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    2,000 circuitmaker vs altium jobs found, pricing in USD date and start time. **Scope:** The schedule should cover the following: 1. England Men 2. England Women 3. England Disability 4. Vitality County Championship 5. Vitality Blast 6. Metro Bank One Day Cup 7. Charlotte Edwards Cup 8. Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy 10. The Hundred **Details to Include:** For each match, include the following columns: - Date - Match Number - Teams (Example: Team A vs Team B) - Match Format (Example: T20, ODI, Test, League 100) - International or Domestic - UK Start Time - New Zealand Start Time - Stadium Name - City - Distance from Sidcup, UK (as per the provided Google Maps link) **Instructions:** 1. **Data Entry:** - Gather fixtures from reliable sources such as: - [ECB Official Site]() - [Cricbuzz Schedule](

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    I am Building AWX Server on AWS EC2 Here is the method I am using: So far, I have: I have already Created an EC2 instance for this server. Cloned the AWX Repo, I have completed all installations ...I am using: So far, I have: I have already Created an EC2 instance for this server. Cloned the AWX Repo, I have completed all installations required (installed Docker, Docker-Compose, I have used pipx to install the Ansible package) I need help with the rest of the instructions from that link. I am building this server in VS Code Ideal skills for the job include strong understanding of AWS, proficiency in AWX tasks and familiarity with Ubuntu server.

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    I'm looking for an experienced PCB designer who's proficient with Altium Designer. The project specifically involves a multilayer PCB design. A strong attention to detail and a good understanding of circuit board layout is crucial for this project. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Altium Designer - Experience with multilayer PCB design with large PCB Boards - Ability to understand and implement complex circuit board layouts - Attention to detail Please provide examples of your previous PCB design work using Altium. A portfolio demonstrating your experience in multilayer PCB design will be highly regarded. This is an LED board which needs layout editing with adding few more components. Please Show your previous work with dense Layout with Noise and Heat Ma...

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    I am looking for someone that has listened to the Drake vs Kendrick Diss tracks many times. I need someone that is very active with the culture & knows almost everything thats going on in this beef. I need someone that has seen all the memes around the beef. And knows the history of the beef. I'm looking to put together some content around this beef. And I need someone that can guide me. 1. How old are you? 2. Where do you live? 3. Who do you think won the battle and why? 4. If I needed you to defend the loser, could you do so? 5. Tell me something interesting about this beef? 6. What social media platforms are you active on? 7. Did you auto generate this application you sent me, or did you type it out?

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    I'm in need of an analyst who...similarities between regional and national data The ideal candidate for this job should possess: - Strong proficiency in data analysis, particularly descriptive analysis - Proven experience with using Excel for data visualization - A keen eye for detail and accuracy in data interpretation - Ability to clearly present complex data findings in an easy-to-understand manner - Prior experience in regional vs national data comparison is a plus, but not mandatory The final deliverable should include: - Excel charts and graphs that accurately reflect the descriptive analysis results - A brief summary of the key findings derived from the visualizations Any type of visualization is fine as long as I can copy and paste. Bonus points if you take the time ...

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    I'm in need of an expert who can help me compile two separate GitHub projects that are written in C++, using the Visual Studio Community Edition for Windows. I will require that you provide me with written instructions on how to make the compiled projects work after you've successfully compiled them. Key Requirements: - Compilation of C++ projects using VS Community Edition - Preparation of clear, detailed instructions Additional Information: - I do not have the necessary dependencies, so you will need to ensure that all required libraries and frameworks are included in the compilation. Your task will be to: - Compile each project separately - Provide written instructions on how to use the compiled projects together Ideal Skills/Experience: - Proficient in C++ and Vis...

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    30 bids job title, company name, location, job description, requirements, etc. # Web Interface: A user-friendly web interface where users can enter the URL of the job listings page and initiate the scraping process. # Downloadable in .csv Format: The scraped job data should be downloadable in .csv format for easy analysis and storage. # Filtering Options: Ability to filter job listings based on old vs. new jobs for specific job verticals (e.g., technology, finance, healthcare) and support for Middle East/GCC countries. # Scalability: The scraper should be able to handle a large volume of job listings from multiple sources without performance issues. # Scheduled Scraping: Optional feature to schedule regular job scraping tasks to keep the data up-to-date. Ideal candidates for thi...

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    I'm looking for a professional to assist me with a new GST registration for my service-based business. Key Tasks: - Complete the GST registration process for a new business - Ensure all necessary information and documentation is correctly prepared - Advise on the best approach for state-wise or single state registrati...registration Ideal Freelancer: - Experience in GST registration for service-based businesses - Familiarity with the requirements for new GST registration - Ability to offer guidance on state-wise or single state registration Please provide details of your experience in the field of GST registration in your bid. Your understanding of the process and capacity to provide insightful advice on state-wise vs. single state registration will be key in my decision-...

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    7 bids a video with many edits/cuts) If you rehearse it 2X and then record, it takes about 11 minutes. Total time to perform is approximately 35 minutes... So less than 1 hour Here is the google sheet that is a "conceptual guide". For each row, it tells you how many signs are needed for that row (See” count" column).... (many are done with LEFT and RIGHT hand). In some cases signs are moving vs static and it shows you the "States" of the specific sign. Again, this is a conceptual guide but the example video is what you want to use as a reference. More importantly, here is an example video: Use this as

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    I'm looking for an expert PowerPoint designer to create a 3 slide presentation focused on our business' performance. The objective of this presentation is sharing our Super Market's year-to-date and month-to-date performance with our CEO. Key areas to highlight: - Sales revenue performance Sales Growth, Loyalty share, Sales vs Target, Basket Size etc Note Be as creative / visual as possible while building the presentation Define KPI's and build the presentation around it Ideal skills and experience: - Strong proficiency in PowerPoint design - Professional career in data analysis or business metrics - Deep understanding of the supermarket or retail industry. Your role will be creating a visually-appealing, clear, and concise presentation that communicates ...

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    I need an expert Altium PCB designer for a complex prototyping project involving mixed-signal components on a multi-layer board. The right candidate should be able to draft and develop with precision and attention to detail. IDEAL SKILLS: - Extensive experience in Altium software - Dexterity in handling mixed-signal components - Mastery of multi-layered board designs - Familiarity with PCB prototyping processes - Able to handle high-frequency MCU of 480Mhz This project requires someone who thrives in complex PCB designs and can deliver accurate results promptly. I have already designed the schematic, the board shape, and the placement of connectors. I will provide my PCB library for the footprint of all the components used in the project. The PCB will be an 8-layer boar...

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    ... I'm looking for an AI specialist who can lead a series of online training sessions on Generative AI. The trainer should have expertise in the following areas: - Experience with Generative AI: Ideally, can provide examples of unique output generated by the AI under your supervision. - Training: GenAI overview, Advanced Transformers(Encoder only , Decoder only, Encoder and Decoder). Pre Training vs Fine Tuning – Benefits of PEFT, LoRA & QLoRA. Hands on exercises on Fine Tuning, LLMOps, Prompt Engineering, RAG - Learning Techniques: Familiarity with Supervised, Unsupervised, and Reinforcement learning techniques is preferred. This series of online sessions must be engaging and insightful, providing a comprehensive guide to Generative AI. If you can accommodate th...

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    HV Board 4 days left

    Make Altium project for HV board

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    Hello freelancers! I'm seeking an individual with a background in education and a polished eye for detail to review my paper. The paper focuses on the comparison of flipped classroom strategies versus traditional teaching methods. Specifically, you'll need to: * Review corrections suggested * Provide feedback on structure, flow and argument consistency * Ensure my paper is ready for publication in the domain of "Teaching Strategies" in Humanities and Social Sciences Perfect for those with: * Experience in academic writing and reviewing * Knowledge of teaching strategies, specifically flipped classroom and traditional methods * Excellent proofreading skills With your help, we can make this paper ready for prime time in the academic community. Looking forward to your...

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    I'm in need of an experienced animator who can create a 2D animated short film. The project will be a 20-25 minute long animation which is a crossover between Godzilla and Bambi, designed for an adult audience. Key requirements: - 2D Animation: The style of the animation should be 2D. - Crossover Concept: The short will intertwine the characters and worlds of Godzilla and Bambi in a way that is humorous and engaging for an adult audience. - Length: As an adult animated short, the project will run for approximately 20-25 minutes, so experience with long-form animation is a plus. - Creative Flair: I'm looking for someone with a good sense of storytelling, visual humor, and an ability to create a unique and captivating narrative. If you're an animator who loves to push creat...

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    ...databases. - Market Data: Use TADAWUL to gather historical price data. - Beta Value: Retrieve the company's beta from Yahoo Finance. - Risk-Free Rate: Search for current risk-free rate data applicable to Saudi Arabia (usually government bond yields). 3. Analysis Tasks: - Capital Structure Analysis: - Explain the concept of capital structure. - Calculate the proportion of debt vs. equity in the company’s capital structure. - Calculate the cost of debt from financial reports. - Equity Required Rate of Return: - Apply the Dividend Growth Model (DGM) and the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) to calculate the required rate of return on equity. - Describe each model and show detailed calculations. - Market Return Calculation: ...

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    Creating a library to control the TMC5160 using only the SPI bus. The library must be ESP32 compatible and will not use other similar existing libraries for other TMCs. It must include: - basic functions for motor setup and movement, positioning - advanced functions such as CoolStep, StallGuard...functions for motor setup and movement, positioning - advanced functions such as CoolStep, StallGuard2, SpreadCycle and StealthChop2 - sensorless operation to find home position (StallGuard2) - the library must not block additional ESP code during motor running and control (delay commands etc) and must support running of multiple motors simultaneously (using CS signal) - deploying the library in VS Code + PlatformIO The library functionality will be tested on a TMC5160 BOB + NEMA 8 (8HS...

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    LCA assessment of the Wheat straw bottle vs glass bottle , Plastic pump and Another product

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    I'm currently experiencing functionality issues with my Optisystem and need an expert to help me resolve it. Key Responsibilities: - i need to do ofdm code in matlab (tx and rx) And connect it with optisystem to make co-ofdm - and i need to get BER vs OSNR carve when change distance of optical fiber.

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    I am aiming to incorporate ...definitions. These definitions must be aligned to Parent Company's terminology. 2. Provide a diagram that explains the desired lifecycle of IT Asset Management and how Cybersecurity, ICT Operations, Data office and Business Unit fit into this flow via clear RACI. This must aligned to Parent Company's lifecycle descriptions. 3. Complete an excel based GAP analysis of desired Asset Management state vs current, based on Parent Company's expectations and standards. 4. Define a recommended plan for addressing these GAPS in a viable way. The ideal candidate for the project should: - Possess vast experience in IT asset management - Have intricate knowledge of Documentation Process and Workflow diagram - Have proven results in improving process...

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    I'm looking for an me with a medium-sized, single-layer PCB. The project requires both layout and schematic design. Key Requirements: - Expertise in PCB Design: The ideal candidate should have a strong track record in PCB design, particularly in single-layer designs. Previous experience with medium-sized PCBs would be a plus. - Proficiency in Design Software: Proficiency in popular PCB design software like Altium, Eagle, or KiCad is essential. - Attention to Detail: A keen eye for detail is crucial for this project to ensure the layout and schematic are accurate and optimized. If you're confident in your PCB design skills and believe you can deliver a high-quality, single-layer PCB design, I'd love to hear from you. Please include samples of your previo...

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    Please support us to operate and create manual for Git, Github and Heroku. We need to create pipeline, push, pull, and revert to the previous in daily task. So please support us. Architecture Local (Git) with Windows 11, VS Code > Github(Enterprise) > App on Heroku Cloud (connected with Github)

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    Hello everyone, I'm currently working on automating an antidetect browser with Python and Chromedriver. This browser supports Python for automation tasks like clicking, and I've been managing it with a script run through VS Code. Instead of manually writing code to identify button positions—which can be quite labor-intensive—I'm curious if an AI-driven tool like Open Interpreter could simplify the process. Specifically, I want to find out if Open Interpreter can generate and execute Python code from natural language commands. For example, I'd say "click a button under certain conditions," and Open Interpreter would create the necessary Python code to perform this action. Is anyone here familiar with Open Interpreter and its capabilities t...

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    I require a 10-page paper that focuses on comparing the transition to hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles with electric/battery-powered cars. This paper should thoroughly explore the environmental impact, cost-effectiveness, and overall performance of these two types of vehicles. Key Areas to Cover: - Environmental Impact: The freelancer must analyze and present a detailed comparison of the environmental impact of hydrogen and electric vehicles. - Cost-Effectiveness: The paper should investigate the cost implications of transitioning to hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles in comparison to electric/battery-powered cars. - Performance Comparison: A crucial part of the paper will be to comprehensively compare the performance levels of these two types of vehicles, understand...

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    We're looking for someone to create digital logo assets for our ranch. The ranch brand (we mean brand as in an actual branding iron like used on cattle) is attached. However, we are open to it looking more like an actual brand vs. the font shown - see the example attached. The quarter circle, A, and N are not changeable and must be included. However, we are open to options that include additional elements in the logo. Note if you want to leverage an animal in one of your options, you can use a cow or an elk. Our "tagline" is "Est. 1999 - Philipsburg, MT" The logo will mostly be used to advertise and market the vacation rentals on the property. Each rental has a name, and we'd like to look at options for this too. The rental names are "The Cabin ...

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    ...number of total hits versus at bats less sacrifices should calculate on the fly a batting average which is also a needed category. Categories to be tracked for pitchers are games played, innings pitched, win loss record, home runs allowed, strikeouts, walks, complete games, saves, hits allowed, runs allowed, wild pitches, complete games, shutouts, etc. You will need to understand how the runs allowed vs. innings pitched creates an earned run average which is also a needed category. Categories to be tracked for teams are won/loss record in a chart that shows standings from the best team to the worst. That would include the number of games played with wins/loses, winning percentage and games back of the first-place team. Team rosters with current statistics of every player (batte...

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    I am in need of an expert cloud architect skilled in AWS . Your primary responsibilities will include: Teaching me Landing Zones Mentoring Cloud architect Regular consultation in shaping up the cloud architecture as we evolve as a business cost vs performance vs business needs Solution architect Please note: - I am seeking an individual, not a company. Only industry professionals need apply. - You should be able to provide a practical demonstration of your skills in these areas. - Your proficiency with cloud Architect and Cloud operations will be a critical factor in the selection process. NOTE: STRICTLY NO BEGINNERS OR RANDOM WEB DEVELOPERS OR EASY MONEY ATTITUDE PERSONALITIES DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS If you meet these criteria, please apply with details of your relev...

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    I need an expert in digital image analysis to conduct a thorough comparative study between a TIFF and a jpg file. Key Points of Analysis: - The two files should be proven to be distinct images. - It should be demonstrated that there has been no manipulation done on either of the files. - Image J and Photoshop knowledge mandatory Methodology: - A detailed file structure analysis to identify any differences between the two files. - A comparison of metadata to ensure that there has been no tampering with the image information. - A pixel-by-pixel comparison to establish that the images are distinct. - Image J and Photoshop knowledge mandatory Additional Requirements: - I am open to any other methods or tools that the expert may choose to employ to achieve the objectives of this project. T...

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    I'm looki...designer to create a modern-style logo and brand book. - The design should primarily feature purple(main color), blue, and black colors. - Applicants should have experience in modern logo design and be able to work with the provided color scheme. - A strong portfolio showcasing similar work will be highly valued. List of the things required to be included in the brand book: - Logo(variations, max vs min size, colors applications) - Typography(family font, structure) - Colors(color palette/guide) - Gslide template - Gdocs template - Applications(Dekstop, mobile, tablet) - Merch applications This project requires creativity and a good understanding of current logo design trends. If you have the right skills, please apply. More details will be provided to the cho...

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    ...cell temperature than the one mentioned in the paper. The UDF contains the data points and Time extrapolated from the research paper (Fig. 5). The heat generation is calculated using q''' = rho*Cp*dT/dt. (The work should be done on ANSYS Fluent). Key Tasks: - Conduct detailed thermal analysis and simulation on a Li-ion battery. - Show the transient response of cell temperature vs. Time (s) and heat generation (W/m3) vs. Time (s) - Temperature contour plots - Update UDF code. - Provide recommendations and solutions based on the analysis. - The simulation data should match the graph (Fig. 5 from the paper) Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in thermal analysis and simulation tools. - Strong understanding of Li-ion battery technology. - Experience in similar proj...

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    ...learning for students worldwide. We need your expertise to build an interactive and user-friendly website that caters to both tutors and students. Think: usability first, with a focus on creating an engaging learning experience. Here's what you'll be building: - A dynamic and user-friendly website. - Sign-up/sign-in pages for tutors and students. - Different user experiences based on user type (tutor vs student). - Integrating website with Google Meet and Google Forms. Ideal Freelancer - Experienced in building business websites with React.js and Node.js (or similar frameworks). - An expert in crafting user-centric and interactive web interfaces. It is important that the designer can provide examples of their work on similar projects. This is more than just a proj...

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    ...learning for students worldwide. We need your expertise to build an interactive and user-friendly website that caters to both tutors and students. Think: usability first, with a focus on creating an engaging learning experience. Here's what you'll be building: - A dynamic and user-friendly website - Sign-up/sign-in pages for tutors and students - Different user experiences based on user type (tutor vs student) - Integrating website with Google Meet and Google Forms Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced in building business websites with React.js and Node.js (or similar frameworks) - An expert in crafting user-centric and interactive web interfaces It is important that the designer can provide examples of their work on similar projects. This is more than just a project; ...

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    Here is the another one - same style and design as the others. Here are the files:

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    I am seeking a professional highly experienced in Sage reporting to generate standard reports for Supply Chain Management. Key examples include: Inventory Management: e.g., On-hand quantities, weeks on hand by part and storage location. Supplier Performance Management: - Spend by supplier. - On-time delivery report (receipt date vs required date). - Lead time analysis by part and supplier, including trend analysis. Open PO and aging report Additionally, there may be ad-hoc reporting needs. Ideal Skills and Experience: Proficiency in Sage Reporting software is required. Prior experience with supply chain data and reporting is highly preferred. Strong attention to detail and the ability to create accurate, user-friendly reports.

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    I require an experienced PCB design engineer. The project involves designing a PCB, but the specifics of the design (such as the number of l...finalizing these parameters. Your role will be to: - Work with me to determine the type of PCB design (single layer, double layer, multi-layer) - Collaborate on the purpose of the PCB design, whether it's for prototyping, production, or circuit optimization - Help define the specific dimensions and form factor for the PCB Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in PCB design software (e.g. Altium, Eagle, KiCad) - Experience with designing various types of PCBs (single, double, multi-layer) - Strong understanding of circuit optimization and PCB production processes - Ability to work collaboratively and guide the client through the ...

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    ...user-friendly way as mentioned below: 1. Date Range: The spreadsheet must cover a specified date range, which I'll provide upon hiring. 2. Included Players/Teams: The spreadsheet should cover designated players and/or teams - the specifics of which I'll supply once you're on board. 3. Additional Factors: In keeping with the finer details, the spreadsheet should also cover the Date of Game, Team A vs Team B data, analysis on which pitcher is better, and predictions on which team will win. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in data manipulation, particularly in Excel or similar tools. But more than just your average data enthusiast, I'm specifically looking for someone with a deep understanding of baseball. If you can hit a home run with MLB sta...

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    Must be able to meet via Microsoft Teams I'm looking for a Python developer who can provide me with hands-on assistance in my project development within VS Code. Key Tasks: - Code Debugging: I require assistance in debugging my Python code. The ideal freelancer will be able to analyze and troubleshoot my code to identify and fix any issues. - Package Installation: I'm using Django, Flask, and NumPy in my project, and I need help installing these packages correctly within my development environment. - API Integration: As part of my project, I need to integrate several APIs into my Python code. The successful freelancer will be able to guide me on how to implement these integrations effectively. Python Version: - I'm working with Python 3.x, so experience with this v...

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    I have a back end code for a project of phishing website detection…it is a CNN vs LSTM comparative study …but I want a person who can develop a UI for that project as well as who can explain that code to us

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    ...yearly balance (in Euro) in the respondent’s bank account (negative amount means bank overdraft)  Housing : whether the respondent has a housing loan (No vs Yes)  Loan : whether the respondent has a personal loan (No vs Yes) Hint: You need to transform categorial data into numerical data. For example, re-express “Education” as 0 (unknown), 1 (primary), 2 (secondary) and 3 (tertiary). Also, the data does not have any missing entries; hence, you don’t have to ‘clean’ the data. Required: The classification goal is to evaluate the accuracy of the (choosen) model in predicting if a respondent will subscribe to the term deposit (No vs Yes) offered by the bank. Use all the knowledge that you have gained in class on KNN-classifica...

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    We're working on promoting and expanding our VS CRM solutions across several African countries. Our primary focus is on Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and many more. Visit before bidding. Key Goals: - Developing partnerships: We're looking to forge alliances with local IT companies and propel our marketing forward. We believe aligning with businesses having specialized knowledge could provide mutual growth opportunities. Ideal Candidate Skills and Experience: - Experiences in IT company partnerships - Brilliant networking skills across African markets, particularly in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa - Strong background in promotional strategies and CRM marketing - Previous experience with VS CRM would be an added advantage. The ideal freelancer will help u...

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    In this project, I'm seeking an expert in 3D animation who can create a realistic and detailed animation focused on showcasing my product, in a style reminiscent of a Bud Ball scenario (Bud light vs. Bud regular). Key Responsibilities: - Develop a realistic 3D animation for product presentation - The animation should emphasize the product's design and features. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating detailed and realistic 3D animations - Prior work in product showcase animations - Strong understanding of storytelling through animation - Familiarity with advertising concepts is a plus

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    I'm seeking an experienced PCB Design Engineer to develop a small, multilayer PCB using Altium Designer. Requirements: - The PCB should be small in size - The design needs to be multilayered - Proficiency with Altium Designer is essential Please note that the project does not involve any other software beside Altium. The project is urgent, so timely completion is a crucial factor. Ideal Skills: - PCB Design with Altium Designer - Experience with small, multilayered PCBs - A track record of delivering projects on time Looking forward to your proposals.

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    I have installed Tabby in my Windows. It seems running OK. I have also installed it ini VS Code. But it does not seem working. I need you to help me set up Tabby ML properly so that it works in Visual Studio Code or another coding tool. Key Responsibilities: - Configure Tabby ML to work seamlessly with Visual Studio Code The work has to be done remotely using a control software.

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    ...further develop ideas; clarify points; improve overall organization, clarify transitions between paragraphs, arrange sentences logically within paragraphs, etc.) • Edit and proofread with careful attention to word choice and standard conventions of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and documentation of sources. What is the topic of your research argumentative essay? Cannabis use during pregnancy risks vs benefits What information should successful freelancers include in their application? apa citations and good research skills How soon do you need your project completed? Within a month...

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    ...updates to design files - Assist software (firmware) team in loading/executing firmware (Arduino IDE) - Designing a multi-layer PCB layout that meets the specified criteria - Ensuring that the board is optimized for the intended use as a prototype - Providing necessary documentation for manufacturing and assembly Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in PCB design software (such as Eagle, Altium, KiCad) - Experience with multi-layer board design - Familiarity with microcontrollers, ePaper displays, and power management systems - Strong communication and collaboration skills - Previous experience in prototyping is a must I'm looking forward to collaborating with an experienced and reliable PCB designer who can help me bring this project to life. If interested, I can s...

    $750 - $1500
    Urgent Sealed NDA
    $750 - $1500
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    I am looking for someone to hop on a zoom call and walk me through how to deploy that React Native app to TestFlight. I also need to setup some environment variables before deploying to testflight and would like to understand how to have separate dev vs test vs production environment variables in the app. Finally, need to ensure we can install the app on test user devices (1 test user) Scope in summary: 1. Setup environment variables for dev vs test-flight vs production 2. Successfully deploy to test-flight 3. Onboard a test user to test-flight app Your skills: You must be a seasoned React Native developer with extensive experience deploying apps to Test Flight and be able to hop on a zoom call

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    I am seeking a seasoned Qlik Sense developer to over...Functionality: Enable detailed examination of data down to individual product sales. Include robust filtering options to analyze data across various dimensions and timeframes. Implement features to compare sales by location on different bases, such as: Yesterday vs. the same day the previous week. Yesterday vs. the same weekday last year. Week to date vs. last week. Week to date vs. the same week last year. Week to date vs. the same week last year, accounting only for locations open during both periods (like for like). Yesterday vs. the same day last year, like for like basis. Skills and Experience Required: Expertise in Qlik Sense application development—candidates should be able to sh...

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    ...we mutually agree to effort - we agree to delivery dates - we assign you the task after mutually agreed - you implement, test and deliver - you provide also unit /integration tests to ensure code is always working - you document each required step to make interaction of systems to work - we test on our premise (you maybe help to fix issues) - we pay (basically the rules of freelancer) Closed book vs open book? We work only on open book. Closed book means you are unwilling to define a WBS for the work and you add only a price tag to the task. We are sorry we will not hire you in such a case! coding requirements: - clean code in terms of clean code book - best practices for development (code level documentation, common patterns, OOP as possible) - best practices for agreed and ...

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