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    ...sit in the system tray and capture screen shots of a selected program “i.e. Adobe Photoshop, ect?? when ever the mouse is clicked or a key is pressed.. The program will need to have a Start and Stop recording button. When the user presses the stop recording button the program will have to list each captured screen into a VB List Box. The user will then

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    We want to automate the signing out of our agency's vehicle. My requirements for the user interface will be basic --- we need a way for staff to be able to sign out the vehicle making sure that the system will not allow them to sign out the vehicle during time when someone has it signed out. There should be a means by which someone can see a vehicle

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    ...Write a program that is nonconformant yet compiles and executes. List several nonstandard features that the compiler accepts. 2. Suppose a new language design provides three basic data types: integer, real, and character. It also provides the ability to declare arrays and records, of data. Arrays have elements of the same type and records have elements

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    . Basic rules of game 1) Those who throw items as near the standard line or circle as possible win. 2) Thrown items(coins) will all belong to the winner. 3) If the game is played in group, the winner is single but all of his group members shall have an equal share of the items won. 4) There are a variety of ways how to play the game(will be fixed later

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    ...educational Japanese newspaper site. Needs a 4 sections and a simple input system for all the information to be put into the database. A menu with a list of articles in the database and a assosiated picture. An article page where article is loaded from database and the user can click on any word and will find definition for that word, also if sound

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    Task - Using Microsoft Visual Basic 6, design a system which enables a hotel guest to choose a video, some music or literture of their own choice. The system must be appealing to the user and fully functional. Requirements - The guest must enter their name and personal details on a membership form before they can progress. Their details must be available

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    Need a basic script to track statistics for customers on a bulk internet traffic sales site and provide each customer an individual login to check their campaign stats. This requires the ability to provide traffic suppliers with a link tied to the script which will add each incoming hit to the appropriate customer account ad then redirect to the customer's

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    1 bids 3. Enable EbookoMatic members to create a basic ebook cover quickly and easily. The application must be easy-to-use and should ideally be all on one screen. Clicking on Select will display a drop-down menu with various template options including book covers, CD covers, software box covers, etc. The user will then enter a title, choose the position

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    ...scripts that will be hosted on my website (and offered to customers interested in the service). I will hold all the rights to this script(s). Ok, here's the description: A user should be able to open an account on my site and create one or several mailing lists. These lists will allow him to post a form on his site and let his visitors sign up to his

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    I need the Integral Accounting for Visual Basic application (found at [login to view URL]) to be completely converted from using an Access/JET backend to an Apollo Database Server back end (found at [login to view URL]). The application must work with the Apollo Engine in both Local and Remote Modes. I will provide licenced copies of the Integral Accounting

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    Programmer experienced with Winsock. Internet chat client system that interacts with a server module. The chat client is already written (interface and certain non-network functionality) The client is written in Visual Basic 6.0 and interaction consists between textboxes,listboxes and labels Open to the server portions being written in either VB 6.0

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    ...Messenger) gateway system in Visual Basic. This program should check a POP mailbox for incoming messages from specified addresses, interpret them into commands for an AIM message and send the AIM message. Replies through AIM should be interpreted and sent as a reply to the same address via SMTP. Thus, a conversation can be held with any AIM user and any individual

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    4 bids have a different layout of the categories on the front page of the script. The inner workings of the script to manage all the submissions should be very similar in nature. User signup addition of recipe with option to add a photo using a url to call to or if you can program a image upload feature with tight security then this would be a better option

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    ...database engine used by Access is the very same engine you get with Visual Basic. It seems we will have a list of songs kept in a database. The file names in that database will be what we pass to the Media Player. The database itself will be a tool for the Jukebox user. The user will have the ability to add, change and delete records in the database.

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    ...capabilities, I require an advanced, user-friendly admin area/control panel. I do not need any website design. For a list of the major enhancements, please post a message on the message board, and I will post one for you outlining the details. This site will utilize a MySQL database and run on a Unix-based operating system. Site #2 A freelancing site

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    ...database engine used by Access is the very same engine you get with Visual Basic. It seems we will have a list of songs kept in a database. The file names in that database will be what we pass to the Media Player. The database itself will be a tool for the Jukebox user. The user will have the ability to add, change and delete records in the database.

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    The program must store data in microsoft access / I would like the program written in visual basic, but this is not a requirement. The goal of this program can be divided into XXX sections The first goal is to find, retrieve, extract and store the data into Microsoft Access Database The second goal is to verify or add a zip code for each mailing address

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    Small Web hosting company needs a royalty free ASP shopping cart system for their clients. (We do NOT want to purchase a pre-packaged system due to the overwhelming costs) ## Deliverables Server type: Windows 2000 IIS. The shopping cart system should have all the amenities of a shopping cart including online credit card processing from at least 2

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    ...the program is installed the program will need to read the basic configuration settings on the user machine. DNS, SMTP, POP3, UserName, Password, Dial-up Networking, TCP, Dial-up adapter and other essential information used to connect to the ISP and save to a config file somewhere on the user machine so that they can't delete it by accident. 3.) A small

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    In visual basic i need a code which will look up on a user system and return all the hard drive they have and put the details in to a combo box ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done

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    ...categories to create a custom computer configuration with a "Price" box automatically updating after the user changes any option. Once the user has selected all of the items they want, they can hit a submit button. Once submitted, the customer is asked basic questions like name, address and other detailed contact information. Once completed and submitted,

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    We need a Visual Basic (or Delphi, or other Windows desktop app) for a help desk app. The app will be downloaded from a link on their web site. It will then run on the user's PC and talk with a remote SQl Server database using TCP/IP to determine if the user has met the minimum requirements for one of several apps. The list of system paramaters are listed

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    This is phase 1 of a multi-user tour reservation system to be written in Visual Basic 6 and MS SQL Server 7. Bidders are to bid only on construction of the VB user interface. All database elements will be provided. Details including sample database elements are included in the attached zip file. This project is being resubmitted. My original posting

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    TT Ended

    ...Business Management System (BMS) application. The targeted user base is small to medium sized businesses. TT contains the following basic functions: - Full network connectivity, operating as a client/server system. Therefore, it must be integrated with a network enabled industry standard relational database server. - Multi-company - Multi-user - Multi-currenc...

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    The system is used to track the components of individual tours. It is written in Visual Basic 6.0 with an MS/SQL Server 7.0 database. It supports login with two levels of users. Administrator users with full access and General users with more limited access. All database work will be provided including stored procedures. Bidders will write the VB user

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    ...e-mails from my Provider Account save them to the file system. User and Group management, and have a public/privet address book management for senders and receivers Keep track of sent or not emails and the Just the very basic functions of Microsoft Exchange. Can you make the life of an administrator and user better by writing something simpler without all

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    ...what you will be building for me. The checkout must do the following. --Get users details. ( A list of values I will supply - Basic stuff) --Calculate shipping. (Cost based on users address / products weight etc, this system will use ASP, XML and will use UPS ([login to view URL])) --Pass all results through to a third page, where they will be stored in

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    ...that I need: 1. Application installation. User enters areas of expertise (marketing, sales, etc) which remains stored in the application. User might be able to modify this expertise over the time. 2. User might be able to enter e-mails of "buddies" (people he want to invite to download the application). The system then send an e-mail to these people invitin...

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    ...fullscreen and loops a particular avi video clip we made that has no audio. When screensaver is cleared an alert box appears displaying the userID of the currently logged on user. Target systems are **Windows 95 Alpha** clients on Novell network running Client for Novell Networks32. ## Deliverables 1) a secure, stable, working MS-Plus! compatible

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    ...with experience in at least ASP-ADO, VBScript, Visual Basic, and SQL Server to complete a job already started with the existing code and refine it to the highest degree of professionalism with presentation, server efficiency, and ease of use for the user. I need a completed core registration system for users when they sign-up for membership for a limited

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    We are on a Budget!!! Application Spec: Basic Product Database Programming Language: PHP4 Database Engine: MySQL Target Deployment OS: Linux (Red Hat 7) Target Testing OS: Linux (Red Hat 7) Additional System Requirements: ImageMagik, and/or GD, PDFLib, and phpMyAdmin This application will allow web users to browse and/or search for products in

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    implement a simple shell program by using fork()/execv() system calls. Your code should support the basic bash-like shell functions, such as loading and running a program, and also some advanced features, such as using pipe (|) to direct output from one program as input to another program, and I/O redirection (>) to send output to a file on disk. Your

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    ...Drive, One Drive) > Organisation of current documents, emails accounts, photos etc into a methodological database system > Assist with templating via Google Business tools (Docs, Forms, Sheets) Require: Admin assistant - With basic accounting knowledge to assist with bookkeeping - Advanced computer skills - Advanced touch typing Duration: Approximately

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    ...of accessories like monitors, mouse, keyboards, , asset tracking, configurations, malfunctions resolutions, repairs, disposals - Videoconference On-site walk-in support: basic troubleshooting on videoconference malfunctions - Concierge service for Videoconference systems and events: Concierge refers to getting videoconference meeting or event details

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    I need a scheduling system time, in the same style of ZocDoc, however it is not for use by doctors, is scheduling another service. This system will have a functioning basically like this: The user chooses a schedule and the client receives the schedule that was marked (if there is no conflict of schedule, ie, the user can mark only schedules available)

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    ...Generell: Bei einer bereits installierten, umfassenden Online Community sind: • die User-Groups, das Registrierungs- u. -Zahlsystem, • die Zugangs- & Nutzungsberechtigungen, • die Übermittlung u. Berücksichtigung von Einladungs- & Session-IDs, • ein Affiliate-, bzw. MLM-System • und die Features wie Shop, Auktionen, Kleinanzeigen, T...

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    ...Check it out at If you decide to buy, please enter AFFILIATE CODE in the Affiliate Code box. 6. When a purchase with a code is confirmed, the system auto-remits $10 to the affiliate’s paypal account 7. Affiliates page with Login and Account Maintenance option for logged-in affiliates 8. In Account Maintenance

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