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    ...with 8 GB Ram, 8 Cpu, 160 GB HDD running with Centos 7 and Plesk 17.5 Onyx. The server is running smooth, but we need optimization, especially we have a problem with FIRST BYTE. This is a live server - so be careful. Your task is to tweak all services, like Apache2.4, pagespeed, Nginx, MySQL+MariaDB etc. especially on high load. On the server

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    ...Servers und Exchange ging selbst mit Tutorials und lief auch gut. Zuvor hatte ich einen SBS2011 und somit etwas Einblick. Aber mit dem Spamfilter habe ich anscheinend einen Fehler gemacht, denn es kommen keine Mails mehr rein oder raus. Kann ich über einen extra Admin-Konto und RDP Zugang geben und Du sieht da mal drauf? Das war mein Gedanke, oder anderer

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    ...C. 1. high CPU load 2. missing parity mark/space on linux 3. closing the port in middle of data transmission to switch parity. The data structure is: for the first byte start bit - 8 data bits - wake bit (1) - stop bit for the remaining part of the message/data start bit - 8 data bits - clear wake bit (0) - stop bit I need the C app

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    Hello, We have a website which operates on OpenCart This website has the TTFB (Time To First Byte) problem. It takes 12-13 seconds to load and we have seen that the issue is on the setup of the cart. We have already applied some caching methods with no luck. We have also tried various fixes and posts from opencart forum. BId if you

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    ...Tag Suche ein Programmierer der meine Webseite umbauen Kann, erweitern. Webseite ist [url removed, login to view] Ich freue mich auf ihre Angebote 1. Bei einer Anmeldung wenn Fehler sind sollen die Angezeigt werden, und Paar Felder dazu kommen im Formular. ( Infos müssen bei Admin Bereich und User Bereich zu sehen sein. ) 2. Im Admin Bereich muss die

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    See attached file with project details

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    Background: use SHA-1 as hashing method, but only use last 6-bytes as digest. The objectives are related to find the collision of this digest. (last 6-byte as digest for all part 1 to part 3) Part 1: find any x1 and x2, such that H(x1) = H(x2). I will provide a algorithm (with constant storage to store hash values) later. Part 2: similar as Part

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    Hello WebWars, i've this question need you to help me: How to get the md5 from a string hashed with raw_output enabled. Is possible to convert to bits and iterate from byte to byte and get the hex value (asciitohex) but how to get the md5 value from hex value?

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    ...createSession(params); [url removed, login to view] session = [url removed, login to view](sessionId); OutputStream out = [url removed, login to view]("COSU", 0, -1); byte[] buffer = new byte[65536]; int c; while ((c = [url removed, login to view](buffer)) != -1) { [url removed, login to view](buffer, 0, c); } [url removed, log...

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    ...6800 program which sorts an array that is in arbitrary order. For example, if the input array is: dataArr .byte 2,7,4,3,5,6,1,3,2,5,4,1,1,-1 then after the program runs, the output will be in ascending order, for example: dataArr .byte 1,1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5,6,7,-1 You can use a separate array for the output, or you can replace the input array

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    need someone expert on getting one of my cdn node setup so it will support nginx byte range requests with cache with mp4 module, the flash player doesn't skip if the support isn't available. HTML5 works fine. currently the nginx node pseudo streaming only works if the mp4 file is local however when requesting via proxy_pass pseudo streaming doesn't

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    We are seeking someone to build us small app with one page. Play live video from web socket server by exoplayer, the server send all the time byte array to play (in mp4 format, [url removed, login to view]) and your mission is to play the video with exoplayer without save any file or temp file on the sd card.

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    I want some ready to use code to do the following: 1. Search up whole me...whole memory of a process (current process) the code will be inside a dll which will be injected into a exe. 2. Search for specific bytes which i will set into an array byte. BYTE[5] = { 0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x04 } 3. return a false when it wont find and true when it will find.

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    - implementation of I2C slave: the I2C slave should work as a tiny SRAM with 128 Byte total, simple 5 registers which can be read and written, - microcontroller STM32F030, internal clock

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    ... A test bench using Universal Verification Methodology is built for the verification of SHA-1 algorithim. SHA-1 is cryptographic hash function. SHA-1 produces a 160 bit (20 byte) hash value known as a message digest. A SHA-1 hash value is typically rendered as a hexadecimal number, 40 digits long. SHA-1 forms part of several widely used security applications

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    ...take challenges. You would be working on low latency, high through put application, which use variety of technologies including Apache Flink, Cassandra, Druid, Google Guava, Byte Buddy. Knowledge of some of these is preferred, but not essential. Strong knowledge of patterns is preferred. The resource would be preferred if they could work 6 - 8 hours

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    41 bids one and it makes the graph the whole screen with all six lines plotted based on the data bust. Data will be sent to the HC-06 on serial like this: <000> is the single byte value <001><001><001><Highbyte><Lowbyte><002><Highbyte><Lowbyte><003><Highbyte><Lowbyte><004><Highbyte><Lowbyte><...

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    Automotive light bar programming and control mobile application. Simple selection screens and a simple 7 byte payload to select the light output modes for an off-road automotive light bar. Please review enclosed WORD doc for application design and specifications.

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    ...Server & decrypt it using RSA Private Key. Very Simple and small module. How to Design: 1. Create [url removed, login to view] -> It will generate RSA Private & Public Key in 2048 byte. 2. Create [url removed, login to view] -> This will be main controller & this will hold Decrypt Function. 3. Create [url removed, login to view] -> It will encrypt the usernam...

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    my Time to First Byte is very big (5seconds) and I don't understand why. Magento is working with php-fpm and redis

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