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    ...can telnet out of a PC to a given IP address and then interact with a hardware device. For instance it should be able to interact with a cisco router either via the RS-232 console port that connects to a PC's comm port...and it should also be able to telnet via command line over TCP/IP and do the same. The program should be able to send and recieve input

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    ...when they enter the website. I will need to designer to mock up at least 5 different designs for me to choose from. NOW TO THE PROGRAMMING NATURE: I will need the following programs made: 1. An IP Sniffer for AIM. I know theres a way to get an AIM users IP address without having them have to click on a link. I need the program to be able to type in the

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    ...the program design/options described below are not absolute if you have better or timesaving ideas. I need a program that allows the user to add/remove programs from the Windows autostart lists (programs that start automatically when Windows starts). Also, it should constantly monitor that list for changes. If a program tries to add itself to the autostart

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    ..."enum" variable data. (Do sufficient runs of the program to show correct usage of "enum" and the correct usage of the "enum" defined) Also, there are 3 other similar small programs. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. *.cpp code of all projects. Program

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    This will be a project for my personal use. I am using [login to view URL] to download trial, shareware and freeware versions of software for my customers. However, downloading 1 title at a time is extremely time consuming and cumbersome. The software that they have posted is free to download, you just have to have patience. I may be dreaming, but do any of your guys know a way in which we ca...

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    Looking to develop or buy security programs (such as preventing or avoiding denial of service and other such areas). Programs have to be of good quality and significantly better than existing tools. These programs are intended to make the web servers more secure. In your response include what advanced features your programs will build (or already have in

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    1) A Piggy bank account where it asks you if this would be a deposit or withdraw, if this is a deposit then it is added to the balance and a new balance is shown, if its a withdraw then the amount if taken out the balance and a new balance is shown. 2) A program needs to be written where a coffee vending machine which cost 35 c tells the user if the amount entered using quaters only, for exam...

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    What we require is an administration console for our customers. Right from sign up everything needs to take place in real time. We need something coded in PHP or ASP that our customers can goto via there web browser and manage there Web hosting account. This Console must let them Add/ remove domain names / sub domain names, add mail boxes, email aliases

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    I need a Win32 console App written in C/C++ (no MFC or 3rd party controls). The program will use Microsoft's Crypto API to Generate a 1024 bit selfsigned certificate and install it in the "Local Machine/Personal" Store. The program should install certs on NT/2000/XP and be able to run the MS Platform SDK Webserver sample. ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    In this project you need to implement a simple scheduler of computer programs. Each scheduled program is called a "job". ## Deliverables 1. Create a class for a computer job having a job number, duration, and waiting time. 2. Read in the information for each job from a file which has the following data: 20 98 19 42 18 17 17 56 16 29 15 87 14 33 13

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    ...included)that will act as the below source. it basically runs a console executable however it hides it it runs it silently. the properties i require are. a inconsole property to specify which console executable to run. a commandline property which will pass the cammands to the hidden console. and an event to report back progress. some of the consoles i

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    In this project, you are asked to develop Bank Accounts System. In the system, you should have two accounts: Checking (without Interest) and Saving (with interest). For these accounts, you program should perform functions such as 1. For customers: depositing funds, withdraw money, check balance, etc. 2. For bankers: list the accounts by balances(ascending order) and date opened, add an account, de...

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    We are in need of a script that will allow us to set multiple hidden timed popup windows. We prefer to have this written in PHP if possible (if you have any other suggestions please forward send them). The windows will consist of pages locally on the server as well as other websites. The script will also offer configuration for Exit and Back button options. This will be used when unauthorized surf...

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    Two small C assignment. See the attached file for details. If u can finish it before i will be giving bonuses. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform It had to work on Linnux. ## Deadline information Please finsh my assignment by the due d...

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    ...Under MSWindows, I needed to send control sequences(cntrl-c, ctrl-break) to from a GUI application to a console application/process. To accomplish this, I created a function, SendSignalToProcess(), that creates/executes a thread in the target console application that uses native VC++ GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent() to execute the control sequence. If I execute

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    Need two C++ programs written for a beginning C++ class. One is relatively short, involves string manipulation. Second has quite long specs, but doesn't look terrible. It deals with file I/O. Absolutely have to have these two by late Tuesday 23rd. Specs too long to post here, they're typed out in attachment. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional

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    Three Small Programs #1 A veterinary office wants to produce information sheets on the pets it treats. Data includes diet, whether it is nocturnal or not, whether its bite is poisonous (e.g., snakes), whether it flies, and so on. Use a superclass Pet with abstract methods and create appropriate subclasses to support about 10 animals of your choice.

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    see attached file and also some of the code will be given for the last one ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform ada95

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    ...simple Java programs, for class exercises. These exercises are for students that are 12-15 years old. I already have the following programs: 1. Simple 4-function calculator (40 lines) 2. Fractal program (50 lines) 3. Bubble sort program (20 lines) 4. Magic squares program I need other 50 programs. Here are the requirements: 1. Programs should be between

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    IM Messanger client (C++) and Text Telephone (C++) are two existing programs to be integrated and expanded in functionality using the ISDN device and Alike-Netmeeting capabilities such as Voice, Conference, File Sharing, Desktop Sharing, Answer Machine, Video, Telephone call, Send instant message, answering machine, fax, etc. some of which are already

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