer the website

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    Payroll Ended

    I need to develop a VB program for a VB Class which allows for an automatic date entry but can be overwritten, an input field for a social security numbers, which is checked against 5 valid values and then brings up a name or an error message. Also allows for 6 chk in and chk out times within the day by an employee. Also an input field for sick lve

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    I currently use the SmartSearch script for a Pay-Per-Click Search engine. I would like to have the script modified so as to utilize PayPal for automatic deposits to the user's accounts along with clickbank. I currently have to adjust the user accounts manually, I would like the whole PayPal payment process to be as automated as it is with ClickBank

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    ...with out banking or credit card info as well as on-line for them to print if they want. 9.) Your bid will also include giving instruction to set up Apache to do the automatic file sending. If it's even apache. 10.) MUST WORK WITH CURRENT CONFIGURATION. 11.) MUST WORK with out having to loosen the permissions to file:666 and dir:777

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    9 bids engines by highlighting them and clicking arrow images between the boxes; ---> will add them to selected, <--- will move engines to available. This is an automatic submission script where they only need to hit submit ONCE. There needs to be a results page in a success:fail ration for all engines: google:successful yahoo:fail ... Knowing

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    ...files. One that stores most information such as website details to a file, and one for admin which shows username:pass, real name, address. You will need to find a free-based automatic perl website submission program or you may have one in your library premade. You will need to make the login work, integrate them to use the cgi to save information if they

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    Phase 1 Need a prototype java server which will listen on a particular port (25) for smtp requests. Requirements : 1) Allow/disallow filtering using simple rules from properties file. (Apache regular expression parse okay) 2) If allowed, then forward smtp message to real smtp mail server. 3) save disallowed into defined directories. ## Deliverables

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    ...(easily done) with the ability to add other payment methods later. The subscription page would automatically place signups in an email database for automatic management and distribution. Member area with automatic password checking etc, for online posting rather than email delivery. Self contained Affiliate program for outside sales of the list. Self explanatory

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    ...ports or port ranges. - Automatic "Repair" function to fix common problems quickly. - Daily activity reports can be sent to parent or administrator by e-mail. - User configurable redirection options for blocked sites. - Automatic update of filter files performed secretly in the background. - New "Suspend" feature suspends filtering for a user defined num...

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    I need a program that can read a web page (the page is refreshed automatically), then looks for a string and when found, can send keystrokes to the web page to simulate actions like press a link or fill a password request or push a button. Then reads the html file and writes it on a text file. I don't need a complex project, only a working example, then I can complete/modify it myself The int...

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    Would like an automatic (every 8,12, or 24 hours) file copy into EXCEL using VBscript from a .dat file. Currently can only run with the use of a button. ## Deliverables VBscript of automatic file copy code

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    ...volume for each stock in Yahoo's database. (Yahoo's stock data is free, other free sites are available and can be substitued if easier for coder. Data downloaded should be automatic i.e. if data is in a ASCII text file, etc. it should automatically converted into Access table, including the conversion of text date into date format. Once data is downloaded

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    This project includes creating the client and server. What I need the server to do is wait for clients to connect (server must be able to have at least 10 clients) when client connects the server will wait for identification from client. After recieving indentification the server will wait for client to send a 10 digit number. After recieving the 10 digit number the server will save the number und...

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    Sends automatic e-mail of live odds of thoroughbred racing extracted from a website. ## Deliverables See description in other files - [login to view URL] attached

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    I am seeking web programming for product order forms and automatic unlock code generation and transmittal via email after a successful order. This system uses Therefore, experience with [login to view URL] would be a plus. ## Deliverables Working sample of the system on a test server. Source and if necessary installation delivered once payment

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    ...automatically calculate bowling scores and display them on a website. MUST BE REAL-TIME CAPABLE AMD DISPLAY AS SCORING AS IT HAPPENS. Think your local bowling center with automatic scoring. The app would become exclusive property of the buyer. This is a repost to allow for more bid time. ## Deliverables The app must be able to be updated via a remote

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    ...bidders and pick one soon. I need for the community link program from [login to view URL] to be installed on my server at [login to view URL] . The program has an automatic download option but it is not working. The winning bidder will have to download the program into .zip format then upload to my server. It is not hard I just don't know what

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    ...International versions) Re-optimisation by hand of all doorway pages as necessary and re-submission by hand monthly, where required, to all major search engines with semi-automatic submission to minor engines / directories Ensure that kelkoo appears in all search engine results Ensure that kelkoo product and service specific keywords appear in all

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    ...2/3/2001 for "Designers/Developer Required". Thank you for the interest you have shown in our post. We have been inundated with replies and we are currently surfing and filtering. We are looking for a selective group of designers and developers. If you are selected we will be in touch within 2 weeks. For those who might not be selected, best luck

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    ...información (string): SSID: Encryption: WPA/WAP2/WEP/None key: Hidden: checkbox to check if the SSID is hidden or not Additional parameters (advanced): Proxy IP: Proxy port: Automatic configuration proxy: URL Pac IP settings: DHCP Static: IP, Gateway, netmask, DNS1, DNS2 Importante: 1. El freelancer deberá garantizar que los dispositivos Android y IOS

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    *Modelado en 3D – Creación de personajes Sólo Freelancers nativos en español / only Spanish native speakers Por favor no enviar propuestas automáticas, serán descartadas / No automatic replies will be accepted Hola a todos, En primer lugar quiero agradeceros vuestro interés en mi proyecto. Busco un experto con experiencia en modelado 3D y...

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    ...Monitoring untuk project tetap selama 6 bulan. Job Description : - Setup dan filtering keyword - Memantau / Monitoring Keyword menggunakan aplikasi monitoring yang telah disediakan - Melakukan analisa hasil dengan menggolongkan pada sentimen positif/neutral/negatif, filtering data yang tidak relevan, dsb (cleansing data) - Menerjemahkan data grafik dan

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    Minha Lingua Oficial: PT-BR *(Portugues) My Official Language: PT-BR * (Portuguese) Olá, preciso de 1 sistema feito em NodeJS ou PHP no qual ira me informar se a partida relativa a tal jogo com o mercado "x", foi ganha ou perdido. Então reforçando: Não quero nenhum site / sistema parecido com Bet365 ou algo assim. Quero somente 1 sistema onde ira me informar ...

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