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    ...publishing a Gmail app with Google Developer Console. My team of developers need to build an app that requires a restricted scope (called "") in order to allow users to send emails to each other. The app is not fully ready yet. But I have setup the website, privacy policy, and terms and conditions. Now, I need to publish the app in the Google Developer Console so that the Google will give me official permission for scope. Your job is to provide me with the consultation of what the Google's team wants to hear in order for them to approve the request, so that I succeed in getting the approval without wasting much time on back and forth. Your job will be finished once I get approved by Google...

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    Token Creation 6 days left

    ...Token and Coin Expert My Brother and I, are willing to make a Cryptocurrency Ethereum ERC-20 Reward token, and if possible, BEP2 on BSC Binance Coin, for the purpose of rewarding and encouraging positive health activity of the users. We like to give the free tokens for reporting a positive effort. 1. What is our position with SEC? should we inform U.S Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), and other regulatory compliances for making a token or not? 2. We want to build a good token, as we may build our blockchain for it in the future. What is your idea and options for us? 3. Please explain us: how the price of this token will increase in time, IF we don’t sell it, and just gift it, <...

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    ...plan a project for building 2 websites and I am looking for someone who is able and willing to do it. Project description: -------------------- Creating 2 websites: • Website for IT & Marketing services • Website for spiritual counseling Both websites will include the possibility to book on open time slots (given by the website owner), provide a chat between the client and the consultant (possibility to have more than one consultants at the same time but separated on one on one meetings with the client), as also a rating survey. For these services a third-party app in WordPress should be used if possible (to reduce complexity and effort). The website for IT & Marketing services...

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    I want a website and a app for my service provider business

    $8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I want to build a website and a app for my business.

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    Dear Candidates, We are an upmarket Burger restaurant looking to build our own website/app to take orders directly. We have some prototypes of what our website could look like and have some ideas of the features we would like to implement. If you are passionate about developing a trendy and top-notch website design then we would like to invite you to take part and let us contact you to discuss our project in more detail. We intend to proceed immediately and would like to result in a fairly quick time frame. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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    Build a directory site for photographers/models and other people wishing to exchange artistic services. Admin Features * Easy-to-operate Admin Panel * Manage Membership Plans, Commission, Skills, categories and many more * Rich Text editor * Admin Dashboard - Emails/Videos/Photos and other content, when it will exceed server space- the content will be migrated over to another hosting for each respective content type using API * User Management * Category Management * Funds Management * CMS Management 
 Viewer/Photographer Features * Search Model * View Model’s Profile * Book meeting with Model * Register & Verify * Payments methods * Chat System to web admin (3rd party) * Chat/Call system to Model * Post Reviews/Rating...

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    We want to build a app and website for our chain of medicals which will have product description, buying options, delivery and payment gateway.

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    directory website with payment gateway and direct booking

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    ...don't want your resume. Please read the job description and reply based on that. I will only hire people that read the job description in detail and understand the project. I'd like a GUI tool created (desktop app or web-based) that allows me to build custom web pages/websites then generate static files. Similar to tools like hugo, gatsby, and jekyll but with a GUI. I find these command-line tools confusing for someone that wants to build custom static websites. I don't need a CSS or HTML editor but a tool that will dynamically add menus, new articles, header, footer, category pages, and so on. Instead of listing all requirements let me walk through a workflow. 1. In GUI create a...

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    Website and app development 4 days left

    To build a website and app for a community / target audience with features like register , shop , chat , refer , donate , upload images etc

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    Building loan website and app for user

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    Build me a website and a mobile APP Sample website : Fix website SEO for both Mobile and Desktop. Bring it to above 90 in Google

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    Hi, We are looking for complete end to solution providers for building and maintaining our mobile application which should support both iOS and Android along with desktop website. Few similar application like Meesho, Urban Clap, Swiggy etc.. Kind regards, Kiran

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    This is my concept: I want to build a no code, relatively simple app that allows customers to upload photos of debris they want removed onto the main website, or a mobile app, have contractors bid on job, Collect payment and deploy jobs to contractor who wins bid.

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    I have exiting native app whereby the backend is based on PHP and Nodejs and would like to build a dynamic e-commerce for the app and also fix the current bugs in the app. 1. Notification 2, App cant accept a transaction below $1 3. location charges in addiion to the attached scope which cover the following 1. a website with same app features 2, add additional features to mobile app the required scope must be delivered by end of JAN, the selected team must provide weekly report and JIRA access to track the progress

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    With the development and progress in the field of mobile apps; came a fresh air of innovation and efficiency! There are several industries which have immensely benefited with mobile applications – Let’s take realty sector for that matter – With expansion of this industry, the buyers and sellers need a robust support system that makes ‘house-hunting’ much easier, streamlined, and on top of if extremely swift. There are numerous mobile apps for real estate area, which are easily (for free) available on various platforms. This huge availability has actually made it difficult to pick up an apt application that provides “one stop solution” to every problem faced by property-hunters and dealers. So, which...

    $8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I have a WordPress OTT website. I am looking for a android developer who can build me an android app which linked to my WordPress site. I need the apps to be developed and tested before 20th December 2021.

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    I need a professional programmer who can build me a standard livestreaming website and app. programmer should be ready to show past executed projects. Thanks

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    ...Server Rendered Website, Next.js. Explanation: There are many talented people out there, who have a great startup-idea and the skill to make it successful. What most of the startups struggle in, is to get the budget (or people ) for building a professional app or website. How I solve this issue is, instead of demanding a high pay, I will get the role of the CTO or an equity in the company. Since many companies will apply here, there will be like an application process, where startups present themselves and show their vision, what they did so far and so on. I will then take a look at the applications and get back to them. The whole website needs to have a great, smooth experience. The questi...

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    I want to build a reward app, for ios, android and web version that has the following features. 1. Ad networks & Offerwalls (40+) 2. Has Quiz, Image Puzzle, Word Guessing, Jigsaw Puzzle, Scratcher, Lotto, Spin Wheel, Wallet System 3. Has Video Views where users can watch and view videos either by direct mp4 or youtube 4. Tasks & Microjobs system & Survey system 5. Leaderboard & Built in Chat support 6. Fraud Prevention System 7. Referral System 8. Withdrawal system & Redeem option

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    build a website and app -- 3 1 day left

    can you make a consultant agrregator website and app both where people can get consultation by consultants

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    need a website to advertise my company and make sales online , and to also make credit sales online a mobile app that is linked to the site and store

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    Go Global World Ending left

    Design UI/UX of the website and the app built on wix. 1. Graphic design 2. UI/UX design 3. Build member area as a Social Media for invited only using wix and on Velo. Build user friendly dashboard, build matching functionality, build company profiles for several roles (individual, expert, investor, etc.). Integrate search by company name and other criteria. Build tiles of profiles with key, actionable information about the person or a company.

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    I am coming up with an online platform to provide skilled handymen for people. For example, a handyman ( Electrician, Plumber....) can sign up and post their job for people to see... anyone who need there services would contact them through this platform

    $1979 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, I have to make a software regarding to my hospital,can you make it It gonna be a aggregater plateform for all the hospitals and a internal hospital management software too. Features For hospital Doctors appointment online Queue management Opd billing Ipd billing Lab module No physical file required Only e file should be worked Also for writing about patients by nursing staff by e file only Information to all staff by single click on the app App for patients also Etc A software for hospital management website & software for systems of hospitals & app for patients for booking & giving any info to them I will tell you all that how will software have to do code for it only.. I will tell...

    $936 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, I have to make a software regarding to my hospital,can you make it It gonna be a aggregater plateform for all the hospitals and a internal hospital management software too. Features For hospital Doctors appointment online Queue management Opd billing Ipd billing Lab module No physical file required Only e file should be worked Also for writing about patients by nursing staff by e file only Information to all staff by single click on the app App for patients also Etc A software for hospital management website & software for systems of hospitals & app for patients for booking & giving any info to them I will tell you all that how will software have to do code for it only.. I will tell...

    $848 (Avg Bid)
    $848 Avg Bid
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    Im looking for experts to build a website and mobile app for my newly established company.

    $367 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi all, I am looking for a freelancer or a dedicated team to help build a beta version of our SaaS product. Currently, we offer bespoke solutions to our clients, but we want to create a web app where our customers can create an account, log in, and access our web app where they can see all their projects in one place, through a monthly subscription. An example of what I am looking for is in this video: (watch from 16:00 onwards). To test if you watch the video, please type what is said in timestamp: "16:46 - 16:56" Another example is: Our current website is The app will be something like This is the first time we are doing this, so I need experts that can advis...

    $612 (Avg Bid)
    $612 Avg Bid
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    ...project is to build an app and website for a mobile car wash business. The client will request the service after he choose from the available packages and then he will set his location on the map with his contact information. after his registration, his choice will be saved for next time and he can add a new car at any time. The client should be able to choose the service and also choose from the extras before he will be able to pay the fees. From the other side, a team will be assigned depending on either his distance from the client or depending on the pre-set areas for each team. - Online payment should be accepted + COD - Ability to save and add vehicles under the client account. - Teams Application with...

    $1013 (Avg Bid)
    $1013 Avg Bid
    61 bids

    Hi , I want to build a website both for blogging and business and also have one Mobile application Android and iOS . Sample website :

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr Avg Bid
    15 bids

    ...becoming a partner with me in starting my business. I have the knowledge of the market and the ability to sell and get people on board with us. I just need someone who loves isn’t looking for a one and done job someone who will believe in my idea and wants to be apart of helping me make this thing cone real. That being said I need someone who knows not only how to code but would interested in and capable of teaching others how to do so and also be able to create the software we are going to need to get it going. What does this mean? You may take a little less money today to team up but will be in a position to make much more in the future. I am creating a company that is going to bridge the gap between sa...

    $529 (Avg Bid)
    $529 Avg Bid
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    I want to build a giveaway website and app where people/companies/brands submit their giveaways and other people can enter the giveaways by just their name and email. I'm going to enlist some features that the website and app should have you can see the screenshots to get more info and visit example sites for more info:

    $1085 (Avg Bid)
    $1085 Avg Bid
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    ...understand the documentation and answer this question: Can you build a bank info share platform based on PSD2 API with a very professional responsive design user interface? And can you make sure to not make the mistake to output the data entries as plain html tables instead of a beautifully stylized and modern looking newsfeed. Can you make this PSD2 API into a full Laravel application that can retrieve bank transactions and where people can add notes to their bank transactions and share their bank transactions with others and a bunch of other features for the price of just $900 in 30 days? 3) Then, to show you understand the requirements, please tell me in your own word what kind of application this w...

    $1068 (Avg Bid)
    $1068 Avg Bid
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    We are launching a B2C Software Product on desktop and want to build a very intuitive Website and desktop/mobile UI for a freelancer or partner who can help do this. For more information pls visit our B2B website

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    ...swift. We have already have a mobile, desktop website and android app and some functions are under construction. we need to build same as my android app functionality. the following screens are need. I just checked these are all screens 1. Dashboard 2. Hamburger Menu 3. Login -> Phone no 4. Terms & Conditions 5. Privacy Policy 6. Registration 7. OTP 8. Forgot Password 9. Membership plan listing 10. My Profile 11. My Wallet 12. Transaction listing 13. Fund transfer 14. Settings 15. Logout 16. live location with pincode wise 17. home page with categories Icons 18. Search page 19. Item page details page with images scrolling and view images like flipkart review on business 22. review and rating page (edit also) 23. ch...

    $833 (Avg Bid)
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    I will like to create and website and app to consist of 5 different tabs. The website and app will also need to be link to my merchant processor to take payments. Please keep in mind that this is a rough draft and I will have the final draft once hiring my freelancer. Please contact me if you feel that your office can complete this task. Regards Mr. Corey Allen

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    Looking for an app and web developer to build a blockchain based phone app to track locations on customers for our products. Need to develop a menu, user face, location tracking, graphic and design. All using blockchain technology. Will discuss the project in more detail, privately.

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    About This Gig we offer to build a native Marketplace app for your website on both iOS and Android with impressive UI design and rich e-commerce functionalities. If your business has already had the website built based on the WooCommerce site with multivendor, take your online business to the next level with the IOS & Android MultiVendor app. Available Features 1-Compatible with top 2 WooCommerce plugin frameworks dokan & wcfm 2-Instance Synchronization from mobile to the server and vice versa, the data will be updated smoothly without waiting for time 3-Power Vendor features , Vendor rating Review, Vendor Profile, Create New product by taking photos or uploading from the galleries, Search products in-store. 4-S...

    $182 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for freelancer who can build a website and app for me, This website will be like Olx in India.

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    This app is about putting a QR code on pictures that users upload. The QR code is generated from the link the user inserts, which redirects to the source of the picture (their social media account) Your role: - Build a website with a simple interface where the user would have the option to upload a picture - Ensure that the quality of the image is not lost - Upload the image as PNG, JPEG and HEIC - Build the option to add the link to the user’s social media - Generate QR code from the link - Put the QR code on the picture - Give the user the possibility of where to put the QR code in the picture (left/right, upper/lower corner) so that it can be readable - Ensure the ability for the user to download the image in JPEG ...

    $609 (Avg Bid)
    $609 Avg Bid
    14 bids

    I want to build a website and app into my budget kindly call me [Removed by]

    $221 (Avg Bid)
    $221 Avg Bid
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    ...own setup with a STABLE internet connection. The job is to help and maintain and re-develop our system. The site is a online food and delivery system base in South Africa. You will be working normal 8 hours 6 days a week or if you’re 2 programmers 4 hours each day, but be on call 24/7. In longer periods there will be very little to do, but you still get the same amount each month. The system should be very stable build so nothing unexpected will happen. Build the code right, and no need to worried? The system is going live again after some time it was not in used. At the moment we are merge another system in to the current one, and will be fully ready within a few days. We would need you to develop a...

    $431 (Avg Bid)
    $431 Avg Bid
    16 bids

    NOTE: YOUR BID WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED UNLESS YOU SCOPE THIS PROJECT AND BREAK IT INTO TASKS. PROVIDE YOUR HOURS AND DEADLINE FOR EACH TASK. We have a website where clients schedule interviews with consultants. We want to build our own calendar component that would sync with our clients' (and their colleagues) calendars in Google or Office 365 to show the available times and schedule interviews by integrating with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Twillio APIs. Twillio will launch a video call within the Calendar app. ● Duration: The user may choose the duration of the interview from the drop-down menu. The following are the possible options: 30 mins, 45 mins, 1 hour, 1 hour 30 minutes. ● Attach Interview Guide-: The user...

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    $14291 Avg Bid
    12 bids

    Would like to discuss in person

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $5 / hr Avg Bid
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    I want to build a giveaway website and app where people/companies/brands submit their giveaways and other people can enter the giveaways by just their name and email. I'm going to enlist some features that the website and app should have you can see the screenshots to get more info and visit example sites for more info:

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    107 bids

    My wife is a professional coach that mostly uses hypnosis to help people to cope with difficult situations in their lifes. This is her website hosted by squarespace: Now she wants to build an app with a Membership area where members can listen to her hypnotic sessions. (similar apps in German would be "balloon" or "Die friedliche Geburt") and we also want to include podcast that we produce about living the family life and having a relationship. So basically, an app to play audio files. Can anyone help us, how much would this cost us? We are currently thinking about creating a podcast

    $1497 (Avg Bid)
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    ...need an expert individual (NOT AGENCY) in swift for IOS and/or Kotlin/Java/C++ for android. My preference goes to Russian speaking individuals. The application that is necessary to reproduce however with multiple changes and additions (not far out of scope than the current app) can be found on ; the basic idea is super simple and there are code canyon code packages out there with similar "social media" type applications/platforms already prebuilt. We can definitely approach the build with that direction as well, using bits and pieces of the code to make this application quick. This project has a very tight timeframe of 4 weeks, with 2 weeks for an MVP build. Please download the free application from the website ab...

    $218 (Avg Bid)
    $218 Avg Bid
    8 bids

    The project is for classified app and website. The UI design is available with me! the technology will detailed will be shared during the message

    $4340 (Avg Bid)
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    58 bids