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    hi, For a private company which is planing to manufacture mobile phones. Then need realy good looking 3d models for cell phones. I am describing some points below. (1) it should look like real (2) we should be able to put it on the website. (3) You will have to show us some kind of demo work. If you are dont have any experience dont even

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    **4 number quickie ticket printing program** the program is to print via a 80 colunm epson thermal printer tickets displaying sets of numbers. program is to print all the combinations of 4 numbers between 1 and 12 (495), on 99 tickets game 1. if tickets sales continue then game two is automatically started and another set of tickets will be

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    This is just to draw random raffle numbers at a club. I envisage a large character display running through numbers between 1 and a preselected maximum and drawing a number and possibly more at a button press. I would like to be able to control the program by the following key sequence : Alt / Tab to switch to the draw program. All other keys to

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    Write small code fragment to determine is a given number is prime. A code “fragment?? means you only need to show enough code to specify the pertinent algorithm or “show how it would be done??. Include enough detail that I can cut and paste it into an application class and run it. If the question asks for a class, please write the whole class. ##

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    ...ensure that the entry is a valid telephone number. The application should accept a maximum of 12 characters. When the user clicks a button, the program should determine if the entry is of the form **999-999-9999**, where the character 9 represents any number. If the entry is determined to be a telephone number, display an appropriate message, along

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    ...interest of both time and effort??"to interpret the “+?? as concatenation rather than the intended addition. You are to take his answer, and convert it to the correct Roman number, i.e., the sum of the original Roman numbers. Nota bene: the roman numbers in decimal: I=1 ,V=5, X=10, L=50, C=100, D=500, M=1000, F=5000. **Input:** The input will consist

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    ...where the computer selects a number within a certain range (1-100), (1-1000),(1-10000). It needs to use option buttons to select the range. For each game the user guesses a number and the computer will tell you if the user is correct, above or below the selected number. The program also needs to keep track of the number of guesses the user takes. If

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    ...basic program wanted that opens 2 excel files - (like the attached) off the hard disk and compares the information in the field marked part number with the other sheet to see if there is a match. if so the part number and seq ( sequence ) needs to be placed on the screen and to be printed. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    I want a visual basic program that will open 2 selected excel spreadsheets off a hard drive and compare data in the columns marked part number and if found output the part number and the columns marked seq and also alow this to be printed ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    $30 - $100
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    Write a number puzzle program in C only Coding as simple as possible Fully commented Deadline 28/08/03 at 1pm See attachment ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition)

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    ...message us for more info on this project. You must be confident enough and really understand this brief to pull this off and this project requires liaisons with eBay API and cell phone providers. Obviously, a thorough understanding of eBay is essential. Bids are open to reasonable offers. We envisaged a long-term business working relationship with

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    ...output) which interact with Access databases and with a mobile phone text messaging engine called SMSDemon ??" this must happen in realtime while the app is running. SMSDemon supports COM interfaces. (See attached "SMS Demon Details" for more info on SMSDemon specs). The app must take cell numbers from a DB, add a message then send it through SMS

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    **Description:**One stand-alown application to create serial numbers. One Delphi procedure which accepts a serial number to process. The procedure must verify the serials integrity, unencript the serial and put values stored in serial number into global variables. The serial numbers must be encrypted so that values stored in serial cant be visually read

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    ...assignment requested is to create a series of WML Decks, some of the choices below, using a combination of the Nokia WAP Toolkit 3.1, WML and WMLScript. Your WAP page must have a number of WMLScript features. The site will be browsed using a Nokia mobile. It doesn&'t need to be that big, only enough to show user interaction, script features and retrieving

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    Hi, A flexible 13 number lottary is needed, to be used as pick one, pick two, pick three,4,5,6,,,,etc till pick 13 number lottary. The player has to confirm his pick by clicking a banner of a sponser that will open in a separate browser for 30 seconds before the player will get his ticket and move to the next pick lottary , and so on till

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    ...will change the dial in number of the default Dial Up Networking Connection. We are changing our dial up access number and I need to have this application mailed out to my customer so they can just install this application and it will change the dial in number to the new number we assign. It must change the DEFAULT number in the event they have more

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    A turing or session additional security system such as [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] that randomizes a series of numbers (4-6) in graphic format and then requires the user to enter those numbers to continue.

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    I would like to have a vertical red thermometer with a bulb in a modern high tech form that will have the red go up as more donations are received for a college class aniversary gift. Also should have a 0 dollars at bottom and x dollars at top in print. It needs to update from a table in the html web sheet. Demo jpg / print screen of Graphic would be appreciated with bid ## Deliverables 1) ...

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    ...integer is said to be a perfect number if its factor, including 1 (but not the number itself), sum to the number. for example, 6 is a perfect number because 6 = 1+2+3. write a procedure Perfect that determines if parameter number is a perfect number. use this procedure in a program that determines and prints the perfect number between 1 to 1000. ...

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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