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    I'm looking for a talented label designer to create modern and catchy labels for my meat and poultry products. The labels should be in line with the logo of my institution and should include specific information. Requirements: - Design: Modern style, in sync with the institution's logo. - Content: Standardized label for meat & chicken contact information, number, Instagram, and Snapchat. - Color Scheme: The color scheme should reflect the logo of the institution. Ideal Skills: - Graphic design expertise - Experience in label design, particularly for food products - Understanding of modern design trends - Ability to work with provided color schemes and branding I'm looking for someone who can add a creative touch to the label design and make my products stand ou...

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    I've got a well-developed diet application prototype that features: - Tracking food intake and calories - Meal planning and recipe suggestions - Progress tracking and goal setting I'm open to exploring avenues for financing, be it through securing investments from angel investors or setting up a crowdfunding campaign. I'm willing to negotiate a fair pay post-successful funding. I'm looking for someone who has a network with angel investors or has experience with successful crowdfunding campaigns. Your understanding of diet applications and the features I've implemented will be a big plus. Your ability to work with me closely to create a compelling funding strategy will be highly valued. Feel free to reach out with your ideas and past experiences...

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    I need a savvy marketer who can help me promote my app for diet that I've developed. This is an app designed with the main aim of driving sales so I need someone who can help me reach the right target audience and convert them into users and, ultimately, customers. Key Responsibilities: - Develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy that focuses on user acquisition and ultimately driving sales. - Leverage different marketing channels to reach the target audience. - Monitor and analyze the performance of various marketing campaigns to make data-driven decisions. - Optimize the marketing strategies to ensure maximum ROI. Ideal Skills: - Proven track record in app marketing and user acquisition. - Experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies that d...

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    Modern Ad Design for Dr Diet 5 days left

    ...brand, Dr Diet. The target audience is Fitness enthusiasts and the ad will primarily be used on social media. Key Points: - for my Dietician and personal training brand - Target Audience: The ad should be captivating for young adults, providing a fresh, modern appeal. - Platform: As the primary platform for this ad is social media, the design should be adaptable to different social media formats. - Style: I'm aiming for a modern and sleek design. It should be eye-catching and reflect the essence of the Dr Diet brand. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in graphic design, particularly for social media platforms. - Understanding of modern advertising trends, especially those tailored to young adult audiences. - Ability to create a sleek and modern design that a...

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    I'm seeking a robust analysis that delves into the dietary habits leading to obesity in children and adolescents. Key Project Components: - Deep exploration into the various diet tendencies prevalent in this age group that might lead to obesity. - Comparative analysis of different diets and their impact on weight - Data-driven insights into preventive measures. Skills and Experience: - In-depth knowledge in nutrition and dietetics - Vast experience in health research, in particular, childhood obesity - Strong analytical and interpretive skills.

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    I'm in need of an experienced architect who can help me design and visualize an animal farm primarily for chickens. Key Requirements: - Designing the architectural blueprints for the farm - Creating 2D, 3D visual representations of the farm - Planning the layout and dimensions of the chicken housing - Creating differnt rooms for different needs Features Needed for Chicken Housing: - Automated Feeding Systems - Temperature Control - Waste Management Systems I am open to suggestions and ideas for creating an efficient and animal-friendly environment for the chickens. Ideal Skills: - Architectural Design - 3D Modelling and Visualization - Animal Farm Design Experience Please provide examples of your previous work related to this project.

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    I'm in need of an experienced architect who can help me design and visualize an animal farm primarily for chickens. Key Requirements: - Designing the architectural blueprints for the farm - Creating 2D, 3D visual representations of the farm - Planning the layout and dimensions of the chicken housing - Creating differnt rooms for different needs Features Needed for Chicken Housing: - Automated Feeding Systems - Temperature Control - Waste Management Systems I am open to suggestions and ideas for creating an efficient and animal-friendly environment for the chickens. Ideal Skills: - Architectural Design - 3D Modelling and Visualization - Animal Farm Design Experience Please provide examples of your previous work related to this project.

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    ...These platforms should have significant search volumes and engagement on topics surrounding weight loss and dietary supplements. Project Details: Task: Each freelancer will be required to post 10 comments on different YouTube videos and social media posts related to weight loss products. Content of Comments: The comments should detail personal experiences or testimonials about using a specific diet product that has helped either the freelancer or their family members in achieving weight loss goals. Content Guidelines: Comments should be genuine, engaging, and relevant to the content of the video or post. They should also comply with the guidelines and policies of the respective platforms. Requirements: Experience: Prior experience in comment posting or social media engageme...

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    ...looking for a skilled scriptwriter to develop scripts for five short social media commercials. These commercials are intended for a middle-aged adult audience and will primarily be aired on social media. The script should be around 15-30 seconds and show easy understandable Research about Low Carb food health benefits. Here is an example: The source of the data you write about should be included. Key Requirements: - The focus of the commercials is to inform the audience about our product/service effectively. - Each script should be concise, engaging, and able to hold the attention of the listener. - It should be tailored to appeal to the specified demographic (middle-aged

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    ...transformation, committed to guiding individuals on their path to self-discovery and holistic well-being. Their approach is centered around empowering individuals to unlock their true potential, gaining valuable insights into their strengths, and embracing intelligent and authentic healing methods. They offer a range of services including coaching, mentoring, education, and personalized advice on lifestyle, diet, and imbalances. Using techniques like NLP and Ayurveda, they aim to support individuals in nourishing and nurturing their body, mind, and soul. Ultimately, their goal is to alleviate stress and anxiety while promoting increased energy and joy for life. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in logo design, especially for brands in the coaching or holistic wel...

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    I am looking for a proficient fitness trainer who's also knowledgeable in creating and managing a high-protein diet plan. Objectives: In our sessions, our main focus will be on: - Muscle building and strength enhancement. Skills and expertise: I will highly value: - Experience in helping others increase muscle mass and strength. - Skills in creating high-protein diet plans to accelerate muscle building. Experience level: Potential trainers should note: - Although I have some previous experience in exercising and muscle building, it's limited hence open to all the professional guidance I can get.

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    I'd like a blueprint designed for a small-scale food-processing factory that would be producing up to 500 units per day. The factory needs to process fresh fruits and vegetables, roast vegetables and cook chicken. - Factory Requirements: An integral part of the blueprint must be facilities for washing and sorting fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as separate sections for roasting vegetables and cooking chicken. - Knowledge Requirements: A freelancer with a background in food processing, industrial design or architecture, preferably with experience in designing similar production lines, would be an ideal match for this project. - Deliverable: The final product should be an informative, easy-to-understand and practical blueprint for constructing a small-scale food pro...

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    ...comprehensive wellness app that targets both iOS and Android. Key Features: - Fitness Tracking: A core element of the app would be to enable users to track their fitness activities, monitor their progress and set goals. - Meditation Guides: Inclusion of meditation guides, possibly with varied sessions, may be considered. - Nutritional Tips: Incorporation of a feature that offers nutritional information, diet plans, and healthy eating tips. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven expertise in React Native cross-platform app development. - Strong understanding of app design and development principles. - Prior experience in developing wellness, fitness, or similar apps would be a plus. Please note that this project is centered around user engagement and well-being, so experience i...

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    I need personal trainer who can help me with workout plans and diets plans. I would prefer the diet to be Vegetarian but if it's essential then I can also eat meat. I think I'm lactose intolerant but I'm not sure about that. I've been going to gym for a long time but the difference is not very much. I have gained weight and muscles but it also came with lots of stretch marks and fat around my waist and stomach and face. I need a body physique like anime character Toji. It's totally achievable as I have seen people achieve it. I also need to increase my stamina for obvious reasons. iykwim I can workout 1 hour 6 days a week. I have a job where I have to sit all day in front of computer and and then travel approx 4-5 hours in cab daily. I weight around 6...

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    ...can form during the cooking process by adding other ingredients such as Vitamin C, which inhibits the formation of nitrosamines. Additionally, the FDA regulates the number of nitrates and nitrites in processed foods, to ensure our exposure to these ingredients remains well within the safe levels. Research also shows us that if we consume processed meats in moderation as part of an overall healthy diet, we are unlikely to experience long term adverse health impacts. Moderation is key. It's important to note that when nitrates and nitrites enter drinking water in large quantities, they can cause significant harm to formula-fed infants under six months of age, and, in substantial amounts, they can harm children and adults. Nitrates and nitrites in drinking water is not a comm...

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    I need a logo for a new restaurant called wild chicken, I need creative simple logo such as chicken toes print without any lettering . The logo should be primarily icon-based, with no specific color preferences. Key Requirements: - Icon-based logo: The logo should have a strong, identifiable animal element. - Color scheme: There are no specific color preferences at this stage, so you have the creative freedom to explore. . Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced in graphic design and logo creation. - Proficient in creating strong, iconic logos. - Creative thinker with a strong portfolio. - Ability to take creative direction. - Strong communication skills to understand the vision and make it a reality. Attached : Some samples of logos in my mind

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    I'm seeking a talented graphics designer to create a cartoonish style sticker of chicken Joe as a paratrooper for personal expression. Cartoonish, chicken strapped as an 82nd airborne army. The key requirements are: - Sticker design centered around personal expression - Cartoonish style artwork - Sticker must be medium-sized, between 5 and 10 cm Not much experienced, just make it funny and have fun with it. Need 40 stickers. Please send me your quote.

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    Great Contest everyday value increasing..! Hurry I am in need of an experienced designer for my new business, Haseena Chicken Meat. I am looking for a classic modern and minimalist branding and logo design that is highly appealing to families, my main target audience. Key Points: -Logo Is Going to Be Registered and Copyrighted By the Indian Government so please be careful before copying others' work. - Please don't use Ai ..Just use it for reference and ideation. Remember final artwork will be in vector graphic and editable form in Photoshop, and Illustrator with all logos element intake with file easy to edit. Disclaimer: 1) All the artwork which includes the final files.. should be on Ai,PSD and PDF only. 2) I want a Vector file first which will be on Adobe Illustr...

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    I'm seeking an academic writer with a strong background in Health and Nutrition, Obesity Studies, as well as Research and Referencing, to compose an introduction for my manuscript focused on the interrelation of obesity, physical activity and diet. Key expectations for this project include: - The manuscript introduction should exceed 800 words, - The tone and style of writing must be Formal and Academic, - Absolutely no AI usage such as GPT chat or equivalent, or plagiarism of any sort, - The work should be well-supported with references from reputable sources. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Health and Nutrition, - Familiarity with Obesity Studies, - Proficiency in Research and Referencing. Reference Sources to Prioritize: - Scholarly Journals in Nutrition and Dietetics,...

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    I'm seeking an experienced mobile application developer to design an innovative health and fitness app for both iOS and Android platforms. The central purpose of this app is to allow users to keep track of their health and fitness habits while working from home. Key functionalities should include: * Exercise Tracking * Custom work out plans * Diet Tracking * Custom meal plans * Goal Setting/being able to share progress with other members Ideal skills for successful completion of this project include experience in health & fitness app development, knowledge in creating user-friendly interfaces, and proficiency in designing for both iOS and Android platforms. A strong understanding of how to incorporate progress tracking and goal setting into an app will be extremely b...

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    I am doing ...**Audience:** Individuals seeking to improve their lifestyle The right consultant will help in designing a tailored plan for the improvement of healthy eating habits and physical fitness. This includes but is not limited to: - **Meal Planning:** Designing a personalized meal plan that supports overall health. - **Nutritional Advice:** Providing insights on the right nutrients and vitamins for an effective diet. - **Exercise Routines:** Suggesting tailored exercise routines that align with the goal of improving overall health. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Demonstrated expertise in nutrition and health. - Experience in creating personalized fitness plans. - Excellent communication and consultative skills. - Proven track record in helping individuals achieve their hea...

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    ...poultry farm. Highlights of the tasks that need to be implemented include: - The main objective: simulate a robotic unit that identifies infected chickens and marks them with paint for easy identification. - Implementing inverse kinematics for controlling and manipulating the robotic arm. This aspect is significant as it will be used to simulate painting on the target - the identified infected chicken. - Validation of this simulation will require demonstration of effective use of inverse kinematics in creating realistic, smooth movements for the robotic arm while it performs its marker task. Ideal candidates should have substantial experience with simulation projects and a strong understanding of inverse kinematics for robotic controls. Those with a background in agriculture o...

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    NEW PEOPLE PLEASE STOP SUBMITTING WORK, as you will not win any money and waste your time. ONLY people who ...background part, and another person submits or creates the font. You both will earn a payout. If the background designer is confident they can create the font, they're welcome to keep the money if they deliver. - The who wins the logo, must create a small logo variant with just the W for use in Websites. This may end up being a raster image. Our business is in the food industry and sells fried chicken. Hence red/orange shades of feather inspired flare. The blue/green does compliment the red/orange quite nicely, so please replicate this as close as possible. Pay - Main logo background: 90usd - Main logo font/design your own as a vector: 21usd - Seamless background for...

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    136 entries designer and developer. This project involves creating a fitness/yoga membership app for both iOS and Android platforms. Key Functionalities: - Online Training Sessions: Users should be able to access, participate, and save fitness training videos. - Diet Planning: The app should include features for creating and monitoring meal plans, incorporating nutritional information, and tracking calorie consumption. - Progress Tracking: The app should allow users to track their fitness progress, log their workouts, and monitor their diet. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in iOS and Android app development - Experience with multimedia content integration for online training - Previous work on fitness, health or wellness apps would be a plus - Background in desig...

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    I am seeking a proficient designer with experience in food and beverage layout designing to create a modern-style menu layout for an assisted living facility. This is a 30-day menu, and I require assistance not only in designing the layout but also in creating the menu layout for an assisted living facility. This is a 30-day menu, and I require assistance not only in designing the layout but also in creating the menu templates and formatting the textual content. Key requirements include: * Modern design aesthetics * Experience in menu design * Expertise in template creation and text formatting The menu should comprise the following categories: * Special diet meals * Weekly meals * Holiday specials Your portfolio showcasing similar projects will greatly augment your ap...

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    I'm seeking an experienced recipe developer with a deep understanding of Mexican and Jamaican cuisine. They should be able to accurately capture the essence and flavors of these diverse cultures. The exact recipes I'd like to focus on include: - Tacos - Jerk Chicken - Mexican Bowls - Loaded Fries - Loaded Nachos I have a preference for medium spiciness for all dishes. The final dishes are expected to be delicious, wholesome, and full of authentic flavors. Ideal strengths for this project: - Expertise in Mexican and Jamaican cuisine - Experience in recipe development - Ability to adjust spiciness levels while maintaining authenticity and flavor balance.

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    I'm looking for a talented graphic designer to create a retractable banner design for my Jamaican restaurant. Key Aspects: -THE MEASUREMENTS ARE 33X81 - The name of the restaurant is JAMAICAN FOOD STOP - BLACK BACKGROUND - The color scheme should reflect the colors of J...color scheme should reflect the colors of Jamaica - predominantly green, yellow, and black. - The banner should prominently feature the restaurant's name and logo. - Jamaican Flag around border of banner -QR Code for instagram & @Jamaicanfoodstop -Facebook : Jamaican Food Stop ( please make a QR code for facebook) PLACE THESE WORDS THROUGHOUT THE BANNER IN RANDOM SPOTS: •OXTAILS •JERK CHICKEN •CURRY GOAT Here is the link for QR:

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    I'm seeking a talented web developer with a keen eye for design, a knack for u...with intuitive menus and smooth transitions between pages. - Integration of Social Media Features: I'm looking to incorporate social media elements, to improve user engagement and interaction. - SEO Performance: The website should be optimized for search engine performance, with the goal of boosting traffic and rankings. - Content Inclusion: The site should include workout tutorials, nutrition and diet advice, member success stories and an e-commerce feature. The ideal freelancer should have a strong portfolio of similar projects, good communication skills, and a proactive approach to problem-solving. Experience in the fitness industry would be a plus. Please include case studies or exampl...

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    ...English and excellent communication skills is crucial. Prior experience working in similar short-term, intensive collaboration projects is highly preferred. The first day will be spent deploying 3 codebases, a smaller backend that looks great but is like a painting, pretty to look at - doesnt do much. The others an bigger codebase whom carrying some excess pounds but knows it and has been on a diet for weeks - and the front end. Slick and fine - little to worry about. Ove the first day the succesful applicant can ask questions, break things, drop 1m users in then flush them like a toilet, and map out the next 4 days. Tomorrow is about reaching the deployment summit - this can be on aws, gcs or one of the new ones, everything is backed up and the backend can swallow 1.7m use...

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    Trophy icon space food Ended

    I'll open restaurant soon and I'm in need of a creative made 1- (design intro cartoon for i add to my videos in media) 2- (logo) to restaurant make sandwiches beef burger& wings& burger crispy chicken& creative Sauces&fries& zinger 3- or (logo like file attached) or ( logo 2 spaceman one have my face and one have face my My partner) Description of the restaurant :- restaurant name (space food) / worker clothes spaceman and food names like planets and rocket space , It's as if food is being cooked in space Looking forward to your artwork that will revolutionize my restaurant's identity!

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    152 entries a competitive and healthy lunch menu for a school. You will focus on nut-free recipes to accommodate allergies and also provide daily vegan as well as meat options. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Deep knowledge of meal planning catering to multiple dietary restrictions - Experience with british cuisine - Proven expertise in school meal preparation and a strong understanding of balanced diet for kids - Highly knowledgeable on cost-effective recipe development and kitchen budget planning Responsibilities: - Design a varied, 3 week-long lunch menu with dessert options daily - Creation of nut-free recipes - Providing daily vegan options - Detailed costing of each meal - Ensure meals are compliant with school food regulations Your menu and recipes should be original, vari...

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    ...down now Huh get it started now! Up get up now, get down now get up yeah Up get up now, get down now get up yeah (don't forget the name) Up get up now, get down now get up yeah Up get up now, get down now get up yeah take it outside yeah we send em to the moon and we knock em out southpaw takin all their shoes and the other guys don’t know how to make a move so were gonna cook em up and make chicken noodle soup oh that dude he just run around smooth but then who can even fool him? baby not you and maybe you can try but baby you can’t hide the truth oh no he be lookin right through you old school fresh old school fresh old school fresh old school old school fresh old school fresh old school fresh old school old school fresh old school fresh old school fresh old...

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    I'm looking for a nutritionist who can help me create a tailored meal plan and provide ongoing support for weight management. This project will be long term project where person will be creating diet plan of my clients of Social media - Key Points: - Meal Planning: I need a nutritionist to develop a comprehensive meal plan that caters to my dietary concerns and goals. This plan should include options for weight loss, muscle gain, and accommodate my allergies and intolerances. - Nutritional Counseling: I'm seeking professional guidance on how to improve my eating habits, and make informed food choices to support my health goals. - Weight Management Support: I need strategies for maintaining a healthy weight while achieving my fitness goals

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    We need a dietician for new startup for fat to fit diet services

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    ...proficient in the creation of AI applications on mobile platforms, with the main goal of developing a comprehensive personal assistant specially designed for diet and fitness. Key Functionalities: - This should be capable of ensuring efficient schedule and email management, coupled with timely weather updates. Diet and Fitness Support: - The app should offer automated assistance with meal planning, mapping out effective workout routines, and tracking the progress achieved from these routines. - Moreover, it should be designed to calculate BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure), essential factors for diet planning. Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in app development, AI, machine learning, and UX/UI designing...

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    I need a seasoned developer with proficiency in building Android applications to create an app focused on selling diet plans on a subscription basis. Key Features Needed: - **Meal Tracking**: The app should allow users to keep track of their daily food intake. - **Progress Tracking**: Users should be able to monitor their progress closely. - **Personalized Recommendations**: The app should provide suggestions tailored to each individual's dieting needs and progress. User Authentication: Users should be able to register and log in using their Email and password, social media accounts or their Google sign-in details. This calls for a developer with knowledge and experience in App Security and OAuth authentication. Third-party Services Integration: - **Payment Gateway**: Th...

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    ...professional sprinters, focusing on nutrition. The ideal candidate for this project should have the following skills and experiences: - Experience in creating content for athletes, particularly sprinters. - A good understanding of nutritional science. - Ability to put together engaging and informative diet plans. - Experience in creating easy-to-follow and effective recipes. - Knowledge in designing booklets, with a keen eye for visual appeal. The booklet should: - Be 10-20 pages in length. - Include diet plans tailored for professional sprinters. - Provide in-depth explanations of nutritional science in a way that's accessible and engaging. - Include a variety of recipes that are both nutritious and suitable for the dietary needs of sprinters. The information i...

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    I'm a fitness coach, specializing in strength training and am in need of comprehensive fitness sheets. These should contain detailed information in four key areas: 1. Exercise Descriptions: Detailed information about strength training exercises, including diagrams or images, written instructions, and any necessary safety advisories. 2. Diet Plans: Nutrition recommendations and daily diet plans tailored to support strength training. These may include recommended meals, macro or calorie counts, and advice on supplements if necessary. 3. Progress Trackers: A system for tracking training progress, such as weight lifts, cardio fitness levels, and body measurements. A visually appealing, easy-to-understand format is important. 4. Daily Macros/Calories Checks: A straightfor...

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    UI/UX design for the MVP using elementor Simplify the navigation: Ensure that users can easily navigate between different sections of the app. Visual hierarchy: Use visual cues such as size, color, and placement to guide users to the most important elements on each screen. Minimize steps: Reduce ...color, and placement to guide users to the most important elements on each screen. Minimize steps: Reduce the number of steps required for users to complete tasks. Remove the "Free Chat" button: This should be a straightforward change in the design. Remove the button from the interface to reflect the updated functionality. Change the placement of existing buttons: Prioritize the "diet plan" button at the beginning of the chat to reflect it...

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    I'm in need of a website designer to create an education platform for me. The platform will be specifically focused on Pediatric Diet. Key Features: - Course Management System: I need a system that allows me to easily upload and manage course content, track student progress and enable interactive learning. - Payment Gateway Integration: The platform should have a secure payment gateway to allow users to easily pay for course access. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in designing and developing educational platforms - Strong understanding of user experience - Proficiency in integrating payment gateways - Experience in developing course management systems Please share relevant samples of your previous work in your proposal.

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    ...receiving. This includes things like calories, grams of fat, carbohydrates, and protein. - Recipe Suggestions: Beyond just calculating the nutrition for each meal, it should also suggest replacement items - Ingredient Tracking: Finally, it would also entail traceability of each ingredient in every meal. The ideal freelancer for this job must combine a deep understanding of software development, diet, and nutrition. Experience in developing software for meal planning or a related context is a big plus....

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    As an initiative to promote health and wellness, I am seeking a proficient developer to build an interactive fitness application that functions smoothly on both iOS and Android platforms. Key Features Required: - Diet Plan Management: The app should let users manage their dietary habits efficiently. It should help them plan their meals, record their dietary intake, and monitor their progress over time. - Real-time Feedback: The app should provide instant feedback on the user's activities. This could include suggestions, encouragement, or tips based on the data entered by the user. Ideal candidate would have: - Prior experience in fitness app development. - Proficiency in developing cross-platform software i.e., both iOS and Android. - Strong understanding of user-interface d...

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    I'm searching for an experienced app developer capable of building an app inspired by "Chef a Tu Medida". The key capabilities of this app are: - Meal Planning - Personalized meal plans - Displaying nutritional information - Ingredient tracking The app should be able to provide personalized meal plans, particularly focusing on healthy ingred...information for each meal and track the ingredients used. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in app development, specifically in the health and wellness niche - Knowledgeable in programming for nutritional information display - Experience in creating effective UI/UX for food and meal planning apps - Understanding of ingredient tracking systems - Ideally someone who has worked with diet, fitness or other healt...

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    Hi Mdjuyel M., Thanks for reaching out. I have a logo namely Early Birds which is for a 6am class for our crossfit gym. In this logo are several different birds - What I would like is to change the Wonder Women bird to the Gladiator bird. I will send all the files.

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    ...plans and nutritional counseling, primarily for individuals seeking weight loss. Key requirements: - Designing customized meal plans: Including a diet that can assist with weight loss. Meal plans should be practical and easy to follow. - Nutritional counseling: Providing insights on healthy eating, lifestyle changes in support of weight loss goals. This might include tips on portion control, food choices, etc. - Delivery: You should be able to deliver the meal plans and conduct counseling sessions in written formats (PDF, Word, etc.). -Basically I am allergic to citrus fruits and apple so it would be better if don’t include those things in the diet plan. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in developing meal plans for weight loss - A background in nu...

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    ...Crocodiles: - Provide outline drawings of both an alligator and a crocodile side by side. Label features like the snout shape directly on the outlines. - Interactive Question: "Spot the Difference! Can you label which is which?" - Beneath the images, include flip tabs with black and white images or text revealing the answers. #### Panel 2: Diet & Habitat - Header: “What Do Alligators Eat & Where Do They Live?” - Sections with outlined images showing an alligator's diet (fish, turtles, small mammals) for coloring. - Interactive Element: A simple crossword puzzle or matching game printed directly on the board, where kids can draw lines connecting food items to the alligator. - Habitat Description: - A black and white map showing alligator ...

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    I require an accomplished and engaging speaker who can effectively communicate the content of a book I authored on managing acute, chronic kidney disease plus, home hhd through holistic and modified lifestyle approaches. Key Responsibilities: - Presenting on the main topics of the book: diet modifications, stress management techniques, and the importance of regular medical check-ups - Promoting understanding and personal growth related to chronic kidney disease management Ideal Candidate Attributes: - In-depth knowledge of chronic kidney disease - Strong background in motivational and inspirational speaking - Expertise in personal growth, self-help, and lifestyle modification - Experience in preparing and delivering presentations to diverse audiences - Familiarity with th...

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    Diet and exercise program. Hourly rate is 2 USD dollars. I’ve chosen the minimum amount of working hours per week as well as hourly rate accordIng to the app but I’m sure I’ll get done with your work in a much shorter time ^^

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    I'm in need of a skilled content writer specializing in Ayurveda. The project involves creating engaging and informative content on Ayurvedic treatments, Ayurvedic diet, and Ayurvedic herbs. The content will be for my Ayurveda website, targeting a general audience. Key Elements: - I need content that is engaging, informative, and accurate. - The content should be original and tailored for a wider audience that may not be familiar with Ayurvedic concepts. - All content should be optimized for SEO. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in writing about Ayurveda or other natural health remedies. - An understanding of SEO principles. - Excellent research skills to ensure the accuracy of the content. - Ability to adapt writing style for a general audience. If you have experience...

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    As a client, I'm in need of a, so it's important that the nutritionist is aware of this. Key deliverables and requirements for the project include: - Customized meal plans: I'm looking for a nutritionist who can tailor meal plans to my specific dietary requirements and weight loss goals. - Dietary recommendations for energy: Beyond meal plans, I'm also looking for guidance on how to improve my energy levels through my diet. Ideal candidates for this job should have: - Proven experience in creating tailored meal plans for weight loss - Knowledge of how specific foods can influence energy levels - Understanding of dietary restrictions and how to work around them Please submit your proposals if you feel you have the necessary skills and experienc...

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