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    I'm seeking a skilled data scientist to perform predictive analysis to optimize retail inventory volume projects. In a dynamic retail context, understanding future stock needs is key to maintaining an efficient operation, with minimal stock-outs or overstock. Your role would be to: • Use historical inventory data to estimate future demand. • Identify inventory trends and offer insights to refine our ordering process. - Predict incoming volume for next 6 weeks Skills and experience needed: • Proficiency in predictive analytics • Strong experience in data analysis. • Understanding of retail logistics. • Ability to communicate findings in a clear, actionable manner. The successful candidate will have a results-oriented approach and be prepared...

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    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer to install PHP 7.4 on my cPanel that is running Almalinux 9. The primary purpose of this setup is to support ...**Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in server management, specifically with cPanel and Almalinux 9. - Experienced in PHP installations, with a focus on PHP 7.4, and understand its nuances. - Knowledgeable in configuring PHP extensions (PDO MySQL, cURL, GD) critical for web applications. - Demonstrated ability to troubleshoot potential issues during and after installation, ensuring smooth operation. I'm looking for a freelancer who communicates clearly and promptly, able to provide updates and flag any issues immediately. If you have a track record of successful PHP installations and configurations on cPanel, I’...

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    ...purchase, and management functionalities. Interacts with an external API for data and actions related to proxies. Implements threading for non-blocking UI operations. Project Goals: UI/UX Improvement: Create a more engaging and intuitive user interface, enhancing the overall user experience. Proposals for new designs or frameworks are welcome. Functionality and Responsiveness: Ensure seamless operation during background processing and API communication. Proposals for using asynchronous programming or other techniques are encouraged. Feature Expansion: Introduce new functionalities as detailed in the API documentation I will provide. Open to suggestions for additional features that could enhance the application's value. Robustness and Error Handling: Strengthen error ha...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned professional who can install Outlook on my Windows PC a...currently hosting my email on AWS Amazon mail server and want to seamlessly integrate it into the installed Outlook. Key Responsibilities: - Download and install Outlook on a Windows PC - Install Outlook on an Android phone - Integrate AWS Amazon mail server with the installed Outlook Ideal Candidate: - Expert in Windows and Android software installation - Familiar with MS Outlook operation - Experience in AWS Amazon mail server integration Note that I'm an intermediate user of the Amazon Mail Server. I expect a smooth setup process without loss of any data. The perfect fit would be someone efficient and communicative, able to guide me through the process and answer any q...

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    I want to develop a real-time auction system similar to eBay or other auction systems. Key features: - Real-time bidding functionality - the system must be able to allow instant parallel bidding on different items to ensure smooth and efficient operation. - The application can process JSON objects on input. - The application is programmed in Python using asyncio for websocket. - The application can store incoming data in Redis Streams. The stream is used to quickly store incoming messages. The application makes it easy to add additional logic before saving to Redis Streams. - The business logic mechanism accounts for subscribing to Redis Stream and processing new items in real time. - The application is ready for different auction methods - English, Dutch and envelope. - The auct...

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    I am in need of a proficient software developer who can build a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software which will operate on Windows. This software will primarily track the following manufacturing processes: - Machine operation status - Work order tracking - Quality control The ideal candidate should have stellar experience in creating software for tracking complex manufacturing processes and should be familiar with working on Windows platforms. Strong understanding of inventory management and the ability to monitor the performance of manufacturing equipment will be a plus. Preferably, they will have previous experience in a similar project. This software should enable users to track and optimize productivity in real time.

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    I'm seeking a highly skilled developer to create an AI-...analysis and big data processing skills. **Some Objectives (not fully detailled):** - Maximize profit through effective arbitrage across multiple platforms - Ensure the bot is adaptable to changing market conditions and can update strategies accordingly with minimal user input - Develop a secure, reliable, and efficient bot that requires minimal maintenance - Verification of the bot's successful operation on demo and real accounts. I am looking forward to working with someone who is enthusiastic about creating cutting-edge trading technologies. Your expertise in AI, cryptocurrency, and trading bot development will be crucial to the success of this project. I will share with you all my expectations. Feel free to co...

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    I'm looking for fluent Icelandic speakers to participate in a unique project involving social conversations over the phone. The task requires engaging in a 2 hours and 30 minutes conversation which will be recorded for linguistic purposes for training AI Technology for customer service. These discussions are informal and don't require any specific skills or preparation beforehand. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Fluent in Icelandic (native speakers preferred). - Comfortable with having conversations recorded. - Able to engage in diverse and spontaneous topics for the designated time. - Good communication skills and a friendly demeanor. - Experience in similar recording projects is a plus BUT NOT MANDATORY. The primary purpose here is to capture the natural flow of conversation i...

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    I am in need of a talented Laravel developer to integrate a local payment method into my existing project. This would involve working ext...Proven experience with cURL APIs, specifically in the context of payment processing. - Familiarity with financial transactions and understanding of the underlying security requirements. - Ability to troubleshoot and debug issues related to API integrations. - Excellent communication skills to ensure clear understanding of project requirements and updates. This project is crucial for the seamless operation of payment transactions within my application. I am looking for a developer who not only meets the technical requirements but also shares a commitment to excellence and timely delivery. If you have the skills and experience, I am eager to hear...

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    The right consultant for this project will devise an efficient system to tackle two primary tasks: generating a text message alert when a designated machine halts operation and integrating an automatic adjustment of machine settings according to humidity and temperature measurements. Key duties include: Text Alert Creation: • Configure a system to send a text message alert to specified phone numbers, each time the machine ceases operation. • The text alert should indicate the Machine ID to facilitate prompt identification and action. Climate-Related Machine Optimization: • The system should also enable automatic adjustments of machine settings in response to readings of temperature and humidity. • This feature should ensure the machine maintains optimum...

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    I'm looking to create a cutting-edge mobile money wallet application that seamlessly combines functionality with style. Here's what I need from you: - **Development of a Mobile Money Wallet:** The application should be designed for mobile platforms, ensuring compatibility and smooth operation across different devices. - **Key Features:** - **Peer-to-Peer Transfers:** It should enable users to send and receive money effortlessly to and from their contacts. - **Online Payments:** The app should facilitate online transactions, allowing users to pay for goods and services directly from their wallet. - **Budgeting and Analytics:** I want the app to have features that help users track their spending, set budgets, and analyze their financial habits through easy-to-unders...

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    ...provide an excellent user experience. - Capability to implement secure user data handling and privacy protocols. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in app development, particularly in job search platforms or similar projects. - Excellent understanding of UI/UX principles to craft an intuitive app design. - Knowledge in database management and server-side logic to ensure smooth operation and scalability. - Experience with implementing and maintaining APIs for data retrieval and manipulation. - Familiarity with the latest trends in mobile technology and a commitment to implementing innovative features that set the app apart. Freelancers interested in this project should include details about their experience in app development, specifically any projects related...

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    I'm in the process of launching a packaged drinking water business and am aiming to produce and sell over 5000 bottles per day. For this ambition to become a reality, I understand the importance of obtaining an FSSAI license for my product. This is not just about adhering to food safety standards; it's also about earning the trust of my consumers and making my business operation legal. The area I require assistance with is specifically in the bottling and packaging stage of my production process. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in the food and beverage industry, with a focus on packaged drinking water. - In-depth knowledge of FSSAI licensing requirements and process. - Experience in setting up efficient and compliant bottling and packaging lines. - Knowledge of q...

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    I am seeking a highly skilled developer well-versed in Node.js, React.js, and Flutter to build an effective chat system for both a web browser and mobile application. The chat system's primary users will be customers, and as such, the chat interface should be clear, responsive, and user-friendly. Key Features: * Real-time messaging to facilitate quick and seamless communication between users. * Message encryption to ensure confidentiality of the messages sent and received. * Robust user authentication to provide secure access to the chat system. Ideally, you have significant experience in full-stack development, with particular focus in Node.js and React.js for the web part, and Flutter for the mobile application. You should also have a deep understandi...

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    ...interface improvements. This work will not only address immediate issues but also prepare the ground for future updates and enhancements. **What Needs to be Done:** - **Bug Fixes:** Identify and fix existing bugs that are affecting the functionality of the web application. - **Performance Optimization:** Analyze and enhance the application's performance to ensure faster loading times and a smoother operation overall. - **User Interface Improvements:** Revamp the UI to make it more user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and aligned with modern web standards. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Profound knowledge and experience in CodeIgniter. - Strong understanding of web performance optimization strategies. - Proficient in UI/UX design principles, with a keen eye for detail...

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    ...understand specific requirements and implementing solutions that meet these needs. - Providing insights and recommendations to improve software performance and functionality. **Why Apply?** This is a unique opportunity for a talented LabVIEW Developer who seeks to apply their specialized skills in an engaging, dynamic project environment. Your expertise will be critical in ensuring the smooth operation and development of specialized software, directly impacting the success of our projects. Your ability to communicate in Hindi and your CLD certification will be key in effectively understanding and addressing our needs, making you an invaluable part of our team for the duration of this project. I look forward to reviewing applications from skilled developers who are ready to mak...

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    ...looking to incorporate a mix of trend following, mean reversion, and breakout strategies into the bot's functionality. Additionally, I am open to exploring other effective trading strategies the developer might suggest. - Exchange Compatibility : The bot must work flawlessly with Binance and various Centralized (CEX) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX). - Verification of the bot's successful operation on demo and real accounts. - Development of a user-friendly interface. - Creation of a detailed control panel displaying analytical data. Additional Details: - The bot must possess the capability to swiftly detect and execute arbitrage opportunities. - A wide range of settings and configuration options should be provided for customizing trading strategies. - The cont...

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    ...expertise in Audio Signal Processing and proficient in MATLAB. This project revolves around creating a sophisticated flowrate meter that is not only functional but also adheres to specific design and performance criteria. **Key Responsibilities:** - **Algorithm Development:** You will design and develop cutting-edge audio signal processing algorithms that are pivotal for the flowrate meter's operation. - **MATLAB Implementation:** The algorithms must be implemented effectively in MATLAB, ensuring efficiency and reliability. - **Prototype Testing:** Construct a prototype of the flowrate meter, rigorously testing it to meet the desired specifications. **Required Specifications:** - **Accuracy:** The prototype must deliver precise measurements without fail. - **Range:** It sh...

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    Sleek Shopify Site Setup 6 days left

    ...**Inventory Management:** I plan to manage inventory manually. Despite the smaller scale, precision and accuracy in reflecting stock levels are paramount to ensure a smooth operation and customer satisfaction. Experience with Shopify's manual inventory management system will be beneficial. - **Essential Functionalities:** - **Customer Reviews:** Integration of a customer review system is crucial. I want my customers to share their experiences, which, in turn, will help build trust and credibility. - **Live Chat Support:** Offering real-time assistance is a priority. The ability to integrate and manage a live chat support system where customers can easily reach out for help or advice will enhance the customer service experience. - **Discount Codes:** Th...

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    ...particularly in equipment / machinery installation, to ensure the smooth setup and integration of our systems. The location is in Lansing Michigan. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven track record in machinery installation projects, preferably with experience handling multiple installations concurrently. - Advanced technical understanding of various types of machinery, including their setup, operation, and maintenance requirements. - Strong problem-solving skills to swiftly address any issues that might arise during the installation process. - Exceptional organization and project management abilities; must be capable of managing timelines, resources, and personnel effectively. - Excellent communication skills, as the role requires constant coordination with our in-house ...

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    'Browser-like' Android App 6 days left

    ...application must not only display the web page in full-screen mode but also come alive with auto-reloading and multimedia features. Here’s precisely what I envision: - **Full-Screen Web Page Display:** A seamless, distraction-free viewing mode for maximum engagement. - **Local Settings Preservation:** To save user-specific settings (, , and ) directly on the device. - **Persistent Display & Operation:** - Screen to remain active and un-dimmed. - Auto-launch upon Android startup, ensuring the app is always ready when needed. - Intelligent synchronization with the device's internet connectivity, delaying the web page display until a connection is established. - **Dynamic Interactivity:** - Auto-reloading feature to refresh the page at user-d...

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    ...with clear annotations for future modifications and scalability. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Strong background in SMTP protocol and email API integration. - Experience with proxy configurations and secure network communication. - Proficiency in implementing email tracking technologies and analyzing engagement data. - Capable of creating intuitive user interfaces for seamless configuration and operation. Engagement Details: Interested candidates should provide an overview of their experience with similar projects, outline their approach, and offer an estimated timeline and quote for the project. Following the initial review, I plan to discuss the project in more detail one-on-one to clarify any additional requirements....

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    Hourly XML Parser to DB 6 days left

    I'm seeking a skilled PHP developer to create a script tailored to my specific needs for managing XML data efficiently. This script will play a crucial role in the operation of my e-commerce platform, ensuring up-to-date product listings and accurate inventory management. **Key Requirements:** - Develop a PHP script to parse XML files. - The script must extract specific data elements: Product Names, Prices, Descriptions, and Stock Levels. - Import parsed data into a MySQL database. - This process needs to be automated to run on an hourly basis without fail. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in PHP with a strong understanding of XML file handling. - Experienced in writing SQL queries and database schema design. - Familiarity with cron job or similar scheduling tool...

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    We are currently seeking a highly organized and efficient Virtual Assistant to help streamline my daily tasks, ensuring smooth operation of my business activities. This role is ideal for individuals who thrive in a remote work environment and possess strong skills in both communication and organization. **Core Responsibilities:** - Daily management of job postings, including creating, updating, and ensuring their accuracy before publication. I'll provide a specific format or template for these postings. - Efficient management of my Google Drive, ensuring files are correctly organized, up-to-date, and easily accessible. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in using Google Drive and its suite of applications. - Strong organizational skills. - Ability to adhere to a pr...

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    ...infrastructure. As a large organization with over 251 employees, we need robust solutions that can keep pace with our growth and the challenges it brings. Our main objectives are: - **Improving Efficiency and Productivity:** Implementing software that streamlines operations and removes bottlenecks in our workflows. - **Enhancing Security and Data Protection:** Given the size and nature of our operation, safeguarding our data against breaches is paramount. We require up-to-date security measures integrated into our network. - **Streamlining Business Processes:** We’re aiming to simplify our internal processes through effective IT strategies, making it easier for our team to achieve their goals. **What We Need:** 1. **Software Development:** Custom software solutions t...

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    I am urgently seeking assistance with the removal of a virus from my Outlook PST file. My files are of key importance and therefore need special care to ensure no data loss or ...experience in dealing with malware, especially viruses. - Proven track record in recovering Outlook PST files. - Sound knowledge and handling of relevant software tools. Your responsibilities will include: - Identifying and removing the virus completely without disrupting the data. - Making sure the performed process doesn't compromise with any data security or privacy norms. - Ensuring smooth operation of the email client post-cleaning. Previous experience in similar tasks will definitely be a plus. Please provide an example of your work if possible. I anticipate this project being completed swiftly...

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    ...enabling a customized and engaging user experience based on individual preferences and interactions. - **Information Distribution:** Capability to design an intuitive and user-friendly interface that effectively disseminates information to the app's users. It would be an educational app **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in React Native or a similar framework to ensure smooth operation across both platforms. - Strong background in creating secure login mechanisms and managing user profile data. - Experience in UI/UX design, specifically focused on simplifying information access and enhancing user interaction. - Knowledge in implementing push notifications to keep users informed and engaged. The final product should be a robust, easy-to-navigate application t...

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    ...looking to transform our existing Perfex CRM into a Progressive Web Application (PWA) to ensure seamless operation on both Android and iOS platforms. The goal is to enhance user experience by leveraging the flexibility of a PWA while maintaining the core functionalities and design of the Perfex CRM. Here’s what I am looking for in this project: **Key Features to Include:** - Customer Management: A robust system for managing customer information and interactions. - Task Management: Efficient handling and tracking of tasks. - Estimates: Capability to create and manage estimates effortlessly. - Appointment Section (Appointly): An integrated section for scheduling and managing appointments. - Chat Section: A dedicated space for real-time communication. **Design Customi...

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    As someone with a growing business, I am in need of an organized and tech-savvy professional to take on the task of uploading and managing various document types. The ideal candidate will not be limited to just uploading Word documents, PDF files, and Excel spreadsheets but be able to arrange them effectively. Given that I have skipped on how I would like them organized, yo...just land you this project. The ideal freelancer: - Has experience in data entry or document management - Is familiar with Word, PDF, and Excel files - Can suggest an effective document organization system - Can provide detailed past work, experience, and project proposal. Don't hesitate to apply if this sounds like you. The proper management of these documents is pivotal for the seamless operation ...

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    ...highly skilled app and web developer with expertise in UI/UX design, frontend, and backend development. Your responsibilities will include: - Developing a user-friendly UI/UX interface for the app. - Handling the frontend development which involves creating screens, menus, and other interactive features. - Taking care of the backend development to ensure efficient data management and smooth operation of the app. - Matching the web platform design and functionality with the mobile app for seamless user experience. - Ensuring that the app is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Ideal candidates should have demonstrated skills and experience in full-stack development, including proficiency in UI/UX design and frontend and backend development. Familiarity with cross-pla...

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    64 bids Delaware, specializing in IT services. The goal is to remodel it into a fully owned subsidiary of an existing Indian Pvt. Ltd. Company, while continuing to provide the same services. Key tasks include: - Handling legal and financial processes of the transition. - Ensuring the new structure complies with all relevant regulations for both countries. - Assuring continuous, seamless business operation during and post transition. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Extensive experience in corporate restructures across borders, particularly between the US and India. - Deep understanding of company law and taxation in both countries. - Proven ability to work with minimal disruption to ongoing services. Your task is to ensure a smooth transition while maintaining ou...

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    I'm in search of a versatile and skilled Virtual Assistant (VA) who can efficiently manage every aspect of my Shopify dropshipping store. This role is pivotal for the growth and smooth operation of our business, so I'm looking for a candidate who brings both experience and a proactive approach to the table. Here's what I expect from my ideal VA: **Key Responsibilities:** - **Listing Optimization:** Enhance product listings to attract and retain customers. - **Ads Setup:** Create and manage advertising campaigns that drive traffic and sales. - **Order Management:** Ensure seamless processing of orders from placement to delivery. - **Refund Handling:** Address customer issues promptly and process refunds when necessary. - **Leads Handling:** Generate and follow up on l...

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    ...Requirements**: - I require SSH access to the instance for direct command-line interactions. This is crucial for my workflow and ongoing maintenance needs. **Skills and Experience Needed**: - **AWS Expertise**: Profound knowledge in AWS, especially EC2, and how to optimize it for a React application. - **Operating Systems**: Must be experienced with Linux environments and capable of ensuring smooth operation. - **Networking and Security**: Experience with setting up secure SSH access to EC2 instances. Knowing how to protect against unauthorized access is essential. - **React Web Development**: Understanding of hosting React applications is a plus, allowing for potential troubleshooting or optimization discussions. The ideal freelancer for this job would be someone who is det...

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    Virtual Assistant Needed -- 3 6 days left

    I'm in urgent need of a flexible Virtual Assistant who excels in client communication knowledge is a plus, though specific platforms to be managed were not defined. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience as a Virtual Assistant or similar role. - Strong communication and interpersonal skills. - Proficiency in email management and scheduling tools. - Ability to work independently and manage multiple tasks. - Knowledge of social media platforms and their basic operation. - Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills. I'm looking for someone who is immediately available, given that the completion timeline was not specified. If you are flexible, have a knack for efficient communication, and are adept at managing varying tasks, I encourage you to ...

    $150 (Avg Bid)
    $150 Avg Bid
    125 bids envisioned to not only automate the often cumbersome task of scheduling but to do so with an intelligent understanding of our specific needs and preferences. Here's what I'm looking for: **Core Features Required:** - **Automated Conflict Resolution:** The system should be capable of automatically identifying and resolving scheduling conflicts without manual intervention, ensuring a smooth operation. - **Employee Preference Input:** It’s vital that the software allows employees to input their available times and preferred shifts. This input should be factored into the scheduling algorithm to increase satisfaction and reduce turnover. - **Real-time Updates:** Given the dynamic nature of our business, schedules can change frequently. The schedule generator must s...

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    We are seeking a freelance technical document writer with expertise in Integrated Management Systems (IMS) and business planning to support various areas of our diverse business operations. Our company operates across multiple sectors, including Security & Investigations, Soft...identify areas for improvement and suggest practical, innovative solutions. The aim of this project is to refine our operational frameworks to better support our expanding service offerings, ensuring that our business remains competitive and compliant. The successful freelancer will help us streamline our processes and policies to foster growth, efficiency, and compliance across all areas of operation. This role is pivotal in enhancing our business’s foundation, preparing us for future challenges ...

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    I'm in need of a proficient microsoft net MAUI app developer, ideally with experience in building applications for both iOS and Android platforms. Key Features Required: - User authentication - Inclusive of push notifications - Supports microblogging similar to Twitter - Facilitates a chat feature There is no specific timeline for the completion of this project, quality is of utmost importance to me. This is not going to be a fixed price project. And i would prefer paying hourly as we make progress and even after production deployment, there will be continuous upgrade and updating work. Regards

    $8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    36 bids

    I'm in need of a sophisticated and secure money transfer system tailored for business transactions, primarily transferring funds directly to bank accounts. This system is crucial for the seamless operation of my business, enabling efficient financial movements and ensuring our transactions are executed without delays. **Key Requirements:** - The system must support direct transfers to bank accounts. - It needs to be secure, reliable, and able to handle high volumes of transactions. - The interface should be intuitive and user-friendly for ease of use by my team. - Incorporate features for tracking the status of each transaction. - Provide detailed transaction reports for accounting and auditing purposes. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in developing secure mone...

    $25 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    2 bids

    ...development to create a chat module that integrates with WhatsApp using Nodes and allows visitors to our website to communicate with us via WhatsApp by scanning a QR code. Project Requirements: Previous experience in web application development and strong knowledge of Node.js, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Ability to integrate a QR code generation system that links to the WhatsApp business number. Experience in implementing chatbots or automated messaging systems to enhance the customer experience. Preferably previous experience in developing similar chat modules or integrations with messaging services. Expected Deliverables: A functional chat module that allows visitors to scan a QR code to communicate with us via WhatsApp. Detailed documentation on how to install ...

    $76 (Avg Bid)
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    30 bids

    I'm urgently looking for a full stack developer to enhance the functionality of my application. The main objective is to enrich the application's capabilities and ensure seamless operation across both web browsers and mobile devices. Given the urgent nature of this project, I need a developer who can hit the ground running and deliver quality results efficiently. **Requirements:** - Experience in developing for both web and mobile platforms, ensuring compatibility and optimized performance across different devices. - Capability to analyze the existing application framework and propose as well as implement improvements to expand its functionality. - Strong problem-solving skills and an innovative mindset to overcome challenges and introduce new features that will enhance u...

    $13 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    79 bids

    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer to implement two specific enhancements to our Odoo Payroll module, aimed at streamlining our payroll process and improving the ...provide you a template. Just add it NB: I can give you access to another odoo installation where this was already done, so you can copy and paste, if you know where to. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Odoo development, specifically with customization of the Payroll module. - Strong understanding of payroll processes and requirements. This project is crucial for the smooth operation of our payroll department, ensuring that our employees' payslips are accurate and easily accessible. If you have the required skills and a track record of successful Odoo module customizations, I invite you to ...

    $18 (Avg Bid)
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    7 bids

    I'm looking for a skilled engineer to design an HVAC system for a large commercial area exceeding 5000 sq ft. The space requires constant temperature control to ensure a comfortable and productive work environment. Ideal Experience and Skills: - Proven experience in designing H...average of 19 feet and require both heating and cooling. We typically heat to 65F in winter and cool to 75F in summer. Located near Madison, WI. It will be new building with state of the art insulation to R38 or better. 10 people working in the building with minimal extra loads from LED lights and circulation fans. No vehicles will be stored or run in the building. Pick and pack distribution operation only. Finished product would be plans and state approval for permits of low cost and low ene...

    $50 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $50 / hr Avg Bid
    12 bids

    I'm in need of a professional to structure an Airtable system for an occupational health operation involving two users. Key duties of the project involve tracking: I'm in need of assistance with restructuring my database in Airtable to better manage our occupational medicine services. Below is a summary of what we're looking to achieve: Clients: Organize client information including contact details, contract fees, and renewal types. Locations: Manage location-specific data linked to clients. Contracts: Track contract details, including renewal dates and fees, with clear indicators for invoicing and payment status. Tasks: Define job tasks with associated visit frequencies, costs, and exam types. Workers: Maintain worker details, including assigned tasks and linked vi...

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    12 bids
    LED Control PIC Expert Needed 5 days left

    ...LEDs (2-10). The essence of this project revolves around the efficient manipulation and management of these LEDs to achieve desired lighting effects and functional outputs. **Key Requirements:** - Proficiency in PIC assembly code writing with a deep understanding of its syntax and structure. - Prior experience with LED control projects, especially in designing and correcting code for smooth operation. - Ability to debug and optimize existing assembly code to ensure reliable performance of LED functions. - Knowledge of electrical circuits, as you might need to provide insights or suggestions on connecting the LEDs to the PIC microcontroller. **Ideal Skills:** - Strong background in Electronics or Computer Science. - Experience with PIC microcontroller hardware and its interfacin...

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    ...of this role. Supervisors should have access to all functionality, barring the input and cleaning of data. Supervisors are to assign an excel sheet of numbers to the Data Entry clerk for completion. - Required Features: - User registration and login: Users should be able to create and manage accounts linked to their respective roles. - Search and filter options: To facilitate smooth operation, effective search and filter options should be incorporated. - Data validation and error checks: Automated checks should be instituted to minimize errors in input data. - Supervisor should be able to how much numbers were assigned to and completed by both data entry clerk and data cleaner. Ideal candidates will have experience in web development, particularly with multi-level us...

    $164 (Avg Bid)
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    ...interfaces would be ideal. Overall, I am seeking a developer with expertise in affiliate platforms, tracking and reporting, user management, and custom design to bring this project to life. The platform must have the functionalities of both platforms in its complete final version. But it will be requested that in the first version we can launch an MVP to the market to be able to test its correct operation with users. Among the different functionalities would be: - user login registration - different types of user roles - Complete statistics to keep track of reports, profits, costs, etc. - multi-level referral system - chargeback control system - offers and smartlinks system - data and conversion tracking system, focused mainly on purchases, subscriptions, leads, etc...

    $2391 (Avg Bid)
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    62 bids