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    This is an update of the last post. See end of desc. for updated feature needed. I need a basic MP3 player ActiveX control written with the properties of filename, all tag info read from mp3, volume control and speed. This can all be found free on But what else I need is a spectrum display for the player with several color options including background color, bar colors in 3...

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    I need a basic MP3 player ActiveX control written with the properties of filename, all tag info read from mp3, volume control and speed. This can all be found free on But what else I need is a spectrum display for the player with several color options including background color, bar colors in 3 parts meaning as a bar goes up with the sound, it has three levels of colors. Also...

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    I have created a serach form in my mortgage software using check boxs which a user clicks on and it returns the results in to a datagrid we want to take the check boxs out and put in a combo box which does the same only they can select the data from the combo box to return the search we also want a progress bar putting it which will show when the combo box is doing the search this will then open t...

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    I have created HTML templates and set up a database. I need some custom PHP code written to enable visitors to choose from pull down menus and then have their search criteria display results within my database. For instance, for my bars section, people can choose bars by area, type of bar or city. Also enable visitors to combine the three variables to produce a selected number of results. I then w...

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    Modern and trendy bar in the Reading area wants a stylish new website. Around 20 pages/elements including :- - webcam - original and stylish integration of photographs - extensive menus etc presented in a classy manner - template designs allowing staff to easily maintain and update site post construction, using DW4 - extensive linking/advertising to other sites esp. bar/restaurant listing index ...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    I am creating a VB program that will deal with manipulating text files and I need a pro to write the code for the main routines. It will do things like merging text files, deduplicating and sorting the merged text files, splitting up large text files into smaller text files, running text files against eachother and removing entries and stuff like that. I'd also like to add a progress bar so t...

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    i need a file transfer for a napsterlike application written in vb6 with winsock ## Deliverables Here is a checklist of everything i need. everything must be included. -written in vb - nice status (progress bar) -allow multiple transfers at once -must write file to harddrive during download so it doesn't waste memory -cancel button to easily cancel file transfer -must be easy to add into e...

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    We need an ASP utility that will upload 12 to 15 Paradox ( versions 5 and 8) databases into an MS SQL database. If you can't do it don't bid. ## Deliverables This utility will be run between 2 to 4 times per year. It must be written in ASP and use stored procedures in the SQL database to keep the resources on the client machine Free. The utility must show a progress bar or record coun...

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    I have posted two requests before. One of them was to allow uploading a file(s) to an ftp, and the other allowed for conversion of picture files to .jpg while at the same time changing the size of the picture. Now I am asking for the implementation of both of these options. I am making a program for a car company that is a simple database program that allows the user to store various pieces of inf...

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    the scenario here is I have got the suppliers here (SupplierA) and products offered by them (ProductsA). And say they have got 200 of their units on a shelf at the start of the week and when the stocktake is done at the end of the week the stock is reduced by 50 units or 25%. Now what I am looking is : a:an application where I can input the data of the stock for a particular client on that [login ...

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    A reader/viewer for PPC allowing people to read *.pdb, *.prc, *.txt format files. And it should have the following features: 1. it shold be coded in eVC++ with MFC view/doc structure; 2. a dialog window to make environment setting, including text size, text color, font, and the speed of auto-scroll; 3. a main window with tool bar to display the content; 4. on the main window, the content displayed...

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    $30 - $100
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    We have existing source code to a Point of Sale system (from PSC)we want to devop further. First step is to add a bar code reader (both wedge and serial. The project is working on DOA, using access ## Deliverables Three forms in total. One form to set the bar code parameters, the other two (modified from smaple) forms showing the cashiers view. one form for the wedge/keyboard entry, the other u...

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    -Vote Ranking Script I'm unprepared to submit a project at this time. My question is related to a "Smart Frame" Script that loads when a user leaves my site. I would like to know if it's possible to Insert Dhtml/Html code into every visited page rather then using a frame. Example : Dhtml slide menu Voting bar loaded on every web page user visits away from my site. User can vote...

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    Gif, jpg, Mpeg, ram Grabber It works this way: It looks like MS outlook express, if you are online and would like to get Gif, jpg, mpeg files form a certain site lets say [login to view URL] you turn it on and it downloads the Gifs for you. You tell it to stay only on that Site or go deeper Hyper Link for Hyper Link on other sites. You can specify the files needed by typing the extensions .gif, .j...

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    This is a college a project that I am having a few problems with that are listed below. The following problems I am having are: 1. The slide bar does not shift the screen. 2. The line description "Hours .... Amount of Fee" is being printed every time a value is entered instead of just once at the top. 3. The "Total of the days fees" is not being totaled it only adds the end of ...

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    -Prompt user to choose from six destinations. -When destination choice is clicked must display a piciture that represents the choosen destination. -Select one of four levels of accommedations: [login to view URL] Hotel B.Mid-range Hotel [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Hotel. -At Least one of the destinations MUST NOT include Luxury Hotel -If user chooses a resort,you MUST display a message...

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    I need to be able to boot an exe file from an FM4 contact manager I have created. Once the exe file is booted this will open a small recording panel which has the following working functions... Stop / Record / Play / Pause / Loop / Save / Load / Exit and a scroll bar that alows you to rewind or fast forward to any point. The loop facility should allow the user to loop a playback of a section of th...

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    Project for model search engine that searches from browser. Modification of browser netscape / ie required. ## Deliverables To deliver patch/program that modifies the browser address/url bars attributes so that the bar searches a given urg when user types. eg 'http' or 'www' means going to the address typed but 'search:' will go an search the term in my search engi...

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    Register Students Set up classes, lessons and other activities and register students. Charge Registration Fees . See enrollment numbers for current, completed or future classes. Alerts inform when classes are full, wait lists or requirements exist. Mailing Lists & Reports Create lists of Inquiries, Active and Inactive Students. Print pre-sorted address labels with or without bar codes. Send le...

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    Done with Access (or VB). Point of sales for single register. Barcode reader should be included. Receipt printed is needed. ## Deliverables Simplified POS system where is no need of tracking down customers. Features: Sales -dates,prices etc Byus -dates,prices,etc products -dates bougth,prices etc warehouse inventory -product quantity etc barcode identification for products during sales and buys...

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    rims Ended

    simply developing an intranet web application where some link can be provided to access other projects(also web applications). Also give some link to view profile of each member of our group. ## Deliverables Pl use Javascript for clientscript.I need something as follows. 1.I need a home page which will consists two or three frame. First frame company logo and some title. 2nd frame ->menu bar...

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    Update: I have made a deal with a contractor outside of Thank-you to everyone who posted although quite a few people do not seem to read everything properly, because after I stated that the maximum should be a few hundred dollars, people posted in the thousands once again. Just a note for the ones that did, because its not very professional to quote without reading all the messages...

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    This is the spec received from the client. I would add I want: Ability to amend content (specifically the news area and the stock prices ) remotely. also the ability to administer the mailshots via a web page. Would also want a host who can handle this, plus 1 year maintenance contract. I will supply a UML spec to the successful candidate. This is fairly urgent - I need to give prices to the clien...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    website Ended

    Web Site Required ASAP contact braithwaitemedialtd@[login to view URL] date posted 16/7/2000 Web Site needed for Start Up I am a UK company based in South East London that has taken a lease on a 4 Floor, 10,000Sq ft building which I need to raise fundingand investment [log...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Web Site needed for Start Up I am a UK company based in South East London that has taken a lease on a 4 Floor, 10,000Sq ft building which I need to raise funding and investment on. The projects to go in there are media based and cover a number of exciting things. I need a Web Site on which I will be posting my prospectus and the finished Business Plans on, so as to be able to communicate elect...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    ODOO V11 - TUTORIA PARA IMPRIMIR PEDIDOS DESDE PUNTO DE VENTA EN TABLETS, HACIA IMPRESORAS EN RED DE COCINA Y BAR SIN POSBOX I have waiters with tablets. They take the customer request in pos module in your tablets. We need this request send to network printer in the kitchen AND in the bar doo documentation show the respective configuration But that Is not working for me I need help in this con...

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    Odoo v11 Ce. Se necesita sincronizar los pos de los mozos con un pos central y también imprimir los pedidos de los mozos desde tablets hacia impresora de bar y cocina

    $507 (Avg Bid)
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    7 bids

    Se necesita sincronizar los pos de los mozos con un pos central y también imprimir los pedidos de los mozos desde tablets hacia impresora de bar y cocina

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    PRIMA DI TUTTO: DOVETE PARLARE BENE L'ITALIANO! Allora cominciamo. Si tratta di box, container allestiti in modi diversi e specifici, e destinati prevalentemente a gestori di attività pubbliche o importanti marchi conosciuti al grande pubblico. L'idea di base consiste nel vendere questa serie di prodotti su catalogo, per poi procedere all'effettiva realizzazione una volta c...

    $972 (Avg Bid)
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    Je souhaite transformer mon bar en "bar à chats". J'ai besoin de chf 100'000.- pour réaménager les locaux. Ce serait le 1er bar à chats de Suisse .

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    Aplicación móvil de pedidos de mesero (tablet y Telefono) hay que desarrollarla en Xamarin Forms (visual studio) la aplicación debe permitir modificaciones más adelante. la aplicación tomara los pedido en la mesa del cliente a través de un celular o tablet . Se entrega base datos en formato sql server Programación en capas (MVVM) 1. Modificar...

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    Trophy icon Cucurucho Tapas Bar Ended

    Necesitamos un logo con imagen corporativa para un bar de tapas de comida española servida en cucuruchos, y música en vivo. Adjuntamos boceto de logo, y en la parte inferior del logo debe indicar el texto siguiente: pescaito - marisquito - flamenquito

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    Plan de negocio para 3 canchas sintéticas unidas de fútbol 7 que a su vez se conviertan en una cancha grande. El fuerte será una escuela de fútbol ya en funcionamiento llamada aguilas que cuenta actualmente con 60 niños categorías hasta sub 12, organización de ligas, luego el alquiler de las canchas por hora, se puede invitar un food truck y tambi&e...

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    Ragtag Agency è uno studio con base a Modena. Si occupa di sviluppo di soluzioni web, realtà aumentata, realtà virtuale, IoT. Il focus è sempre sulle nuove tecnologie. Si cerca uno sviluppatore Unity 3D per collaborazioni. Preferibilmente con disponibilità di lavorare in sede Ragtag (Modena) due o più giorni a settimana circa, ma si valuta anche lavoro da...

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    Boa Tarde. Estou criando uma micro empresa, que será um e-commerce online sex shop. Além desse trabalho, estaremos atuando em eventos sendo: em chá de lingerie, despedida de solteira, chá bar sexy, niver sex, reuniões femininas, e reuniões in company corporativo. Será um workshop de conteúdo sexual, que aborda temas de sensualidade, produtos ...

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr Avg Bid
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    Continuación y mejora de diseño de pagina web, solo la pagina principal y 1 sliders (banner principal) Se envía diseño de ejemplo, para mejorar y fortalecer algunas secciones! Secciones de pagina de inicio - TOP BAR - MENU PRINCIPAL - SLIDER - MEJOR CONTROL MAS GANANCIAS - Cintillo: Simplifique, optimice y genere más ingresos… ¡Contáctenos...

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    Dobry den, pro nove se otevirajici se pivni BAR planujeme naprogramovat interaktivni klikaci mapu navstevnosti, ktera by byla propojena s nasim webem, uctem na TRIPADVISOR, FB... Zakaznik v pripade zajmu muze ohodnotit spokojenost a dat svoji "vlajecku" navstevnosti. UKAZE se mapa sveta, pak si klient muze vybrat konmtinent, zemekoule se otoci a priblizi, pak si klikne na na svuj stat a ...

    $277 - $832
    $277 - $832
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    Necesitamos un logo para nuestra empresa. Es una especie de stand de uñas, estamos tratando que sea mas que comun ELEGANTE. colores... salidos y/o neutros la primera parte del logo me gustaría que fuesen letras grandes en mayusculas y las dos ultimas mas pequeñas

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    Necesito el diseño de logotipo e imagen, con todo lo que incluye (tarjeta de presentación, imagen en redes sociales, carteles...)para un bar, enfocado a la comida cubana.

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    Spanish: Necesito alguien que sepa trabajar los puntos de venta open source de de openbravo pos y unicenta. Las modificaciones son las siguientes: El pos debe de correr como web pos, con base de datos online compartida. - reemplazar el botón de lector de código de barras por lector de códigos QR y barras que funcione con el celular - Integrar a través de la api ...

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    Техническое задание После старта приложения, должно предложить - мужское или женское. Секция одежда в нижнем таб баре должна быть основной. 1. Должен быть список товаров по категориям. 2. Возможность добавление товаров в корзину/Избранные. Должны храниться в локалхосте(избранные и корзина). 3. Возможность оформлять заказ. И админ будет уведомлён о заказе, должно составиться письмо на почту.(На ...

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    animated bar graph with full option

    $174 (Avg Bid)
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    Necesito una app para Android. Me gustaría que la diseñen y la creen. necesito el proyecto para hacer varias apk. la app debe tener boton link a facebook link a Instagram link a twitter link a sitio web boton para enviar whatsapp link a politicas de privacidad streaming audio link para compartir la app boton play stop y volume bar ademas en debe reproducirse el streaming en s...

    $130 (Avg Bid)
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    8 bids

    Necesito el codigo de un tpv sencillo para un bar; con productos, clientes y tickets. Doy la estructura del proyecto en GitHub y adjunto lo que creo es la base de datos... Seria un tpv para escritorio (hecho en Java) y con la base de datos local.

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    Реализованный проект KEDR beauty bar Площадь - 85 кв.м. Нашей задачей было организовать качественный дизайнерский салон красоты во встроенном помещении жилого дома постройки конца 80-х годов 20в. Сформировали двухсветное пространство путем размещения зоны маникюра над стойкой рецепции и техническими помещениями. Лестница, соединяющая уровни, одновременно является акцентом, обеспечивающим единство ...

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    El bar tendrá por nombre "casa blanca" la idea es que tenga un puente en el diseño.

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    Busco desarrollador para crear una APP (nativa o no nativa) en Adnroid para gestión de la carta de un restaurante. La APP sería una lista de items (cargados desde BBDD) con un título, descripción, imagen y alérgenos para la creación de una carta de restaurante digital a implementar en una tablet Android. También incluirá un backend de gesti&o...

    $258 (Avg Bid)
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    29 bids

    Hola, voy a abrir proximamente un chiringuito en el río de una localidad pequeña y necesitaría algunos trabajos de diseño gráfico, algún cartel para anunciar inauguración o alguna fiesta, y alguna imagen para la página de facebook. Mi presupuesto es limitado por lo que busco freelance que trabaje a estos niveles. Gracias.

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    Deseo la creación de un logotipo para un restauran que sea claro y tenga contenido e identidad El nombre comercial es DISTRITO o DISTRITO 10 , tiene un enfoque urbano, es un mix de bar, patio cervecero, punto de encuentro, lo que mas resalta es que tiene un estilo URBANO contenedores, etc

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    El objetivo es desarrollar un sistema web que cumpla la siguiente funcionalidad: Ingresando al site [login to view URL] que abra un sitio responsive con foco en diseño mobil que conste de un top-bar (header) con elemento logo centrado, luego en el body una botonera de 3 botones, uno debajo del otro. Luego debe existir otro sitio [login to view URL] donde se pueda visualizar los eventos de o...

    $45 (Avg Bid)
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