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    Logo contest for site that markets to parents, investments for their kids. The name of site is- Trust Fund Kids Building Wealth for the Next Generation -or- Trust Fund Kids Building Wealth for the Next Generation The logo should be colorful and vibrant. I have attached a sample logo...Building Wealth for the Next Generation -or- Trust Fund Kids Building Wealth for the Next Generation The logo should be colorful and vibrant. I have attached a sample logo. Here is a list of possible icons that can be used in the logo- • Private jet • Shooting Star • Rocket ship in place of the letter I • Bitcoin symbol for the letter O in the word generation • Piggy Bank • Brinks Armor truck • Big House • College cap and diploma •...

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    Details of the project can be found in the attachment. What I expect 1. Write test cases to cover both the positive and negative scenarios. 2. Use spring boot 2 with spring webflux 3. The application should run in a docker container. 4. Provide the git link from where we can fetch your code and run locally. Please provide detailed documentation on how to run your application.

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    I am in trouble to face this issue for connection of mysql. using: nginx, php, mysql(mariadb) and phpmyadmin I am trying to create my first php with mysql application using docker compose. For so I have my own application and create 1 file as Dockerfile and file to compose it by using command ‘docker-compose up’. And mysql is using volumes of docker container. The page I can check SQL connection shows "**Warning: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/1049): Unknown database 'local_neotaoclg' in /var/www/**....” It looks socket issue as these article. ( Please bid on my project only expert who can understand like this article. I need Docker, mysql and php expert! ) [

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    container footing 6 days left

    County requires an engineering stamp on drawing for a footing for cargo containers. We have a CAD drawing for the footing for tornado/hurricane but county requres a stamp. Like we have a lot of theses in Stckton area.

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    We have a CAD drawing for a footing to support/hold down a 40' container in case of tornado/hurricane.

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    Java Dev - IC 5 days left

    ...patterns and integration patterns) b) Java IO c) Java network communication 2) Very sound conceptual & practical knowledge of Object Oriented Programming 3) Very sound and strong knowledge of the following: a) XML b) JSON c) HTTP Protocol 4) Very sound and strong practical knowledge of JEE concepts: a) JEE web container (servlets, WAR files, security constraints etc.) b) JNDI c) JMS (any implementation) d) Web Services (REST, SOAP is good to have but not mandatory) 5) Good to have but not mandatory working/practical knowledge: a) LDAP (any LDAP) b) Kafka c) Zookeeper d) Hazelcast or Redis ...

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    Fix layout 5 days left

    I need someone who can write clean code. do not give strict widths and heights to the component, correctly create the container. you need to slightly fix the desktop layout for design with React+Typescript and styled-components ( aaYkntNyob-1 )

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    I have ongoing work related to our previous project 'Prepare Sketch Drawings for Robotic Shipping Container Sterilization Unit'

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    ...yourself have worked in a company that falls under this category. Why are we trying to find these companies? For some years now, the diesel emissions and the truck cartel scandal have been in full swing across Europe, allowing companies to sue for damages and getting compensated. But many do not have the money to claim them in court. And this is where we come in Through our partners, a process pre-financier (private equity investment company), a law firm from Munich specialised in antitrust law, and the German Consumer Protection Agency, we now have the opportunity to help injured companies across Europe to get their damages. All truck companies such as Daimler, Man, Volvo and Renault, to name a few, have already been found guilty. So have car brands such as WV, Nissa...

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    My microfrontend react application is created using Nx Tool. Below was my webpack config & when starting the app, I'm getting error that TypeError: fn is not a function while loading "./Module" from 8640 const { ModuleFederationPlugin } = require('webpack').container; const nrwlConfig = require('@nrwl/react/plugins/'); = (config, context) => { nrwlConfig(config); return { ...config, plugins: [ ..., new ModuleFederationPlugin({ name: 'cart', filename: '', exposes: { './Module': './src/', }, }), ], }; }; Things I had tried: There is a description in the webpack doc, but I wasnt able to understand what needs to be done. ...

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    Blank food container currently. Looking for brick work adding and lighting. Add Fish & Chips for writing, relevant information to that food industry. Image goal - rustic looking street food.

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    We want a box ? and ? toys filling the box and it is collected in a truck ? and the truck goes in forest ? area where it is stopped in between ? kids . We want one person getting out of truck and giving those boxes to the kids. And continue the caption with Happy Christmas and let’s spread the joy with kids and share God’s love.

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    i need to build an admin page with laravel, and i have not been able to setup tailadmin correctly i need it setupsetup properly under nginx web server running in a docker container.

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    Online courses 3 days left

    Kings of dispatch is a company for online education, with an idea of teaching truck dispatch in USA to students across the globe We are looking for an individual that can help us create the course by doing whithe board, presentations and video editing for udemy, webaite and youtube instagram and tik tok

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    Deep Q network 3 days left

    The aim of this project is to develop a reinforcement learning agent that aims at the target container and pours all the objects into it without spillage. You are provided a scene with two cups and two cubes. If you run the code, the cup should start rotating at a velocity randomly chosen from a predefined set (thee velocities are more diverse than in part two). Use the provided functions to move the pouring cup horizontally while rotating it. Action Space: The source cup can be moved along the X-axis by selecting an action from a predefined set [-2, -1,0, 1, 2]. You don’t have to move the cup in any other axis. State Space: The state space involves: The position of two cubes The position of source cup Velocities of the two cubes(optional) Task: the Q-Learning algorithm...

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    I have a program in Python I want to make some updates. container type (list, tuple, set, or dictionary) iteration type (for, while) conditional (if) try blocks user-defined functions input and/or output file (submit input data) user-defined class. The class must be imported by your main program and have the following required structures. − at least 1 private and 2 public self attributes − at least 1 private and 1 public method that take arguments, return values and are used by your program − an init() method that takes at least 1 argument − a repr() method

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    22 bids{background-color:#2196f3;color:#fff}.topnav .search-container{float:right}.topnav input[type=text]{padding:6px;margin-top:8px;font-size:17px;border:none}.topnav .search- container button{float:right;padding:6px 10px;margin-top:8px;margin- right:16px;background:#ddd;font-size:17px;border:none;cursor:pointer}.topnav .search- container button:hover{background:#ccc}@media screen and (max-width:600px){.topnav .search-container{float:none}.topnav .search-container button,.topnav a,.topnav input[type=text]{float:none;display:block;text- align:left;width:100%;margin:0;padding:14px}.topnav input[type=text]{border:1px solid #ccc}} HEADER HTML <div class="topnav"> <a>Search 1</a> <a>Search 2</a> <a>Searc...

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    Trophy icon Create a logo for a roofing company 9 hours left

    I need a logo for a roofing company called Rocket Roofers. The company installs and repairs roofs for residential and commercial roofing. Logo needs to be clean, simple, and minimalistic design. The design needs to be clean and simple. The viewer needs to be able to understand from logo that this is a roofing company that is fast, brings quali...needs to be able to understand from logo that this is a roofing company that is fast, brings quality and is dependable and reliable. The Rocket Roofers logo should be a clean design that is memorable and easily identifiable. Logo should be custom and not use clipart. The company sells roofing services and not rockets. Also, please include one submission of the logo added to the side of a van or truck to show what it would look like on ...

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    We are looking for a company logo for our trucking division. The name of the company is Diesel Express Co. We need something modern and simple, not something with a truck in it. Also, please provide all costs upfront, I don't want any charges after confirming the project. The logo must be provided to us in the following styles: - Logo alone - Logo with company name in it The file formats of the logo must be provided to us in: - .ai - .eps - .jpg - .pdf - .png - .psd We will need the fonts used on the logo to be provided to us in a folder with the logo. Thank you.

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    I am looking to create an incredible lettering wrap on a truck. I want the front cab section of the truck to be identical to the current truck design shown on the pick up truck but I want to cover the rest of the truck with a beautiful photo of this nice pastry along with the letterings as in the Greenwich magazine Ad as shown. I want the photo to continue to the rear of the truck and then the phone number and "Building Your Dreams..." slogan. This is a Ford Conversion Truck. Box length is 16' 7" Box height is 7' 6" Box width is 8' Box over cab height is 18" Cab door width is 40" Cab door height to glass is 34"

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    Truck F x 4 Sign 2 days left

    Hello, I need to create a sign that looks like the original manufacturer's F x 4 sign from Ford to go on the rear quarter panel of this truck. Same color and graphics as the original graphic but I want to replace the 4 with a shooting star

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    my aim is this _ at the moment i have set the google tag manager ( container ) for a couple of customer - but Not have skills to set for example a good settings mind to analize this kind of information as u can teach me settings facebook pixel , setting goals in GA4 and organize everyting in a GTM customer container is the starting point to analize the marketing trend and find solution strategy to the customer so i need to set this in a place _ and extract data to analize and show to the customer i need a normal _ english conversation sharing screen and a course explanation in advance

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    I need a Storyboard on paper and 2 min Animation video on Adobe Animate. You can use other adobe tools for editing and make final animation on Adobe Animation. My animation based on truck animation video.

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    ...the user session. After that the remote browser session needs to be persisted and the instance stopped. Don't worry about the front-end application / user interface - I already have a browser-based frontend app that this will plug into. This project consists of 3 parts: 1. Client side remote browser (client) - Running in a client browser 2. Server side browser (backend) - Running in a container / virtual machine 3. Infrastructure to request a browser (infrastructure) - Running backend instances in a data center Please research and, in your bid, provide suggestions on what you think would be the best fit infrastructure- wise to comply with the below listed requirements... this will help me weed out the bots. Requirements: 1. The desired remote browser softwar...

    $45 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $45 / hr Avg Bid
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    Seeking a developer who can develop an iOS app and finally create a similar Android version to handle some logistic activities from load dispatch to delivery by Truck Driver. We have an existing mobile web application being used and tightly coupled with ASP.NET, SQL Server based application to share database and information. Project should be completed with source code delivered with documentation, and launch on the app store features including 1. User Authentication while login/ OTP 2. Scan Docs and update to database & send to email via SMTP loads assigned to driver - already stored in SQL Databases e.g. Check the current load assigned to the driver 3. Delivery Directions on Google Map 4. Send/ Receive messages from desktop application 5. Driver can mark On, Off, Checkin...

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    ...trucks - Special vehicles - Heavy duty vehicles - Truck cranes - Caravans - Coaches (final decision still pending) - or other types of vehicles- fire brigade for example - in there Company stock? Then we are looking for you!! My company and I are currently looking for people like you who have contacts to businesses in Europe. Maybe you also worked with them in the past - much better Overall It's about the truck cartel (all big truck companies) & diesel emissions scandal - Our Job is about helping/informing companies in Europe (including all Balkan countries + Turkey + UK) that they get compensation for a period of 20 years during which they bought/rented/leased trucks and cars. In that period the prices have been manipulated form the truck ...

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    ...countries. Second requirement is we offer just a commission based model only. Further informations in the project briefing below. A short summary what the collaboration for the Call Centers would be about: It's about the truck cartel (all big truck companies) & diesel emissions scandal - The Call centers specific task is about helping/informing companies in Europe (including all Balkan countries + Turkey + UK) that they get compensation for a period of 20 years during which they bought/rented/leased trucks and cars. In that period the prices have been manipulated form the truck cartel. The amount in dispute is now around 1.8 billion Euros, of which your call centers could receive a commission by simple informing our leads about their compensation. The g...

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    I am looking for an expert that knows mit app inventor. I am new to it and want to post questions about things i am trinying to do. So an example would be. I am trying to display an image that is stored in tinyDb. So the images are in a listvew and based on the item index that is clicked i want to show the image in a image container. I will post the block code. You can look and see what i am doing wrong and post the corrected block code back. If you know mit app inventor block code this will be no problem. Looking for a long term relationship with someone that i can post my questions , have them answered and pay you .

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    i need a sample ios demo application, I need to push sample project that wo...must be written in objective c The server side will be written in any language that will work on ubuntu ( node pythone etc ) The application will connect to our own server, NOT the Apple APNs, and receive the pushes from our server. critical point application and server application will work in the environment without internet Acceptance criteria - the server code must run in ubuntu or docker container - ios application will connect to our server with inner network (not internet) - When push is sended from our server, it will be displayed on ios - application and server application will work in the environment without internet - server application must have one API endpoint to trigger to send push to t...

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    I am starting a new business called “ The Smoko Van” and looking for designs for my new logo it will be a lunch truck selling food drinks and snacks in Australia Show me what you can do I’m looking for something bright that stands out!

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    ERPNext Full Stack Developer 16 hours left

    Hi Devs! We use ERPNext and a couple of integrated Microservice apps [built with NestJS, Ionic/Angular, MongoDB] to run our business. We are struggling with scalability challenges, APIs, docker container management [hampering our overall application experience]; we're looking for Experts who would be able to dig into our application, and help improve the performance in terms of improving architecture, code quality, etc. This is an Expert role and if you’re confident enough to contribute on this, get in touch and I’ll share more detail. Regards

    $750 - $1500
    $750 - $1500
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    We need to be in TOP 5 ranking, first page for GOOGLE Singapore for a Wordpress website. - Off site Links (500 per month) - 20 keywords; Requirements - - Minimum 4 articles for each website. - Website analysis & On Page SEO - On Page SEO Report + Weekly & Keyword Ranking reports - Must have articles available to post. - Breakdown of cost (Hidden cost will be reported) - Must achieve top ranking (within first page) in white SEO techniques. BUDGET FOR THE WEBSITES: SGD$25 to SGD$45 MAX. DON'T OVERBID!!! PLEASE NOTE: USE SINGAPORE DOLLAR.

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    I need someone to take inventory pictures, Product: Semi Truck. Preferably if the person can move/drive the truck within the yard for proper photo shot angles

    $25 - $50 / hr
    $25 - $50 / hr
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    It is a water jug not too technical the most difficult part I believe is getting the dual threaded lid and container to matchup. The spout top is not as detailed but I was thinking a screw on cap or a screw in plug. We can phone chat or zoom meet to get more technical on the dimensions and features. I would like the cad files and if you can slice it for 3d printing also that would be great. I would like to have those files. Thank you!

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
    67 bids

    I need someone very proficient in Google tags to move all site tags into Google tag manager under one container.

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    I want to move my MeteorJs application from Heroku to a new host. I want to host it on a free tier, either as a Meteor application or as a Docker container. I'm able to do the deployment itself, I want your help to find a host that can run the Meteor application within the spec of their free tier. The source code is located at To ensure you understand the job, please include in your bid what you think the CPU, memory and storage space for the application would be. bids without this information will not be considered.

    $23 (Avg Bid)
    $23 Avg Bid
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    Trophy icon Company Logo NEEDED! Ended

    I have an electrical company named "Elias Electrical Inc". I need a simple but professional logo made. Mainly looking for business card use and possibly on the side of my truck one day. I don't care about marketing because my business is all word of mouth. I'm open to anything. Possibly something clever with the two E's. Let's see what you can do!

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    i will provide u source code and database access and u can set it up on your server need to add 3 functions 1. a container sent template messaging for first time contact with customers. this is to load manually my whatsapp templates with their variables. the inputs should let me complete to send the final message. 3 options like a bot when customer select a answer 2. to add context feature for incoming messages. to see when someone replies my messages with text, or image The last 3. is to show submitted message response from server an notification to user

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr Avg Bid
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    Aythen is a company that offers 6 tools for business. The job is 100% remote, we will use a source code template in our job, but first you need to test...cooperatives. 5. Make the template 100% reactive with API using sequelize as database ORM. 6. Configure Github repository of the project, privileges for the user. Optional - Container Deployment - $200.00 The goal of this part is to enable containerization. You have 1-2 weeks after accepting the contract, develop the following tasks: 1. Create a repository in Install and configure docker and a kubernetes for easy installation on any other server. 2. Connect to the aythen API to launch that container on another remote server. 3. Perform a test as it is inserted into the server. 4. Create a where it explains how to run the ...

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    $18 / hr Avg Bid
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    Do you enjoy working in a team environmen...working with a two-person to lift. • Able to climb, squat, stoop, kneel, crouch, bend, twist, reach, lift, grasp, push and pull on a frequent basis. • Ability to stand and/walk for the duration of a scheduled shift (at least 5-8 hours). • Ability to withstand exposure to varying temperatures, humidity, and other elements while performing certain job duties including but not limited to curbside, truck unload, etc. Preferred Qualifications • Some experience in sales or customer service. • Excellent verbal communication skills with the ability to influence in a clear and concise manner. • Able to work under pressure and react quickly to a fast-pace seasonal retail business • Reliable Transportation Locati...

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr Avg Bid
    7 bids

    I am in the process of building a gaming trailer and need assistance with a graphic design for the wrap

    $140 (Avg Bid)
    $140 Avg Bid
    37 bids

    I need a logo designed for a business. The business name is "D.W Ent" and will focus on business real estate and events. Can the phone number "331 - 8741" be placed underneath the logo in a smaller font.

    $200 (Avg Bid)
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    Need to design an Angular Ui page that will show the latest live location and go on updating tracking as New GPS data Available from API comes. Need directions and need a placeholder to add objects are car, Truck, or any image it should simulate a live moment from the start of the page till the user navigates away to some other menu If the current page is not on active display (or foreground) then it should not any changes to Ui and should not fire any API calls. i.e. user opens a new tab to browse something else kiping the tab to open the background We will provide base Ui code and provide API as per need Ui code has to check if new location data is available

    $16 (Avg Bid)
    $16 Avg Bid
    6 bids

    We are looking for a logo designer for our company. The company name is FCC and it is in mining industry and we do mining and supply construction raw material like concrete in various sizes. Idea: You can keep something like a truck is there and some small stones getting loaded by the stone crusher something line that. By seeing the logo people should know about the industry type of company. Highly appreciated individual talent cause the project size is small as well as we are looking on urgent basis. Some creativity and innovative idea of logo will also be appraised through the amount that will pay. Look forward to hearing you guys.

    $76 (Avg Bid)
    $76 Avg Bid
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    Logo design for a Box truck company that will always be on the road delivering merchandise for other companies and will always try to keep work local

    $62 (Avg Bid)
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    I am a fedex contractor for a trucking company. I receive weekly settlement report and It gives miles and fueling info about each truck, This data is also used to calculate payroll and to understand how each truck and drivers are doing. Right now I import the settlement report into my excel template and get the output. But each week's data is in it own file. All the implementation has been done using functions and equation so it is not a fully automated design. I would like to find a solution where the output is well organized and longer term data can be analyzed together when I want to see patterns over multiple weeks or whole year. I would like to share my template so a program can be developed. Programmer must be skilled and experienced with making such prod...

    $25 - $50 / hr
    $25 - $50 / hr
    24 bids