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    I need a visualbasic program, using the coding sequence i will provide, an intermediate level of coding. following is a breif description. In its annual review of student services, the Student Union decided that its second-hand book exchange program wasn’t operating efficiently or profitably. All working procedures were paper-based and consequently the current system was cumbersome and slo...

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    ...password. and we also we will get an email with all data. The program will log all requests. In the admin we will have the possibility to: 1 - add new ebooks for which to give passwords 2 - insert image and text for ebook 2 - insert for each ebook list of number - password 3 - allow: A - no additional password B - additional password

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    ...a contact manager program. A screen shot has been supplied. It is desirable to avoid using any third party controls unless absolutely necessary. There are 3 company colors which will be supplied, and a logo which should be incorporated somewhere. This is more of a visual look project than a coding project, although API calls may need to

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    I need some code written in VB (not .NET) that will permit me to find the hwnd of a program when given its exe. I have provided a sample project below but this code does not work for Windows Media Player and other media players as well for some strange reason. Please look at the attached zip file. There are 2 sample projects in the zip file, read the readme in the zip file for simple instructions....

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    This is an extremely easy job for someone who knows what they are doing. If you know how to create a COMPLETE book cover or a COMPLETE DVD cover this should be real easy for you. I will give you the content, the picture, the ISBN barcode and you have to layout a 4 color piece similar to the 2 color piece I have attached with this project. Simply look

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    I will need code to apply a decal texture (ie. bullet holes, burn marks, etc.. ) to a 3d object. This is most commonly done by using the stencil buffer or by clipping the triangles of a textured quad to the triangles of the 3d object. The coder may implement this however they wish. The decal should be able to be applied to arbitrary surfaces such as

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    I am working on a large app and require a function writing in VB6 The work is pretty simple, but I don't have too much time at the moment. Basically I need a path trace function writing. Don't worry, the method, and 99% of the source code, can be found here [url removed, login to view] _Data Input_ I will

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    ...things: 1) Use standard DIV and CSS and eliminate all unneccessary use of tables. 2) Notice how the description is currently clipped on the server side ? I want to do the clipping on the client side using "overflow: hidden" and "text-overflow: ellipsis". (I understand that "text-overflow: ellipsis" works only on IE. So on other browsers, it is fine

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    I need a very simple program to test if there is a path betwwen an origin and a destination. A virtual airline called HPAir tests if there is a flight between 2 cities origin, and destination. The output of the program should be as follows 1)Request to fly from A to B HPAir flies from A to B 2)Request to fly from C to B Sorry HPAir does not fly from

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    ...destination=5 then we need to find all the shortest paths in an increasing order from 1-5 i.e, in other words you need to find 1st shortest path from 1-5 , then 2nd shortest path from 1-5 , then 3rd shortest path from 1-5 and so on to k shortest paths and should store all the paths. 2)After finding k shortest paths from 1-5 extend the same to Source(or

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    Write a program that will run the "best" Shortest Path Algorithm based on the type of graph input by the user. You must demonstrate how the program really works, or to compare two similar algorithms on different sets of data to demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of each. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    ...In that file, you will need to finish the function find_and_mark_path(). Given a maze (and a corresponding graph), this routine must find a path from the start to the end (if one exists) and mark the path with "#" characters in the textual representation of the maze. 5. When you complete step 4, run "make" to compile find_and_mark_path,

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    Is there a way I can find a running program's hwnd by just knowing its file path or exe name? Please note, this has to work with MSN Messenger. I have had problems with my own code for finding the hwnd of MSN Messenger when given the MSN exe name. There are other programs that did not seem to work with my code as well.. I am going to mostly use

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    I need a program coded in C++ that makes a basic Genealogical database that uses a graph and a shortest path algorithm (pref breadth-first search). Families and individuals are the two kinds of vertex; each is connected only to the other. The edges from a family are called "husband", "wife", and "child", with multiple "child" edges. The edges from an

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    this project will involve the implementation of the dijkstra's algorithm and require the coder to design a tool that will display the shortest path problem. this should be shown on on graphical user interface using the java language and can be run using the basic emacs or other java platforms. i would like for the user to plot a first source node

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    any programmer have experince in VLSI - finding Euler Path ... etc can contact me in my pmb ,,,,,,, ofcourse he should have programming skills too. i have for him a very small homework for a student need to be solved. i think it is very simple really for programmer understand the concept and have programming skills. the programming language is not

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    Hi All, I need a graphic simulation on the path finding algo (Dijkstra's Algo). As advised from peers, using visual basic is good enough. i required a simple graphic simulation, where the user select the start and end node on the graphics, and the programme shall select the shortest path from starting node to ending node, and resolving any conflicts

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    ...provided… Several pages of current content which has been written for this objective without utilization of keywords and search engine positioning strategies. This designed to give you an understanding of our product, simplify and accelerate your starting point and not for regurgitation. Product images and multimedia demo is also available to assist you

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    I have a small script that uploads files(.doc, .pdf, .txt) to a folder on my server named docs. I would like this same script to do the following. Store the path, name, number, and date in a mysql database. Then in a seperate html page with php, output the the names of files with links to the files which when clicked on open the files. I am open

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    I need to find the path of all the files in the Temporary Internet Files (TIF)folder thus permitting me to modify the files and then delete them. The main reason I need to do this is to overwrite the files in the TIF folder and then delete them using them using the File System Object or VB's Kill function. The coder will not have to accomplish all this

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