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    ...savvy but XML illiterate with no time to teach ourselves. We have two xml files of text messages downloaded by my client from a Samsung Galaxy (maybe S5) phone. Each file is over 1gb, which is too large for Excel and other things I have tried. One is apparently a subset of the other. I need one of several things: 1. Divide the XML files into

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    ...Excel, to facilitate the current work and future editing. This may involve the following steps: 1. Extract from the source code ( PHP, [url removed, login to view], XML(Andorid-Java), Objective-C(iOS), YML(H5)) all the text that needs to be localized (translated) and displayed on an Excel sheet — in an input and output side by side two column format (obviously output

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    57 bids convert XML files into HTML fils using XSLT on Android. What I have done so far: I have used the TransformFactory to convert it, but the resulting html contains ONLY text there is no html formatting/tags. The problem is that the xsl file points to other xsl files which don't seem to be applied/found. I need help with converting the xml to

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    BRIEF: convert Cloud-hosted YouTrack projects (including their text and attachments) into attachment rich-CSV files and customisable documents. TOOLS AVAILABLE: Restful API (which returns XML data), Python ([url removed, login to view]), and .Net ([url removed, login to view]). POSSIBLE TOOLS: XSLT schema

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    14 bids cmdline application (no GUI) that creates, based on input (PDF/A file and several string arguments) an output (PDF/A-3 which contains embedded XML). For the sake of this description, we call the application "pre-convert". The job consists of creating a working "pre-convert" application and delivery of the full eclipse IDE (currently neon.2...

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    We receive a file feed in XML format and need a custom tool to automatically convert XML data into a flat file(s) (CSV or XLSX) for importing into our admin system. Each XML file contains basic data about several of our clients, some of which can be ignored by the converter. Each client's data is contained within a <Company> node, and wit...

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    ...JSON File a. This JSON file is gzipped and needs to be unzipped b. It contains arrays and nested sub-documents and it needs to be flattened c. Flatted JSON needs to be converted to CSV 2. It is XML file with few lines of unstructured data (No XML tags but free text) a. You can use python or sed /awk to parse the file b. Convert th...

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    I have a software package that can reference file names in an email, but cannot generate the email with file attachments from an FTP folder. To accomplish this, I made the software generate an email as a template (like XML) that references files I want to attach from my FTP server. I would like a python script that will run on a scheduled cron

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    Must not...functions as provided free software. (A/C Payee, NAME, DATE, amount in numbers, the amount should auto-convert into text)etc., 4. The application should be simple as the free SW. 5. The cheque sizes & all content alignments should be able to adjust via XML file by end user. 6. [url removed, login to view]

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    Android app development Capture and/or load image using Android app Convert Image to text using [url removed, login to view] From the returned JSON - parse the JSON string for the words (one at a time) 'Contains', 'May Contain' etc. These parse words must be configurable (keep in xml file). Must show the previous work. Its a small project but th...

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    ... - $sms : input text to edit - $editsms : text edit complete - $kq : input text to compare - $result1 : result 1 - $result2 : result 2 [url removed, login to view] ----Edit text. [+] A : [url removed, login to view] [+] B : Convert text to number. I have more text need to convert to number. I want it is xml file...

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    ... - $sms : input text to edit - $editsms : text edit complete - $kq : input text to compare - $result1 : result 1 - $result2 : result 2 [url removed, login to view] ----Edit text. [+] A : [url removed, login to view] [+] B : Convert text to number. I have more text need to convert to number. I want it is xml file...

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    ...resized. They will maintain all original FontSize/Width/Height when resizing. Only shapes will resize. Save group to xml file and make a png thumbnail of the group to represent group in our shape library. Load group from saved xml file into your control. Known Issues: It is a know issue that ScaleTransform and ViewBox also scale the strokethickness

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    ...Israeli Bank provides a daily update via its REStful web service ([url removed, login to view]). If Bank Israel server side doesn’t function propertly feel free to use the XML at [url removed, login to view] The application should be able to display the up-to-date rates (in table.. you should use the JTable class) and it should be capable

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    ...I made in flash: [url removed, login to view] . I can provide the flash actionscript and XML files if necessary It will allow users to play small portions of audio based on a selection of groups of text that they click and drag, or tap and release on. I'd like to convert this into an Android and iPhone app once complete. More Details...... The

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    I need an android app that can take a picture of a license plate using the built in camera, and then convert it to text accurately. It should be able to pull in an XML config file to define other fields (drop down and text) It should also geotag each photo along with an address. The app should save all of the data locally and should either

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    ...Python 3 xml parser have to be made. This one is from stackoverflow and is doing exactly what I expect. import urllib2 from [url removed, login to view] import ElementTree as etree #reddit parse reddit_file = [url removed, login to view]('[url removed, login to view]') #convert to string: reddit_data = [url removed, login to view]() print reddit_data #close

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    I need someone to download the TEXT or XML file from website to your preferred Database software (like Access or other) and the convert the files to Excel. It will require multiple Excel files due to amount of data. Easy job for right person. Download from this site: [url removed, login to view]

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    ...a monthly stock information. The reports, also the csv reports are still not clean and nice in unicenta so i have to adapt them also if i want to use my EDI-translator to convert them from CSV to EDI. So my idea is to create directly 2 new reports which Show me my desired data directly in the right EDI-Format. So I need 2 reports: NEW REPORTS

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    I need an application to convert the contents of tab delimited text files to XML files. Please see the enclosed examples. The information that needs to be copied to the XML file is FileDuration, FileLocation, FileTitle. I would also like to strip out the words (Clean), (Single), (Extended), (HD) plus any leading/trailing spaces from the FileTitle

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