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    ...the next blogging text every x minutes (and pings it to a yahoo newsfeed ) 5. User should be able to save profiles For example, I have a list of texts I would like to blog, but not right now : 1. I love this thingee 2. I would like to do this to 3. I'd like to be like you 4. Jose is wonderful 5. My dog is cute 6. I love my cat 7. Gwen

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    I need an excel spread sheet where I can enter a list of IP's or Host names, then click a button and it tell me if it can ping them or not. Would like to have the list of IP's or Host name in one column, the next column is where I would enter a description, then in the 3rd it would have a Green OK or a Red Failed when the test is run.

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    1 bids, simple VB application that does not use any external controls to: -Ping a domain or IP Address (if the user types a domain it will resolve ip and then ping it) -Ping the IP XXX amount of times with 100 being the max -Give cool, user friendly Stats on the ping in real time. The cooler you can do this part the more chance you will get the

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    ...list of Quake 2 server IPs (or names) will be provided in Windows text file form. (ie. 1 server per line, [url removed, login to view] -or- [url removed, login to view]) 2) Ping the list of Quake 2 servers (ping code can be provided in VB or VC++) 1 time every -x- # of minutes (setable in the program). 3) Check the list of players on each server and compare the people

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    I need a simple program that will attempt to ping a IP address every 30 seconds, and then if it doesn't get a reply, it should: Telnet to a different IP address, then: Supply user name, Supply password, give the command "reboot" to fix the problem. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

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    ...Visual C++ 6.0 The program must be able to ping a specific location, say [url removed, login to view], and return via email in an interger with the number of packets that were dropped. ## Deliverables Here is a psedue code of what I'm talking about.... int main() { ping [url removed, login to view]; // ping my server int droppedpackets...

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    Hi need site and service similiar to [url removed, login to view] need it to: 1. Register a site to ping 2. select ping time - ie every 1, 3 , 5 , 10 15, 30 ,45 60 minutes 3. report - send sms/ and email on no response will build on this, but need basic first payment in AUD dollars demo required, then full terms will be given payment will

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    $20 - $100
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    We are looking for a blog hosting script preferably PHP/MySQL. Script must be capable of: • Multiple blogs per author • Users can sign up for their own blogs, assign team members and access levels, their own layout & stylesheets, blog should have unique URL such as [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] • Blog features customizable by A...

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    Hi, I need a class with the following public methods: Ping (IP) Traceroute (IP) with an event for the hops Bye Mike PS: - The sourcecode should have the attached format - I would need an invoice for my taxes ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    ...a list of IPs in text format (windows cr/lf, not linux) 2) Resolve names to IPs 3) Do some basic processing on the list of IPs, including duplicate checks 4) Ping servers to ensure they exist 5) Ensure the web version of the file hasn't changed 6) Upload the new information into the same place via ftp protocols. ## Deliverables

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    ...running as windows service - easy handling in adding servers to be watched, like: add server, add service to be watched, enter "watch time", create graphical report? - tcp ping servers by ip or domain name with a the entered port number - tracert servers by ip or domain name - check for running pop3, smpt, IMAP, dns, sql, ftp and webserver -

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    I need an application that will ping a number of ip address's [ IP address that will be input by a user] and save the results to a text file. If the ping fails then the application will send a number of emails for notification and it will dial a certain telephone number using a modem on a com port. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    ...addresses and their corresponding ID's within the system. We are currently offering users the ability to ping each IP through an asp page to verify the status of the router on that IP. We now wish to take this offline and have the server ping each IP in the table every x mins and write a date/time of any failures back to the db. It should run whenever

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    I have code that is suppose to ping multiple IPs and return any IP that pings back. However my code isn't working properly. In my test code, included as an attachment, I have 10 IPs to ping. However my code only returns 2 IPs. Yet Angry IP Scanner returns 4 IPs, which is correct. In my sample list of IPs, my code only returns x.x.x.38, x.x

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    Write a c++ template to sort an array using the ping-pong sort described in class. You should test your code with a small (test) main(). Use several different types and sizes (N > 15) in your examples - print out the sorted arrays within your main code. B. Now let's verify that the ping-pong sort appears to be O(n*n): Modify your code so

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    ...the notify me when any of the website are down, unless someone tells me, or me logining. please recommend or design me a basic tool that can proform the following 1) ping webserver, must be pinging port 80 - every 5 minutes or so 2) notify me if server is down - via email or other tools communication tools available 3) you can recomment me

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    ...following: 1. send 4 ping requests an ip or domain every X minutes 2. store the results of the ping in a database database feilds for each record: ip / domain - ip or domain being pinged time - time-stamp of the ping requests results1 - 1 for response 0 for time out time1 - time in ms of response to first ping (or 0 for time-out) results2

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    ...-=Also when not called with a url, prompt for user to enter ip/url -=Able to Ping an IP(of url) -definable info -timeout -ip/url -autostart -=Graphically display the stats of the ping results. -=Has graphical bullets for ping results -green ping received -red ping not received -loops until the pre-defined timeout is reached -can be

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    1 bids a small ping program to ping a certain IP address for one of our wireless setups. We have a certain type of radio the stops working for no known reason mostly for inactivity and found it will stay alive with a few pings every so often being sent to it. Like a keep alive. I would like to be able to set at least two different IPs to ping and even be

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    Ping webserver script script written in perl or standard linux program to do the following. 1) ping webserver port 80 for 20 domain name every 10 minute interval. I should have option to add more domain name in future. 2) if pinging port 80 fails, scripti should notify system administrator via email and via instant online messenger via yahoo or aim

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